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A Secure Aggregation Protocol for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks With no Requirements for Trusted Aggregator Nodes

Chakib Bekara, Maryline Laurent-Maknavicius
2007 The 2007 International Conference on Next Generation Mobile Applications, Services and Technologies (NGMAST 2007)  
In this paper, we present a secure aggregation protocol for cluster-based WSN, which is adapted to a large variety of aggregation functions, and which does not rely on trusted aggregator nodes.  ...  Data aggregation is an important feature in wireless sensor networks (WSN), where data inputs at an aggregator node are merged to produce compact small output data, thus reducing the network's transmission  ...  Hu et al tree-based aggregation protocol Each node u in the network is initially loaded with a unique secret key K u it shares with the BS.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ngmast.2007.4343432 fatcat:eo45vo7elrfazputfqjnwap73q

Table of Contents MAC Protocols and Mobility Management for Real-time Applications Using Wireless Sensor Networks Muhsin Atto and Chris Guy 1 The Application and Improvement of Temporally Ordered Routing Algorithm in Swarm Network with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Nodes Towards the Definition of a Mobility-based Clustering Environment for MANET

Zhongqiang Zhai, Jun Du, Yong Ren, Aida Chehida, Ryma Abassi, Sihem Guemara
Fading Channels Tsang-Wei Yu and Wern-Ho Sheen High-Level Energy Saving Strategies for Mobile Location-Based Services on Android Devices Wolfgang Narzt Efficient Mobility Management in 6LoWPAN Wireless  ...  Sensor Networks Abdelwahed Berguiga and Habib Youssef Mobile Ad-Hoc Search and Retrieval in the iTrust over Wi-Fi Direct Network Isai Michel Lombera, Louise Moser, Peter Melliar-Smith, and Yung-Ting Chuang  ... 

A Review on Data Collection Method with Sink Node in Wireless Sensor Network

Suchita R.Wankhade, Nekita A.Chavhan
2013 International Journal of Distributed and Parallel systems  
Wireless sensor networks are highly distributed of small, lightweight wireless nodes.  ...  In wireless sensor network, the sensor nodes are distributed in various geographical dispersed areas for sensing the data and the sink node is used to collect data from different sensor nodes, therefore  ...  WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK ARCHITECTURE Wireless Sensor networks are categorized in to 1) layered architecture 2) cluster architecture and 3) sensor nodes with mobile sink node architecture.  ... 
doi:10.5121/ijdps.2013.4106 fatcat:cwfmryy4prg2pbfrsnsnclkqpu

Dynamic Reliable Location Aware Routing Protocols for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

Simerjeet Sharma, Navpreet Kaur
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Energy efficiency, network lifetime, data transmission, endto-end delay, reliable routing protocols for mobility centric and mobility of Cluster Head are the major parameters used for wireless sensor network  ...  Existing cluster-based mobile routing protocols such as LEACH, LEACH-Mobile, LEACH-Mobile Enhanced, CBR-Mobile, LFCP-MWSN consider energy efficiency of sensor node.  ...  LEACH is enhanced as LEACH-Mobile [4] , LEACH-Mobile-Enhancement [5] , cluster based routing protocol for mobile nodes in wireless sensor network (CBR Mobile-WSN) [1] and location aware fault tolerant  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016908872 fatcat:wykl4vjlqfhphon2ixshy2gwry

A Review on Mobility and Mobility Aware MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

Ankur V.Gondha, Arjav A. Bavarva
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
General Terms Mobility Aware Mac Protocols, Wireless Sensor Network.  ...  Wireless Sensor Networks are usually limited with storage capacity, power consumption, computing power and mobility detection.  ...  On the basis of mobility of nodes in wireless sensor network MAC protocols can also be classified as ATTRIBUTS CONSIDERATION FOR MAC PROTOCOL IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK HAVING DYNAMIC/MOBILE ENVIRONMENT  ... 
doi:10.5120/15857-4772 fatcat:fnwf6bu2qfe4pohgiu6gqu5xgm

Power-efficient communication algorithms for wireless mobile sensor networks

Chuan-Ming Liu, Chuan-Hsiu Lee, Li-Chun Wang
2004 Proceedings of the 1st ACM international workshop on Performance evaluation of wireless ad hoc, sensor, and ubiquitous networks - PE-WASUN '04  
In this paper, we provide clustering-based and time-driven protocols which minimize energy dissipation for data-gathering in wireless mobile sensor networks where the sensor nodes are capable of mobility  ...  Many protocols have been proposed for data-gathering between wireless sensor nodes. However, most of these protocols work on static wireless sensor networks.  ...  PROBLEMS Our work is to develop a clustering-based data-gathering protocol for wireless mobile sensor networks, which consists of a number of rounds and each round has two major phases: (1) organizing  ... 
doi:10.1145/1023756.1023780 dblp:conf/pe-wasun/LiuLW04 fatcat:vkcygvt6czguvkismzlj3uedqa

Mobility adaptive clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks with mobile nodes

Nasser Al-Qadami, Inas Laila, Andrey Koucheryavy, Ahmad Saker Ahmad
2015 2015 17th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT)  
In this study, the authors propose a mobility adaptive clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks with mobile nodes .  ...  head or other (Mobility-Based Clustering protocol).  ...  In [16] authors proposed a mobility-based clustering (MBC) protocol for wireless sensor networks with mobile nodes.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icact.2015.7224770 fatcat:secoc3alqfdw3gzv6v4u4blany

Energy Reduction in Mobile WSN using Dynamic Clustering & M-Leach Routing Approach

2015 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Wireless sensor network is used for sensing the information from that area which is out of human range. In the mobile wireless sensor network nodes are available in mobility mode.  ...  In this work mobile leach approach has been utilized for development of clusters in the network. Cluster head selection has been done on the basis of maximum energy.  ...  In the mobile wireless sensor network different sink nodes have been utilized for sensing the information with mobility.  ... 
doi:10.21275/v4i11.sub159162 fatcat:2552tgp54ffhzkbnvyzhjiffoy

Distributed clustering algorithms for data-gathering in wireless mobile sensor networks

Chuan-Ming Liu, Chuan-Hsiu Lee, Li-Chun Wang
2007 Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing  
Cluster-based architecture is an effective architecture for data-gathering in wireless sensor networks.  ...  In this paper, we consider the cluster-based architecture and provide distributed clustering algorithms for mobile sensor nodes which minimize the energy dissipation for data-gathering in a wireless mobile  ...  Among the existing protocols, the cluster-based structure provides an effective architecture for data-gathering in wireless sensor networks.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jpdc.2007.06.010 fatcat:olymz7cjjrfonabquv4xlx7yry

A New Approach for Big Data Gathering in Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks

2016 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Modified clustering algorithm with mobile sink based data gathering is proposed in this paper for clustering and big data gathering in dynamic wireless sensor networks.  ...  In that works, Mobile sinks gather data from centroid of each cluster in the wireless sensor networks.  ...  Related Works Wireless sensor network is network of sensor node which is distributed in wireless manner. Wireless sensor network consist of sensor nodes and base station.  ... 
doi:10.21275/v5i3.nov162019 fatcat:d3vvnf5ktvfdnepyedjzvwfsye

Concept of ADSR for Mobile AdHoc Networks/Wireless Sensor Networks

Saurabh Mishra, Sandip Vijay
2017 Journal of Wireless Communications  
So, protocols developed for Mobile ad-hoc networks are also used in many Mobile sensor applications.  ...  In this paper Angle based DSR is discussed, which is developed for Mobile AdHoc networks or mobile Wireless Sensor Networks and derived from changes done in DSR, which was developed for MANETs.  ...  These protocols developed for MANETs can be used in wireless sensor networks with some modification in algorithms. ADSR uses an angle-based algorithm for MANETs/Wireless WSNs.  ... 
doi:10.21174/jowc.v2i1.88 fatcat:lmqdkq7yo5bgredwjru3rot3f4

Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks: An Overview [chapter]

Velmani Ramasamy
2017 Wireless Sensor Networks - Insights and Innovations  
Mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSNs) have emerged and shifted the focus from the typical static wireless sensor networks to networks with mobile sensor nodes that are capable to sense the various types  ...  Mobile sensor node architecture, residual energy utilization, mobility, topology, scalability, localization, data collection routing, Quality of Service (QoS), etc., are the key factors to design an energy  ...  This chapter presented in detail the research carried on the large-scale mobile wireless sensor networks.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.70592 fatcat:thdat6ymkffc3irfurci4kwra4

Clone Attack Detection in MWSN Using Neighbor Node Information

2016 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
The clone attack is very suitable for adversary. For this attack adversary has not to be compromise for number of nodes.  ...  This problem has also been arising in clusters in which clusters replicate and the main problem arises when cluster head replicate.  ...  in Mobile Data Collector Based Routing Protocol" describes Mobile Wireless Sensor Network device to a destination node.  ... 
doi:10.21275/v5i2.nov161428 fatcat:jmaidmbxifeodfcp2j77gcsmka

Detection and Avoidance of Clone Attack in WSN Using Neighbor Witness Node

2016 International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)  
Wireless sensor networks are of main two types, which are static wireless sensor nodes and mobility wireless sensor networks. In MWSNs the main threat in the network is security.  ...  Wireless sensor nodes has been used for the sensing the information from harsh environment.  ...  Approaches Used LEACH protocol: Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy ("LEACH") is a TDMA-based MAC protocol which is integrated with clustering and a simple routing protocol in wireless sensor networks  ... 
doi:10.21275/v5i1.nov152684 fatcat:ltby2sjoujfsfnftrkkmfnd52a

An adaptive cluster based routing scheme for mobile wireless sensor networks

G. Santhosh Kumar, A. Sitara, K. Poulose Jacob
2010 2010 Second International conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies  
Clustering schemes improve energy efficiency of wireless sensor networks.  ...  The proposed algorithm is compared with LEACH-M protocol based on metrics viz. number of cluster head transitions, average residual energy, number of alive nodes and number of messages lost.  ...  Introduction A mobile wireless network consists of a collection of wireless connected mobile nodes equipped with a variety of sensors.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icccnt.2010.5592586 fatcat:nvveypq2pjgtfpqguskczt76xa
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