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Faster Lattice Enumeration [article]

Mithilesh Kumar
2019 arXiv   pre-print
A lattice reduction is an algorithm that transforms the given basis of the lattice to another lattice basis such that problems like finding a shortest vector and closest vector become easier to solve. Some of the famous lattice reduction algorithms are LLL and BKZ reductions. We define a class of bases called obtuse bases and show that any lattice basis can be transformed to an obtuse basis in O(n^4) time. A shortest vector s can be written as v_1b_1+...+v_nb_n where b_1,...,b_n are the input
more » ... sis vectors and v_1,...,v_n are integers. When the input basis is obtuse, all these integers can be chosen to be positive for a shortest vector. This property of the obtuse basis makes lattice enumeration algorithm for finding a shortest vector exponentially faster. Moreover, extreme pruning, the current fastest algorithm for lattice enumeration, can be run on an obtuse basis.
arXiv:1912.01781v1 fatcat:ocn2p37qm5bihkfsuwossx7rtq

Deletion to Induced Matching [article]

Akash Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Kumar et al [13] studied this generalization as -COC ( -Component Order Connectivity). In this work, we would study a special case of this generalization where is exactly 2.  ... 
arXiv:2008.09660v2 fatcat:d4y4wakvrnbbdcm2tq5oa7kemu

On certain classes of rectangular designs [article]

Mithilesh Kumar Singh, Shyam Saurabh
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Rectangular designs are classified as regular, Latin regular, semiregular, Latin semiregular and singular designs. Some series of selfdual as well as alpharesolvable designs are obtained using matrix approaches which belong to the above classes. In every construction we obtain a matrix N whose blocks are square (0,1) matrices such that N becomes the incidence matrix of a rectangular design. The method is the reverse of the well known tactical decomposition of the incidence matrix of a known
more » ... gn. Authors have already obtained some series of Group Divisible and Latin square designs using this method. Tactical decomposable designs are of great interest because of their connections with automorphisms of designs, see Bekar et al. (1982). The rectangular designs constructed here are of statistical as well as combinatorial interest.
arXiv:2205.03211v1 fatcat:sgflrq5dpnd7heq4imlj5vw4bu

Obtuse Lattice Bases [article]

Kanav Gupta, Mithilesh Kumar, Håvard Raddum
2020 arXiv   pre-print
A lattice reduction is an algorithm that transforms the given basis of the lattice to another lattice basis such that problems like finding a shortest vector and closest vector become easier to solve. We define a class of bases called obtuse bases and show that any lattice basis can be transformed to an obtuse basis. A shortest vector 𝐬 can be written as 𝐬=v_1𝐛_1+...+v_n𝐛_n where 𝐛_1,...,𝐛_n are the input basis vectors and v_1,...,v_n are integers. When the input basis is obtuse, all these
more » ... ers can be chosen to be positive for a shortest vector. This property of obtuse bases makes the lattice enumeration algorithm for finding a shortest vector exponentially faster. We have implemented the algorithm for making bases obtuse, and tested it some small bases.
arXiv:2009.00384v2 fatcat:b7gi53l2bjg47kzz66i673kcyy

Nanotechnology: A focus on Treatment of Tuberculosis

Nitish kumar, Peeyush kumar, Pramod kumar, Mithilesh kumar, Rajeev kumar
2011 International Journal of Drug Delivery  
To target the drug delivery to macrophages, Kumar et al. developed RIF-loaded mannosylated 5 th generation (5G) PPI dendrimeric nanocarriers [33] .  ... 
doi:10.5138/ijdd.2010.0975.0215.03051 fatcat:jhf2juet6zgwjalxwoczspqrtm

Assessment of Power Quality Disturbance Signals Using Fractional Fourier Transform

Mithilesh Kumar Thakur, Neeraj Kumar Kumawat
2019 Zenodo  
Fig. 1 1 Proposed algorithm Fig. 2 2 Original signal and time domain signals with disturbance Mithilesh Kumar Thakur  ...  Kumar Thakur  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3984753 fatcat:r77oncfcjjcizj4le7txjeb2nq

Get fit and combat canine obesity [article]

Babul Rudra Paul, Mithilesh Singh, Ujjwal Kumar DE
2021 Zenodo  
Dr Babul Rudra Paul, Dr Mithilesh Singh and Dr Ujjwal Kumar De are from ICAR -Indian Veterinary Research Institute (ICAR-IVRI), Izzatnagar, Uttar Pradesh) Canine Obesity get fit & Combat C anine obesity  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5632250 fatcat:gvfpz5gmfbfd3ocdapml5yzyna

A 2ℓ k Kernel for ℓ-Component Order Connectivity [article]

Mithilesh Kumar, Daniel Lokshtanov
2016 arXiv   pre-print
In the ℓ-Component Order Connectivity problem (ℓ∈N), we are given a graph G on n vertices, m edges and a non-negative integer k and asks whether there exists a set of vertices S⊆ V(G) such that |S|≤ k and the size of the largest connected component in G-S is at most ℓ. In this paper, we give a kernel for ℓ-Component Order Connectivity with at most 2ℓ k vertices that takes n^O(ℓ) time for every constant ℓ. On the way to obtaining our kernel, we prove a generalization of the q-Expansion Lemma to
more » ... eighted graphs. This generalization may be of independent interest.
arXiv:1610.04711v1 fatcat:z357scyzfrc7fpvr42wtyqej6q

Unsuspected cystic left upper quadrant mass

M Kumar, N Kumar, S Mithilesh
2012 British Journal of Radiology  
A 27-year-old African American female with no significant medical history presented with left upper quadrant pain radiating to the back, which had been worsening over several months. She had an inability to tolerate oral intake, progressive nausea and vomiting. A review of her symptoms revealed palpitations, mild shortness of breath and two episodes of recent bilious vomiting without haematemesis. Physical examination showed diffuse abdominal tenderness on palpation and mild tachycardia.
more » ... ory evaluation showed no significant abnormalities, including normal pancreatic and liver enzymes. The chest radiograph was normal. A contrast-enhanced CT of the abdomen was performed with a 64-MDCT scanner (Aquilion 64; Toshiba Medical Systems, Nasu, Japan) with the following scanning parameters: rotation time, 0.5 s; beam collimation, 3261.0 mm; section thickness and interval, 5 mm; helical pitch, 27; 120 kV and tube current in the automatic milliampere exposure setting. Coronal reconstructions were obtained at 4 mm thickness and 4 mm intervals. The patient received 100 ml of intravenous (iv) iohexol (Omnipaque 300, Nycomed, Amersham, UK) administered via a mechanical injector at 3.0 ml s 21 with a scanning delay determined by real-time contrast tracking, starting at 70 HU added to unenhanced liver. What are the CT findings? What is the most likely diagnosis?
doi:10.1259/bjr/65157937 pmid:22815417 pmcid:PMC3485545 fatcat:msp3c4punzfpxm6cusuuxe6k4a

Frequency Reconfigurable UWB Antenna Design for Wireless Applications [chapter]

Ritesh Kumar Saraswat, Mithilesh Kumar
2019 UWB Technology - Circuits and Systems [Working Title]  
Frequency Reconfigurable UWB Antenna Design for Wireless Applications DOI: Ritesh Kumar Saraswat 1 * and Mithilesh Kumar 2 1 M.L. V. Govt.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.86035 fatcat:frg7glvdrvdrdm4rqijg53qtri

Reducing Lattice Enumeration Search Trees

Kumar Mithilesh, Havard Raddum, Srimathi Varadharajan
2019 Infocommunications journal  
INFOCOMMUNICATIONS JOURNAL Mithilesh Kumar was born in India. He has done masters in Physics from IIT Kanpur and masters in computer science from CMI Chennai.  ...  Therefore we 1 Reducing Lattice Enumeration Search Trees Mithilesh Kumar, Håvard Raddum, Srimathi Varadharajan Abstract-We revisit the standard enumeration algorithm for finding the shortest vectors  ... 
doi:10.36244/icj.2019.4.2 fatcat:7jshre4syzb4fjrf5wgjypbgs4

2-CLUB is NP-hard for distance to 2-club cluster graphs [article]

Mithilesh Kumar
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We show that 2-CLUB is NP-hard for distance to 2-club cluster graphs.
arXiv:1903.05425v1 fatcat:ckaat3ubdbcxbnanzi55bwcpxq

Faster Exact and Parameterized Algorithm for Feedback Vertex Set in Tournaments [article]

Mithilesh Kumar, Daniel Lokshtanov
2015 arXiv   pre-print
A tournament is a directed graph T such that every pair of vertices are connected by an arc. A feedback vertex set is a set S of vertices in T such that T - S is acyclic. In this article we consider the Feedback Vertex Set problem in tournaments. Here input is a tournament T and integer k, and the task is to determine whether T has a feedback vertex set of size at most k. We give a new algorithm for Feedback Vertex Set in Tournaments. The running time of our algorithm is upper bounded by
more » ... ^k + n^O(1)) and by O(1.46^n). Thus our algorithm simultaneously improves over the fastest known parameterized algorithm for the problem by Dom et al. running in time O(2^kk^O(1) + n^O(1)), and the fastest known exact exponential time algorithm by Gaspers and Mnich with running time O(1.674^n). On the way to prove our main result we prove a new partitioning theorem for undirected graphs. In particular we show that the vertices of any undirected m-edge graph of maximum degree d can be colored white or black in such a way that for each of the two colors, the number of edges with both endpoints of that color is between m/4-d/2 and m/4+d/4.
arXiv:1510.07676v1 fatcat:c2osprjdbvfsnjo4fgntpaxxzq


Satish Chand Gupta, Mithilesh Kumar, Ramswaroop Meena
2019 Zenodo  
This paper presents design, implementation and analysis of an ultra-wideband (UWB) band-pass-filter using parallel-coupled microstrip line with defective ground plane and a uniform multi-mode resonator. The structure of the filter is designed on microwave substrate GML 1000 of dielectric constant 3.2 and height is 0.762 mm. Simulation is carried out by CST MSW software and optimized structure is fabricated. The frequency response is measured on vector analyzer and measured results show close
more » ... roximation with simulation results. In this article modeling of the proposed filter is also reported. The electric model of the filter is analyzed by circuit theory and MATLAB. This model is validated by comparing the results with the CST simulation and VNA measured results. This filter is compact in size of dimension 30˟1.87 mm2 may be useful for modern wireless application of communication.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3546676 fatcat:ra5c44fwtvcbfgelzau3vyilvm


Qulsum Akhter Moien Lone, Umar Maqbool Mithilesh Kumar, Dhiraj Kumar Mahaiwon Shadang, Shyam S. Chauhan
2020 Zenodo  
The R2TP complex which comprises of RUVBL1, RUVBL2, PIH1D1 and RPAP3 in humans is known to be a specialized Co-chaperone of Hsp-90 protein. This multimeric-protein complex is involved in the assembly and maturation of several multi-subunit complexes including RNA polymerase II, small nucleolar ribonucleoproteins, and complexes containing phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase-like kinases. Since their discovery as a co-chaperone of Hsp90, the R2TP complex is involved in multitude of cellular processes
more » ... cluding, chromatin remodelling, transcription regulation, ribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis, mitotic assembly, telomerase complex assembly, and apoptosis. Lymphoma arises from the abnormal proliferation of B-cells and the R2TP complex have been reported to play an important role in the activation of p53 and RB. Therefore, the inactivation in any of the tumor suppressor pathways can drive cells to malignancy.However, there are multiple factors which may contribute towards malignancy but the folding defects in these tumor suppressor pathways could be one of the reasons. R2TP is tightly linked with oncogenesis and its inhibition can decrease the proliferation activity of cancer cells. So, the multisubunit chaperone complex as well as its components could be promising candidates for cancer chemotherapy.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4400293 fatcat:2hqil6ekmjh7zexobx4vx7rmva
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