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High Guanidinium Permeability Reveals Dehydration-Dependent Ion Selectivity in the Plasmodial Surface Anion Channel

Abdullah A. B. Bokhari, Neida K. Mita-Mendoza, Alexandra Fuller, Ajay D. Pillai, Sanjay A. Desai
2014 BioMed Research International  
Malaria parasites grow within vertebrate erythrocytes and increase host cell permeability to access nutrients from plasma. This increase is mediated by the plasmodial surface anion channel (PSAC), an unusual ion channel linked to the conservedclaggene family. Although PSAC recognizes and transports a broad range of uncharged and charged solutes, it must efficiently exclude the small Na+ion to maintain infected cell osmotic stability. Here, we examine possible mechanisms for this remarkable
more » ... e selectivity. We identify guanidinium as an organic cation with high permeability into human erythrocytes infected withPlasmodium falciparum, but negligible uptake by uninfected cells. Transport characteristics and pharmacology indicate that this uptake is specifically mediated by PSAC. The rank order of organic and inorganic cation permeabilities suggests cation dehydration as the rate-limiting step in transport through the channel. The high guanidinium permeability of infected cells also allows rapid and stringent synchronization of parasite cultures, as required for molecular and cellular studies of this pathogen. These studies provide important insights into how nutrients and ions are transported via PSAC, an established target for antimalarial drug development.
doi:10.1155/2014/741024 pmid:25243175 pmcid:PMC4160636 fatcat:or3tkdht4jad7o3563h7fcfjb4

Protein profiling of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) during wilt disease (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri)

Jasminkumar Kheni, Rukam Singh Tomar, Mita Shihora, Shital Padhiyar, Hiralben Desai, Tushar Antala, BA Golakiya
2020 International Journal of Chemical Studies  
The proteomic study was carried out in 2DE gel electrophoresis to check differentially expressed proteins during chickpea-wilt interaction in resistance (WR315) and susceptible (JG62) chickpea genotypes. The result of this study showed that total 1070 and 1215 spots were detected in JG-62 and WR-315, respectively. Out of 1070 spots, 480 spots were present in control group while 590 spots were present in wilt inoculated susceptible plants. In resistant group 550 spots were found in control while
more » ... 665 spots were found in wilt inoculated chickpea. The molecular masses of selected spots were identified with the range of 22.5 KDa to 104.4 KDa with pH range 4.00 to 6.76. Many spots were shown the significant level of differential expression in wilt resistant and susceptible chickpea plants. These spots were taken from match area of susceptible variety. Among the % vol. of each spot were identified and match with each other. Among the 12 spots matches during wilt infection majority shows down regulated as they occupy very low spot area.
doi:10.22271/chemi.2020.v8.i3ap.9652 fatcat:fstm7lrkwbgm3l55h43ryx2ojy

A large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video

Sangmin Oh, Anthony Hoogs, Amitha Perera, Naresh Cuntoor, Chia-Chih Chen, Jong Taek Lee, Saurajit Mukherjee, J. K. Aggarwal, Hyungtae Lee, Larry Davis, Eran Swears, Xioyang Wang (+12 others)
2011 CVPR 2011  
We introduce a new large-scale video dataset designed to assess the performance of diverse visual event recognition algorithms with a focus on continuous visual event recognition (CVER) in outdoor areas with wide coverage. Previous datasets for action recognition are unrealistic for real-world surveillance because they consist of short clips showing one action by one individual [15, 8] . Datasets have been developed for movies [11] and sports [12] , but, these actions and scene conditions do
more » ... apply effectively to surveillance videos. Our dataset consists of many outdoor scenes with actions occurring naturally by non-actors in continuously captured videos of the real world. The dataset includes large numbers of instances for 23 event types distributed throughout 29 hours of video. This data is accompanied by detailed annotations which include both moving object tracks and event examples, which will provide solid basis for large-scale evaluation. Additionally, we propose different types of evaluation modes for visual recognition tasks and evaluation metrics along with our preliminary experimental results. We believe that this dataset will stimulate diverse aspects of computer vision research and help us to advance the CVER tasks in the years ahead.
doi:10.1109/cvpr.2011.5995586 dblp:conf/cvpr/OhHPCCLMALDSWJRSVPRYTSFRD11 fatcat:fkkxv762izfetdrthrhnopjbb4

AVSS 2011 demo session: A large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video

Sangmin Oh, Anthony Hoogs, Amitha Perera, Naresh Cuntoor, Chia-Chih Chen, Jong Taek Lee, Saurajit Mukherjee, J. K. Aggarwal, Hyungtae Lee, Larry Davis, Eran Swears, Xiaoyang Wang (+12 others)
2011 2011 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance (AVSS)  
doi:10.1109/avss.2011.6027400 dblp:conf/avss/OhHPCCLMALDSWJRSVPRYTSFCD11 fatcat:e5nd3mfpp5afvaezrlshwjrpnu

Page 1283 of Journal of Polymer Science. Part B, Polymer Physics Vol. 32, Issue 7 [page]

1994 Journal of Polymer Science. Part B, Polymer Physics  
Desai, eds., Thermal Expansion Metallic Ele- ments and Alloys, Thermophysical Properties of Matter, Vol. 12, IFI/Plenum, New York, 1975. 3. The specific polyimide was not identified in the paper. .  ...  Mita, and D. Y. Yoon (eds.), Materials Research So- ciety, Pittsburgh, PA, 1991, p. 187. . B. J. Factor, T. P. Russell, and M. F. Toney, Macro- molecules, 26(11), 2847 (1993). .  ... 

Sosialismi on kuollut! : kauan eläköön marxilainen kapitalismi!

Markku Koivusalo
2009 Tiede & edistys  
Mitä taas tulee sosialismin toimivuuteen, niin Desai liittoutuu Hayekin puolelle myös niin sanotussa "sosialistisen laskennan kiistassa", jota Ludwig von Mises ja Otto Neurath olivat käyneet tasapainomallin  ...  Desai hylkää aaveiden poliittiset manifestit haaveellisina profetioina.  ...  Lopuksi pitää myös todeta, että ainakin Desai on johdonmukainen hayekilaisessa marxismissaan, sillä jos uskotaan vapaiden markkinoiden itseään parantavaan voimaan ja nousukaudella yksityistetään julkisia  ... 
doi:10.51809/te.104951 fatcat:luys6krzqzgnreibr74x4avvxu

Ending Enclosure by Copying the Commons

Mita Williams
2021 The Open/Technology in Education, Society, and Scholarship Association Conference  
W., Hanson, E., Desai, L., Tiampo, C., O’Donnell, K., Ketheeswaran, A., Sun, M., Walter, E., & Michelle, E. (2019, July).  ...  Conference Practice Paper DOI: #OTESSA Ending Enclosure by Copying the Commons Mita Williams  ... 
doi:10.18357/otessac.2021.1.1.53 fatcat:dpy52mq55ncnpiwyshyf2vwxz4

第33回日本肝臓学会総会記録 (1)

田中 栄司, 中辻 良幸, 中野 達徳, 溝上 雅史, 神田 達郎, 横須 賀収, 守屋 尚, 吉澤 浩司, 坂本 穣, 赤羽 賢浩, 三田 英治, 林 紀夫 (+2 others)
1998 Kanzo  
J Infect Dis 175: 458-461, 1997 5) Oshita M, Hayashi N, Mita E, et al: GBV-C/ HGV infection in chronic hepatitis C patients.  ...  J Hepatol 27: 464-469, 1977 4) Simons JN, Desai SM, Schultz DE, et al: Translation initiation in GB virus A and C: Evidence for internal ribosome entry and impli- cations for genome organization  ... 
doi:10.2957/kanzo.39.122 fatcat:2hrtzz73kbcm7mk3jj3rph7eze

Page 1406 of American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals Vol. 121, Issue 12 [page]

1995 American Society of Civil Engineers. Collected Journals  
Desai, S. V. Jagannath and T. Kun- du, EM June 95, p744-752. Uncertainty analysis Buckling of Elastic Columns Using Convex Model of Uncertain Springs, Chris P. Pantelides, EM July 95, p837-844.  ...  Feng and Akira Mita, EM Oct. 95, p1082-1088. Taper Simplified Method for Dynamic Response of Tap- ered Structure, Chongbin Zhao and S. Valliap- pan, EM July 93, p1486-1492.  ... 

Book Review: Lisa Lau and Ana Cristina Mendes (Eds.). Re-Orientalism and South Asian Identity Politics: The oriental Other within. New York: Routledge. 2011

Ann Marie L. Davis
2012 Journal of International and Global Studies  
While Sim identifies essentialist discourse at a transnational level, Mita Banerjee locates the same effects within both a global and intra-national sphere. In her reading of the film What If?  ...  Like Desai, Tamara S. Wagner is also suspicious of Bollywood's current bid to transcend the power-or "cultural baggage" (1093)-of a postcolonial, neo-liberal Orientalist logic.  ... 
doaj:05e6460b02b04e20b363a2a7d85f2000 fatcat:e2vcwf7bx5ewbcfjutduv7rmb4

2012 HEPATOLOGYReferees (Volumes 55 and 56)

2013 Hepatology  
De Carlis, Luciano De Domenico, Ivana de Franchis, Roberto De Palma, Michele Decaens, Thomas deFrancesco, Raffaele Demetris, Anthony Jake Deng, Hongkui Denk, Helmut Desai, Mayur Deshpande, Vikram  ...  Fanyin Merion, Robert Merkel, Carlo Merli, Manuela Meuleman, Philip Michalak, Thomas Michalopoulos, George Mieli-Vergani, Giorgina Milich, David Mishra, Lopa Missale, Gabriele Mistry, Pramod Mita  ... 
doi:10.1002/hep.26178 fatcat:sictcpetnvdlvjb4mckiitvl24

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Micromachines in 2017

2018 Micromachines  
Tang, Yuan Tarantino, Laura Tarn, Mark D Tassieri, Manlio Tatar, Erdinc Tay, Chor Yong Temiz, Yuksel Tenje, Maria Thalhammer, Gregor Thean, Aaron Tichem, Marcel Tixier-Mita, Agnes Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh  ...  De Fazio, Marco De La Fuente, Germán Francisco De Sio, Luciano Debliquy, Marc Deiss, Frederique Dell'Olio, Francesco Delnavaz, Aidin DeMiguel-Ramos, Mario Demir, Ali Gökhan Deng, Nan-Nan Desai  ... 
doi:10.3390/mi9010033 fatcat:qwfpc6d3njhn7eysuyyys5mrfi

Reflections on a Shared Name: Taboo and Destiny in Mayong (Assam)

Sean Dowdy
2015 South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal  
For it is not so much that the rule of mita-mita ultimately solves the philosophical puzzle described above.  ...  They may also address each other as mita, with or without a ritual […] [and] mita must belong to different communities.  ... 
doi:10.4000/samaj.4027 fatcat:iqfycprc3ffelmshfo4gqkrsny

Page 205 of National Union Catalog Vol. 14, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
GU Désdyi, Govindamirti NUC67-19770 see Desai, Govinda Murthy, 1926- by David Desbarats. Print. Co. (1962) 15 p. illus. 1. Desbarats Printing Co., Montreal. 2. Printing-Hist.—Quebec (Province) I.  ...  The state of oni a journalist’s view of the quiet revo- cot Ne fue, minttrlo de Agricaure y | ss eae eae an | gern Mita and Swe Renovables. ruth to 2 8) 1, use (Province) | 2 2. French-Canadians. 3.  ... 

Potentiaalisen ostajan tiedontarpeet valmismatkan myyntitapahtumassa

Sanna-Mari Renfors
2011 Matkailututkimus  
Temaattisen analyysin keskipisteessä on kertomusten sisältö eli se, mitä kertomuksissa kerrotaan.  ...  Ostajan etsimä tuotetieto on palvelujen markkinoinnin tutkimuksessa jaettu kahteen tyyppiin tiedon luonteen perusteella eli objektiiviseen ja subjektiiviseen tuotetietoon (Murray, 1991; Trivedi, Morgan, & Desai  ... 
doaj:19b751d41c3749398e819d0ec1877783 fatcat:zopcljfcg5bf5e2svyxzon7idy
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