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Modeling Representation of Minorities Under Multiwinner Voting Rules [article]

Piotr Faliszewski and Jean-Francois Laslier and Robert Schaefer and Piotr Skowron and Arkadii Slinko and Nimrod Talmon
2016 arXiv   pre-print
First and foremost, we aim to experimentally and quantitatively show that the choice of a multiwinner voting rule can play a crucial role on the way minorities are represented.  ...  With the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 in the United States, the right of minorities to register and vote was largely secured.  ...  In the present paper, we do not tackle the districting question.  ... 
arXiv:1604.02364v1 fatcat:whypo5uexvd67bae3wq6mslmwe

Page 24 of The National and English Review Vol. 26, Issue 151 [page]

1895 The National and English Review  
It may make misrepresentation certain, but such misrepresentation is possible with the most honest allotment of districts.  ...  As for those deeper-seeing folk who have such excellent reasons for finding strength in an exaggeration of the popular vote, would they invent some new and equally good reason for approving a result in  ... 

Page 468 of The National and English Review Vol. 55, Issue 327 [page]

1910 The National and English Review  
One explanation is as good as another, but if working men vote against a Republican candidate in one district, it is probable to say the least, that the  ...  1908, the Democratic candidate carried the district by a majority of almost 6000—a district that has never before sent a Democrat to Con- gress.  ... 

Page 145 of National Civic Review Vol. 48, Issue 3 [page]

1959 National Civic Review  
Misrepresentation is more in the extreme distortion shown in thi evident within certain states.  ...  R. districts returning _ still remained quite safe for one party as few as five members, some discrepancy or the other. Consequently, in these dis-  ... 

Page 2695 of The Independent Vol. 54, Issue 2815 [page]

1902 The Independent  
In the First . District, especially, popular resentment on account of misrepresentation on this subject was intense.  ...  Often the Republican vote approximated the entire vote of the precinct. In several of the Congressional districts candidates for the Republican nomination secretly solicited Democratic votes. Mr.  ... 

Page 658 of Arena Vol. 37, Issue 211 [page]

1907 Arena  
The simplest plan is that used in Japan, where plural electoral districts are used, but each voter has one vote only.  ...  In electoral districts from which several members are elected, each voter has one vote only. This usually gives a true proportional result, but not always.  ... 

Page 57 of Foreign Affairs Vol. 1, Issue 2 [page]

1922 Foreign Affairs  
In the meantime liberal French opinion accepts the Saar régime as an indispensable element in reparation which amply guar- antees the welfare of the laboring population of the district.  ...  from misrepresentation.  ... 

Page 400 of The Westminster Review Vol. 121, Issue 242 [page]

1884 The Westminster Review  
Under the present system, and under that of equal electoral districts, no one can be elected who does not obtain the votes—7.e., the approval, of half the electors.  ...  In the alternative voting the elector has only the power of giving one vote, but that will certainly be effective in returning some member, and every elector will therefore have a similar influence in  ... 

Page 9 of Ethics Vol. 34, Issue 1 [page]

1923 Ethics  
In still another way, the necessity for a candidate to-secure a plurality in order to be elected leads to a misrepresentation of the real wishes and interests of the major portion of the members of the  ...  In precisely the same way, by controlling a strategic number of votes, do political machines usually secure their power and succeed in making or breaking candidates.  ... 

Page 312 of None Vol. 145, Issue 3777 [page]

1928 None  
in which he has interests, and to restrict the number of votes that a man may cast to two is therefore (if he has interests in other constituencies) to ensure the misrepresentation of the constituencies  ...  Such a contention would necessarily mean the misrepresentation either of the university or of the constituency in which a man lives.  ... 

Page 216 of Harvard Law Review Vol. 75, Issue 1 [page]

1961 Harvard Law Review  
Where there is no underlying tort, as in the case of an infringement of federal voting rights, the federal courts remain free to evolve appropriate requirements for liability. D.  ...  The district court found that the re- spondents had relied in good faith on the FHA appraisal, that qualified appraisers exercising due care would have discovered the latent defects, and that the failure  ... 

Page 299 of The Westminster Review Vol. 160, Issue 3 [page]

1903 The Westminster Review  
each ecclesiastical parish or district by those persons of the male sex (possess- ing such householding or other vestry qualification in the parish or district as may be defined by the committee to be  ...  from Communion, and by such other persons residing in the parish or district as are lay communicants of the Church of England, of the male sex and of full age. “(7) That representatives elected by the  ... 

Page 216 of Arena Vol. 33, Issue 183 [page]

1905 Arena  
Secondly, the Socialists elected members from twenty-eight districts, while in 1900 they were successful in thirty-two dis- tricts, so their voting strength in the new parliament will be five less than  ...  In the first place Enrico Ferri stood for election in three districts. In one he was defeated; in two he was elected.  ... 

Page 384 of Wesleyan Repository Vol. 3, Issue 10 [page]

1824 Wesleyan Repository  
In August last the district conference for Scioto district held ° s . . . ‘ . . . . its session inHillsborough. Having charge of the district, it be- came my duty to preside in the conference.  ...  Jones, who was present all the time, on the subject of misrepresentation ! Mr.  ... 

Redistricting Reform Could Save California from Itself

Matthew G Jarvis
2009 California Journal of Politics and Policy  
As the stalemate and eventual "smoke and mirrors" 2008-2009 state budget demonstrates, the budget process in California has become largely dysfunctional.  ...  While districts are not necessarily the primary cause of California's budget woes, redistricting provides one of the only feasible solutions.  ...  Only in 10 districts did the Republicans gain votes (all less than 3.5 percent), whereas in 29 districts, Democrats posted gains in the relatively narrow range of 1.6-4.5 percent.  ... 
doi:10.5070/p2p308 fatcat:xqb4zppfujfyrp2whjbvr3j4km
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