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A review and comparison of solvers for convex MINLP

Jan Kronqvist, David E. Bernal, Andreas Lundell, Ignacio E. Grossmann
2018 Optimization and Engineering  
To show how the solvers perform on problems with different properties, we have divided the test set into subsets based on the continuous relaxation gap, the degree of nonlinearity, and the relative number  ...  In this paper, we present a review of deterministic software for solving convex MINLP problems as well as a comprehensive comparison of a large selection of commonly available solvers.  ...  The authors want to acknowledge the Dagstuhl Seminar 18081 on Designing and Implementing Algorithms for Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization, which provided valuable insight into the current status of  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11081-018-9411-8 fatcat:qwbcge5wkrdmrp6qww7x3llncu

Heuristic static load-balancing algorithm applied to the fragment molecular orbital method

Yuri Alexeev, Ashutosh Mahajan, Sven Leyffer, Graham Fletcher, Dmitri G. Fedorov
2012 2012 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis  
The problem of allocating CPU cores to tasks is formulated as a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem, which is solved by using an optimization solver.  ...  though the optimal allocation of tasks to processors is an NP-hard problem.  ...  Mazanetz from Evotec for providing the PDB structure of Aurora-A kinase system used in our calculations.  ... 
doi:10.1109/sc.2012.62 dblp:conf/sc/AlexeevMLFF12 fatcat:ed4cztal7nhp7ddqnti4ypsvuq

Fast Response to Infection Spread and Cyber Attacks on Large-Scale Networks [article]

Sven Leyffer, Ilya Safro
2012 arXiv   pre-print
We consider an optimization problem that is based on the SIS epidemiological model.  ...  In recent years these methods have demonstrated their potential for solving optimization and analysis problems on large-scale networks.  ...  External Optimization Solver The recently developed mixed-integer nonlinear optimization toolkit MINOTAUR [26] has proved itself as particularly suitable for such problems.  ... 
arXiv:1207.0133v1 fatcat:awrm6apg6vhgndfk62tqvo6ozm

SUSPECT: MINLP special structure detector for Pyomo

Francesco Ceccon, John D. Siirola, Ruth Misener
2019 Optimization Letters  
We present SUSPECT, an open source toolkit that symbolically analyzes mixedinteger nonlinear optimization problems formulated using the Python algebraic modeling library Pyomo.  ...  SUSPECT works on a directed acyclic graph representation of the optimization problem to perform: bounds tightening, bound propagation, monotonicity detection, and convexity detection.  ...  Introduction Mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problems (MINLP) arise in many engineering applications [5, 8, 25, 26] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11590-019-01396-y fatcat:tgbllkwwmfhwlbivh65nmh4uzm

Criticality-cognizant Clustering-based Task Scheduling on Multicore Processors in the Avionics Domain

K. Nagalakshmi, N. Gomathi
2018 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  
We conduct a schedulability test for the proposed technique, and we demonstrate how workloads can be clustered by means of Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) model.  ...  Scheduling of mixed-criticality systems (MCS) on a common computational platform is challenging because conventional scheduling approaches may cause inefficient utilization of shared computing resources  ...  Aiming to optimize the solution of the assignment, the MINLP problem is solved by a branch-and-bound solver, MINOTAUR (Mixed-Integer Nonconvex Optimization Toolbox: Algorithms, Underestimators, and Relaxations  ... 
doi:10.2991/ijcis.11.1.17 fatcat:jchz7pi5knf5rn2by77evyoaye

Review of Mixed-Integer Nonlinear and Generalized Disjunctive Programming Methods

Francisco Trespalacios, Ignacio E. Grossmann
This work presents a review of the main deterministic mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) solution methods for problems with convex and nonconvex functions.  ...  A review of solution methods for GDP problems is provided. Some relevant applications of MINLP and GDP in process systems engineering are described in this work.  ...  MINOTAUR(Mixed Integer Nonlinear Optimization Toolkit: Algorithms, Underestimators and Relaxations.)( It is an open-source toolkit for solving convex MINLPs.  ... 
doi:10.1184/r1/6467399.v1 fatcat:a6r2bkrjujdm3iy6atzblknwjm

Exact and fast algorithms for mixed-integer nonlinear programming [article]

Ambros M. Gleixner, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Martin Grötschel
Mixed-integer nonlinear programming (MINLP) comprises the broad class of finite-dimensional mathematical optimization problems from mixed-integer linear programming and global optimization.  ...  The resulting implementation increases the number of instances that can be solved and reduces the average running time of the MINLP solver SCIP by 17-19% on hard mixed-integer nonlinear programs.  ...  MINOTAUR: a Toolkit for Solving Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization. 75 Zuse Institute Berlin. SCIP-Solving Constraint Integer Programs.  ... 
doi:10.14279/depositonce-4938 fatcat:25sfzohrujaojdt25qcxjmujcu

GALINI: an extensible solver for mixed-integer quadratically-constrained problems

Francesco Ceccon, Ruth Misener, Engineering And Physical Sciences Research Council
Many industrial relevant optimization problems can be formulated as Mixed-Integer Quadratically Constrained Problems.  ...  Since the library keeps the knowledge of the original network, it can 1) use a mixed-integer programming primal heuristic specialized for the pooling problem to find a feasible solution, and 2) generate  ...  "Minotaur: A mixed-integer nonlinear optimization toolkit". In: Mathematical Program-Martelli, E., C. Elsido, A. Mian, and F. Marechal ( ).  ... 
doi:10.25560/91504 fatcat:gjuawa4xurcebbloydgoptpplu

Deep Learning Techniques for Music Generation – A Survey [article]

Jean-Pierre Briot, Gaëtan Hadjeres, François-David Pachet
2019 arXiv   pre-print
To be performed by a human(s) (in the case of a musical score), or by a machine (in the case of an audio file). Representation - What are the concepts to be manipulated?  ...  We propose a methodology based on five dimensions for our analysis: Objective - What musical content is to be generated?  ...  optimally (i.e. by following the optimal policy π * ).  ... 
arXiv:1709.01620v4 fatcat:hma4znleorfpvh62cpupxu4fq4

Software Studies

Matthew Fuller, Lev Manovich, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, John Bell, Ian Bogost, Jeremy Douglass, Mark Marino, Michael Mateas, Casey Reas, Mark Sample, Noah Vawter, London
2009 Processing: Digital Fictions, Computer Games, and Software Studies   unpublished
As they quickly follow the line in a mix of running, skipping, and turning, they move through a series of tilts.  ...  If more than . 5 and less than 1 is added to 205.5 , the integer result will be 206.  ...