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Rewriting null e-commerce queries to recommend products

Gyanit Singh, Nish Parikh, Neel Sundaresan
2012 Proceedings of the 21st international conference companion on World Wide Web - WWW '12 Companion  
E-Commerce search engines often have to deal with queries that cannot be easily matched to product inventory resulting in zero recall or null query situations.  ...  The system uses query relaxation to rewrite null queries in order to match products.  ...  In [4] , the authors describe rare queries. They mention that rare web query sets contain 8-15% of queries which lead to zero recall.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2187980.2187989 dblp:conf/www/SinghPS12 fatcat:e44ex7sjivf7lkiyqvgd3obleq

Personalizing atypical web search sessions

Carsten Eickhoff, Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Paul N. Bennett, Susan Dumais
2013 Proceedings of the sixth ACM international conference on Web search and data mining - WSDM '13  
In this work, we conduct a large-scale inspection of real-life search sessions to further understand this scenario.  ...  Subsequently, we design an automatic means of detecting and supporting such atypical sessions.  ...  Table 5 compares the MAP re-ranking performance gains using session, historic and aggregate profiles over the original search engine ranking.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2433396.2433434 dblp:conf/wsdm/EickhoffCBD13 fatcat:l3l6ojuxljcfzh6h26u52dnita

Leaving so soon?

Abdigani Diriye, Ryen White, Georg Buscher, Susan Dumais
2012 Proceedings of the 21st ACM international conference on Information and knowledge management - CIKM '12  
Despite the high frequency of Web search abandonment and its importance to Web search engines, little is known about why searchers abandon beyond that it can be for good or bad reasons.  ...  We used features of the query and the results, interaction with the result page (e.g., cursor movements, scrolling, clicks), and the full search session.  ...  Historic feature values were derived from a year of search engine query-click logs from 2010.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2396761.2398399 dblp:conf/cikm/DiriyeWBD12 fatcat:4s55o7pvkvcv5idbu6mpeb2zi4

Supporting intelligent Web search

Maurice Coyle, Barry Smyth
2007 ACM Transactions on Internet Technology  
Search engines continue to struggle to provide everyday users with a service capable of delivering focussed results that are relevant to their information needs.  ...  That is, upon selecting a page from a search result list, the interaction between user and search engine is effectively over and the user must continue their search alone.  ...  In addition, 52% of these less relevant way-points were labelled as partially relevant to the query, so only around 14% of them (51 trails) were labelled as not relevant or not there.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1278366.1278369 fatcat:4ppdkjksfzbtzb3io6ixbcduma

A unified search federation system based on online user feedback

Luo Jie, Sudarshan Lamkhede, Rochit Sapra, Evans Hsu, Helen Song, Yi Chang
2013 Proceedings of the 19th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining - KDD '13  
Search federation deals with problems of the selection of search engines to query and merging of their results into a single result set.  ...  Today's popular web search engines expand the search process beyond crawled web pages to specialized corpora ("verticals") like images, videos, news, local, sports, finance, and shopping etc., each with  ...  Acknowledgments We are extremely grateful to our former colleagues Jeanfrancois Crespo, Olivier Chapelle, Fernando Diaz, Dumitru Erhan, John Langford and Sharath Rao who contributed to this work.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2487575.2488198 dblp:conf/kdd/JieLSHSC13 fatcat:zdhzbrplyfgord3i4k2mq35nym

Social Search [chapter]

Peter Brusilovsky, Barry Smyth, Bracha Shapira
2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Modern web search engines have evolved from their roots in information retrieval to developing new ways to cope with the unique nature of web search.  ...  This includes a number of detailed case studies that serve to mark important milestones in the evolution of social search research and practice.  ...  They focused on navigation trails that began with a search query submitted to a popular search engine.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-90092-6_7 fatcat:ro6hjgwhgvgwrncakrpfv5brye

Contextual Search: A Computational Framework

Massimo Melucci
2012 Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval  
of the evaluation methodologies and findings relevant to this subject; and briefly describing some implementations of contextual search tools.  ...  Information Retrieval (IR) to design systems which can effectively and efficiently constrain search within the boundaries given by context, thus transforming classical search into contextual search.  ...  Sebastiani for inviting me to write this survey; Doug Oard for his great patience and encouragement; and three anonymous reviewers for their careful and thoughtful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1561/1500000023 fatcat:bjx5it7en5fapbg6fvbqs6e7jy

Information Retrieval with Verbose Queries

Manish Gupta, Michael Bendersky
2015 Proceedings of the 38th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval - SIGIR '15  
We discussed six main ways of handling verbose queries -query reduction to a single sub-query, query reduction to multiple sub-queries, query weighting, query expansion, query reformulation, and query  ...  We also discussed various applications where supporting search for verbose queries can make a significant difference.  ...  the labels from them to the rare long queries.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2766462.2767877 dblp:conf/sigir/GuptaB15 fatcat:tgjnvqbbwfepjiggyecfaupqsa

Towards searching as a learning process: A review of current perspectives and future directions

Soo Young Rieh, Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Preben Hansen, Hye-Jung Lee
2016 Journal of information science  
We critically review literature on the association between searching and learning and contribute to the formulation of a research agenda for searching as learning.  ...  The concept of 'comprehensive search' is proposed to describe iterative, reflective and integrative search sessions that facilitate critical and creative learning beyond receptive learning.  ...  -such interactions are rarely captured with current interfaces for web search engines.  ... 
doi:10.1177/0165551515615841 fatcat:xkjkanfxhbhrzh3fi2vekwfzxu

On the Use of Process Trails to Understand Software Development

Luigi Cerulo
2006 2006 13th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering  
A set of data extraction and pre-analysis techniques of CVS and Bugzilla repositories are introduced and discussed. They form a basis for analyzing and/or observing software engineering phenomena.  ...  This thesis highlights the benefits of historic analysis as a complementary alternative to static and dynamic analyses.  ...  Search Dialogs provides the user interface to search with the information retrieval engine for source files and developers, as shown in sections 7.2.2 and 7.2.3.  ... 
doi:10.1109/wcre.2006.40 dblp:conf/wcre/Cerulo06 fatcat:7yffx5cgajgj7cv4lvma7lecye

An exploration of the principles underlying redundancy-based factoid question answering

Jimmy Lin
2007 ACM Transactions on Information Systems  
The so-called "redundancy-based" approach to question answering represents a successful strategy for mining answers to factoid questions such as "Who shot Abraham Lincoln?" from the World Wide Web.  ...  Overall, this work attempts to address the broader question of "what really matters" and to provide guidance for future researchers.  ...  Web search engines frequently return tens if not hundreds of thousands of "potentially relevant" pages in response to a query, leaving users to manually sift through long hit lists.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1229179.1229180 fatcat:l2pwnam7qvh6xbp6a3krpoidpq

Adversarial Web Search

Carlos Castillo
2010 Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval  
This is one of the reasons why not only automated clicks, but also automated searches, should be detected by search engines and labeled as such in a query log.  ...  This incident and its implications are described in [211] . The query log was officially withdrawn by its authors, but it continues to be used for research on query log mining for several reasons.  ... 
doi:10.1561/1500000021 fatcat:toxnvajrmbdppf5hytdbnykuiq

Context & Semantics in News & Web Search

Daan Odijk
2016 SIGIR Forum  
Each video segment has a unique ID and three associated files (the first two are provided, the last one needs to be reconstructed):  ...  The dataset that was described in Section 6.3 has been made available to the research community; 3 it consists of more than 1,500 manually annotated links in over 5,000 subtitle chunks for 50 video segments  ...  Mining Struggling Tasks To better understand struggling search behavior in a natural setting, we analyze millions of search sessions from the Microsoft Bing Web search engine.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2964797.2964816 fatcat:zmt2clavxrdi5izyo73z6kfg3q

What Google Knows: Privacy and Internet Search Engines

Omer Tene
2007 Social Science Research Network  
think long and hard before looking for information about unpopular opposition groups or historic events.  ...  22 What personally identifiable information should search engines be allowed to retain and for how long?  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1021490 fatcat:gkbfs3qhmvbotdeoc726q6c6lq

Mining Missing Hyperlinks from Human Navigation Traces

Robert West, Ashwin Paranjape, Jure Leskovec
2015 Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on World Wide Web - WWW '15  
But important links are often missing, and several methods have been proposed to alleviate this problem by learning a linking model based on the structure of the existing links.  ...  They are especially important for online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia: an article can often only be understood in the context of related articles, and hyperlinks make it easy to explore this context  ...  Finally, we would like to thank Alex Clemesha for sharing data from The Wiki Game.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2736277.2741666 pmid:26634229 pmcid:PMC4664478 dblp:conf/www/0001PL15 fatcat:vqh6oyrmdbcrloo57oxwtjxjom
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