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Scheduling Batch Processing Machine Using Max–Min Ant System Algorithm Improved by a Local Search Method

XiaoLin Li, Yu Wang
2018 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
MaxMin Ant System (MMAS) algorithm is developed to solve the problem.  ...  The problem of minimizing the makespan on single batch processing machine is studied in this paper.  ...  Processing time of each batch equals = max{ | ∈ }. (3) The objective is to minimize makespan ( max ) which is equal to the total batch processing time in a solution .  ... 
doi:10.1155/2018/3124182 fatcat:cuaeylpljjekrgmlzdchywpx54

Flowshop-scheduling problems with makespan criterion: a review

S. Reza Hejazi *, S. Saghafian
2005 International Journal of Production Research  
This paper can be seen as a reference to past contributions (particularly in n/m/ p/c max or equivalently F/prmu/c max ) for future research needs of improving and developing better approaches to flowshop-related  ...  Each part has a brief literature review of the contributions and a glimpse of that approach before discussing the implementation for a flowshop problem.  ...  the consideration of minimization of total flow time of jobs.  ... 
doi:10.1080/0020754050056417 fatcat:gbcqshoqerhnjek2l4uqcmhdr4

Two-Dimensional Scheduling: A Review

Zhuolei Xiao, Hao Shao
2013 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
In this study, we present a literature review, classification schemes and analysis of methodology for scheduling problems on Batch Processing machine (BP) with both processing time and job size constraints  ...  Special attention is given to scheduling problems with nonidentical job sizes and processing times, with details of the basic algorithms and other significant results.  ...  Kashan et al. (2008) developed an ant colony framework in two versions, depending on the type of embedded heuristic information, to minimize total weighted completion time on a single batch-processing  ... 
doi:10.19026/rjaset.6.3870 fatcat:pddgsa62k5buln3sfwzbo3gmo4

Hybrid Job Shop and Parallel Machine Scheduling Problems: Minimization of Total Tardiness Criterion [chapter]

Frederic Dugardin, Hicham Chehade, Lionel Amodeo, Farouk Yalaoui, Christian Prins
2007 Multiprocessor Scheduling, Theory and Applications  
On the other hand, one can also stress that the objective is mainly to minimize the makespan, the total flow time and more recently the minimization of the total tardiness.  ...  The objective is to find a schedule that minimizes the total tardiness T = = n j j T 1 in such a way that two jobs cannot be processed at the same time on the same machine.  ...  A major goal of the book is to continue a good tradition -to bring together reputable researchers from different countries in order to provide a comprehensive coverage of advanced and modern topics in  ... 
doi:10.5772/5227 fatcat:khcb45yk7nbjzfnr7okl5r5j6q

A Comparative Study of Task Scheduling and Load Balancing Techniques with MCT using ETC on Computational Grids

S. Sheikh, A. Nagaraju
2017 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Apart from this a joint review on job scheduling, load balancing and minimizing job completion time using Expected Time to Compute (ETC) matrix is presented.  ...  Findings: Make span time and flow time are two important parameters to compute and minimize job execution time.  ...  ETC is a task to machine mapping matrix that works upon various functions to minimize makes pan time and flow time by which machine completion time can be minimized.  ... 
doi:10.17485/ijst/2017/v10i32/110751 fatcat:modlvzdrmrdtvix57sriqfzqgi

Scheduling a single batch-processing machine with arbitrary job sizes and incompatible job families: An ant colony framework

A H Kashan, B Karimi
2008 Journal of the Operational Research Society  
Minimizing total weighted completion time on a single batch processing machine. Prod Opns Mngt 6: 57-73. Wang C and Uzsoy R (2002).  ...  Scheduling semiconductor burn- in operations to minimize total flow time. Opns Res 45: 874-885. Ikura Y and Gimple M (1986). Efficient scheduling algorithms for a single batch processing machine.  ... 
doi:10.1057/palgrave.jors.2602448 fatcat:qavxf7kllzbmlpotmm6kfp6oqq

Clustering and Genetic Algorithm Based Hybrid Flowshop Scheduling with Multiple Operations

Yingfeng Zhang, Sichao Liu, Shudong Sun
2014 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
In HTS, there are four parallel machines and each machine can process a batch of jobs simultaneously. In PFS, there are two machines.  ...  The heat-treatment stage (HTS) and precision forging stage (PFS) of the case are selected as a two-stage hybrid flowshop system.  ...  [6] make in-depth research under the ant colony system approach and use an optimal ant colony algorithm to solve hybrid flow shop scheduling problems. Luo et al.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2014/167073 fatcat:l5zymq2s2ncz3fsicxfx4ctqnm

A Deterministic Flowshop Scheduling Problem to minimizing the Makespan using PA ACO

Annu Priya, Department of Computer Science Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Jharkhand (Ranchi), India., Sudip Kumar Sahana, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Jharkhand (Ranchi), India.
2020 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Flowshop scheduling problems, are consist of sets of machines with number of resources. It matins the continuous flow of task with minimum time.  ...  Here, in this paper a new stochastic Ant Colony optimization technique based on Pareto optimal (PA-ACO) is implemented for solving the permutation flowshop scheduling problem (PFSP) sets.  ...  The max-min ant system introduced by Rajendran and Ziegler [19] , to solve flowshop scheduling problem.  ... 
doi:10.35940/ijeat.b4573.029320 fatcat:hqwg7otrxvfi7pbcvvfsmvicgy

Role of batch size in scheduling optimization of flexible manufacturing system using genetic algorithm

Muhammad Umair Akhtar, Muhammad Huzaifa Raza, Muhammad Shafiq
2018 Journal of Industrial Engineering International  
In this paper, an FMS scheduling problem with n jobs and m machines is studied to minimize lateness in meeting due dates, with focus on the impact of batch size.  ...  At present, there is a need to produce a wide range of quality products in limited time span. On-time delivery of customers' orders is critical in make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing systems.  ...  Ying and Lin (2018) addressed hybrid flow shop scheduling problem to minimize makespan using self-tuning iterated greedy algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s40092-018-0278-2 fatcat:n3eqob4x6rfv5bygradqdl72s4

A new hybrid ant colony algorithm for scheduling of no-wait flowshop

Vahid Riahi, Morteza Kazemi
2016 Operational Research  
Owing to the problem is known to be NP-hard for more than two machines, a hybrid meta-heuristic algorithm based on ant colony optimization (ACO) and simulated annealing (SA) algorithm is improved.  ...  The no-wait flowshop is a variant of the wellknown flowshop scheduling problem where all processes follow the previous one without any interruption for operations of a job.  ...  Each machine can process one job at a time and each job must be performed only on one machine at a time.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12351-016-0253-x fatcat:f3rvp6hkojb3pcp3ysxhxrbuu4

Hybrid Flow Shop with Unrelated Machines, Setup Time, and Work in Progress Buffers for Bi-Objective Optimization of Tortilla Manufacturing

Victor Yaurima-Basaldua, Andrei Tchernykh, Francisco Villalobos-Rodríguez, Ricardo Salomon-Torres
2018 Algorithms  
We concentrate on a complex multistage, multiproduct, multimachine, and batch production environment considering completion time and energy consumption optimization criteria.  ...  A branch and bound algorithm is used to assert obtained performance. We show that the proposed algorithms can be efficiently used in a real production environment.  ...  Funding: This work is partially supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), project No. 18-07-01224-a. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/a11050068 fatcat:h6jbjwqey5dwhfvjgw3klysfl4

A Review of Implementing Ant System Algorithms on Scheduling Problems

Samar Kashef, Raafat ElShaer
2021 Egyptian Journal for Engineering Sciences and Technology  
Elitist AS (EAS), rank-based AS (RAS), ant colony system (ACS), and max-min AS (MMAS) are the variants of the AS algorithm; they are triggered by the different ways of updating the pheromone trail τ, computing  ...  Tracking a sample of articles that apply an ant algorithm for a specific case study gives researchers new ideas on how to adjust the original model to fit their problem.  ...  Max-Min Ant System, MMAS Our survey showed 12 articles that used MMAS in solving scheduling problems.  ... 
doi:10.21608/eijest.2021.63497.1049 fatcat:ladjes2n35gdpgbcxl4gttby6a

Hybrid artificial immune system and simulated annealing algorithms for solving hybrid JIT flow shop with parallel batches and machine eligibility

Javad Rezaeian, Masoud Shafipour
2017 International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research  
This research deals with a hybrid flow shop scheduling problem with parallel batching, machine eligibility, unrelated parallel machine, and different release dates to minimize the sum of the total weighted  ...  In parallel batching situation, it is supposed that number of machine in some stages are able to perform a certain number of jobs simultaneously.  ...  ., "Min imizing tota al earliness and tard diness on a s single mach ine using a hybrid he euristic."  ... 
doaj:c0fd64c4e31c4d72b9b1a45990daa788 fatcat:z5mym4fywfhgjhc6mgd6e3alse

Multi-objective Production Planning for a Flexible Manufacturing System based on NSBBO Method

Nguyen Huu Tho
2019 Exchanges  
, makespan (MK) and total flow time.  ...  The proposed model considered the capacity of machines, tool magazines, batch sizes, processing time and the time taken to transport machining parts.  ...  -Minimization of the total flow time: The total flow time comprises the total processing time and the transportation/traveling time between machines for processing the parts in the system.  ... 
doi:10.31273/eirj.v7i1.288 fatcat:qiu7rrhva5eithq2p4kmpxikra

Scheduling flow lines with buffers by ant colony digraph

Andrea Rossi, Michele Lanzetta
2013 Expert systems with applications  
This work starts from modeling the scheduling of n jobs on m machines/stages as flowshop with buffers in manufacturing.  ...  Most makespan upper bounds of the established benchmark problems from Taillard (1993) and Demirkol et al. (1998) with up to 500 jobs on 20 machines have been improved by the proposed ACO.  ...  Introduction A flow line is a conventional manufacturing system where all jobs must be processed on all machines with the same operation sequence (Figure 1) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2012.12.041 fatcat:eqil4l3645gclokmqapr4e4tfi
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