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Minds, brains, and programs [chapter]

John R. Searle
1988 Readings in Cognitive Science  
But according to strong AI, the computer is not merely a tool in the study of the mind; rather, the appropriately programmed computer really is a mind, in the sense that computers given the right programs  ...  an empirical fact about the actual causal relations between mental processes and brains It says simply that certain brain processes are sufficient for intentionality. (2) Instantiating a computer program  ...  Thus, beliefs, desires, and intentions are intentional states; undirected forms of anxiety and depression are not. For further discussion see Searle (1979c).  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-1-4832-1446-7.50007-8 fatcat:fqgc2vivrjc37hno4qckqkzk6i

Minds, brains, and programs

John R. Searle
1980 Behavioral and Brain Sciences  
And that is why strong AI has little to tell us about thinking, since it is not about machines but about programs, and no program by itself is sufficient for thinking.  ...  On the argument advanced here only a machine could think, and only very special kinds of machines, namely brains and machines with internal causal powers equivalent to those of brains.  ...  Acknowledgment I am grateful to Jerry Fodor and Georges Rey for comments on an earlier draft.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0140525x00005756 fatcat:wfcpl6apdfhxbcscyeacavkbim

Programming and reprogramming the brain: a meeting of minds in neural fate

Magdalena Götz, Sophie Jarriault
2017 Development  
The conference, which was organised by Abcam and entitled 'Programming and Reprogramming the Brain', was a great success, and provided an excellent snapshot of the current state of the field, and what  ...  This Meeting Review provides a summary of the talks presented and the major themes that emerged from the conference.  ...  The conference, which was entitled 'Programming and Reprogramming the Brain', was hosted by Abcam and held at the Biomedical Center of the LMU in Munich, Germany.  ... 
doi:10.1242/dev.150466 pmid:28765212 fatcat:artoranj4bahjasnvqlmaakrbe

Student engagement and the Learning Incentive Program: Evidence and applications

Joel Anderson
2016 Sensoria A Journal of Mind Brain and Culture  
Evidence and applications are discussed.  ...  This paper presents the Learning Incentive Program (LIP), which is an innovative teaching resource designed to enhance a range of learning-relevant outcomes through increasing student engagement while  ...  Author Biography Joel Anderson is a social psychologist with research interests in automatic social processes and intergroup relationships.  ... 
doi:10.7790/sa.v12i1.429 fatcat:ngryjs63jnhrpnhgewfis3gf2e

Sleep and Academic Performance in U.S. Military Training and Education Programs

Nita Lewis Miller, Lawrence G. Shattuck, Panagiotis Matsangas, Jeff Dyche
2008 Mind, Brain, and Education  
We report a 4-year longitudinal study of sleep patterns of cadets at the United States Military Academy and the consequences of an extension of sleep from 6 to 8 hr per night at the United States Navy  ...  These studies provide an opportunity to observe sleep in a college-age population and also to record sleep patterns over an entire 4-year college experience, adding to our understanding of the changes  ...  Military Training and Education Programs Nita Lewis Miller 1 , Lawrence G.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1751-228x.2008.00026.x fatcat:ipbgk3mqvnd3feqggbvmsrujnm

A 30-Minute Physical Education Program Improves Students' Executive Attention

Sabine Kubesch, Laura Walk, Manfred Spitzer, Thomas Kammer, Alyona Lainburg, R��diger Heim, Katrin Hille
2009 Mind, Brain, and Education  
We examined the effects of a single 30-min physical education program in contrast to a 5-min movement break on working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibition of attention and behavioral tendencies  ...  This suggests that the duration of a school sports program is decisive for improving students' executive attention.  ...  Especially with regards to a possible increase of serotonin and dopamine release in the brain after aerobic endurance exercise, we hypothesized more effects on EF processes induced by the 30-min PE program  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1751-228x.2009.01076.x fatcat:trqqxu3ijnbd7lz3s2ms5mzjpe

The Effect of a Mindfulness-Based Education Program on Brain Waves and the Autonomic Nervous System in University Students

Mijung Jung, Mikyoung Lee
2021 Healthcare  
This study investigated the effects of a mindfulness-based education program on mindfulness, brain waves, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in university students in Korea.  ...  In total, 42 students completed a mindfulness questionnaire before and after the intervention, and 28 among them completed pre-intervention and post-intervention measures of brain waves and ANS.  ...  Acknowledgments: We would like to express gratitude to Kyunghwa Kim, Seunghee Cho, and Chihun Park for their assistance in intervention.  ... 
doi:10.3390/healthcare9111606 pmid:34828651 pmcid:PMC8625257 fatcat:7z4m5eyverfqbi2x344oaqbeuy

Train 4 Good - an eight-month mindfulness program live on Internet for long-term mental fatigue and emotional distress after an acquired brain injury

Birgitta Johansson, Helena Bjuhr
2018 Archives of Psychology  
Mindfulness programs can be a valuable option for rehabilitation after an acquired brain injury when the fatigue and emotional burden can become long-lasting or lifelong.  ...  Development of longer mindfulness programs is warranted, since mental health problems only improve slowly and long-term support is requested.  ...  after an acquired brain injury, and who previously had participated in an MBSR program.  ... 
doi:10.31296/aop.v2i5.61 fatcat:3qdegbm3ivgplaxug34ns6xovy

Live video adaptations to a mind-body activity program for chronic pain and cognitive decline: protocol for the "Virtual Active Brains" study (Preprint)

Ryan A. Mace, James D. Doorley, Paula J. Popok, Ana-Maria Vranceanu
2020 JMIR Research Protocols  
We are iteratively developing Active Brains-Fitbit (AB-F), a live video program for older adults with CP and CD that teaches mind-body skills and gradual increases in step count.  ...  This study will answer important questions about the feasibility of delivering a completely virtual mind-body activity program to older adults with comorbid CP and CD, which, to our knowledge, is unprecedented  ...  prevalent public health issue, chronic pain, and examine and compare feasibility of a mind-body skills program adapted for patients with chronic pain (p3RP) with a mind-body skills program that is integrated  ... 
doi:10.2196/25351 pmid:33208301 fatcat:vg6m6sli3jenrepawlazuo54hi

Cerebral Blood Flow and Brain Functional Connectivity Changes in Older Adults Participating in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program

Aleeze Sattar Moss, Diane K. Reibel, Nancy Wintering, Faezeh Vedaei, Hannah Porter, Mohsen Khosravi, Justin Heholt, Mahdi Alizadeh, Feroze B. Mohamed, Andrew B. Newberg
2022 Behavioral Sciences  
11 elderly adults (mean age 79) after participation in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program.  ...  This study suggests that the MBSR program can potentially modify cerebral blood flow and connectivity in this population.  ...  Discussion Neuroimaging studies of mindfulness have grown exponentially in the past decade and demonstrate that mindfulness training can change both brain structure and brain function.  ... 
doi:10.3390/bs12020048 pmid:35200299 pmcid:PMC8869750 fatcat:fcr7c45uprdrtcnsvqhmfaxxhy

Analysis on the Influence of Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program for Elderly Women's Brain Activation and Stress, Who Experienced Loss of Spouse
마음챙김기반 자비명상프로그램이 배우자 상실을 경험한 여성노인의 뇌 활성과 스트레스에 미치는 영향 분석

Yun-Keum Kim
2016 Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society  
The Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program was shown to influence the brain activation and stress of the elderly women using the practical application of neuroscience.  ...  Abstract This study examined the influence of a Mindfulness Based Compassion Meditation Program on the brain activation and stress of elderly women who experienced loss of spouse using 2 channel EEG (Electroencephalography  ...  ) Table 3 . 3 Mindfulness Based CompassionMeditation Program 3.3 자료처리 수집된 자료는 SPSS for Window(V. 18.0) 프로그램 으로 분석하였다.  ... 
doi:10.5762/kais.2016.17.4.312 fatcat:rwgiihyicreydn35upqzie3o6q

فاعلية برنامج لتدريس الرياضيات قائم علي الدمج بين التعلم المستند إلي الدماغ والخرائط الذهني علي تنمية التفکير الرياضى الإبداعى لدي طلاب الصف الثانى الإعدادى Effectiveness of an educational program based on integrating brain-based learning and mind maps on achievement، creative mathematical thinking، and motivation for second prep.students

إعداد:أ/ يوسف جميل عزيز, إشراف: أ.د/ وديع مکسيموس داوود
2021 مجلة کلیة التربیة وثقافة الطفل  
213 -a control group studied using the conventional method ،and experimental group using Educational program based on integrating brain-based learning and mind maps. 4 -Applying the mathematical thinking  ...  program based on integrating brain-based learning and mind maps)in the post-application for creative mathematical thinking test for students of the experimental group.  ... 
doi:10.21608/jkfb.2021.234950 fatcat:ykfrur5xqvah7j3bk47wakrccm

Brain activation during dichotic presentations of consonant-vowel and musical instrument stimuli: a 15 O-PET study fn2 fn2The present study was financially supported by a grant to Olaf B. Paulson (coordinator) from the Danish Research Councils interdisciplinary research program, and by a grant to Kenneth Hugdahl from the Norwegian Medical Research Council (NFR), and from the MacArthur Foundation/Mind-Body Network, Chicago, il, u.s.a. The John and Birthe Meyer Foundation is gratefully acknowledged for the do ...

Kenneth Hugdahl, Kolbjørn Brønnick, Søren Kyllingsbrk, Ian Law, Anders Gade, Olaf B. Paulson
1999 Neuropsychologia  
and musical instrument distractor stimuli[ The targets appeared equally often in the right and left ear channel[ The CV!  ...  cortex\ left occipital lobe\ and cerebellum[ Þ 0888 Elsevier Science Ltd[ All rights reserved[  ...  ation of localization of brain activity during phonological and non!  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0028-3932(98)00101-8 pmid:10215090 fatcat:xiv2s7a4qvd5litvbp5be4nrbu

The secret program of US. mind control weapons: is it developing in latin America?

David Salinas Flores
2018 International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal  
The MKULTRA program developed by the CIA was a program designed to perform the largest mind control experiment, an illegal and clandestine program of experiments on human subjects.  ...  that BRAIN initiative is a secret research program of mind control that is being developed in Latino America.  ... 
doi:10.15406/ipmrj.2018.03.00091 fatcat:jvqlvkuigfeyhbpvmoopunajs4

The Effects of a Mindfulness Therapy Program on Core Symptoms of Children with ADHD Disorder

Somnuek Anantavorawong, Assawin Narkpongphun
2018 International Journal of Child Development and Mental Health  
The objectives of this study were to develop and assess the effects of the mindfulness program on core symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children with ADHD quasi-experimental  ...  Participants were divided into an experimental group (n=20) and control group (n=16). The experimental group participated in the mindfulness program weekly lasting 1 hour for ten sessions.  ...  It found that delta waves were reduced after the mindfulness therapy program in 3 areas of the brain; namely, left anterior, right anterior and midline.  ... 
doaj:815ec8ffcdec45b2b3bef2fe93700544 fatcat:4nkmexyk3ne57ikqw67okaw2xu
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