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Kondratieff Waves, Technological Paradigms, and the Theory of Production Revolutions

Grinin Leonid
2019 Zenodo  
In the present article Kondratieff waves theory is considered in comparison with the theory of production revolutions which analyzes the regularities of the major technological breakthroughs in history  ...  of the unfolding of each of the five waves and their phases, to make forecasts about the sixth wave and the development of technologies of the sixth technological mode.  ...  wave; • production of artificial materials, automation, non-computer electronics (leading sectors of the fourth wave); • computer technologies (the main technologies in the future fifth wave); 27 Nevertheless  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3686031 fatcat:edmsrudhyfex3eoumh54ybdcxi


Prafulla Kumar Padhi
2019 Zenodo  
The quantum revolution– ―Fifth Industrial Revolution‖- is poised to emerge with prominent and eye-catching disruptive quantum technologies to fundamentally transform the economy from digital to quantum  ...  The concept binding symbiotic integration of quantum computing (QC) and 6G wireless will facilitate QI with secured quantum communications disrupting every industry globally.  ...  INTRODUCTION At present, a fourth industrial revolution is building the digital era with exponential phenomenon characterized by a combination of innovative technologies.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3380463 fatcat:a7zxp7tsrrbfxavpjlcjgc6pda

Program Book

2021 2021 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS)  
computing revolution In this Workshop we will explore state of art status of Quantum computing applications and their associated technology and circuits analog-RF platforms  ...  functionalities, operating under extremely low noise conditions with limited power budgets Achieving this will require enhanced understanding of existing transistor technologies, 3D integrated systems  ...  various disciplines from multiple IEEE societies will come together and talk about the current integration progresses, issues and challenges MONDAY 41 The mobility industry is in the midst of a major revolution  ... 
doi:10.1109/ims19712.2021.9575039 fatcat:5ga53lbfuff77k7wodk45e7pyy

Trends and Opportunities of Tertiary Education in Safety Engineering Moving towards Safety 4.0

Vendula Laciok, Katerina Sikorova, Bruno Fabiano, Ales Bernatik
2021 Sustainability  
Industry and related work and workplaces are constantly changing as a result of the implementation of new technologies, substances and work processes, changes in the composition of the workforce and the  ...  The implementation of new technologies represents certain ambivalence.  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors gratefully acknowledge the valuable comments of anonymous reviewers. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/su13020524 fatcat:dirgychitre2pldm5leaxo5vqm

Perspectives of modern metrology
Perspektywy współczesnej metrologii

Michał Wieczorowski, Paweł Pawlus, Bartosz Gapiński
2019 Mechanik  
Thus, when 2011 brought the beginnings of current fourth industrial revolution, measurement techniques have already benefited from the development of scanning (including by means of electromagnetic waves  ...  By preparing the conditions for the functioning of intelligent factories, the fourth industrial revolution creates the world, in which virtual and physical production systems cooperate globally and flexibly  ... 
doi:10.17814/mechanik.2019.12.106 fatcat:cavxm4k4k5dydgohevhxzggevi

Future of Mobile Communication 5G: Perspectives, Challenges and Services

Tondare S.M, Kejkar A.S, Deshpande R.D
2014 IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering  
It should surprise no one that the Smartphone revolution is fuelling this growth, and by 2017, three fourth of all mobile devices in the world will be smart phones [3] .  ...  The seamless integration of such complementary technologies with evolved 3G and 4G will bring a new consumer experience and enable the introduction of a host of new services.  ...  Acknowledgements Authors would like to thanks to principal, Electronics & Telecommunication departments of Sandipani Technical Campus F.E.  ... 
doi:10.9790/2834-09624549 fatcat:rphfu2shzrd4bpkx3a3vbwrzkm

Toward the 6G Network Era: Opportunities and Challenges

Ioannis Tomkos, Dimitrios Klonidis, Evangelos Pikasis, Sergios Theodoridis
2020 IT Professional Magazine  
In this article, we discuss the transformation and convergence of the fifthgeneration (5G) mobile network and the internet of things technologies, toward the emergence of the smart sixth-generation (6G  ...  The next generation of telecommunication networks will integrate the latest developments and emerging advancements in telecommunications connectivity infrastructures.  ...  deployment of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), autonomous driving, smart city/ building services, AR services, and more that will be able to reshape our way of living.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mitp.2019.2963491 fatcat:nphysndjnvhkpjzfsteu74cmui

Advances in the biological effects of terahertz wave radiation

Li Zhao, Yan-Hui Hao, Rui-Yun Peng
2014 Military Medical Research  
With the rapid development of THz technology and related applications, studies of the biological effects of THz radiation have become a major focus in the field of life sciences.  ...  The terahertz (THz) band lies between microwave and infrared rays in wavelength and consists of non-ionizing radiation.  ...  The emergence and development of each new major technology for biological spectroscopy has caused a revolution in the field of biology.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40779-014-0026-x pmid:25722878 pmcid:PMC4340277 fatcat:r7j6fq77yzanhakncdcga7qqme


Prafulla Kumar Padhi
2020 Zenodo  
The findings suggest that the rollout of "5G & Beyond" networks is increasingly vital to achieve the productivity benefits desired by industrial policy and digital divide issues.  ...  The aim of this research is to confabulate "5G & Beyond" wireless technologies trends,innovations and development, network deployment, governance and geopolitics, global spectrum policy perspectives for  ...  (h)Driving the next industrial revolution with flexible manufacturing In an era of intense volatility because of shorter product lifecycles, globally manufacturing companies are under extreme pressure.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3677286 fatcat:gigdtbe52ngxzcyxzqp3qqsokm

Sixth Generation (6G) Wireless Networks: Vision, Research Activities, Challenges and Potential Solutions

Mohammed H. Alsharif, Anabi Hilary Kelechi, Mahmoud A. Albreem, Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry, M. Sultan Zia, Sunghwan Kim
2020 Symmetry  
In support of this vision, this study highlights the most promising lines of research from the recent literature in common directions for the 6G project.  ...  To sustain the competitive edge of wireless networks, industrial and academia synergy have begun to conceptualize the next generation of wireless communication systems (namely, sixth generation, (6G))  ...  Figure 6 . 6 Electromagnetic spectrum and wavelength of terahertz and millimeter waves [29] . Figure 6 . 6 Electromagnetic spectrum and wavelength of terahertz and millimeter waves [29] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/sym12040676 fatcat:a5edlm22q5dcthibecb6m4yv64

A Review Of 5G Technology: Architecture, Security and wide Applications

Meer Zafarullah Noohani, Kaleem Ullah Magsi
2020 Zenodo  
In order to deal with state-of-the art technologies and connectivity in the form of smart cell phones, internet of things (IoT) devices, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality devices and smart homes connectivity  ...  In particular, the fifth generation (5G) mobile network seeks to resolve the shortcomings of previous telecommunication technologies and to be a possible primary enabler for future IoT applications.  ...  The printed ridge gap waveguide (PRGW) is prominent technology for millimeter wave (mm-Wave) electromagnetic band. Mm-Wave band from 30-300 Gigahertz is the candidate of 5G radio cellular networks.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3842353 fatcat:hl3e7kdp3ban7ggn2avttrqzwq

5G Consolidates Deployment by Targeting New Bands [Mobile Radio]

Claudio Casetti
2021 IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine  
innovative industrial their commitment to support 5G mm- African Telecommunications Union use cases toward the Fourth Indus- wave in June, including China Unicom (ATU  ...  5G Millimeter Wave With Support Based on Nokia Bell Labs technology from international organizations, the for 200-MHz Carrier Bandwidth and developed after a Nokia–Voda  ... 
doi:10.1109/mvt.2021.3116735 fatcat:4lgoffqkdrhkdaed3pflzgtmei

Establishing Moore's Law

E. Mollick
2006 IEEE Annals of the History of Computing  
By the beginning of the VLSI era of integration in 1979, the processes used to produce semiconductor products had settled down to a few stable technologies that have remained basically unchanged for long  ...  been credited with being the engine of the electronics revolution, and is regarded as the premier example of a self-fulfilling prophecy and technological trajectory in both the academic and popular press  ... 
doi:10.1109/mahc.2006.45 fatcat:6ghba7wb2zhpvpqeg33fke57ca

IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting Special Issue on: Convergence of Broadcast and Broadband in the 5G Era

David Gomez-Barquero, Jae-Young Lee, Sungjun Ahn, Cristiano Akamine, Dazhi He, Jon Montalaban, Jintao Wang, We Li, Yiyan Wu
2020 IEEE transactions on broadcasting  
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING Special Issue on: Convergence of Broadcast and Broadband in the 5G Era T HE FIFTH generation of mobile broadband (BB) networks, popularly known as 5G, aims to revolutionize  ...  The fifteenth paper, "Beamspace MIMO-NOMA for Millimeter-Wave Broadcasting via Full-Duplex D2D Communications," by Li et al.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tbc.2020.2985493 fatcat:7lv2rgybune2nno54r5qycil3q

The shift to 6G communications: vision and requirements

Muhammad Waseem Akhtar, Syed Ali Hassan, Rizwan Ghaffar, Haejoon Jung, Sahil Garg, M. Shamim Hossain
2020 Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences  
and millimeter waves communication, tactile Internet, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA), small cells communication, fog/edge computing, etc., as the key technologies in the realization of beyond 5G  ...  In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the 6G network dimensions with air interface and associated potential technologies.  ...  Robotics and automated vehicles for beyond industry 4.0 era Industry 4.0 is the term used for the fourth industrial revolution [104] .  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13673-020-00258-2 fatcat:ibwxzee35fc7xmx4bwzj46xfzy
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