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The opera question in Belgrade as 'staged' by Milan Grol

Sanela Nikolić
2014 New Sound  
Writer, politician, and dramaturge Milan Grol can be credited with the most important contribution of an individual to the modernization of the National Theatre in Belgrade.  ...  Jovanović, "Milan Grol -pozorišni reformator" ["Milan Grol -A Theatre Reformer"], Zbornik Matice srpske za scenske umetnosti i muziku, 28/29, 2002, 117.  ...  Naime, u periodu od 1906. do 1909, kada je Uprava Nikole Petrovića inicirala, a Uprava Mihaila Markovića i Riste Odavića sprovela ideju muzičkog programa Pozorišta, izvođena su dela standardnog operskog  ... 
doi:10.5937/newso1443107n fatcat:cibgeulmozdahdz7pae4wyjewu


Milan BANIĆ, Milan NIKOLIĆ, Aleksandar MILTENOVIĆ, Petar ĐEKIĆ
2019 Proceedings on Engineering Sciences  
Slip resistance of footwear sole and floor coverings is the characteristic which seriously depend on safety of human movement. There are some adopted standards which prescribe methods of slip resistance testing, but they are often criticized and revised. Tribological parameters are very important in human walking, running, jumping, etc. Friction mechanism of viscoelastic materials on hard bases is described in this paper. Also, influence of some parameters, like rubber hardness, rubber
more » ... s, contact condition (dry and wet) and sliding speed are analysed according the testing results obtained in performed experimental research.
doi:10.24874/pes01.01.078 fatcat:wbmxmggr25f4hixlifiwwmhnde

Thirteenth Volume of Benešić's Dictionary (Julije Benešić: Rječnik hrvatskoga književnoga jezika od preporoda do I. G. Kovačića, sv. 13. 2013. Ur. Moguš, Milan; Nikolić-Hoyt, Anja; Vončina, Josip. Priredili Filipović Petrović, Ivana; Gluhak, Alemko; Marković, Bojana; Nikolić-Hoyt, Anja. Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti. Zagreb.)

Marija Znika
2014 Rasprave: Časopis Instituta za Hrvatski Jezik i Jezikoslovlje  
Urednici: Milan Moguš, Anja Nikolić Hoyt, Josip Vončina. Priredili za tisak: Ivana Filipović Petrović, Alemko Gluhak, Bojana Marković, Anja Nikolić-Hoyt.  ...  Moguš, Milan; Nikolić-Hoyt, Anja; Vončina, Josip. Priredili Filipović Petrović, Ivana; Gluhak, Alemko; Marković, Bojana; Nikolić-Hoyt, Anja. Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti. Zagreb.)  ...  Nakon Predgovora sadašnje urednice Anje Nikolić-Hoyt, u kojemu se donosi kronologija nastanka Rječnika te promjene koje su bile nužne da bi se Rječnik uspješno moglo završiti, slijedi tekst o revidiranju  ... 
doaj:a3468550f69742a6b76ddb3236b8f839 fatcat:6yz6sfkbnjbcfolgekeu6z4fxy

Injuries of the tarsometatarsal joints: treatment and outcome

Mario Malović, Milan Milošević, Tomislav Vlahović, Tatjana Nikolić, Petra Margetić, Milan Milošević
2011 Collegium Antropologicum  
Between January 2005 and May 2009, a total of 26 patients, 21 males and 5 females, were admitted for treatment of Lisfranc lesion. All patients were radiologically evaluated and classified according to the criteria proposed by Myerson: 5 (19.2%) patients had a type A injury, 2 patients (7.7%) presented with a type B1 injury, 17 (65.4%) sustained the most common type B2 injury and 1 (3.8%) patient suffered from a type C1 and C2 injury. Taking radiological and clinical findings in account,
more » ... patients were elected for operative treatment and eleven patients were treated conservatively. According to type of fracture we established three groups; in group I metatarsal fracture was found in fourteen (53.9%) patients, group II with phalangeal fracture in three (11.5%) cases, whereas in group III nine (34.6%) patients sustained combined metatarsal, navicular and, most commonly, a cuneiform fracture. Using the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) midfoot scoring scale and SF-36 questionnaire, the functional outcome was assessed. The mean value for age distribution was 42.7 +/- 13.2 years and the mean follow up was 27.9 +/- 12.4 months. A p value < 0.005 was regarded as statistically significant for the analysis of the results. We found by means of SF 36 questionnaire a statistically significant difference in the role limitation due to existence of pain (p = 0.04) and poor general health (p = 0.013) in the group of patients that sustained combined foot fracture. The purpose of this study is to assess the treatment of Lisfranc injuries in our patients, according to SF36 and AOFAS criteria, clinical outcome was evaluated. In the group I the mean AOFAS score was 74.0 +/- 9.1 and in the group II it reached 72.0 +/- 5.2 signifying fair outcome! Poor outcome was present in the group III with mean AOFAS score 67.1 +/- 9.0. All unstable injuries require surgery. Clinical outcome is highly dependent on the restoration of normal anatomic alignment.
pmid:22397260 fatcat:bm223t7yojaubo46w5m4pv7gra

Toxigenic Species Aspergillus parasiticus Originating from Maize Kernels Grown in Serbia

Milica Nikolić, Iva Savić, Ana Nikolić, Marko Jauković, Vesna Kandić, Milan Stevanović, Slavica Stanković
2021 Toxins  
PDA (Biolife, Milan, Italy) was used to culture A. parasiticus isolates at 25 • C in the dark.  ...  Nikolić and colleagues [34] compared the toxigenic potential of A. flavus and A. parasiticus from maize and have established by the HPLC-FLD method that the concentrations of individual aflatoxins of  ... 
doi:10.3390/toxins13120847 pmid:34941685 pmcid:PMC8704542 fatcat:3fawda3byfgupmc42suoblleea

Triple Modular Redundancy Optimization for Threshold Determination in Intrusion Detection Systems

Ivan Babić, Aleksandar Miljković, Milan Čabarkapa, Vojkan Nikolić, Aleksandar Đorđević, Milan Ranđelović, Dragan Ranđelović
2021 Symmetry  
This paper presents a novel approach for an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) based on one kind of asymmetric optimization which use any three already well-known IDS algorithms and Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) algorithm together. Namely, a variable threshold which indicates an attack on an observed and protected network is determined by using all three values obtained with three known IDS algorithms i.e., on previously recorded data by making a decision by majority. For these algorithms
more » ... s used algorithm of k-nearest neighbors, cumulative sum algorithm, and algorithm of exponentially weighted moving average. Using a proposed method we can get a threshold that is more precisely determined than in the case of any method individual. Practically, using TMR we obtain a dynamically threshold adjustment of IDS software, which reduces the existence of false alarms and undetected attacks, so the efficiency of such IDS software is notably higher and can get better results. Today, Denial of Service attacks (DoS) are one of the most present type of attacks and the reason for the special attention paid to them in this paper. In addition, the authors of the proposed method for IDS software used a known CIC-DDoS2019 dataset, which contains various data recordings of such attacks. Obtained results with the proposed solution showed better characteristics than each individual used algorithm in this solution. IDS software with the proposed method worked precisely and timely, which means alarms were triggered properly and efficiently.
doi:10.3390/sym13040557 fatcat:2auf6wr66zdrxdrxfyj46dweiy

NOVI STARI RJEČNIK (Julije Benešić, RJEČNIK HRVATSKOGA KNJIŽEVNOGA JEZIKA OD PREPORODA DO I. G. KOVAČIĆA svezak 13; S – SPUŽVAST Zagreb, HAZU, 2013., ur. Milan Moguš, Anja Nikolić-Hoyt, Josip Vončina)

Diana Stolac
2014 Fluminensia: Journal for Philological Research  
Milan Moguš, Anja Nikolić-Hoyt, Josip Vončina Julije Benešić (Ilok, 1. ožujka 1883 .  ...  Moguš, Anja Nikolić-Hoyt i pokojni Josip Vončina, a svezak su za tisak pripremili Ivana Filipović Petrović, Alemko Gluhak, Bojana Marković Schubert i Anja Nikolić-Hoyt. čak sto godina, označeno kao pretjerivanje  ... 
doaj:c8b4402175ec4a498e302ea2e130ee98 fatcat:emjxvuvivvg5rkhelq34ox2uqq

Effect of reaction time on formation of silica core/shell particles

Milan Nikolic, Radoslav Filipovic, Slobodanka Stanojevic-Nikolic
2015 Processing and Application of Ceramics  
The silica core/shell nanostructures were prepared by a wet-chemical process. Silica core particles were prepared by hydrolysis and condensation of tetraethylorthosilicate. The obtained particles (average size ∼0.4 µm) were used as templates for assembling of silica nanoparticles generated from highly basic sodium silicate solution. The silica core particles were functionalized with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) to allow electrostatic assembling of silica nanoparticles on the surface of
more » ... ilica core particles. In order to find the optimal conditions for synthesis of silica core/shell particles with mesoporous shells, the effect of reaction time on formation of silica nanoparticles was investigated. The effect of process parameters on generation and aggregation of silica nanoparticles prepared from highly basic sodium silicate solution was also investigated. It was shown that the size of silica nanoparticles and tendency towards aggregation increase with increasing the reaction time and temperature. These behaviours were reflected on the formation of mesoporous silica shell around silica core particles. Thin and uniform mesoporous silica layers were obtained if reaction times were kept short. When the reaction time was prolonged, the thicker and non-uniform shells were obtained.
doi:10.2298/pac1504209n fatcat:lwhipmxtgzcwhe3eym7hoolxnm

Department of invasive cardiology Zajecar: First results and experiences
Odeljenje invazivne kardiologije u Zaječaru - prva iskustva

Vladimir Mitov, Milan Nedeljković, Zoran Perišić, Aleksandar Jolić, Dragana Adamović, Marko Dimitrijević, Milan Nikolić, Tomislav Kostić, Nenad Božinović, Milan Živković, Miodrag Damjanović
2015 Srce i krvni sudovi  
Uvod I ndikacije za selektivnu koronarografiju ostale su iste poslednjih godina,i decenija. Glavna indikacija je bol u grudima, praćen EKG promenama, bilo izazvani provokativnim testovima, kao kod stabilne angine pectoris (SAP) ili nastali spontano bez provokacije, kod akutnog koronarnog sindroma (AKS) 1 . Regionalizacijom angio sala u Srbiji, stvara se mreža koja omogućava najsavremeniji i najbolji način lečenja pacijenata sa koronarnom bolešću. Ovo je od posebnog značaja za najvulnerabilniju
more » ... opulaciju, pacijente sa AKS. CILJ RADA je prikaz iskustva rada Odeljenja invazivne kardiologije u Zaječaru, u periodu od marta 2014. do avgusta 2015. godine. Metodi U periodu od marta 2014. do avgusta 2015. godine urađeno je 609 procedura, kod 389 (63,87%) muškaraca i 220 (36,13%) žena, prosečne starosti 63,99±9,22 godina. Od navedenog broja procedura bilo je 477 (78,32%) dijagnostičkih koronarografija i 132 (21,68%) perkutane koronarne intervencije (PCI). Standarni pristup u radu je punkcija desne femoralne arterije. Od početka rada do sada urađeno je 549 (90,14%) procedura femoralnim pristupom. Od 26.juna 2015. godine standardni pristup je punkcijom desne radijalne arterije. Do sada je 60 (9,86%) pacijenata (pts) pregledano radijalnim pristupom, ali od uvođenja 64,28% procedura je obavljeno na ovaj način. Srce i krvni sudovi 2015; 34(3): 68-71
doi:10.5937/siks1503068m fatcat:d7a5upnlsjc5rmbig2edes7i3e

Random Forest Spatial Interpolation

Aleksandar Sekulić, Milan Kilibarda, Gerard B.M. Heuvelink, Mladen Nikolić, Branislav Bajat
2020 Remote Sensing  
For many decades, kriging and deterministic interpolation techniques, such as inverse distance weighting and nearest neighbour interpolation, have been the most popular spatial interpolation techniques. Kriging with external drift and regression kriging have become basic techniques that benefit both from spatial autocorrelation and covariate information. More recently, machine learning techniques, such as random forest and gradient boosting, have become increasingly popular and are now often
more » ... d for spatial interpolation. Some attempts have been made to explicitly take the spatial component into account in machine learning, but so far, none of these approaches have taken the natural route of incorporating the nearest observations and their distances to the prediction location as covariates. In this research, we explored the value of including observations at the nearest locations and their distances from the prediction location by introducing Random Forest Spatial Interpolation (RFSI). We compared RFSI with deterministic interpolation methods, ordinary kriging, regression kriging, Random Forest and Random Forest for spatial prediction (RFsp) in three case studies. The first case study made use of synthetic data, i.e., simulations from normally distributed stationary random fields with a known semivariogram, for which ordinary kriging is known to be optimal. The second and third case studies evaluated the performance of the various interpolation methods using daily precipitation data for the 2016–2018 period in Catalonia, Spain, and mean daily temperature for the year 2008 in Croatia. Results of the synthetic case study showed that RFSI outperformed most simple deterministic interpolation techniques and had similar performance as inverse distance weighting and RFsp. As expected, kriging was the most accurate technique in the synthetic case study. In the precipitation and temperature case studies, RFSI mostly outperformed regression kriging, inverse distance weighting, random forest, and RFsp. Moreover, RFSI was substantially faster than RFsp, particularly when the training dataset was large and high-resolution prediction maps were made.
doi:10.3390/rs12101687 fatcat:7rm46kmex5gr7kaj6yrdy23q7e

Takotsubo cardiomiopathy
Takotsubo kardiomiopatija

Dragana Adamović, Vladimir Mitov, Aleksandar Jolić, Milan Nikolić, Marko Dimitrijević
2018 Timocki medicinski glasnik  
Sažetak: Takotsubo kardiomiopatija se karakteriše prolaznom regionalnom sistolnom disfunkcijom koja zahvata vrh i/ili srednji deo leve srčane komore, u odsustvu značajne koronarne bolesti. Prethodi joj psihički ili fizički stres. Javlja se u 1,5-2,5% pacijenata sa sumnjom na akutni koronarni sindrom. Bolest je zastupljenija kod osoba ženskog pola, u starijoj životnoj dobi. Takotsubo kardiomiopatija se prezentuje bolovima u grudima, elektokardiografskim promenama i minimalnim porastom
more » ... ičnih enzima. Patofiziološki mehanizam nastanka Takotsubo kardiomiopatije nije još uvek sasvim razjašnjen. Bolesnica, starosti 69 godina, američki državljanin, primljena je na Odeljenje Invazivne kardiologije u Zaječaru zbog bolova u grudima, nastalih nakon intenzivnog stresa, praćenog EKG promenama u vidu ST elevacija od V1-3. Na prvom urađenom transtorakalnom ehokardiografskom pregledu opisane su zone hipokinezije do akinezije u apikalnim i medijalnim segmentima leve komore, procenjena je ejekciona frakcija leve komore (EF) na 45%. Odmah po prijemu urađena je selektivna angiografija koronarnih arterija na kojoj nisu uočene angiografski značajne stenoze. Postavljena je klinička sumnja na Takotsubo kardiomiopatiju. Bolesnica je sve vreme hospitalizacije hemodinamski stabilna, bez novih tegoba. Tretirana terapijom akutnog koronarnog sindroma kao i beta-blokatorom, inhibitorom angiotenzin konvertaze (ACEI) i statinom. Kardiospecifični enzimi lako povišeni kao i nivo BNP-a. Na ponovljenom transtorakalnom ehokardiografskom pregledu dolazi do poboljšanja: registrovana je hipokinezija distalnih segmenata leve komore, sa baloniranjem vrha leve komore, uz procenjenu EF na 50-54%. Ključne reči: Takosubo kardiomiopatija, Sindrom tranzitornog baloniranja vrha leve komore, Stres kardiomiopatija Summary: Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is characterized by transient regional systolic dysfunction, which involves the tip and/ or middle part of the left ventricular chamber, in the absence of a significant coronary disease. Physical or mental stress has preceded. It occurs in 1.5 to 2.5% of patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome. The illness is more common in elderly females than males. Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is presented with chest pain, electrocardiographic changes and a minimal increase in cardiac-specific enzymes. The pathophysiological mechanism of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy is not yet completely explained. The 69-year-old patient, an American citizen, was admitted to the Department of Invasive Cardiology in Zajecar due to pain in the chests caused by intense stress, followed by ECG changes in the form of ST elevations from V1-3. At the first trastoracic echocardiographic examination, the areas of hypokinesia to the akinesia in the apical and medial segments of the left ventricle were described, and left ventricle ejection fraction EF was estimated to be 45%. Immediately after reception, selective angiography of coronary arteries was performed but angiographically significant stenosis was not observed. Clinical suspicion of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy was established. The patient was stable throughout the hospitalization, without any new symptoms. She was treated with angiotensin convertase inhibitor(ACEI), beta blocker, statin and acute coronary syndrome therapy. Cardiospecific enzymes were slightly increased as well as BNP levels. On repeated transthoracic echocardiographic examination finding was improved: hypokinesia of distal segments of the left ventricle, with left ventricular ballooning, and estimated EF 50-54% was registered.
doi:10.5937/tmg1802062a fatcat:acc4ftnrkfhyzc3eatlt6b2lci

Spirulina Phycobiliproteins as Food Components and Complements [chapter]

Dragana Stanic-Vucinic, Simeon Minic, Milan R. Nikolic, Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic
2018 Microalgal Biotechnology  
Author details Dragana Stanic-Vucinic 1,2 , Simeon Minic 1,2 , Milan R. Nikolic 1,2 and Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic 1,2,3,4 *  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.73791 fatcat:5vun4jaqsnf6vfpwxlw25wrzia

Electrochemical preparation of solid ferrates(VI)

Ljiljana Nikolic-Bujanovic, Milos Simicic, Milan Cekerevac
2012 Hemijska Industrija  
Nikolić-Bujanović, Miloš V. Simičić, Milan I. Čekerevac The electrochemical methodologies for synthesis of BaFeO 4 and Ag 2 FeO 4 are presented in this article.  ... 
doi:10.2298/hemind111207004n fatcat:c5olarh3r5ep3oofobbjykmdva

Comparative assessment of mineral elements and heavy metals accumulation in vegetable species

Natasa Nikolic, Milan Borisev, Slobodanka Pajevic, Danijela Arsenov, Milan Zupunski
2014 Food and Feed Research  
The heavy metal (cadmium, lead, nickel, chromium) and mineral element (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium) levels in edible parts of tomato, potato, spinach, beetroot, parsley, parsnip, carrot, cauliflower, pepper and broccoli were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Six samples for each species originating from different localities were collected from green markets. The heavy metal concentrations ranged from <0.01 to 2.37, <0.01 to 7.72, <0.01 to 5.37 and <0.01 to 9.31
more » ... for cadmium, chromium, nickel and lead, respectively. The order of the macroelement concentrations in dry matter for all vegetable species was as follows: potassium > calcium > phosphorus > magnesium. The highest mean levels of the heavy metals, as well as of potassium, calcium and magnesium, were found in spinach. A large number of samples containing high levels of toxic heavy metals, especially of cadmium and lead, impose the necessity for strict regulative guidelines concerning individual vegetable crops production, harvest, handling and storing, in order to diminish possibility of contamination.
doi:10.5937/ffr1402115n fatcat:ybjmq4fotvh3djgd4cemhteol4

Daily dynamics of photosynthetic parameters in beech population under periodical drought conditions

Milan Borišev, Rita Horak, Slobodanka Pajević, Saša Orlović, Nataša Nikolić, Milan Župunski, Andrej Pilipović
2015 Open Life Sciences  
AbstractThe paper presents the impact of periodic soil drought on physiological parameters important for bioproductivity of mountain beech populations. The investigated forest population was located near Fruška gora mountain peak, where water runs off quickly, and consequently lack of soil humidity develops very often. Decreasing trends of photosynthesis, transpiration, water use efficiency and stomatal conductance (gs) during the growing season were evident, in correlation with a shortage of
more » ... ecipitation. Diurnally, photosynthesis of beech leaves showed rhythmical changes. It was the most intensive in the morning, then decreased between noon and 1 pm, and increased again during early afternoon. High leaf temperature and water deficit in the deeper soil layers caused a decreasing trend in photosynthesis and daily rhythmic changes of the transpiration rate and water use efficiency. Although surface soil water capacity did not show a significant decreasing trend from July to September, a lack of precipitation was observed, which probably caused a lack of moisture in deeper soil layers, resulting in a decline in photosynthesis and transpiration. Physiological status, linked to primary photosynthetic productivity of forests, could be a significant indicator of environmental conditions and trends in climate changes.
doi:10.1515/biol-2015-0022 fatcat:bffwhekopvajxhfdpdua3cyvlq
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