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Influencing Factors on Knowledge Management for Organizational Sustainability

Mila Kavalić, Milan Nikolić, Dragica Radosav, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mladen Pečujlija
2021 Sustainability  
This paper analyses the level of knowledge management implementation in organizations and the impact of control variables on knowledge management dimensions. In addition, the importance of knowledge management influence on the competitive sustainability of an organization is addressed. The idea of the research is to highlight key factors that affect the effectiveness and efficiency of knowledge management applications in transition conditions. Data for the study were obtained by surveying 520
more » ... spondents—managers of all levels from manufacturing enterprises in Serbia. A t-test was conducted in several variations. More precisely, the t-test analysis was conducted on the average assessments of knowledge management dimensions and with specific control variables. The findings indicate that knowledge management dimensions differ in domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises as well as that their impact differs across organizational levels. Financial performance (profitability, sales growth, asset growth, market share, competitive position in a specific industry, productivity, and salaries) was found to be a reliable indicator of knowledge management success. It can be concluded that knowledge management dimensions have an important role in transition countries, and it is evident that effective knowledge management is imperative for the competitive sustainability of an organization.
doi:10.3390/su13031497 fatcat:cm35eyzyuzg7fbnjcc3t3dkiyu


Mila Kavalić
2021 Zbornik radova Fakulteta tehničkih nauka u Novom Sadu  
U ovom radu prikazani su rezultati istraživanja koje je usmereno na analizi lokusa kontrole u funkciji unapređenja zadovoljstva poslom. Predmet istraživanja predstavljen je kroz prisustvo zadovoljstva poslom, definisanjem prisutnosti određenog tipa lokusa kontrole zaposlenih i kroz statističku povezanost lokusa kontrole i zadovoljstva poslom. Uzorak je obuhvatao 202 ispitanika. Metoda obrade podataka vršila se putem analiza varijanse (Anova). Za potrebe istraživanja korišćen je upitnik o
more » ... jstvu poslom koji se sastoji od 9 dimenzija (Paul Spector), označen kao zavisna varijabla i skala za određivanje lokusa kontrole (Julian Rotter) definisana kao nezavisna promenjiva varijabla.
doi:10.24867/11gi12kavalic fatcat:gzqa6ep7lnfmngepjwehlgguue

Implementation of certification schemes in the Balkan agro-food sector

Dragan Ćoćkalo, Dejan Đorđević, Mila Kavalić, Cariša Bešić
2019 Ekonomika Poljoprivrede (1979)  
A B S T R A C T Standardization and the use of certification schemes affect economy competitiveness in general, and therefore the agro-food sector as well -certification according to quality standards is a pre-condition for increasing the competitiveness of agro-food industry. Implementation of quality assurance systems in the agro-food sector and in the retail chains of the Balkan countries are covered in this paper. The Balkan countries mainly focus on the mandatory standards, whereas the
more » ... mandatory ones are almost exclusively used by the country market leaders. It is also the case with the retail chains which by expanding their network also expand the range of standards, and therefore increase the level of competitiveness. This paper provides the information on standardization and implementation of certification schemes in the agro-food industry and retailers in the Balkan Region, also connection of competitiveness and implementation of standards. As the authors of this review know, the consolidated data of this type have not been presented yet.
doi:10.5937/ekopolj1901077c fatcat:unksx22j3vb5jjk53n2dp7vj3e

Implementation of Lean in the function of production optimization: Problem framework
Implementacija Lean u funkciji optimizacije proizvodnje - problemski okvir

Željko Stojanović, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mila Kavalić
2021 Tehnika  
The paper deals with the discussion of the value framework for the implementation of the Lean philosophy in the function of achieving the optimal level of business of the organization. By systematizing the literature data, the paper provides a basic insight into the thoughts, ideas and attitudes of the Lean approach, observing it inevitably in the context of factors that affect the success of its implementation in manufacturing industries. Identifying the problem framework in which the idea of
more » ... ean philosophy is realized is one of the most critical aspects that helps organizations to identify and eliminate weaknesses of the industrial system by applying certain tools and techniques that will enable a more successful outcome of implementation of this methodology whose principles can improve company performance. The discussion of the basic methods of the Lean approach was conducted in a way that allows considering of the practical contribution of the methods in correlation with Lean as the basic strategy. The results of the research showed the existence of a wide range of complex phenomena at the level of the entire organization, which are in mutual interaction and which, by their action, hinder the certainty of the success of Lean implementation by applying pre-tested tools and methods.
doi:10.5937/tehnika2105654n fatcat:fun5uxuzl5bm7ojgtq2pluv33a

Analysis of the application of modern concepts in the automotive industry
Analiza primene savremenih koncepata u automobilskoj industriji

Borivoj Novaković, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mila Kavalić, Žolt Vaštag
2021 Tehnika  
The research task of this paper is focused on the analysis of factors that use the efficiency of knowledge management programs. The authors of the paper based on the examination of segments related to knowledge management and organizational culture within a company belonging to the automotive industry, and the goal is certainly aimed at gaining a clear picture and key answers about the way in which the basic principles of knowledge management and organizational culture are implemented on the
more » ... mple of the company "Novares Serbia". Based on precisely set hypotheses and questions, answers were achieved that resulted in knowledge of the current situation within the company, the way in which the current state of organizational culture can be improved, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, that is, the improvement of production conditions within the company itself
doi:10.5937/tehnika2105647n fatcat:o25vfny37rdijjwsiujpscl3oq

Quality challenges 4.0: A review of literature and business practice
Izazovi kvaliteta 4.0 - pregled literature i poslovne prakse

Dijana Tadić, Aleksandra Kovačević, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mila Kavalić
2021 Ekonomski izazovi  
The authors research the challenges faced by companies during the implementation of Quality 4.0. More than 100 papers dealing with the relevant field and topic of the paper were taken into consideration, in order to create a more complete picture of the current challenges related to quality. The aim of the paper is to review the current business practice, which can serve all companies that are planning or are in the process of introducing top quality - Quality 4.0. The results are given in the
more » ... orm of a comparative analysis of papers, presented according to the year of publication. The review of the literature emphasized that there are 10 most common challenges that organizations face when introducing Industry 4.0 to date. The challenges are grouped, depending on the fact how many companies have encountered them, and are based on two main factors, people and technology.
doi:10.5937/ekoizazov2120017t fatcat:lwzhq2y6bfaqzckwyfuyqjn5o4


Mila Kavalić, Milan Nikolić, Sanja Stanisavljev, Dejan Đorđević, Mladen Pečujlija, Edit Terek Stojanović
2021 Journal of Business Economics and Management  
In this paper the impact and predictive effects of knowledge management on financial performance are analysed. The research also includes an analysis of the moderating effects of two moderators (National Origin and Enterprise Size) and their relationship. The data was gathered by interviewing 520 managers from manufacturing companies operating in Serbia. The most important conclusions of the research are: 1. High levels of knowledge management positively influence business performance, quality
more » ... nd competitiveness. 2. Financial performance is mainly influenced by the dimensions connected to the effects of knowledge management regarding its implementation and protection and the acquisition of competitive advantages. 3. Knowledge management strongly influences the market aspects of business, but also the increase of fixed assets. 4. Knowledge management has a slightly greater impact on financial performance in foreign enterprises (operating in Serbia) compared to domestic (Serbian) enterprises. The situation is similar when comparing medium and large enterprises (a higher impact) with small enterprises (a smaller impact). 5. The greatest effects are achieved when an effective organizational structure is in place, when the organization protects its knowledge, when it manages to materialize the knowledge gathered in the form of the efficient application of knowledge.
doi:10.3846/jbem.2021.15540 fatcat:5f4aaj7l3bfffge7f2eqn5ruhq

The impact of the number of retail outlets on the market share of consumer goods' retail brands

Marko Vlahovic, Mila Kavalic, Sladjana Boric, Sanja Stanisavljev, Nikola Curcic
2016 Journal of Engineering Management and Competitiveness  
The paper presents the research results of effects of retail brands of consumer goods on the market share they have in Serbia. In particular, the research includes the impact of the retail format on the growth or decrease in market share. The data were obtained from market retailing research of consumer goods on the Internet and the research carried out by the GFK agency. The study used a statistical method of data processing by the method of descriptive statistics. The survey showed that the
more » ... rbian retail market is still underdeveloped, and that the strongest impact on the market share of retail chain stores of consumer goods has the size of the retail network, as well as a strong dominance of traditional trade in comparison to organized one. The retail market in Serbia has a long period of consolidation forthcoming and also taking over such a status that organized trades or TOP 10 retail chains have already had in the most developed countries. The market share of TOP 10 retail chains in Serbia is now at the level slightly bigger than 30%, while those in developed market economies have a market share moving up to 75%.
doi:10.5937/jemc1601036v fatcat:wtytz2dqljdw5i4k4stdsm3qza

The Development of a Questionnaire for Measuring the Quality of the Work of the PR Department in Organizations

Milan Nikolic, Sanja Bozic, Edit Terek, Marko Vlahovic, Mila Kavalic, Marko Ivanis
2020 Romanian Journal of Communications and Public Relations  
This paper presents the development of a questionnaire for measuring the quality of the work of the PR department (office, sector) in organizations. For this purpose, the necessary research was carried out with experts in the field of public relations, and the statistical methods of exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) were used. The research was conducted in Serbia. As a result of these procedures and analysis, a questionnaire was prepared for measuring the
more » ... uality of the work of the PR department in organizations. The questionnaire consists of 5 dimensions and 16 items. The dimensions are as follows: ethical and responsible action, proactive and quality action, strategic and effective action, media relations and internal public relations. The questionnaire can be widely applied, both in practical terms and in a theoretical (scientific) sense. The basic practical application of the questionnaire involves evaluating PR department according to the set items and dimensions. In a scientific sense, the questionnaire can be used to examine the impact of various aspects of organizational behaviour on the quality of the work of the PR department, as well as the impact of the quality of the work of the PR department on different aspects of financial and organizational performance.
doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2020.1.288 fatcat:v42bhhbkwzca7aknxzfsdcv6ku

Protection of Design in the Textile Industry in Order to Improve the Economic Aspect of Sustainable Development of Serbia—Comparative Overview of the Laws of the European Union and Croatia

Nadežda Ljubojev, Marijana Dukić-Mijatović, Mila Zakin Kavalić, Sanja Stanisavljev, Mirjana Cvijić
2019 Sustainability  
The authors analyze the protection of industrial design in Serbia, with a comparative overview of the rights of the European Union (EU) and Croatia in industrial property law. In addition to the protection of registered design, the protection of unregistered design within the framework of industrial design rights is characteristic of the EU. The unregistered design is acquired without a formal registration procedure, an appropriate disclosure of public design in the EU area. Based on analogy,
more » ... initial premise can be established, whereby, after Serbia's entering into the EU, as well as after joining the EU, physical and legal persons from Serbia will have at their disposal several different forms of industrial design protection and unregistered community design. This form of design protection can be significant for the fashion industry in Serbia characterized by a constant dynamic design change.
doi:10.3390/su11072126 fatcat:j67ou6cpzjbktp7nncwsghyubm

Examples of Raspberry Pi usage in Internet of Things

Nikola Petrov, Dalibor Dobrilovic, Mila Kavalić, Sanja Stanisavljev
2016 Proccedings of the ICAIIT2016   unpublished
Very fast expansion of Internet of Things gives a challenge for the educators in finding tools for efficient teaching Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies. The growth of the development boards market, which is evident in past few years, gives a number of opportunities and choices. This paper gives the short overview of part of the available platforms together with their main characteristics. Paper explores the applicability of Raspberry Pi development board or single board computer
more » ... for teaching IoT technologies and environments. Goal of this research is to find and propose low-cost, efficient and flexible platform which can help in introducing the IoT paradigm in teaching process, as well as to be good enough to be used in classroom for lab exercises or for student projects. The detailed configuration of Raspberry Pi and the whole environment is given in this paper.
doi:10.20544/aiit2016.15 fatcat:sh5hv2g4bbfw3hv4oi3kobbhbm

Comparative analysis of agile and traditional methodologies in IT project management

Maja Gaborov, Dijana Karuović, Mila Kavalić, Dragica Radosav, Dragana Milosavljev, Sanja Stanisaljev, Jozef Bushati
It is known that initially, during software development, the traditional methodology was used for all IT projects and projects were often unsuccessful due to the rapid growth of the IT industry, and then agile methodologies began to be developed. Traditional methods have some advantages over agile methodologies, and mostly the most common traditional methodology is Waterfall. Given that it has limitations in handling problems, such as unstructured code, team morale, poor visibility, lack of
more » ... unication between stakeholders and frequent prioritization of user requirements, it would not be bad to use agile methodologies, which focus on working with users, continuous testing, refactoring and incremental development. This paper deals with the comparison of methodologies in IT project management based on other scientific research. Some of the mentioned methodologies are Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, etc. It was concluded that the agile Scrum methodology is mostly used in IT companies, with the combination of several methodologies often appearing, due to the need for projects, in order to eliminate the shortcomings of each methodology.
doi:10.24368/jates.v11i4.279 fatcat:yeafkqf6efgyjc2lta5ctcca7q

The Model For Establishing Competitive Advantage of Retail Chains For Countries in Transition

Mila Kavalić
2019 International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Finance   unpublished
This paper presents a formulated model for the establishment of competitive advantage in the field of consumer goods retail chains in the Republic of Serbia. We have also analyzed the competitive ability of the retail shops through the presentation of the model. The model starts from the analysis of customer requirements (more quality service, more affordable prices, availability of shops, purchasing pace, Internet shops), then it is focused on the process of organizational management which is
more » ... nder the influence of the two groups of factorsdecisive factors (competitors power, marketing activities of competitors, business expenses, the margin level, the policy of assortment of commercial enterprise, productivity) and directing factors (economic policy, economic crisis, commercial policy in Serbia). As output strategies, marketing strategies for improving competitiveness of commercial organizations on the Serbian market are defined. They are oriented towards fulfilling customer requirements. The focus of these strategies is on integration, Plbrand name, PR communication, CSR (Corporate social responsibility), as ways to improve competitive ability of retail chains through consumer satisfaction.
doi:10.33422/icrbmf.2019.07.1001 fatcat:n6rzt3zkhvcvtemu6c4sjfm6qy


Tome, Marko Vlahović, Mila Kavalić, Ljiljana Radovanović, Darko Bađok, Arben Lunjić
By integrating companies IDEA and Mercator-S management of the new integrated company found itself facing the challenge of optimizing business activities in all aspects of work. One of the challenges was also in the field of logistics and administration in the field of transport within the warehouses. In order to try to reduce the cost of tires and increase transport efficiency within their logistics and distribution centers, the company Mercator-S has made an internal decision on additional
more » ... lity control measures. The company has decided that every 15 days performs tire pressure checks and tread depth checks. Optimal rotation of the tire and adding pressure in those where it was necessary during the audit, the company Mercator-S is for only 2 years, in 2016, compared to 2014, according to the number of kilometers traveled on the fleet of 120 vehicles, increase the efficiency of their forklifts by 10% and reduce the cost of replacement tires by 29%.

Anadolu'da Tabhaneli (Zaviyeli) Camiler Üzerine Bir Deneme

Çiğdem Belgin DİKMEN
2019 Social Sciences Studies Journal  
Tabhaneli camilerde mihrabı üç yönden kuşatan düz oluk, kaval silme ve düz yüzeyli bordürlerden oluşturulmuş silmelerin çok sık uygulandığı (Ankara Karacabey ve Tire Rum Mehmet Paşa camileri ile Bursa  ...  Milas Firuz Bey, Edirne Gazi Mihal ve Edirne Muradiye camilerinde minare gövdesinin kaidesiz pabuç kısmı vasıtasıyla beden duvarı üzerine oturduğu görülmektedir.  ... 
doi:10.26449/sssj.1985 fatcat:j67kirqbojanbhtnzn2rfonhkq
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