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Yuichi Kojima, Kimihiro Takeyabu, Mizuki Kimura, Akihiro Matunaga, Hitoki Arisato, Yoshihiro Ohata, Miki Sato
2021 QJM: Quarterly journal of medicine  
doi:10.1093/qjmed/hcab170 pmid:34129045 fatcat:acmub6osf5eazply5eoi7dwmwm

QT Variability Index is Correlated with Autonomic Nerve Activity in Healthy Children

Hirofumi Kusuki, Yuka Tsuchiya, Yuri Mizutani, Miki Nishio, Shota Oikawa, Rina Nagata, Yumi Kiriyanagi, Kayo Horio, Arisa Kojima, Hidetoshi Uchida, Namiko Kojima, Kazuyoshi Saito (+2 others)
2020 Pediatric Cardiology  
The QT variability index (QTVI), which measures the instability of myocardial repolarization, is usually calculated from a single electrocardiogram (ECG) recording and can be easily applied in children. It is well known that frequency analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) can detect autonomic balance, but it is not clear whether QTVI is correlated with autonomic tone. Therefore, we evaluated the association between QTVI and HRV to elucidate whether QTVI is correlated with autonomic nerve
more » ... vity. Apparently, healthy 320 children aged 0-7 years who visited Fujita Health University Hospital for heart checkup examinations were included. The RR and QT intervals of 60 continuous heart beats were measured, and the QTVI was calculated using the formula of Berger et al. Frequency analysis of HRV, including the QTVI analysis region, was conducted for 2 min and the ratio of low-frequency (LF) components to high-frequency (HF) components (LF/HF) and HF/(LF + HF) ratio was calculated as indicators of autonomic nerve activity. Then, the correlations between QTVI and these parameters were assessed. QTVI showed a significant positive correlation with LF/HF ratio (r = 0.45, p < 0.001) and negative correlation with HF/(LF + HF) ratio (r = -0.429, p < 0.001). These correlations remained after adjustment for sex and age. QTVI, which is calculated from non-invasive ECG and can detect abnormal myocardial repolarization, is significantly correlated with frequency analysis of HRV parameters. QTVI reflects autonomic nerve balance in children.
doi:10.1007/s00246-020-02399-8 pmid:32572546 fatcat:5fl4b6lfp5exnjfy43be44byry

Transrectal power Doppler imaging in the detection of prostate cancer

K. Okihara, M. Kojima, T. Nakanouchi, K. Okada, T. Miki
2000 BJU International  
Objectives To evaluate the clinical utility of transrectal power Doppler imaging (PDI) of the prostate for detecting prostate cancer in patients with abnormally high serum levels of prostate speci®c antigen (PSA). Patients and methods Patients (107) with abnormally high serum PSA levels were assessed using a digital rectal examination (DRE), transrectal ultrasonography (TRUS) and PDI. Any hypervascular lesion on PDI was graded on a scale of 0±3, where grade 1±3 was considered positive and grade
more » ... 0 negative. Patients were then diagnosed by prostatic needle biopsy and the results compared with the other detection methods. Results Needle biopsy con®rmed prostate cancer in 41 (24%) of the 170 patients. PDI was positive in 68, of whom 40 (59%) had prostate cancer; all those but one having prostate cancer were positive on PDI. Thus, PDI had a high sensitivity of 98% (40/41) and a negative predictive value of 99% (101/102). PDI could have saved a signi®cant number of patients from undergoing unnecessary biopsies, compared with DRE and TRUS (P < 0.001). Conclusion The use of PDI in detecting prostate cancer might reduce the number of unnecessary needle biopsies of the prostate in patients with abnormally high serum PSA levels.
doi:10.1046/j.1464-410x.2000.00663.x pmid:10848693 fatcat:lpilrlc425c7tgjz4af4lddwwa


2018 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
MiKi WATANABE Prof., Dept. of Innovative Engineering, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Dr., Eng This study analyses the contents of the building construction documents used in building the Kojima House  ...  A STUDY ON THE CONSTRUCTION AND PAYMENT PROCESS BASED ON BUILDING CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS OF THE KOJIMA HOUSE IN SANO CITY Miki WATANABAE *1 *1 Prof., Dept. of Innovative Engineering, Ashikaga Institute  ... 
doi:10.3130/aija.83.735 fatcat:fviqw5hi7jaf5liyam3guqhzxi

Two Cases of Pulmonary Tumorlet Complicated by Primary Lung Cancer

Yuichi Kojima, Kimihiro Takeyabu, Yoshihiro Ohata, Miki Sato, Hirotoshi Tobioka, Keidai Ishikawa, Takeshi Kawamura
2021 Haigan  
━━ Background. A pulmonary tumorlet is a rare tumor-like lesion, recognized as hyperplasia of neuroendocrine cells. Most tumorlets are incidentally found in resected lung specimens with chronic respiratory diseases. The association of pulmonary tumorlets with primary lung carcinoma is extremely rare. Cases. Case 1: Computed tomography (CT) showed a 50-mm tumor in the right lower lobe and swelling of the ipsilateral hilar lymph node. The tumor was diagnosed as non-small cell carcinoma by a
more » ... oscopic biopsy, and then the right lower lobe was resected. The histological diagnosis based on the surgical specimen was adenocarcinoma with some squamous cell carcinoma. A tumorlet was found near the carcinoma tissue. Case 2: CT showed a 40×30-mm mass in S 5 of the right middle lobe with a 3-mm nodular shadow. The right middle lobe was resected, and a histopathological examination revealed adenocarcinoma and a tumorlet 3×1.5 mm in size near the carcinoma tissue. Conclusion. Although it is important to differentiate lung tumorlets from malignant tumors, the number of reports is small because of their rarity. We experienced two cases of pulmonary tumorlets complicated by primary lung cancer.
doi:10.2482/haigan.61.959 fatcat:2fjcvh6vejcvzdjzbsbxa4v7y4

Body Distribution of Galactose-Containing Synthetic Polymer and Galactosylated Albumin

Yoshiyuki Koyama, Miki Ishikawa, Akihiko Ueda, Tomohiro Sudo, Shuji Kojima, Akinori Suginaka
1993 Polymer journal  
A water-soluble polymer having galactose pendant groups was prepared by the synthesis and radical polymerization of p-vinylbenzyl galactoside. Copolymerization of the galactoside with p-vinylphenyl acetate and subsequent [ 125 l]labeling by a chloramine-T method afforded a radio-labeled galactose-containing polymer, and the body distribution of the polymer in mice was examined along with that of galactosylated bovine serum albumin (BSA). Both [ 125 l]labeled galactose-containing polymer and [
more » ... C]labeled galactosylated BSA highly accumulated in the liver (>90%) soon after intravenous administration. The excretion of the synthetic vinyl polymer from the liver was very slow, and 92% and 63% of the administered radioactivity still remained in the liver 2 and 24 h after the injection, respectively, while only 18% of the radioactivity was recovered 2h after the injection of [ 14 C]labeled galactosylated BSA.
doi:10.1295/polymj.25.355 fatcat:f3zaol36enaghjqv2p6fcpvnjm

キチナーゼ・キトサナーゼの構造生物学 新しい酵素応用の可能性
Structural Biology of Chitinolytic Enzymes

触 媒 機 構 キ チ ナ ー ゼ に 比 べ る と, キ トサ ナ ー ゼ に お い て は ま だ Structural Biology of Chitinolytic Enzymes-Future Possi- bility of the Enzyme Application *Tamo FUKAMIZO, Chiye SASAKI, Miki KOJIMA, 近 畿 大 学 大学 院 農  ... 
doi:10.1271/kagakutoseibutsu1962.39.377 fatcat:7iubq3d37fgxtg2k26kyh7ewze

Substance P facilitates the release of acetylcholine from motor nerve terminals of frogs

1983 The Kurume Medical Journal  
doi:10.2739/kurumemedj.30.67 fatcat:27nbjkcizbabjdpklzdl5mxx6y

Studies on Vacuum-Cooler (1)
真空冷却装置に関する研究 (第1報)

Sadato ISHIBASHI, Takayuki KOJIMA, Hidemasa MIKI
1969 Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery  
doi:10.11357/jsam1937.31.52 fatcat:7cldjnwjtbeofbmvf3ggsfs7oi

Amphiphilic γ-cyclodextrin–fullerene complexes with photodynamic activity

Koji Miki, Zi Dan Zhang, Kaho Kaneko, Yui Kakiuchi, Kentaro Kojima, Akane Enomoto, Masahiro Oe, Kohei Nogita, Yasujiro Murata, Hiroshi Harada, Kouichi Ohe
2021 Materials Advances  
High-speed vibration milling of a mixture of lipophilic γ-cyclodextrin (γ-CD), hydrophilic γ-CD and fullerene or functionalization of preformed γ-CD–fullerene complexes afforded amphiphilic γ-CD–fullerene complexes with high photodynamic activity.
doi:10.1039/d1ma00743b fatcat:dzdyhbva4femjcd7wg56x5peiy

Environment Recognition Based on Human Actions Using Probability Networks

Hiroshi Miki, Atsuhiro Kojima, Koichi Kise
2008 2008 Second International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking  
To realize context aware applications for smart home environments, it is necessary to recognize function or usage of objects as well as categories of them. On conventional research for environment recognition in an indoor environment, most of previous methods are based on shape models. In this paper, we propose a method for recognizing objects focused on the relationship between human actions and functions of objects. Such relationship becomes obvious on human action patterns when he or she
more » ... les an object. To estimate object categories by using action patterns, we represent such relationship in Dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBNs). By learning human actions toward objects statistically, objects can be recognized. Finally, we performed experiments and confirmed that objects can be recognized from human actions without shape models.
doi:10.1109/fgcn.2008.62 dblp:conf/fgcn/MikiKK08 fatcat:rc2mxah46ndtjmztteh3qjzncu

Studies on Vacuum-Cooler (II)
真空冷却装置に関する研究 (第2報)

Sadato ISHIBASHI, Takayuki KOJIMA, Hidemasa MIKI
1970 Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery  
, Hidemasa MIKI  ...  性試験-石 橋 貞 人**・ 小 島 孝 之**・ 御 木 英 昌*** Studies on Vacuum-Cooler (II) -On the Load Characteristics of the Cooler and the Cooling Tests of Agricultural Products of Various Kinds-Sadato ISHIBASHI, Takayuki KOJIMA  ... 
doi:10.11357/jsam1937.32.53 fatcat:wxzlaits7zf5zpcbr7rwbaivca

Database of Radiotherapy Plan Image for Deformable Image Registration

Akihiro Takemura, Ryoto Kaido, Miki Idesako, Boriphat Kadman, Hironori Kojima, Shinichi Ueda
2020 Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology  
Guidelines require commissioning for deformable image registration (DIR) software before clinical use. The accuracy of DIR software depends upon data used. If common datasets for the DIR commissioning are available, the DIR results using the common datasets would be useful as an accuracy benchmark. Thus, the DIR-database (DIR-DB) was developed for DIR accuracy check and was open to access, which included radiotherapy plan data. This study was approved by Institutional Review Board (IRB). The
more » ... -DB recorded radiotherapy plans which had been finished on June 2017 and which at least two radiotherapy plans were built for a case in a treatment course. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) images for patient setup were also collected and recorded in the DIR-DB, if it is available. All recorded data were anonymized and were allowed to access by users in Japan with the IRB approval. The accuracy metrics of DIR; Hausdorff distance, mean distance to agreement, Dice similarity coefficient, Jaccard were put up on the DIR-DB web site. The number of recorded cases were 11 cases for head and neck, 16 cases for thorax, 7 cases for abdomen, 8 cases for pelvis and 6 cases for prostate treated with brachytherapy. The number of case for CBCT was 17 cases. It was meaningful for DIR accuracy check in Japan that the DIR-DB and DIR results using the data in the database were released.
doi:10.6009/jjrt.2020_jsrt_76.5.500 pmid:32435034 fatcat:v2223sgm7rfgbomgllh4ubks3a

Steady-state data acquisition method for LHD diagnostics

Nakanishi Hideya, Kojima Mamoru, Ohsuna Masaki, Komada Seiji, Nonomura Miki, Yoshida Masanobu, Imazu Setsuo, Sudo Shigeru
2003 Fusion engineering and design  
The LHD experiment has gone through 5 campaign periods over the past 4 years, during which the diagnostics data continues to grow and the primary 28 measurements produce about 620 MB/shot in 150 shot/day 3-minute cycles. In 2002, 30-minute long-pulse experiments will be carried out in LHD, where real-time operations are indispensable for plasma measurements and data acquisition. The new scheme for utilizing conventional CAMAC digitizers in long-pulse experiments has been discussed and examined.
more » ... As a result, in LHD, CAMACs will shift into 120 180 s cyclic operation, synchronized by the diagnostic timing system. The new CompactPCI-based digitizer frontend has performed about 84 MB/s continuous acquisition in benchmarks, and has been formulated with the conventional CA-MAC system to make concurrent acquisitions.
doi:10.1016/s0920-3796(03)00329-6 fatcat:jgnx2phwifbdderl6ig33aajne

High performance solid-phase analytical derivatization of phenols for gas chromatography–mass spectrometry

Miki Kojima, Shinji Tsunoi, Minoru Tanaka
2004 Journal of Chromatography A  
The solid-phase analytical derivatization of phenols with pentafluoropyridine is performed. Fourteen phenols including chlorophenols and alkylphenols, could be efficiently adsorbed on a strong anion-exchange solid phase, Oasis MAX. The phenols adsorbed on Oasis MAX as phenolate ions were desorbed after derivatization with pentafluoropyridine. After optimization of the adsorption and derivatization, we established a procedure for the determination of the phenols in water samples by means of
more » ... . Under the optimized conditions, calibration curves were linear in the range of 10-1000 ng/l for the alkylphenols (100-10000 ng/l for nonylphenol) and 50-1000 ng/l for the others. By processing 100 ml samples, the method detection limits (MDLs) were in the range of 0.45-2.3 ng/l for the alkylphenols (8.5 ng/l for nonylphenol) and 2.4-16 ng/l for the others. Compared with the biphasic reaction system, the signal-to-noise ratios obtained by the solid-phase analytical derivatization were significantly higher. This is ascribed to the fact that coexisting neutral and acidic compounds are efficiently removed from the sample solution by this solid-phase analytical derivatization system.
doi:10.1016/j.chroma.2004.05.012 pmid:15296382 fatcat:dlgsxmg7ibbjdoegkjkns37dnm
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