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Page 280 of National Union Catalog Vol. 45, Issue [page]

1958 National Union Catalog  
Aufl. von Michael Kesselring. Bad Heilbrunn, Obb., J. Klinkhardt, 1958. 157 p. ilus., (Klinkhardts padagogische Ab- risse) Bibliography: p. ,147,-152. 1, Child study~1950- I, Title. NNC-T 2.  ...  J. Princeton Univer- » hard core. nference, sty eton ¢ onference series, 6) N.C.  ... 

Author Index

2017 Diabetes  
A698 OR-Oral P-Poster PUB-Published Only ABSTRACT AUTHOR INDEX Brent, Michael 543-P, 567-P, 1618-P Bretler, Ditte-Marie 998-P Breton, Carrie V. 1375-P Breton, Marc D. 299-OR, 955-P, 1011-P Brewer, Amy  ...  Annalisa 482-P Natarajan, Ramesh 1845-P Natarajan, S. 275-OR Nathan, Aviva G. 277-OR Nathan, David M. 169-OR, 2111-P Nathan, Jaimie D. 2570-PUB Natsuda, Shoko 1082-P, 1111-P Natsume, Yukie 1196-P Nauck, Michael  ...  2607-PUB Tugwell, Cathy 1233-P, 2537-PUB Tullis, Elizabeth 1582-P Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K. 1555-P Tully, Carrie 829-P Tumminia, Andrea 1480-P Tumyan, Anna 1598-P, 2638-PUB Tuncman, Gurol 1914-P, 1977  ... 
doi:10.2337/db17-authorindex fatcat:gdo2pj7rijcxno2l7ovfcpgqdu

Page 1657 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 75, Issue 6 [page]

1988 Psychological Abstracts  
Tumminia, Patricia A. & oe Ann M. (Northern Virginia Community Coll, Annandale) Survival strategies for the learning-disabied nursing student.  ...  The statement by J. D. Black (1949), that psychology is well-grounded and its status secure, is confirmed. —S. Taney. 18306. Sugarman, Stuart.  ... 

Page 51 of The New Jersey Law Journal Vol. 68, Issue 6 [page]

1945 The New Jersey Law Journal  
On the evening of Sept. 13, 1943, Roberta Tumminia, six years old, was hurt in the street near her home. A short time be- fore the child was found Mrs.  ...  SURROGATE’S NOTICE Estate of JOHN JACKSON, deceased, NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT Notic hereby given that the accounts of the subscriber, Administratrix of the estate of Michael W.  ... 

C3d of Complement as a Molecular Adjuvant: Bridging Innate and Acquired Immunity

P. W. Dempsey, M. E. D. Allison, S. Akkaraju, C. C. Goodnow, D. T. Fearon
1996 Science  
J. Tumminia, J. S. Wall, J. F. Hainfield, M. Boublik, J. Mol. Biol. 210, 323 (1989). 23. M. Nomura, S. Mizushima, M. Ozaki, P. Traub, C. V. Lowry, Cold Spring Harbor Symp. Quant.  ...  Westhof, J. Mol. Biol. 216, 585 (1990); L. Jaeger, E. Westhof, F. Michel, ibid. 221, 1153 (1991). 26. (i) k(20-°core) = 0.3 min 1 Paul W. Dempsey, Michael E. D.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.271.5247.348 pmid:8553069 fatcat:b6sleq52inhzdk24y7rhggaqqm

Duality Info

2017 Diabetes  
Tumminia, Andrea ��������������������������������� Disclosed no conflict of interest. Tumyan, Anna ���������������������������������������� Disclosed no conflict of interest.  ...  Leo, Michael C� ������������������������������������ Disclosed no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.2337/db17-dualityinfo fatcat:lfjg44ftvvbuzh4tdjx6p3tilm

Page 1054 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 75, Issue Index [page]

Psychological Abstracts  
Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, 1986(Aug), Vol 45(1), 5-13. 1484 Weiner, Herbert— See Gitlin, Michael J. 36630 Weiner, Herbert— See Irwin, Michael 31951 Weiner, Herbert— See Katz, Jack L. 7966 Weiner,  ...  Canadian Review of Sociology & Anthropology, 1986(Aug), Vol 23(3), 365-382. 1302 Weinfeld, Morton— See Sigal, John J. 29374 Weinfield, Ann M.— See Tumminia, Patricia A. 18311 Weingarten, Harvey P.— See  ... 

Characterization of the mouse insulin receptor gene promoter

E. Sibley, T. Kastelic, T. J. Kelly, M. D. Lane
1989 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
We are grateful to Natalie Tumminia for assistance in preparing this manuscript.  ...  We thank Vincent Yang, Robert Christy, Michael Hogan (Baylor College of Medicine), Susan Buhrow, and Klaus Kaestner for helpful advice and discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.86.24.9732 pmid:2602374 pmcid:PMC298575 fatcat:7cixesqd7vbr5l6unpufdijyqy

Targeted disruption of the mouse A-crystallin gene induces cataract and cytoplasmic inclusion bodies containing the small heat shock protein B-crystallin

J. P. Brady, D. Garland, Y. Duglas-Tabor, W. G. Robison, A. Groome, E. F. Wawrousek
1997 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  
We thank members of the National Eye Institute central transgenic facility, Steven Lee, Susan DiCamillo, and Michael Murr, and the National Eye Institute Histology Unit, Mary Alice Crawford and Nicole  ...  pPNT plasmid; Samuel Zigler and Joseph Horwitz for providing antibodies; Joram Piatigorsky for his continued enthusiastic support for this work; and Paul Russell, Kenneth Mitton, Vasanth Rao, and Santa Tumminia  ... 
doi:10.1073/pnas.94.3.884 pmid:9023351 pmcid:PMC19608 fatcat:giruw2fzvzftnlcbjqslzfsesq

Thirtieth Annual Meeting 9–13 February 1986 Brooks Hall/Convention Center, San Francisco, California

1986 Biophysical Journal  
Each contains a highly positively charged segment which is nearly 100% conserved from eel electroplax to rat brain (Auld et al, J. Gen. Physiol. X, 10a, 1985).  ...  J., 45:337, 1984), causes a voltage-dependent block of the Na current and appears to bind at an electrical distance of 0.20 -0.25 into the channel from the Deextracellular" side.  ...  SAndor Csabina. and Michael BMrAny.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0006-3495(86)83674-8 fatcat:eycpjiszenaqbbnnf6f55ow23e

Making dreams, making relations: dreaming in Angami Naga society

Michael Heneise
2017 South Asianist. Journal of South Asian studies  
Introduction In his seminal text The Angami Nagas, J. H. Hutton noted that 'of all forms of second sight, dreaming is the favourite and the best.  ...  Lohmann, 2000 Lohmann, , 2003d Lohmann, , 2007;; Mageo, 2003; Stephen 1979 Stephen , 1982Stephen , 1996;; Stewart, 1997 Stewart, , 2003 Stewart, , 2004b;; Strathern, 1989; Tedlock 1987c; Tumminia  ... 
doaj:4f0bc82817204698bbe90da76c67e174 fatcat:2evah3a7jzavlapa4glggeyo2u

NGenetics and Environmental Stress Factor Contributions to Anterior Segment Malformations and Glaucoma [chapter]

Yoko A., Michael A.
2013 Glaucoma - Basic and Clinical Aspects  
. , , -. [ ] Tumminia, S. J, Mitton, K. P, Arora, J, Zelenka, P, Epstein, D. L, & Russell, P.  ...  J, You, Y. S, Seong, G. J, & Hong, Y. J. Effect of IOP elevation on matrix metalloproteinase-in rabbit anterior chamber. Korean J Ophthalmol . , , -. [ ] Bradley, J. M, Kelley, M.  ... 
doi:10.5772/54653 fatcat:dggylyy7jzaoddhr5xczzyi2ay

Differentiation-induced gene expression in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes: CCAAT/enhancer binding protein interacts with and activates the promoters of two adipocyte-specific genes

R J Christy, V W Yang, J M Ntambi, D E Geiman, W H Landschulz, A D Friedman, Y Nakabeppu, T J Kelly, M D Lane
1989 Genes & Development  
We also thank Klaus Kaestner, Eric Sibley, and Michael Zierler for helpful discussions and comments, and Natalie Tumminia for excellent assistance in the preparation of this manuscript.  ...  [SCDl (-80 to -59)] The SCDl differentiation-specific region; [422(aP2)(-150 to -125)j the differentiation-specific region site in the 422(aP2) promoter; [SCD1( -116 to -90)] the SCDl/ BP region; [FSE2  ... 
doi:10.1101/gad.3.9.1323 pmid:2606350 fatcat:hiitcyv5p5c7vah6pr46vrjz2y

CoRhythMo: A Computational Framework for Modeling Biobehavioral Rhythms from Mobile and Wearable Data Streams [article]

Runze Yan, Xinwen Liu, Janine Dutcher, Michael Tumminia, Daniella Villalba, Sheldon Cohen, David Creswell, Kasey Creswell, Jennifer Mankoff, Anind Dey, Afsaneh Doryab
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Let M be the number of sensors (s 1 ...s m ), F N i be the number of features for sensor i and RN j the corresponding number of rhythmic features for feature j in sensor i.  ...  for i = 1 to len(In) do index dif f = In[i] − In[i − 1] if index dif f > 1 then value dif f = D[In[i]] − D[In[i − 1]] c = c + index dif f for In[i − 1] < j < In[i] do D[j] = value dif f index dif f · (  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.08.10.244020 fatcat:tauga3ettrdlhiwfgztyr2cqnq

Thirtieth Annual Meeting 9–13 February 1986 Brooks Hall/Convention Center, San Francisco, California

1986 Biophysical Journal  
J. 18:209-230; Lis et al., Biophys. J. 37:657-666).  ...  (J. Chem. Soc., Farad. Trans.  ...  Michael A. Geeves & David J. Halsall Intr. by H. Gutfreund. Department of Biochemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1TD, U.K.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0006-3495(86)83682-7 fatcat:ja3qg6iobjfdhbap3cjgdzs47e
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