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SuperOCR: A Conversion from Optical Character Recognition to Image Captioning [article]

Baohua Sun, Michael Lin, Hao Sha, Lin Yang
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The proposed method is also deployed into a low-power (300mW) CNN accelerator chip connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 for on-device applications.  ...  In this paper, we propose a method for recognizing characters without detecting the location of each character. This is done by converting the OCR task into an image captioning task.  ...  denotes a intermediate state, while the range of [0, 9] denotes a regular state.  ... 
arXiv:2012.02033v1 fatcat:br6nq2zsqrbjnoh7gwaytzrerm

Clathrate colloidal crystals

Haixin Lin, Sangmin Lee, Lin Sun, Matthew Spellings, Michael Engel, Sharon C. Glotzer, Chad A. Mirkin
2017 Science  
RESEARCH Lin et al., Science 355, 931-935 (  ...  We constructed a minimal model in which a single PAE is represented as a rigid TBP core surrounded by a DNA ligand shell ( Fig. 3A and fig. S3 ).  ...  (A) The nanocrystal core (TBP) is surrounded by a wide shell of double-stranded DNA (ds-DNA) that terminates in a narrow shell of single-stranded DNA (ss-DNA).  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.aal3919 pmid:28254936 fatcat:k3flfjndajgd7ojwj6eudaaywq

Activated matriptase as a target to treat breast cancer with a drug conjugate

Gulam M. Rather, Siang-Yo Lin, Hongxia Lin, Whitney Banach-Petrosky, Kim M. Hirshfield, Chen-Yong Lin, Michael D. Johnson, Zoltan Szekely, Joseph R. Bertino
2018 OncoTarget  
Overexpression of activated matriptase may be a biomarker for response to this ADC.  ...  Treatment of a human TNBC (MDA-MB-231) showed potent anti-tumor effects in combination with cisplatin in mice.  ...  The enzyme contains a cytoplasmic N-terminus that mediates basolateral membrane localization in epithelial cells [13] , a short transmembrane segment, and a large C-terminal region including a catalytic  ... 
doi:10.18632/oncotarget.25414 pmid:29899836 pmcid:PMC5995259 fatcat:3wnbi576dbembnp4zcibp6cd7m

Subunit Exchange of αA-Crystallin

Michael P. Bova, Lin-Lin Ding, Joseph Horwitz, Bernard K.-K. Fung
1997 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Our findings reveal a dynamic organization of ␣A-crystallin subunits, which may be a key factor in preventing protein aggregation during denaturation.  ...  Upon mixing the two populations of labeled ␣A-crystallin, we observed a reversible, time-dependent decrease in stilbene iodoacetamide emission intensity and a concomitant increase in lucifer yellow iodoacetamide  ...  Fig. 2 shows a comparison of the gel filtration profiles between unlabeled ␣A-crystallin and AIAS-labeled ␣A-crystallin.  ... 
doi:10.1074/jbc.272.47.29511 pmid:9368012 fatcat:jsah3yzxwzgqdllsodw3tzpqtq

A red fluorescent protein with improved monomericity enables ratiometric voltage imaging with ASAP3 [article]

Benjamin B Kim, Haodi Wu, Yukun A Hao, Michael Pan, Mariya Chavarha, Michael Westberg, Francois St-Pierre, Joseph C Wu, Michael Lin
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
To create a high-performance ratiometric GEVI, we explored the possibility of adding a voltage-independent red fluorophore to ASAP3, a high-gain green fluorescent GEVI.  ...  A ratiometric genetically encoded voltage indicator (GEVI) would be desirable for tracking transmembrane voltage changes in cells that are undergoing motion.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank Lin Ning (Lin laboratory) for assistance with organotypic slice cultures and for Jonathan Mulholland (Stanford Cell Sciences Imaging Facility) for assistance with confocal microscopy  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.10.09.328922 fatcat:56mqrkyzbrhvxihauuuysogdfa

Online Mastermind Groups: A Non-hierarchical Mentorship Model for Professional Development

Glenn Paetow, Fareen Zaver, Michael Gottlieb, Teresa M Chan, Michelle Lin, Michael A Gisondi
2018 Cureus  
Survey results A post-intervention survey was sent to a convenience sample comprised of the 14 participants, with a final response rate of 100%.  ...  lack of a good selection of mentors [25] .  ... 
doi:10.7759/cureus.3013 pmid:30397564 pmcid:PMC6207281 fatcat:hkfci35z4ndeljssfwgdu7un4a

Cyclophilin A interacts with diverse lentiviral capsids

Tsai-Yu Lin, Michael Emerman
2006 Retrovirology  
The capsid (CA) protein of HIV-1 binds with high affinity to the host protein cyclophilin A (CypA).  ...  Mutagenesis of FIV CA showed that an amino acid that is in a homologous position to the proline at amino acid 90 of HIV-1 CA is essential for FIV interactions with CypA.  ...  Background Cyclophilin A (CypA) is a highly conserved peptidyl prolyl isomerase (PPIA) that is incorporated into HIV-1 virions and plays a yet undefined role in the early stages of viral replication in  ... 
doi:10.1186/1742-4690-3-70 pmid:17038183 pmcid:PMC1622752 fatcat:2co2gvkguvah7iw5c5iuc63z7a

C60-induced Devil's Staircase transformation on a Pb/Si(111) wetting layer

Lin-Lin Wang, Duane D. Johnson, Michael C. Tringides
2015 Physical Review B  
), and ±2.7 × 10 −2 e/Å 3 (c).  ...  ., a disordered part which ejects Pb adatoms and a crystalline part which does not. There is a height difference between the two parts of approximately 2Å.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.92.245405 fatcat:s42egeb3dzh5he2oru2zie44wa

A Simple Test for Causality in Volatility

Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer
2017 Econometrics  
The purpose of the paper is to derive a simple test for causality in volatility that provides regularity conditions arising from the underlying stochastic process, namely a random coefficient autoregressive  ...  A subsequent development was the Lagrange Multiplier (LM) test of non-causality in the conditional variance by Hafner and Herwartz (2006) , who provided simulations results to show that their LM test was  ...  The purpose of the paper is to derive a simple test for causality in volatility that is sympathetic to Granger's (1969 Granger's ( , 1988 notion of predictability using a VAR time series model, provides  ... 
doi:10.3390/econometrics5010015 fatcat:khy7oxpvu5cv5apwjg5euvgsda

Hot-electron Effect in A Cylindrical Nanoshell [article]

Ya-Ni Zhao, Lin Zhang, Shi-Xian Qu, Michael R. Geller
2011 arXiv   pre-print
The corresponding quantities are estimated for the material parameters from a metallic nanotube.  ...  A general expression for calculating the thermal power transferring from 3-dimensional electron to any D-dimensional phonon subsystem is derived in this paper.  ...  There, we consider the hot electron effect in a system consisting of a three-dimensional electron gas and a three-dimensional solid.  ... 
arXiv:1108.1248v1 fatcat:6nzkevdqf5hudk3mmgt7hok4gq

A Clinical Pathway for Total Shoulder Arthroplasty—A Pilot Study

Amanda K. Goon, David M. Dines, Edward V. Craig, Michael A. Gordon, Enrique A. Goytizolo, Yi Lin, Emily Lin, Jacques T. YaDeau
2014 HSS Journal ®  
Questions/purposes: This prospective, observational study evaluated a multimodal analgesia clinical pathway for TSA.  ...  Patients had minimal pain after surgery; 0 (median score on a 0-10 scale) in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) but increased on postoperative day (POD) 1 to 2.3 (0.0, 3.8; median (25%, 75%)) at rest  ...  A significance of >0.05 indicated the data were normally distributed; a significance of ≤0.05 indicated a non-normal distribution. Results Data were analyzed for all ten enrolled patients.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11420-014-9381-0 pmid:25050091 pmcid:PMC4071465 fatcat:kp4k2emyzvfyhcvlvokucgzhby

On the (A,B)-slice problem

Michael H. Freedman, Xiao-Song Lin
1989 Topology  
Consider a decomposition (A,B) of B4 such that A is a handlebody on the solid torus d+A with only 2-handles. A = a+A x I u 2-handles and d+A = d+A x 0. Let b be the core of a+B.  ...  -A = C-B, (3) dA = d+A ud_A, ?+A = aA n dB4, ?+A n ?-A = the Clifford torus S' x S' c S3 = dB", and similarly (3') dB = C?+B u (?-B, ZfB = ?B n ?B4, c'+B n S-B = ?+A n ?-A.  ...  We specialize this discussion to the case where A is a handle body on Z+A with only 2handles. We obtain a proof of a variant of Theorem 2.2 which does not rely on Section 4.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0040-9383(89)90034-7 fatcat:aqxyehayo5guzkwrvh2kodcxwu

Akt Promotes Cell Survival by Phosphorylating and Inhibiting a Forkhead Transcription Factor

Anne Brunet, Azad Bonni, Michael J Zigmond, Michael Z Lin, Peter Juo, Linda S Hu, Michael J Anderson, Karen C Arden, John Blenis, Michael E Greenberg
1999 Cell  
Akt plays a central role in promoting the survival of a wide range of cell types (Dudek et al., 1997; Kauffmann-Zeh et al., 1997; Kennedy et al., 1997; Summary Songyang et al., 1997).  ...  Recently, a signaling pathway by which extracellular * Division of Neuroscience stimuli suppress apoptosis has been characterized.  ...  To determine whether FKHRL1 is a substrate of Akt in vitro, we produced in bacteria a GST-FKHRL1 fusion protein and a series of mutants in which one or three of the putative Akt phosphorylation sites (  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0092-8674(00)80595-4 pmid:10102273 fatcat:lisyektaqnfrzgnonbecvriqgi

Lens α-crystallin: Function and structure

Joseph Horwitz, Michael P Bova, Lin- Lin Ding, Dana A Haley, Phoebe L Stewart
1999 Eye (London. 1987)  
In the lens, a-crystallin is a polydisperse molecule consisting of a 3:1 ratio of aA to aB subunits.  ...  In fact, our experiments suggest that a 3:1 ratio of aA to aB subunit composition in an a-crystallin molecule is optimal in terms of ther mal stability.  ...  A puzzling question is why the eye lens contains a mixture of aA and O'B subunits. A second question is why there is a specific ratio of a 3 O'A subunits to 1 O'B subunit.  ... 
doi:10.1038/eye.1999.114 pmid:10627817 fatcat:zlkdwldgxbfhddnyu75u5fu6cq

Rainbow scattering by a coated sphere

James A. Lock, J. Michael Jamison, Chih-Yang Lin
1994 Applied Optics  
A Debye series decomposition of coated-sphere partial-wave scattering amplitudes is also performed and aids in the analysis. J. A.  ...  For b/a12 < 10-3, the rainbow intensity is an oscillatory function of the coating thickness, for 8/a 1 2 10-2, the first-order rainbow breaks into a pair of twin rainbows, and for 8/a,2 0.33, various rainbow-extinction  ...  Fig. 1 . 1 (a) Geometry of a coated sphere and the trajectory of a geometric light ray through it. (b) Two geometric rays a and a that dominate the first-order rainbow for a coated sphere.  ... 
doi:10.1364/ao.33.004677 pmid:20935838 fatcat:hk4shwfonrduvdijcw5d5ultny
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