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Metaethical Perspectives on 'Benchmarking' AI Ethics [article]

Travis LaCroix, Alexandra Sasha Luccioni
2022 arXiv   pre-print
An increasingly prominent research area in AI is ethics, which currently has no set of benchmarks nor commonly accepted way for measuring the 'ethicality' of an AI system.  ...  In this paper, drawing upon research in moral philosophy and metaethics, we argue that it is impossible to develop such a benchmark.  ...  We then introduce philosophical research in metaethics to show why it is impossible to benchmark ethical behaviour (3.3).  ... 
arXiv:2204.05151v1 fatcat:uqspnstsqbfzzlc2d5b4x73aay

Blind spots in AI ethics

Thilo Hagendorff
2021 AI and Ethics  
Hence, one part of the paper considers specific blind spots regarding the very topics AI ethics focusses on.  ...  Ultimately, the paper is intended to be a critical commentary on the ongoing development of the field of AI ethics.  ...  However, as more and more papers on AI metaethics show, many approaches in AI ethics, among them the prevalent principled, deontological approach, fail in many regards.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s43681-021-00122-8 fatcat:34odyoy2nbhflo6632pl3uyodm

A New Charter of Ethics and Rights of Artificial Consciousness in a Human World [article]

Markian Hromiak
2020 arXiv   pre-print
By restricting the problem-space of possible levels of conscious beings to human-like, we succeed in developing a working definition of consciousness for social strong AI which focuses on human-like creativity  ...  paper we attempt to define consciousness, aggregate existing universal human rights, analyze robotic laws with roots in both reality and science fiction, and synthesize everything to create a new robot-ethical  ...  Conclusion We conclude that Anderson's argument for the unsatisfactoriness of Asimov's three laws of robotics as a basis for machine metaethics is both valid and sound.  ... 
arXiv:2010.12019v2 fatcat:qa2zszi35zgd5czgnr67xcdpu4

Can Machines Learn Morality? The Delphi Experiment [article]

Liwei Jiang, Jena D. Hwang, Chandra Bhagavatula, Ronan Le Bras, Jenny Liang, Jesse Dodge, Keisuke Sakaguchi, Maxwell Forbes, Jon Borchardt, Saadia Gabriel, Yulia Tsvetkov, Oren Etzioni (+3 others)
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Empirical results shed novel insights on the promises and limits of machine ethics; Delphi demonstrates strong generalization capabilities in the face of novel ethical situations, while off-the-shelf neural  ...  To explore this challenge, we introduce Delphi, an experimental framework based on deep neural networks trained directly to reason about descriptive ethical judgments, e.g., "helping a friend" is generally  ...  LJ and KS conducted experiments on downstream applications with advice from RLB, CB and YC.  ... 
arXiv:2110.07574v2 fatcat:rm3vipytkrexhjewrn2bnmve2a

State of AI Ethics Report (Volume 6, February 2022) [article]

Abhishek Gupta
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Given MAIEI's mission to democratize AI, submissions from external collaborators have featured, such as pieces on the "Challenges of AI Development in Vietnam: Funding, Talent and Ethics" and using "Representation  ...  This report from the Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI) covers the most salient progress in research and reporting over the second half of 2021 in the field of AI ethics.  ...  on existing benchmarks rather than questioning if the benchmarks are representative in the first place.  ... 
arXiv:2202.07435v1 fatcat:wbalu3j3ynelfim7eqvxcpwu3q

Taking Turing by Surprise? Designing Digital Computers for morally-loaded contexts [article]

Sylvie Delacroix
2018 arXiv   pre-print
As lazy normative animals, we do need to be able to rely on authorities to simplify our reasoning: that is ok.  ...  This asymmetry has key repercussions when it comes to the shape of ethical agency in artificial moral agents.  ...  So they worry: the cost of some AI-enabled moral perfectionism might well be the end of ethics.  ... 
arXiv:1803.04548v1 fatcat:tafjklazpjfefbtco67c2li324

Reinforcement Learning Under Moral Uncertainty [article]

Adrien Ecoffet, Joel Lehman
2021 arXiv   pre-print
across several plausible ethical theories.  ...  While ethical agents could be trained by rewarding correct behavior under a specific moral theory (e.g. utilitarianism), there remains widespread disagreement about the nature of morality.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank the ICML reviewers for their feedback and suggestions, Toby Ord for his helpful feedback on the pre-print of this paper, and Anna Chen and Rosanne Liu for discussion during the  ... 
arXiv:2006.04734v3 fatcat:evbgg6lwfbgarcppmj3hnavlum

MES-CoBraD D2.3 The CoBraD ethical and regulatory framework

Sergi Vazquez Maymir
2022 Zenodo  
The deliverable captures the ethical and regulatory framework at the time of writing [M12].  ...  Specific guidance is provided to the partners in order to conduct the research according to the ethical and data protection principles.  ...  Normatively 10 Scholars distinguish, within moral philosophy between metaethics, normative ethics and applied ethics.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6473240 fatcat:3axui7mv3bhzjptomkigoszg7u

Argument Evaluation Contest Results

Jonathan E. Adler
1991 Informal Logic  
two as well, for Clarity (of type AI).  ...  Overview Each of the entrants [121=1; 123=3; 125=5; 127=7] contributed several significant points that no-one else made, and each provided an enlighten-ing and somewhat different perspective on the argument-I  ...  of Informal Logic, while on the other hand I have almost no qualifications of this sort, I would be of little use as a judge under this interpretation of the contest.  ... 
doi:10.22329/il.v13i3.2566 fatcat:bvaops4cw5baxhssjclhpmrgru

Foundations of an Ethical Framework for AI Entities: the Ethics of Systems

Andrej Dameski
of the study is limited on analyzing ethical perspectives primarily in the domain of AI ethics and AI entities (agents and patients).  ...  It strives to provide a fresh perspective on ethics, one based on the aspects of information.  ... 
doi:10.48676/unibo/amsdottorato/9503 fatcat:vnwswl4fjfdrhdjxi7fb3hvhdq

A Note on Directions for Cumulativity

Philippe Besnard
2014 IfColog journal of logics and their applications (FLAP)  
In doing so, we obtained a suggestive framework for the analysis of deontic notions that connects many strands in the literature on agency.  ...  There has been a great deal of useful work on these topic in AI; just one one recent example is [18] .  ...  This observation suggests a further theme: transitioning from one perspective to the other.  ... 
dblp:journals/flap/Besnard14 fatcat:nwod52qavjbgdhg755t5f276ze

Ex Nihilo (Spring 2020) [article]

Undergraduate Philosophy Association (Austin, Tex.), Austin, The University Of Texas At
Table of Contents: Aristotelian Definitions and Convolution Neural Networks / by Brian Glucksman; Duke University (p. 6-27) -- Thrasymachus Unanswered: Is There a Circularity Within Rawlsian Metaethics  ...  The call to democratize AI R&D has been steadily growing within the literature on AI ethics and among researchers at the forefront of AI development.  ...  Therefore, any ethics guidelines aimed at reducing the influence AI algorithms have on free will must seek to maintain the option to avoid their use.  ... 
doi:10.26153/tsw/8989 fatcat:gibr2olyjzejbc3oncbtbdruhu

IRIE International Review of Information Ethics Ethics in Robotics Editorial Office IRIE International Review of Information Ethics Vol. 6 (12/2006)

Thomas Hausmanninger, Karsten Weber, Daniela Cerqui, Jutta Weber, Karsten Weber, Marcus Apel
2006 unpublished
While in the beginning, this field was dominated by AI scientists (Brooks 2002 , Pfeifer/Scheier 1999 , Steels/Brooks 1993 ,who were mostly interested in the cognitive or technical perspective, some other  ...  It is all too easy to fall into the well worn patterns of philosophical thought in both ethics and robotics, and to simply find points at which arguments in metaethics might be realized in robots, or where  ... 

Guest Editor's Preface: Morality and the Telescope Neuromarketing: Ethical and Political Challenges

Roberto Mordacci, Neil Levy
Ethicists and ordinary people are typically more worried by interventions that alter agents' mind by directly altering their brains than interventions than are focused on the environment, and thereby indirectly  ...  represented by examples in artworks that can move us to adopt a new ethical perspective, with certain new ethical judgments or attitudes.  ...  And as far as ethics is concerned, issues like the nature of free will, the search for the foundations of moral normativity (where various families of metaethical theories endlessly fight each other) are  ... 

Olivetti's New Canaan Electronic Laboratory: when design meets computing

ROCHA João, University of Évora
2018 Proceedings of DRS 2018   unpublished
Thus, the paper proposes an intervention on roofs that could go beyond its strict greening.  ...  (with reference to Herbert Read) which could grow out of design: 1) Research into design, in terms of historical research, aesthetic or perceptual research, and research into a variety of theoretical perspectives  ...  Hellström Reimer in taking a user-focused perspective on platform ethics.  ... 
doi:10.21606/drs.2018.656 fatcat:w2mbarmg3zb43lslumnczirpwm
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