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A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Multiple Crossdocks Problem

Zhaowei Miao, Ke Fu, Feng Yang
2012 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
transportation schedules and crossdock capacities.  ...  We study a multiple crossdocks problem with supplier and customer time windows, where any violation of time windows will incur a penalty cost and the flows through the crossdock are constrained by fixed  ...  This research was supported in part by NSFC 70802052, 70701039, 71072090 , MOE NCET-10-0712, NCET-10-0847 , the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities 2010221025, 10wkpy20 , the Academic  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/316908 fatcat:bmghkmndszb2ba6td5nsqgqgsa

Synchronization in Vehicle Routing—A Survey of VRPs with Multiple Synchronization Constraints

Michael Drexl
2012 Transportation Science  
(ii) It discusses the central issues related to the exact and heuristic solution of such problems.  ...  This paper presents a survey of vehicle routing problems with multiple synchronization constraints.  ...  Due to the limited scope of this survey, these fields and problems were not examined in detail here, but their further study may yield valuable insights for solving VRPMSs, too.  ... 
doi:10.1287/trsc.1110.0400 fatcat:rnsidsen3bc6pfapyu7plak2oi

Crossdocking distribution networks with setup cost and time window constraint

Hong Ma, Zhaowei Miao, Andrew Lim, Brian Rodrigues
2011 Omega : The International Journal of Management Science  
First, a reduced problem is solved for a truckload transportation plan. This is followed by a heuristic solution approach to the remaining less-than-truckload problem.  ...  In this work, we study a new shipment consolidation and transportation problem in crossdocking distribution networks that considers trade-offs between transportation costs, inventory and time scheduling  ...  Acknowledgements The authors would like to express their thanks to the anonymous referees whose comments and suggestions helped improve the work.  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:2rtqonuw5janzbtc5ysevwyvom

A decision support method for truck scheduling and storage allocation problem at container

Jinxin Cao, Qixin Shi, Der-Horng Lee
2008 Tsinghua Science and Technology  
It shows that the heuristic algorithm can achieve the optimal solution for small-scale problems.  ...  The solutions of small-and large-scale problems obtained from the heuristic algorithm are better than those from the genetic algorithm.  ...  Genetic Algorithm The genetic algorithm (GA), developed by Holland [13] , is one of the nature-inspired meta-heuristics used for handling combinatorial problems.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s1007-0214(08)70151-2 fatcat:xabtijm7j5bj3pmthcrsu2x5wa

A Review on Yard Management in Container Terminals

Lu Zhen, Xinjia Jiang, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew
2013 Industrial Engineering & Management Systems  
This paper gives a comprehensive review for the studies on the yard management in container terminals.  ...  With advancements of quay side equipments and technologies, the bottleneck of port operations has moved from quay side to yard side.  ...  scheduling problem for assigning transportation jobs to AGVs.  ... 
doi:10.7232/iems.2013.12.4.289 fatcat:rthewcw7djccnnoxvpxoierk7i

How to park freight trains on rail–rail transshipment yards: the train location problem

Michael Kellner, Nils Boysen, Malte Fliedner
2011 OR spectrum  
For this problem a mathematical model is presented, dierent heuristic solution procedures are described and tested in a comprehensive computational study.  ...  An important problem during the daily operations of such a transshipment yard is the train location problem, which assigns each train of a given pulse to a railway track (vertical position) and decides  ...  In this work, we present a myopic heuristic procedure and two meta-heuristics, a simulated annealing approach and a genetic algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00291-011-0246-3 fatcat:ba7hquylmjfolglyiwv2p23o24

Selective Survey: Most Efficient Models and Solvers for Integrative Multimodal Transport

Oliviu Matei, Rudolf Erdei, Camelia-M. Pintea
2021 Informatica  
The Global Economy progressed with the help of transportation.  ...  The volume of goods and distances covered have doubled in the last ten years, so there is a high demand of an optimized transportation, fast but with low costs, saving resources but also safe, with low  ...  -Genetic Algorithm. Pop et al. (2016) proposes a heuristic-genetic approach with a hybrid based GA for the capacitated fixed-charge problem.  ... 
doi:10.15388/21-infor449 fatcat:skvfbfchvvehdkr2wfqw4tmdam

A Review: Mathematical Modles for Cross Docking Planning

Dwi Agustina, C.K.M. Lee, Rajesh Piplani
2010 International Journal of Engineering Business Management  
The researches in operational level are mainly related to develop model in scheduling, dock door assignment, transhipment problem, vehicle routing, and product allocation.  ...  For tactical and strategic level, the researches are mainly proposing model to design the layout and the network of cross docking respectively.  ...  studied two-stage scheduling problem and proposed several heuristic algorithms to address the scheduling problems with performance analysis.  ... 
doi:10.5772/9717 fatcat:7cblfy6vzvcrppix67dgky5cay

Genetic and hybrid shuffled frog leaping algorithms for solving a 2-stage model for a hub covering location network

M. Mohammadi, R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, H. Rostami
2011 2011 Fourth International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Optimization  
Due to the computational complexity of the resulted models, we also propose two improved meta-heuristic algorithms, namely a genetic algorithm and a shuffled frog leaping algorithm in order to find a near-optimal  ...  The performance of the solutions found by the foregoing proposed algorithms is compared with exact solutions of the mathematical programming model.  ...  For the problem at hand, even finding a feasible solution is challenging. With this motivation, we decide to develop a meta-heuristic algorithm for our problem.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icmsao.2011.5775615 fatcat:mgovn7m4fjhqlfjcl4s67hjmea

Reliable Designing of Capacitated Logistics Network with Multi Configuration Structure under Disruptions: A Hybrid Heuristic Based Sample Average Approximation Algorithm

Davood Shishebori
2016 Iranian Journal of Operations Research  
The problem is modelled as a mixed integer program. Also, a hybrid heuristic algorithm is proposed.  ...  We consider the reliable multi configuration capacitated logistics network design problem (RMCLNDP) with system disruptions, concerned with facilities locating, transportation links constructing, and also  ...  Another continuation of our work here is testing of other hybrid heuristic (meta-heuristic) or approximation algorithms in order to obtain more efficient solutions.  ... 
doi:10.29252/iors.7.1.85 fatcat:ii4xc4w3fbfvnblkar5ca65cbm

Truck scheduling in cross-docking terminals with fixed outbound departures

Nils Boysen, Dirk Briskorn, Martin Tschöke
2012 OR spectrum  
We settle its computational complexity and develop heuristics in order to tackle the problem. We show the efficiency of these heuristics by means of a computational study.  ...  The objective is to minimize total lost profit. The paper at hand formalizes the resulting truck scheduling problem.  ...  The paper at hand investigates a truck scheduling problem for cross docking terminals with fixed outbound schedules.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00291-012-0311-6 fatcat:aedz44olije4nczu62ehy37swm

Bi-objectives Approach for a Multi-period Two Echelons Perishable Product Inventory-routing Problem with Production and Lateral Transshipment

2017 International Journal of Engineering  
Novelty of this research is providing a bi-objectives mathematical modeling of perishable product inventory routing with production and transshipment (BO-P-PIRPT) that help the decision maker to choose  ...  the best mixture of routing and transshipment.  ...  They provide a column generation-based heuristic algorithm to obtain a good solution for their problem. Al Shamsi et al.  ... 
doi:10.5829/ije.2017.30.06c.08 fatcat:ibdxcbizn5ed3fzx4ahsdfxjdi

Bio-Inspired Meta-Heuristics for Emergency Transportation Problems

Min-Xia Zhang, Bei Zhang, Yu-Jun Zheng
2014 Algorithms  
We then propose a new hybrid biogeography-based optimization (BBO) algorithm, which outperforms some state-of-the-art heuristics on a typical transportation planning problem.  ...  In this paper, we conduct a survey of recent advances in bio-inspired meta-heuristics, including genetic algorithms (GA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), ant colony optimization (ACO), etc., for solving  ...  Acknowledgments The work was supported in part by grants from the National Natural Science Foundation (Grant No. 61020106009, 61105073, 61272075) of China.  ... 
doi:10.3390/a7010015 fatcat:5djecjpy2fgvfbrupgqvh4keym

Transshipment scheduling at a single station with release date and inventory constraints

Masoumeh Ghorbanzadeh, Mohammad Ranjbar, Negin Jamili
2019 Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering  
We study a loading and unloading scheduling problem in a single station transshipment terminal, in which inventory and release date constraints are subjected and the objective is to minimize the makespan  ...  Regarding the computational results, it is revealed that the simple developed heuristic algorithm is very fast and efficient.  ...  In [23] Boysen et al. investigated an operational truck scheduling problem for cross-docking terminals with fixed outbound schedules.  ... 
doi:10.1080/21681015.2019.1647300 fatcat:fwqcjp3d2ffvdecuh4jukoeahy

Berth Allocation Problem Under Uncertainty: A Conceptual Model using Collaborative Approach

Adi Budipriyanto, Budisantoso Wirjodirdjo, Nyoman Pujawan, Saut Gurning
2015 Procedia Manufacturing  
In the last decade, several research related of these issues had been conducted particularly in the berth allocation problem.  ...  Variability of ship arrival time and handling time are causes the difference between the schedule planned and actual berthing time.  ...  Liang et al [34] solve this problem by using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm, while [35] completed with a hybrid parallel genetic algorithm method (combination of parallel genetic algorithm and Heuristic  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.promfg.2015.11.059 fatcat:ocbdxu6jxfentfzkg3s7pfmjqm
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