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Systems Analysts in Chaordic Organizations

Takeshi Kosaka
2008 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
The aim of this paper is to identify who is a systems analyst in organizations in a turbulent world. We see a need to radically rethink the way in which information systems are developed.  ...  Therefore, it is theoretically suggested that systems analysis becomes one of their ongoing activities.  ...  There has not been a nationwide development project to replace the entire railroad system in the US. The railroad system has emerged to match the needs of the nation and the limits of the technology.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/Kosaka08 fatcat:dnv5lopfp5ev3josa5xtnnrkeu

Evolving Challenges In Information Security Compliance

Aristeidis Chatzipoulidis, Ioannis Mavridis
2009 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
With the proliferation of computer-driven organizations and internet-based business information systems, the need for security has increased significantly.  ...  In addition, information security compliance is becoming a controversial issue among IT professionals.  ...  When asked about their perceptions regarding the root causes of failures on information systems in their organization, respondents chose human error (79%), technology (73%), third-parties (46%), and operations  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/ChatzipoulidisM09 fatcat:stgevtajyvfxvdhlbamxv6haii

Digital Transformation Challenges

Emily Henriette, Mondher Feki, Imed Boughzala
2016 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
For example, with the explosion of data, "companies must ensure the integrity, quality and security of data flowing in its information systems, what involves the implementation of new models of data governance  ...  Indeed, organizations have to, on the one hand, deal with new disruptive actors that have upset in depth traditional sectors.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/HenrietteFB16 fatcat:4dz3xzdjdjewxlrqwgx2flcubq

Meta-Modeling And Structural Paradigm For Strategic Alignment Of Information System

Azedine Boulmakoul, Noureddine Falih, Rabia Marghoubi
2009 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
In this work, we also offer a variety of algebraic structures to establish structural measures on the information system.  ...  In order to better lead evolutions of the information system, this extension integrates necessary structures for developing systemic tools, based on a structural paradigm.  ...  We believe that implementing this type of practice would be of great interest to engineering information systems.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/BoulmakoulFM09 fatcat:j6omvddvsjglriutpax4kwhxci

Extracting Normative Content from Legal Texts

Tommaso Agnoloni, Daniela Tiscornia
2010 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
In the context of public services organization, achieving interoperability among public sector information means, on the one hand  ...  Interoperability is a crucial issue, as large scale applications mainly depend on the possibility of mapping and connecting different models and structures.  ...  A further aspect rely on the social dimension of legal information.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/AgnoloniT10 fatcat:sowb64x7arfajhajis3fgztjfu

Open Source Software Adoption Model Ossam

Leila Ennajeh, Mokhtar Amami
2014 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
Ennajeh & Amami,OSSAM Eighth Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Verona 2014 Average Variance extracted Ennajeh & Amami,OSSAM Eighth Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Verona  ...  Literature on the acceptance of Information Technologies (IT) is one of the most important areas investigated in the Managament Information Systems field (Venkatesh et al., 2003) .  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/EnnajehA14 fatcat:vfu6fn2hfrc3zaane3srcdj3pi

How do Webmasters Explain Website Quality?

Hanne Sørum, Torkil Clemmensen
2010 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
By using the left side of the DeLone and McLean IS Success Model which captures information quality, system quality and service quality, this paper discusses the webmasters' explanations of website quality  ...  The aim is to shed light on the diversity of explanations that webmasters may have, and to explore the potential of the webmaster perspective on website quality.  ...  The quality of the information on the website focuses on the output produced by a system and the value, usefulness or relative importance for the users.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/SorumC10 fatcat:2m67arpqtvgmxh2b4636ts77o4

The Imaginary Significations Of The IT Markets

Gregory Maniatopoulos
2009 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
The European Commission's strategy through the concept of the Information Society and the emerging e-Government agenda are examples of technological imaginaries.  ...  As such the emphasis is placed on one and the same thing: "functionality, the unbroken chain of means and ends or of causes and effects on the general level, the strict correspondence between the features  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/Maniatopoulos09 fatcat:gfo33pjc3jfpbb5ggos7lbt7x4

Antecedents of the Digital Divide in Lebanon

Antoine Harfouche, Alice Robbin
2010 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
Income and education have effects on e-skills but no effect on the e-access divide. When educational attainment increases, the e-skills divide decreases.  ...  Gender and religion have an impact on the e-skills divide but no significant impact on the e-access divide: men and Christians have more e-skills than women and Muslims.  ...  The e-access and e-skills divides are known in the information systems literature as the 'digital divide'.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/HarfoucheR10 fatcat:26uif7x6ezd2pky35ukccx7eju

Online Shopping: Perceptions Of Greek Consumers

Vaggelis Saprikis, Anestis Fachantidis, Maro Vlachopoulou
2009 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
The empirical results provide important managerial implications and set the basis for further research on this field.  ...  Widely available online information about products and pricing has transferred many consumers from traditional to online stores.  ...  Compared with offline stores, online marketers often offer extensive product information on demand (Chen and Chang, 2003) .  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/SaprikisFV09 fatcat:d4z4v5ee2jbf3c5ydfsx53ofhi

Facilitating Social and Cognitive Translation in Innovation Networks

Jesper Svensson, Esbjörn Ebbesson
2010 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
In this paper we present a two year long interpretative case study based on a Living Lab project.  ...  Based on the findings we conclude that Living Labs can support heterogeneous set of actors and knowledge resources by supporting cognitive translation with techniques such as scenarios, mock-ups and prototypes  ...  this opening up their products to a new market, instead of focusing on only security systems they could also support home care.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/SvenssonE10 fatcat:3i5n5x7vrzev7ikspu4cjmkfcy

E-Mentoring for Sport Science: Implications and Applications

Luisa Varriale, Domenico Tarufi
2014 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
Athletes and also all the individuals with different roles and functions operate in the sport system (technicians, referees, and so on) need to be trained and develop their knowledge and competences.  ...  The aim of this study is to analyze one innovative and specific technique in the human resources management within the sport field.  ...  virtual means such as e-commerce, online distance learning systems, ATMs automatic teller machines, and so on (Overby,2005) .  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/VarrialeT14 fatcat:v5m3n4davff4xfuapf3kct3ceu

A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach For Enterprise Application Evaluations

Jan Stefan Addicks
2009 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
Since it is often relevant to have exactly one characteristic to compare applications to each other, a fuzzy rule system approach is presented that aggregates those linguistic terms for each criterion  ...  This contribution presents an approach to use fuzzy logic and fuzzy rule systems for enterprise application evaluations (enterprise architecture dependent application evaluations).  ...  (Saritas, Etik, Allahverdi, & Sert 2007) , for instance, present a control system for operating room air-conditioning based on a fuzzy expert system.  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/Addicks09 fatcat:5h7niqwjkrfmleiaqsifmaatmi

Exploring the Role of Business Process Management in Sustainability Initiatives

Olga Levina
2015 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
These results are industry independent and support the research findings in the domains of quality management as well as strategy realization providing BPM researchers and practitioners with insights on  ...  The resulting cases have been pre-analyzed with the focus on the information on the realization activities, methods and their adherence to BPM.  ...  The subject of sustainability is also being increasingly discussed in Information Systems Research (ISR), with green IT and green Business Process Management (BPM) being the topics that gain more and more  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/Levina15 fatcat:dk76esu3pvhrjivjbgimq7tlpm

Hierarchical Examination of Success Factors across ERP Life-Cycle

Levi Shaul, Doron Tauber
2010 Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems  
It reviews 94 such factors discussed in journals, conference proceedings and books, published for the most part in the last decade, covering the full lifecycle of ERP systems.  ...  This study investigates critical success factors (CSF) in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.  ...  of improved strategic initiatives and responsiveness to customers Esteves and Pastor (2006) noted that the CSF approach has been applied to many aspects of information systems, and more recently to  ... 
dblp:conf/mcis/ShaulT10 fatcat:7e4r5oqrozfvrohy7cdaimpvf4
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