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Mediating diverse visualisations for comprehension

C. Knight, M. Munro
Proceedings 9th International Workshop on Program Comprehension. IWPC 2001  
Acknowledgements This work is financed by an EPSRC ROPA grant: VVSRE; Visualising Software in Virtual Reality Environments.  ...  The spring layout algorithm and some of the node drawing code is based on demonstration code provided by Sun with the Java Development Kit, although changes have had to be made for the swing graphics and  ...  The following section goes on to cover some of these issues, but suffice to say these would all be just as suitable candidates for encapsulation as visualisation objects for integration into a mediated  ... 
doi:10.1109/wpc.2001.921710 dblp:conf/iwpc/KnightM01 fatcat:26kkaen22jd6zde5w4eixxr7xy

Scrutinizing human MHC polymorphism: Supertype analysis using Poisson-Boltzmann electrostatics and clustering

Shahzad Mumtaz, Ian T. Nabney, Darren R. Flower
2017 Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling  
Since comprehensive experimental characterization is intractable, structure-based bioinformatics is the only viable solution.  ...  have vital functions in immunology and homeostasis: cell surface MHC class I molecules report cell status to CD8+ T cells, NKT cells and NK cells, thus playing key roles in pathogen defence, as well as mediating  ...  Khan (Ex Vice Chancellor of the IUB, Pakistan) for arranging funding of his PhD.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmgm.2017.07.033 pmid:28850895 fatcat:bll75u7hsvgg7nfmdkjxx3vf3q

DNA Readout Viewer (DRV): visualisation of specificity determining patterns of protein binding DNA segments

Krisztian Adam, Zoltan Gyorgypal, Zoltan Hegedus, Arne Elofsson
2019 Bioinformatics  
DNA Readout Viewer (DRV) aims to provide a novel DNA representation, facilitating in-depth view into these mechanisms by the concurrent visualisation of functional groups and a diverse collection of DNA  ...  By applying its intuitive representation concept for various DNA recognition related visualisation tasks, DRV can contribute to unravelling the binding specificity factors of DNA-protein interactions.  ...  contact features, currently no tools are available for simultaneous and comprehensive visualization of both readout mechanisms (Supplementary Table S1 ).  ... 
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btz906 pmid:31793988 pmcid:PMC7141859 fatcat:6igqxkpasnfgjg63wdkgpopvky

MethPat: a tool for the analysis and visualisation of complex methylation patterns obtained by massively parallel sequencing

Nicholas C. Wong, Bernard J. Pope, Ida L. Candiloro, Darren Korbie, Matt Trau, Stephen Q. Wong, Thomas Mikeska, Xinmin Zhang, Mark Pitman, Stefanie Eggers, Stephen R. Doyle, Alexander Dobrovic
2016 BMC Bioinformatics  
Unlike currently available tools, Methpat can visualise the diversity of epiallelic DNA methylation patterns in a sample.  ...  This complexity is commonly obscured when DNA methylation data is summarised as an average percentage value for each CpG site (or aggregated across CpG sites).  ...  Acknowledgements Illumina Australia Pty Ltd for a MiSeq Pilot Sequencing Grant for next generation sequencing reagents.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12859-016-0950-8 pmid:26911705 pmcid:PMC4765133 fatcat:hquuzsc3ajedbcquqjxzhtljju

Artificial Imagination Induced by Visualised Hypotheses in Archaeology

Dominik Lengyel, Catherine Toulouse
2020 Electronic Visualisation and the Arts London Conference  
This paper demonstrates our 'visualisation of hypotheses' approach for providing scientific and creative visualisations.  ...  Visualisation. Hypotheses. Uncertainty. Knowledge.  ...  For the actual mediation of uncertain knowledge about architecture, on the other hand, polychromy is not helpful.  ... 
doi:10.14236/ewic/eva2020.8 dblp:conf/eva/LengyelT20 fatcat:x4nnzmzn2ncanpztzr4wpkngqy

Making Sense of Human-Food Interaction

Ferran Altarriba Bertran, Samvid Jhaveri, Rosa Lutz, Katherine Isbister, Danielle Wilde
2019 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '19  
Because of this diversity, we struggled to determine where an algorithm should search for HFI publications and what exactly it should look for.  ...  The papers were chosen for their diversity, and because we had found them challenging to categorise.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3290605.3300908 dblp:conf/chi/BertranJLIW19 fatcat:qpothugkp5ekrck7l4teccc66m

Creativity, visualisation, collaboration and communication [chapter]

Glenn Finger
2015 Teaching and Digital Technologies  
Creativity, visualisation, collaboration and communication and digital technologies In the following sections, creativity, visualisation, collaboration and communication are shown to be important for learning  ...  By sharing thinking, visualisation and innovation, and by giving and receiving effective feedback, students learn to value the diversity of learning and communication styles' (ACARA, 2013 , p. 79). 9781107451971c08  ...  This capability outlines that students collaborate, share and exchange and understand computer-mediated communications. A learning continuum for Levels 1 to 6 is provided for Communicating with ICT.  ... 
doi:10.1017/cbo9781316091968.011 fatcat:cyjdit5qgfafbdshmqxuyds6m4

Visualising Emergency Department Wait Times; Rapid Iterative Testing to Determine Patient Preferences for Displays [article]

Katie Walker, Eden Potter, Indae Hwang, Tim Dwyer, Diana Egerton-Warburton, Keith Joe, Jennie Hutton, Sam Freeman, Daphne Flynn
2022 medRxiv   pre-print
Also of note, we found that techniques developed by visualisation researchers for conveying temporal uncertainty tended to overwhelm the diverse audience rather than inform.  ...  There is a need to balance precise and comprehensive information presentation against the strong need for simplicity in such a stressful environment.  ...  The main goal in designing visual elements for each ED wait time visual was to support message comprehension for patients and visitors from multicultural backgrounds and varied cognitive abilities.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2022.03.30.22273211 fatcat:mdgejlirjbcltmov5hje5qqpna

Situational awareness support to enhance teamwork in collaborative environments

Olga Kulyk, Gerrit van der Veer, Betsy van Dijk
2008 Proceedings of the 15th European conference on Cognitive ergonomics the ergonomics of cool interaction - ECCE '08  
Findings/Design -We developed several concepts for SA support on large shared displays.  ...  The results of our exploratory studies, which included contextual observations, interviews and task analysis, have been translated into requirements for support of multidisciplinary teamwork in life sciences  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We would like to thank the first author's supervisors Anton Nijholt, Paul van der Vet, collaborators Han Rauwerda, Wim de Leeuw, Tijs de Kler and other colleagues and friends for their  ... 
doi:10.1145/1473018.1473025 dblp:conf/ecce/KulykVD08 fatcat:k7qmd2xrlzf63hqkx6zxxcktvy

Dispersal of harmful fruit fly pests by international trade and a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay to prevent their introduction

Simon Blaser, Cornelia Heusser, Hanspeter Diem, Andreas Von Felten, Morgan Gueuning, Michael Andreou, Neil Boonham, Jennifer Tomlinson, Pie Müller, Jürg Utzinger, Jürg E. Frey, Beatrice Frey (+1 others)
2018 Geospatial Health  
Global trade of plant products represents one of the major driving forces for the spread of invasive insect pests.  ...  The assay reliably differentiates between target and non-target species within one hour and has been successfully evaluated for on-site use at a Swiss point of entry.  ...  Suspicious insects such as fruit flies are often encountered in the larval development stage, for which comprehensive morphological keys are missing, thus rendering morphological differentiation between  ... 
doi:10.4081/gh.2018.726 fatcat:x4eynb4jvbb2zildnhuanmfydm

Utilisation pédagogique de la représentation graphique en classe d'anglais de spécialité

Claudine Gardey
2002 ASp  
Now widely used in scientific communication, visuals are effective devices for the mediation of meaning.  ...  Visualisation 20 La phase de visualisation intervient au moment choisi par l'apprenant, au fur et à mesure du tri ou après le traitement des informations clés.  ... 
doi:10.4000/asp.1641 fatcat:3dikcf6ogrb7vlbbzs33bbviaa

Visualising the Landscape of Human-Food Interaction Research

Ferran Altarriba Bertran, Samvid Jhaveri, Rosa Lutz, Katherine Isbister, Danielle Wilde
2018 Proceedings of the 19th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility - DIS '18  
In response to this challenge, we are developing an online visualisation tool: an app that affords diffractive reading of the literature, mapping interferences and differences from varied perspectives.  ...  Our app affords a combination of human interpretation and technology-mediated data visualisation.  ...  without a comprehensive literature review-difficult to navigate. We therefore decided to undertake such a review.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3197391.3205443 dblp:conf/ACMdis/BertranJLIW18 fatcat:dg6kzoglfrahhetys4lacu7g7q

CrossTalkeR: Analysis and Visualisation of Ligand Receptor Networks [article]

James Shiniti Nagai, Nils Leimkuehler, Rebekka Schneider, Ivan Gesteira Costa Filho
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Results: CrossTalkeR is a framework for network analysis and visualisation of LR networks.  ...  However, current LR methods provide limited approaches for prioritization of cell types, ligands or receptors or characterizing changes in crosstalk between two biological conditions.  ...  Taken together, these examples comprehensively illustrate how CrossTalkeR can 106 characterize changes in the diverse cellular crosstalk between conditions from scRNAseq data. 5/7 .  ... 
doi:10.1101/2021.01.20.427390 fatcat:5etbr6isrrgh3ihohmbnd6dgwa

Visual Communication in Urban Design and Planning: The Impact of Mediatisation(s) on the Construction of Urban Futures

Gabriela Christmann, Ajit Singh, Jörg Stollmann, Christoph Bernhardt
2020 Urban Planning  
traditional methods of conceptualising visualisations: Instead, it highlights the need for a greater consideration towards the active role of creators (e.g., planners) and recipients (e.g., stakeholders  ...  <p>This editorial introduces the subject matter of the thematic issue, which includes a diverse collection of contributions from authors in various disciplines including, history, architecture, planning  ...  her contribution on representation and mediation).  ... 
doi:10.17645/up.v5i2.3279 fatcat:ryox6aqusvb4jddfegn4au7kda

CrossTalkeR: Analysis and Visualisation of Ligand Receptor Networks

James S Nagai, Nils B Leimkühler, Michael T Schaub, Rebekka K Schneider, Ivan G Costa, Anthony Mathelier
2021 Bioinformatics  
Results CrossTalkeR is a framework for network analysis and visualisation of LR interactions.  ...  A case study on scRNA-seq of human myeloproliferative neoplasms reinforces the strengths of CrossTalkeR for characterisation of changes in cellular crosstalk in disease.  ...  Taken together, these examples comprehensively illustrate how CrossTalkeR can characterize changes in the diverse cellular crosstalk between conditions from scRNAseq data.  ... 
doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btab370 pmid:33989383 fatcat:frvzewpdezev3nuavivrsmxufa
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