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Measuring camera translation by the dominant apical angle

Akihiko Torii, Michal Havlena, Tomas Pajdla, Bastian Leibe
2008 2008 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition  
Simulated experiments show that the dominant apical angle is a linear function of the length of the true camera translation.  ...  We demonstrate that the amount of the translation can be reliably measured for general as well as planar scenes by the most frequent apical angle, the angle under which the camera centers are seen from  ...  Acknowledgment This work has been supported by grants EU FP6-IST-027787 DIRAC, MSM6840770038 DMCM III, STINT Dur IG2003-2 062 and MSMT KONTAKT 9-06-17.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cvpr.2008.4587531 dblp:conf/cvpr/ToriiHPL08 fatcat:i55tdpup65fwtivcl2nwfjoox4

A Unified Model of Shoot Tropism in Plants: Photo-, Gravi- and Propio-ception

Renaud Bastien, Stéphane Douady, Bruno Moulia, Mark S Alber
2015 PLoS Computational Biology  
This angle is determined by a combination of the two directional stimuli, gravity and light, weighted by the ratio between the gravi-and photo-sensitivities of the plant organ.  ...  The interaction between gravitropism and phototropism results in an alignment of the apical part of the organ toward a photogravitropic setpoint angle.  ...  The English was edited by Karen Marron.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004037 pmid:25692607 pmcid:PMC4332863 fatcat:563us7dqwnfo7pendfqqlpkiby

Time-dependent remodeling of transmural architecture underlying abnormal ventricular geometry in chronic volume overload heart failure

Hiroshi Ashikaga, Jeffrey H. Omens, James W. Covell
2004 American Journal of Physiology. Heart and Circulatory Physiology  
at the final study (0.181 Ϯ 0.047; P Ͻ 0.05), whereas the apical site did not (P ϭ NS).  ...  After 9 Ϯ 2 wk (means Ϯ SE) of volume overload, the myocardial volume within the marker sets increased by Ͼ20%.  ...  decrease in sheet angles over the study period at both measurement sites (Fig. 3) .  ... 
doi:10.1152/ajpheart.00326.2004 pmid:15242833 pmcid:PMC2842928 fatcat:lg3tklvpavan3lqftymfay57va

The first record of Late Jurassic megateuthidid belemnites - Chuvashiteuthis aenigmatica gen. et sp. nov. from the upper Kimmeridgian of Central Russia

A.P. Ippolitov, YU. Berezin, M.A. Rogov, B.G. Desai
2017 Bulletin of Geosciences  
The investigation was performed accordingly to the FANO investigation program no. 0135-2014-0064 of the Geological institute of RAS and supported by No. INT/RUS/RFBR/P-206.  ...  Dera (Université Paul Sabatie, Toulouse) for his suggestions improving the general structure of the paper.  ...  of phragmocone measured in the last available fully preserved camera (LAFC); cw -camera width; lateral diameter of phragmocone, measured in the LAFC; cl -camera length, measured in the LAFC; pw -proostracum  ... 
doi:10.3140/bull.geosci.1655 fatcat:v2mjj72ernebvdfadvwlmqxilu

Loss of Dishevelleds Disrupts Planar Polarity in Ependymal Motile Cilia and Results in Hydrocephalus

Shinya Ohata, Jin Nakatani, Vicente Herranz-Pérez, JrGang Cheng, Haim Belinson, Toshiro Inubushi, William D. Snider, Jose Manuel García-Verdugo, Anthony Wynshaw-Boris, Arturo Álvarez-Buylla
2014 Neuron  
Dvls were also required for the proper positioning of motile cilia on the apical surface.  ...  As a consequence, the fluid flow generated by the hGFAP-Cre;Dvl1(-/-);2(flox/flox);3(+/-) E cells was significantly slower than that observed in control mice.  ...  We measured the BB patch angle and the displacement from the center of the apical surface.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2014.06.022 pmid:25043421 pmcid:PMC4126882 fatcat:l5oe57oiqnhvjn2ngosege4siq

Considering Apical Scotomas, Confusion, and Diplopia When Prescribing Prisms for Homonymous Hemianopia

Henry L. Apfelbaum, Nicole C. Ross, Alex R. Bowers, Eli Peli
2013 Translational Vision Science & Technology  
The effect is illustrated photographically by holding a prism in front of a camera lens (Fig. 1B) .  ...  Note that the measured apical scotoma does not appear as large as the calculated scotoma, likely due to a combination of measurement error, vignetting, and slight misalignment of the prism apices between  ... 
doi:10.1167/tvst.2.4.2 pmid:24049719 pmcid:PMC3763894 fatcat:d33i3uzfyfaehpe4lsylo3hasi

Open-top axially swept light-sheet microscopy

Bumju Kim, Myeongsu Na, Soohyun Park, Kitae Kim, Jung-Hoon Park, Euiheon Chung, Sunghoe Chang, Ki Hean Kim
2021 Biomedical Optics Express  
OTAS-LSM swept a tightly focused excitation light sheet across the imaging FOV using an electro tunable lens (ETL) and collected emission light at the focus of the light sheet with a camera in the rolling  ...  The effects of optical aberration were analyzed by both simulation and experiment, and the image resolutions were under 1.6µm in all directions.  ...  The authors declare no conflicts of interest.  ... 
doi:10.1364/boe.419030 pmid:33996232 pmcid:PMC8086456 fatcat:ly5dmwgufjfpvikzwltitog25u

Jumping mechanisms and performance of pygmy mole crickets (Orthoptera, Tridactylidae)

M. Burrows, M. D. Picker
2010 Journal of Experimental Biology  
The hind legs are dominated by enormous femora containing the jumping muscles and are 131% longer than the body. The ratio of leg lengths is: 1:2.1:4.5 (front:middle:hind, respectively).  ...  The take-off angle is steep and once airborne the body rotates backwards about its transverse axis (pitch) at rates of 100Hz or higher.  ...  M.B. is also very grateful for the hospitality and support of the Zoology Department at the University of Cape Town.  ... 
doi:10.1242/jeb.042192 pmid:20581268 fatcat:tmk5czhjbrfbxbwipedy4goj6q

Measurement of the Mechanical Deformation of Organ of Corti in a Model of Acute Endolymphatic Hydrops

Sang Heon Lee, Federico Kalinec
2016 Korean Journal of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery  
The angle between the outer hair cell and Deiters cell was smaller in the apex and in the 3rd turn of the experimental group (p<0.05).  ...  Morphometric parameters of each row and turn of the organ of Corti were measured and quantified.  ...  cells, and angles between reticular lamina and BM are measured.  ... 
doi:10.3342/kjorl-hns.2016.59.2.110 fatcat:bcspfzslynajhgv5xjqvj3sh6u

Buffer drains and mucus is transported upward in a tilted mucus clearance assay

Jerome Carpenter, Suzanne E. Lynch, Jeremy A Cribb, Schuyler Kylstra, David B Hill, Richard Superfine
2018 American Journal of Physiology - Lung cellular and Molecular Physiology  
Understanding the necessary requirements for successful MCC is imperative to establish the pathology of disease, as well as to develop therapeutic strategies.  ...  This tilting system makes it possible to observe drainage of the airway surface liquid and, thus, reveals the effect gravity has on mucociliary clearance.  ...  GRANTS This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health Grant P41-EB002025-34. DISCLOSURES No conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, are declared by the authors.  ... 
doi:10.1152/ajplung.00274.2018 pmid:30211652 fatcat:7topsfkxzbeyva3vx222aaimke

Video-Rate Confocal Microscopy for Single-Molecule Imaging in Live Cells and Superresolution Fluorescence Imaging

Jinwoo Lee, Yukihiro Miyanaga, Masahiro Ueda, Sungchul Hohng
2012 Biophysical Journal  
By combining the swiftness of the line-scanning method and the high sensitivity of wide-field detection, we have developed a, to our knowledge, novel confocal fluorescence microscope with a good optical-sectioning  ...  With the new microscope, we monitored diffusion motion of fluorescently labeled cAMP receptors of Dictyostelium discoideum at both the basal and apical surfaces and obtained superresolution fluorescence  ...  We thank Juhun Park for his help with the fluorescent film preparation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2012.09.014 pmid:23083712 pmcid:PMC3475383 fatcat:hbbamcfovzfnzfq4f7ha2wua5a

Active Gaze Control Improves Optic Flow-Based Segmentation and Steering

Florian Raudies, Ennio Mingolla, Heiko Neumann, Markus Lappe
2012 PLoS ONE  
We suggest that this difference in gaze might be motivated by specific patterns of optic flow that are generated by either fixating the center or edge of an object.  ...  We conclude that gaze control incorporates ecological constraints to improve the robustness of steering and collision avoidance by actively generating flows appropriate to solve the task.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors appreciate the time and effort of two anonymous reviewers and their helpful comments.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0038446 pmid:22719889 pmcid:PMC3375264 fatcat:qrwmgb6dazbuvj74577symeooa

Open-top axially swept light sheet microscopy [article]

Bumju Kim, Myeongsu Na, Soohyun Park, Kitae Kim, Jeong-Hoon Park, Euiheon Chung, Sunghoe Chang, Ki Hean Kim
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
OTAS-LSM swept the tightly focused excitation light sheet across the imaging FOV by using an electro tunable lens (ETL) and collected emission light at the focus of light sheet with a camera in the rolling  ...  The effects of optical aberration were analyzed by both simulation and experiment. The image resolutions were 1.5-1.6μm, and approximately 140% of the aberration-free theoretical values.  ...  The tilted image plane by the light sheet was rotated by using an additional relay imaging arm in the matched tilted angle.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.12.27.424265 fatcat:zvtq36jlqbeeza2xznohlklssa

Escape manoeuvres in damsel-fly larvae: kinematics and dynamics

J. Brackenbury
2003 Journal of Experimental Biology  
The two-stage response involves a reorientational phase (the flex) and a translational phase (the extension) usually followed by a variable stage consisting of continuous or coasting swimming.  ...  by the flexing body.  ...  The momentum angle of the jet in the horizontal plane was 24±16.5°(N=20) measured relative to dead-aft.  ... 
doi:10.1242/jeb.00073 pmid:12477909 fatcat:n2mebthiljco5ba2cbkqffvff4

Mechanosensory Genes Pkd1 and Pkd2 Contribute to the Planar Polarization of Brain Ventricular Epithelium

S. Ohata, V. Herranz-Perez, J. Nakatani, A. Boletta, J. M. Garcia-Verdugo, A. Alvarez-Buylla
2015 Journal of Neuroscience  
E cells display two forms of planar cell polarity (PCP): rotational polarity of individual cilium and translational polarity (asymmetric positioning of cilia in the apical area).  ...  Consistently, Pkd1, Pkd2, or primary cilia on RGCs were required for the proper asymmetric localization of the PCP protein Vangl2 in E cells' apical area.  ...  We measured the angles of these vectors (BB angle) and the displacement of the BBs from the center of the apical surface (BB displacement; Fig. 7a ).  ... 
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.0686-15.2015 pmid:26245976 pmcid:PMC4524982 fatcat:d7a2oxkdafgtpptxuogfoc4xhq
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