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Measures and forking

H.Jerome Keisler
1987 Annals of Pure and Applied Logic  
Methods from ordinary forking theory and the Loeb measure construction from nonstandard analysis are used.  ...  Shelah's theory of forking (or stability theory) is generalized in a way which deals with measures instead of complete types.  ...  fork over C.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0168-0072(87)90069-8 fatcat:jaakld5irne3verldarunyp2ly

Special Fixture Design and Precision Measurement of Automobile Flange Fork

2018 DEStech Transactions on Environment Energy and Earth Science  
, size adjustment, fixture precision measure and adjustment.  ...  Therefore, it is necessary to consider special fixture when designing and processing its parts to make sure batch production, and precision measurement to ensure product quality.  ...  Therefore, the fork can be positioned by the electromagnetic sucker, and then the measuring machine can be used to measure the needle, measure points for marking and leveling.  ... 
doi:10.12783/dteees/epme2018/24666 fatcat:4ko5lkd4e5esnlynbzyf7d5vt4

Fluid Sensing Using Quartz Tuning Forks—Measurement Technology and Applications

Thomas Voglhuber-Brunnmaier, Alexander O. Niedermayer, Friedrich Feichtinger, Bernhard Jakoby
2019 Sensors  
We provide an overview of recent achievements using quartz tuning forks for sensing liquid viscosity and density.  ...  The path to highly accurate and robust measurement systems is described and a recently devised system considering these findings is presented.  ...  fork.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s19102336 fatcat:tdewpe4qtbggpk6rwuun5rc36u

A Hydrodynamic Model for Measuring Fluid Density and Viscosity by Using Quartz Tuning Forks

Mi Zhang, Dehua Chen, Xiao He, Xiuming Wang
2019 Sensors  
A hydrodynamic model of using quartz tuning forks (QTFs) for density and viscosity sensing, by measuring the resonance frequency and quality factor, has been established based on the cantilever beam theory  ...  When the measured resonance frequency and quality factor of the QTFs vary from 25,800–26,100 Hz and 28–41, the sensitivities of the quality factor affected by the fluid density increase.  ...  Figure 6 . 6 High temperature measurement setup of the quartz tuning fork (QTF) characteristics. Figure 6 . 6 High temperature measurement setup of the quartz tuning fork (QTF) characteristics.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20010198 pmid:31905800 fatcat:7surxantzzawnl67idqgny3wvi

Quantitative measurements of nanoscale permittivity and conductivity using tuning-fork-based microwave impedance microscopy

Xiaoyu Wu, Zhenqi Hao, Di Wu, Lu Zheng, Zhanzhi Jiang, Vishal Ganesan, Yayu Wang, Keji Lai
2018 Review of Scientific Instruments  
We report quantitative measurements of nanoscale permittivity and conductivity using tuning-fork (TF) based microwave impedance microscopy (MIM).  ...  Using the TF-MIM, we have visualized the evolution of nanoscale conductance on back-gated MoS_2 field effect transistors and the results are consistent with the transport data.  ...  Conclusions In summary, we have demonstrated quantitative measurements using tuning fork-based microwave impedance microscopy operated in the driving amplitude modulation mode.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.5022997 pmid:29716308 fatcat:j3v6fuh5pvdlxe44oig662dfva

Low-Dissipation Silicon Tuning Fork Gyroscopes for Rate and Whole Angle Measurements

Alexander A. Trusov, Igor P. Prikhodko, Sergei A. Zotov, Andrei M. Shkel
2011 IEEE Sensors Journal  
Due to the stiffness and damping symmetry, the quadruple mass gyroscope was instrumented to measure the angle of rotation directly, eliminating the bandwidth and dynamic range limitations of conventional  ...  We report a new family of ultra high-Q silicon microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) tuning fork gyroscopes demonstrating angular rate and, for the first time, rate integrating (whole angle) operation.  ...  Florence of SAES Getters and P. Barnes of SST International for assistance with vacuum packaging, and I. Chepurko for assistance with the interface electronics.  ... 
doi:10.1109/jsen.2011.2160338 fatcat:mqkuljw7wzdavowk5haxv3f7sm

Computable Bounds in Fork-Join Queueing Systems

Amr Rizk, Felix Poloczek, Florin Ciucu
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGMETRICS International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems - SIGMETRICS '15  
We consider four practical scenarios by combining 1a) renewal and 1b) non-renewal arrivals, and 2a) non-blocking and 2b) blocking servers.  ...  In a Fork-Join (FJ) queueing system an upstream fork station splits incoming jobs into N tasks to be further processed by N parallel servers, each with its own queue; the response time of one job is determined  ...  CONCLUSIONS In this paper we have provided the first computable and non-asymptotic bounds on the waiting and response time distributions in Fork-Join queueing systems.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2745844.2745859 dblp:conf/sigmetrics/RizkPC15 fatcat:oauaewv4mjhnlmfeaghe4wj7gu

Resonant Steel Tuning Forks for Precise Inline Viscosity and Mass Density Measurements in Harsh Environments

Martin Heinisch, Ali Abdallah, Isabelle Dufour, Bernhard Jakoby
2014 Procedia Engineering  
Conclusion and Outlook The usage of a steel tuning fork for viscosity and mass density measurements showed to be very promising for inline measurements and achieving good accuracies.  ...  However, these quartz tuning forks are very delicate and thus might be easily damaged during cleaning or the regular measurement process.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2014.11.366 fatcat:fb7kscbn5zbbxbfsn5dpvvvtwq

Tuning-Fork Atomic Force Microscope Cantilever Encoder and Applications for Displacement and In-Plane Rotation Angle Measurement

Chen Xiaomei, Koenders Ludger, Wolff Helmut, Härtig Frank
2011 Procedia Engineering  
The criteria for the angle measurement are explained and the measurement data are shown.  ...  One tuning-fork cantilever integrated in a home-built atomic force microscope (AFM) has been investigated to be used as an encoder for real-time forward or backward displacement measurement when paired  ...  Acknowledgements Many thanks to Mr H Neddermeyer for his help with investigating and developing electrical hardware.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2011.12.138 fatcat:fzcpdxg2b5eqdoeahoiibpclnq

A simple and effective testbench for quartz tuning fork characterization and sensing applications

G. Scandurra, G. Cannata, G. Giusi, C. Ciofi
2015 2015 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) Proceedings  
A test and measurement system for the characterization of standard 32 kHz tuning fork crystal based sensors is proposed.  ...  This full text paper was peer-reviewed at the direction of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society prior to the acceptance and publication. 978-1-4799-6144-6/15/$31.00 ©2015 IEEE  ...  The most common, cheap and easily available tuning forks are those used in clocking circuits, including electronic watches, operating at the standard frequency of 32768 Hz.  ... 
doi:10.1109/i2mtc.2015.7151566 dblp:conf/i2mtc/ScandurraCGC15 fatcat:m6huvn74frawbnqcy66yszzgce

Measurement of Overflow Density in Spiral Classifiers Using a Vibrating Fork Densitometer with Accuracy Evaluation

Sidney Viana
2016 Brazilian Journal of Instrumentation and Control  
This work concerns the application of a vibrating fork densitometer to the measurement of overflow density in spiral classifiers.  ...  In this context, this work describes the application of a vibrating fork densitometer for overflow density measurement in spiral classifiers.  ...  Vibrating fork or tuning fork densitometers [3] measure the vibrating frequency of a resonant fork inserted in the process liquid.  ... 
doi:10.3895/bjic.v3n1.4451 fatcat:buykj5ownvb7flkmpneuwn5kne

Fork-Coupled Resonators for High-Frequency Characterization of Dielectric Substrate Materials

Ali Hussein Muqaibel, Ahmad Safaai-Jazi, Sedki M. Riad
2006 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement  
An important advantage of the fork microstrip resonator is attributed to its single-layer geometry and easier manufacturing processes.  ...  Comparison of measurement results from the fork resonator with those obtained with a stripline resonator suggests that the proposed resonator offers a superior performance For pre-prints please write to  ...  An important advantage of the fork microstrip resonator is attributed to its single-layer geometry and easier manufacturing processes.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tim.2006.884390 fatcat:rxogpu22ovg65pagauw5bscuh4

XIV. Some Very Accurate Measurements of the Amplitude of Vibration of Tuning Fork Prongs

Robert Sonnenschein
1929 Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology  
The forks were activated electrically, and the intensity of sound was measured with the sound meter of Mr. Eisenhour.  ...  SOME VERY ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS OF THE AMPLITUDE OF VIBRATION OF TUNING FORK PRONGS.* By Rospert SONNENSCHEIN, M. D., CHICAGO.  ... 
doi:10.1177/000348942903800114 fatcat:xsrjfntr5vgxdofljeshh3pqkq

Small mass measurements for tuning fork-based atomic force microscope cantilever spring constant calibration [chapter]

Gordon A. Shaw, Jon R. Pratt, Zeina J. Jabbour
2011 MEMS and Nanotechnology, Volume 2  
A mass change from the electrochemical dissolution of tungsten wire has been measured using a commercial microbalance, and applied to a dynamic calibration of the spring constant of a tuning fork oscillator  ...  The spring constant measured using the dynamic method agreed within experimental uncertainty with that determined using an instrumented indenter, however an improved model for the indenter's contact mechanics  ...  Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Stuart Smith and Barton Nowakowski of The University of North Carlolina-Charlotte, and Patrick Abbott of NIST for helpful discussions.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4419-8825-6_8 fatcat:bt6yxv4iybeync3qtg6onr6u2e

A method of precisely measuring the vibratory periods of tuning-forks

A.M. Mayer
1886 The London Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science  
The determination of the vibration-period of the fork is obviously given by counting the number of waves in the trace, and measuring the fraction of a wave with a microscope-micrometer.  ...  This research has as its object the elaboration of a method for measuring accurately the times of vibration of tuning-forks, and the determination of the laws of their vibrations with reference to the  ... 
doi:10.1080/14786448608627847 fatcat:s2pumwisyncwdpwd2x5cfoo3aq
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