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May all your wishes come true

Andrew B. Goldberg, Nathanael Fillmore, David Andrzejewski, Zhiting Xu, Bryan Gibson, Xiaojin Zhu
2009 Proceedings of Human Language Technologies: The 2009 Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics on - NAACL '09   unpublished
A wish is "a desire or hope for something to happen."  ...  We present an in-depth analysis of this collection of wishes. We then leverage this unique resource to conduct the first study on building general "wish detectors" for natural language text.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the Times Square Alliance for providing the WISH corpus, and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. AG is supported in part by a Yahoo! Key Technical Challenges Grant.  ... 
doi:10.3115/1620754.1620793 fatcat:b63u4fdeqvgm5fnwte746rfx2e

True Grid [chapter]

Barry Smith
2001 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper presents Alberti's ontology of pictorial representation, and it shows how this ontology can be generalized from pictures to other sorts of veridical representations of reality, including cartographic  ...  Alberti's theory of painting influenced Leonardo da Vinci and Dürer and it has remained influential in our own day in the work on pictorial perception of J. J. Gibson.  ...  Acknowledgements Support from the American Philosophical Society, and from the NSF (Research Grant BCS-9975557: "Geographic Categories: An Ontological Investigation") is gratefully acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-45424-1_2 fatcat:a6x7z3m2ojbopfohh6stsfv4ze

Being True, Sounding False

John T. Lysaker
2020 European Journal of American Studies  
allowing us to think anew about conceptual continua and how they come to be and pass away. because a true word, everywhere, is a samizdat "To write," Anne Michaels 25 I hope you have some sense of what  ...  Error not only awaits our ventures, it generates them as well, and to live in acknowledgement of that is to be poised forBeing True, Sounding False European journal of American studies, 15-1 | 2020  ...  ABSTRACTS The essay explores multiple senses of "true," arguing that truth not only has a performative sense, but that certain performances can themselves be true as when a friend is a true friend.  ... 
doi:10.4000/ejas.15592 fatcat:ctazcdi3sbf77hbxvtfw6e3tje


1908 Journal of the American Medical Association  
knowledge of medicine and including all the scientific studies which in all countries are recognized as essential for obtaining the degree of M.D.  ...  of those who would practice at the present time a degree, earned in a school after years of preparation and study; formerly one, then two, now three, and shortly it may be four years, to say naught of  ...  will further the interests of dentistry and stomatology as a unit, and to oppose seriously any action that would tend to separate them.  ... 
doi:10.1001/jama.1908.25310270007001a fatcat:jjjprfhbqra3bhx4ygovjxmtky


Yves Gendron
2020 Revista Sociedade, Contabilidade e Gestão  
Esse ensaio desenvolve o argumento de a cobrança/os ventos da internacionalização ameaçam a contextualidade e significado da pesquisa contábil qualitativa, especialmente quando internacionalização implica  ...  Por fim, faço algumas sugestões que podem auxiliar a manter a internacionalização sob vigilância e, talvez, atenuar seus efeitos negativos na contextualidade dos esforços de pesquisa qualitativa.  ...  The latter is based on a list of 50 journals in the domain of business, all of them being published in English and most of them being closely affiliated with US academia (Burgess & Shaw, 2010; Grey, 2010  ... 
doi:10.21446/scg_ufrj.v14i4.31345 fatcat:ibef7zgpbncuzlp7cxblbvdrvy

Blessings of Mahāguru Prayer – Understanding of the True Nature of Mind

Tashi Gelek
2022 Zenodo  
Although this is a prayer liturgy, it lucidly expounds the essence of Buddhism: the true nature of mind.  ...  ABSTRACT: The Mahāguru Prayer was a prayer by Yeshe Tsogyal to Guru Padmasambhava when he was about to leave Tibet.  ...  Like a wish-granting gem, without any obstructions, may all the connections or links to people or things become meaningful.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6945951 fatcat:sgn4nmhyt5eablm4zlorpyvjoy

True Self, True Work : Gendered Searching for Self and Work among Japanese Migrants in Vancouver, Canada

Etsuko KATO
2010 Japanese review of cultural anthropology  
, two characteristLcs are notable among Japanese sojourner-migrants in that city: seeking identification of their "true self' and doing "the work they really want to do."  ...  their personal searches. japan, where the idiom of "self-searching" CMbun-sagashD has become a cliche, sends thousands, of youths to various parts of the globe every year, in ¢ luding to Vtancouver, Canada  ...  true self"work, often wishing to work overseas.  ... 
doi:10.14890/jrca.11.0_47 fatcat:4i6zs2yqnzcipobknyl4neaoji

I Know This To Be True…

Kathy Brashears
2018 The Rural Educator  
This study is set in an elementary school located in a rural, Appalachian area and considers the reasons that teachers attribute to student success on state writing assessments as well as to what reasons  ...  Such indications have great implications for future studies in that the perceptions of teachers may be key in utilizing the results of standardized assessments.  ...  I wish I could remember the gentlemen's name, but I can't. The story goes, and it's true. It's a true story. There was a gentleman that was in business. And he was in the blueberry business.  ... 
doi:10.35608/ruraled.v27i2.494 fatcat:w5t6fitusjdtnpouil2gzrlbgi

"A True Picture of Emigration"

1928 Bulletin of the Business Historical Society  
"A True Picture of Emigration, or Fourteen Years in the Interior of North America" was published in England in 1848.  ...  Barrett of Kenilworth, Illinois, a life-time collector of rare books, to whom it had long been a favorite. The publishers are also indebted to Mr.  ...  Louis, and shall often have to come up into the country, you may pay for them when it is convenient, meanwhile I shall expect interest for my money."  ... 
doi:10.2307/3111079 fatcat:2zkbjkc7yfhrfahl77cj6cef6y

"A True Picture of Emigration"

1928 Business History Review  
"A True Picture of Emigration, or Fourteen Years in the Interior of North America" was published in England in 1848.  ...  Barrett of Kenilworth, Illinois, a life-time collector of rare books, to whom it had long been a favorite. The publishers are also indebted to Mr.  ...  Louis, and shall often have to come up into the country, you may pay for them when it is convenient, meanwhile I shall expect interest for my money."  ... 
doi:10.1017/s000768050000742x fatcat:wrbroewesvftrhopm6sksuphpe

The True Roger Bacon, I

Lynn Thorndike
1916 American Historical Review  
We see how much of a medieval friar and theologian and how little of a modern scientist Roger could be.  ...  It has been a favorite conjecture of students of Bacon that he incurred this condemnation by his leanings toward astrology and magic; when I come to discuss his opinions on those points, I shall show how  ...  ., he cited Grosseteste often, but Bacon seldom or never.'02 The treatment of geography in the Opus Maius is simply an intelligent compilation of well-known past writers, including the wretched work of  ... 
doi:10.2307/1835048 fatcat:o4vtsaqynbhu7fliha5vcqsyee

Dr. John Delamater, "True Physician"

1959 Academic Medicine  
I could come fresh to the ‘quiz,’ and to the resumption of the subject under study.  ...  John, however, preferred to study law, and finally a compromise was reached in medicine, a profession espoused by three uncles. One of them, his mother’s brother, Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1097/00001888-195901000-00004 fatcat:4thyv6jauvbd7mv5yqojma5jti

When Podcast Met True Crime

Line Seistrup Clausen, Stine Ausum Sikjær
2021 Leviathan Interdisciplinary Journal in English  
The true crime genre helped popularize the podcasting medium, and today, true crime podcasts hold a significant place within popular culture.  ...  This MA thesis examines the connection between the rise of the podcasting medium and the rise of the true crime genre.  ...  , simultaneously, a sense of belonging to a community, an audience, and a confidence that your imaginings, your radio visions, were the best and truest of them all" (39).  ... 
doi:10.7146/lev.v0i7.125213 fatcat:aw4gaw73fffz7pzwkser3q53rq

"Americanism," True and False

William Barry
1899 North American Review  
"* If this be so, men will ask, how comes a system of false doc trine to have thrust itself in the way, and usurped a name which it desecrates? That is a long but not a doubtful story.  ...  since America is not the home of such studies,?yet in a certain largeness of spirit, in a temper at once candid and virile, it did appear to them that the New World set them an ex ample.  ... 

"YOUR VIEWS SHOWED TRUE IGNORANCE!!!": (Mis)Communication in an online interracial discussion forum

Heidi McKee
2002 Computers and Composition  
I show that flaming cannot be easily identified as destructive communication because posts that seem to be violent attacks intended to shut down dialogue may be attempts by writers to educate other, and  ...  In this article I focus on the dynamics of interracial electronic communication by studying the asynchronous posts made by 75 students from across the country to an online Affirmative Action/Diversity  ...  When I read lines from the Diversity forum like: YOUR VIEWS SHOWED TRUE IGNORANCE HOW CAN YOU COMPARE A CAR TO A HUMAN BEING? HOW!!!!!!!!!!! STOP POINTING YOUR DIRTY FINGERS AT MINORITIES!  ... 
doi:10.1016/s8755-4615(02)00143-3 fatcat:f6vc7kohxnakzdcaucmrhni75e
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