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Semantic MediaWiki [chapter]

Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandečić, Max Völkel
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Semantic MediaWiki is an extension of MediaWiki -a widely used wiki-engine that also powers Wikipedia. Its aim is to make semantic technologies available to a broad community by smoothly integrating them with the established usage of MediaWiki. The software is already used on a number of productive installations world-wide, but the main target remains to establish "Semantic Wikipedia" as an early adopter of semantic technologies on the web. Thus usability and scalability are as important as
more » ... as important as powerful semantic features. 1 SMW is free software, and can be downloaded at semediawiki/ (current version 0.5). Sites on which SMW is already running are given below.
doi:10.1007/11926078_68 fatcat:bh4z7p6ejvao5cwa22w7quleka


Max Völkel
2006 Proceedings of the 2006 international symposium on Wikis - WikiSym '06  
Current Wiki engines are mostly monolithic applications which intermingle parser, user interface and data management backend. In this paper we show how these three components can be realised as lightweight, REST-style web services. We explain why this separation is useful and how the wiki community benefits from such an approach. Additionally, the presented wiki allows semantic statements and queries over the model.
doi:10.1145/1149453.1149486 dblp:conf/wikis/Volkel05 fatcat:ou5p7s5bdvhlnixgw4iawtygg4

Semantic Wikis for Personal Knowledge Management [chapter]

Eyal Oren, Max Völkel, John G. Breslin, Stefan Decker
2006 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Wikis are becoming popular knowledge management tools. Analysing knowledge management requirements, we observe that wikis do not fully support structured search and knowledge reuse. We show how Semantic wikis address the requirements and present a general architecture. We introduce our SemperWiki prototype which offers advanced information access and knowledge reuse. 1. authoring: codifying knowledge into information, enabling sharing 2. finding and reminding: finding and reminding of existing
more » ... inding of existing knowledge [17] 3. knowledge reuse: combining an existing body of knowledge [7] 4. collaboration: developing ideas through social interactions This material is based upon works supported by the Science Foundation Ireland under Grants No. SFI/02/CE1/I131 and SFI/04/BR/CS0694 and by the European Commission under the Nepomuk project FP6-027705. 3 our institutes use wikis for managing projects, clusters, and external collaborations; see for more anecdotes.
doi:10.1007/11827405_50 fatcat:l7vbxk6ofnbvnaijg2jtzuspj4

Conceptual data structures for personal knowledge management

Max Völkel, Heiko Haller, David Pauleen
2009 Online information review (Print)  
Völkel et al., 2008) . A first open source CDS back-end is implemented on the semantic web content repository (SWCR, Völkel, 2007) .  ...  The same direction can be observed in the larger fields of semantic desktop (Decker et al., 2005) and semantic wiki (Völkel and Schaffert, 2006) .  ...  Bio Max Völkel Max Völkel is working as a PhD student and Research Assistant at the Forschungzentrum für Informatik (FZI) at the Universität Karlsruhe(TH).  ... 
doi:10.1108/14684520910951221 fatcat:eta3n7h73rer5hwvorqlx3p5su

Unsupervised matching of object models and ontologies using canonical vocabulary

Matthias Quasthoff, Max Völkel, Christoph Meinel
2010 Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Semantic Systems - I-SEMANTICS '10  
This paper presents a new method for publishing and consuming RDF data using object-oriented programming. We improve Object Triple Mapping (OTM) by separating (1) the transformation process between object-oriented data and RDF data from (2) explaining the transformation results using established Semantic Web vocabulary. To achieve this separation, we introduce a canonical vocabulary for object models. As a result, the Semantic Web expertise required to develop RDF-enabled applications is reduced.
more » ... lications is reduced.
doi:10.1145/1839707.1839716 dblp:conf/i-semantics/QuasthoffVM10 fatcat:mx3ai4fod5dyfh6qvtzdup5iqi

A Semantic Web Content Model and Repository 1

Max Völkel
Therefore it makes a difference for browsing whether a user stated ("FZI""employs""Max") or ("Max""works for""FZI"). For this user, this is often an artificial distinction.  ... 

Die neuen Tools: Web 2.0, Semantic Wiki, Social Tagging & Co

Max Völkel, Heiko Haller, Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandecic
doi:10.5445/ir/1000093644 fatcat:gmcehfzsvbf7rdn2qxgp5aowma

Twenty-Four Hour Human Urine and Serum Profiles of Bisphenol A during High-Dietary Exposure

Justin G. Teeguarden, Antonia M. Calafat, Xiaoyum Ye, Daniel R. Doerge, Mona I. Churchwell, Rudy Gunawan, Morgan K. Graham
2011 Toxicological Sciences  
The TOT BPA urine concentration T max was 2.75 h (range, 0.75-5.75 h) post-meal, lagging the serum concentration T max by~1 h.  ...  The upper bound (i.e., LOD/ C max ) of the BPA/ TOT BPA ratio at C max in humans after oral exposure to BPA is 0.01 (1%) (Volkel et al., 2002) , which is between the range reported for nonhuman primates  ...  The serum TOT BPA T max following dietary exposure in our study, 1.6 h, was slightly longer than the 1.3 h T max observed by Volkel et al. (2002) , possibly representing the difference between oral bolus  ... 
doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfr160 pmid:21705716 fatcat:z2csldlcsndrbfyooxutdafgcm

Evaluation of Oral and Intravenous Route Pharmacokinetics, Plasma Protein Binding, and Uterine Tissue Dose Metrics of Bisphenol A: A Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Approach

Justin G. Teeguarden, John M. Waechter, Harvey J. Clewell, Tammie R. Covington, Hugh A. Barton
2005 Toxicological Sciences  
., 2000; Völkel et al., 2002) .  ...  The rates of metabolism and uptake both influence BPA T max and C max , but the rate of uptake has a stronger influence on BPA T max .  ... 
doi:10.1093/toxsci/kfi135 pmid:15746009 fatcat:n2kkrvonsjao7ka3rwvfue6pqy

Similarity of Bisphenol A Pharmacokinetics in Rhesus Monkeys and Mice: Relevance for Human Exposure

Julia A. Taylor, Frederick S. vom Saal, Wade V. Welshons, Bertram Drury, George Rottinghaus, Patricia A. Hunt, Pierre-Louis Toutain, Céline M. Laffont, Catherine A. VandeVoort
2011 Environmental Health Perspectives  
For unconjugated serum 3 H-BPA in mice, the C max was 3.28 ng/mL at 1 hr (T max ).  ...  The C max is the maximum concentration in serum.  ... 
doi:10.1289/ehp.1002514 pmid:20855240 pmcid:PMC3080921 fatcat:aanhxbqwezbtdjsai3n2ycgi4e

New Publications

1908 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Max Völkel. , Kasan. 1908. 4to. 46 pp. Paper. Brown, Ernest W. The inequalities in the motion of the Moon due to the direct action of the planets. Cambridge. 1908. 4to. xii -f-92 pp.  ... 
doi:10.1086/121856 fatcat:drq5tyutgjb4rmwczw4iafsjme

Redox regulation of mitochondrial sulfide oxidation in the lugworm, Arenicola marina

T. M. Hildebrandt, M. K. Grieshaber
2008 Journal of Experimental Biology  
Purification procedures A mitochondrially enriched particulate fraction was prepared from the body wall musculature of A. marina, as described in Völkel and Grieshaber (Völkel and Grieshaber, 1997) .  ...  (Völkel and Grieshaber, 1994) .  ...  , 1996; Völkel and Grieshaber, 1997) .  ... 
doi:10.1242/jeb.019729 pmid:18689415 fatcat:of7ymwkz5nh43nmgqrvo3uc6fi

Does Rapid Metabolism Ensure Negligible Risk from Bisphenol A?

Gary Ginsberg, Deborah C. Rice
2009 Environmental Health Perspectives  
et al. 2002 Völkel et al. , 2008 .  ...  conjugated BPA ratio was much greater in fetus; may reflect altered conjugation/deconjugation balance in fetal compartment; data from early period before enterohepatic circulation created a secondary C max  ... 
doi:10.1289/ehp.0901010 pmid:20049111 pmcid:PMC2801165 fatcat:z5p5wkr2onfszf2disbkk6lmm4

Development of a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for assessment of human exposure to bisphenol A

Xiaoxia Yang, Daniel R. Doerge, Justin G. Teeguarden, Jeffrey W. Fisher
2015 Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology  
., 2012; Volkel et al., 2005; Völkel et al., 2002) . After oral administration of BPA in a hard gelatin capsule, BPA was rapidly and completely absorbed (Volkel et al., 2005; Völkel et al., 2002) .  ...  Völkel, Dekant and Popa-Henning (Fisher et al., 2011) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.taap.2015.10.016 pmid:26522835 fatcat:xzaixrespbeylpr2udxal6n5i4


2017 Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift  
-Klinik für HNO, MedUni Wien; Herr Karl Kremser, Teaching Center, MedUni Wien Im Anschluss: Workshops zu beiden Themen (je ca. 45 Minuten, je max. 20 TeilnehmerInnen) Das 1893 errichtete Billrothhaus  ...  Dienstag, 04. 04. 2017, 19:00 Uhr (Festsaal) Dienstag, 04. 04. 2017, 19:00 Uhr (Große Bibliothek) Hot Topic: Regelung der Ordi na - tionsnachfolge Vortrag: Herr Oliver Völkel, Rechtsan- walt für Ärzte-und  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00508-017-1185-z fatcat:zc73yfmvkrej3omlg7uhi7cxo4
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