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High-Throughput Parallel Viterbi Decoder on GPU Tensor Cores [article]

Alireza Mohammadidoost, Matin Hashemi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Hashemi are with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. E-mails:, (corresponding author).  ... 
arXiv:2011.13579v1 fatcat:ax2gw4qrxffjtabuepix4klwyi

Active Learning of Causal Structures with Deep Reinforcement Learning [article]

Amir Amirinezhad, Saber Salehkaleybar, Matin Hashemi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
E-mails:, (corresponding author), Webpage: prior assumption on the data generation mechanism.  ... 
arXiv:2009.03009v1 fatcat:po7v5wv6dzfxti7oozixxnkc7y

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Mohammad H. Foroozannejad, Matin Hashemi, Trevor L. Hodges, Soheil Ghiasi
2010 SIGPLAN notices  
 Infinite sequence of data items  At any given time, operates on a small window of this sequence  Moves forward in data space 5 5 2 6 4 1 8 9 3 input output -1 7 2 0.4 7.2 1 //53°around the z axis const R[3][3]={ {0.6,-0.8, 0.0}, {0.8, 0.6, 0.0}, {0.0, 0.0, 1.0}} Rotation3D { for (i=0; i<3; i++) for (j=0; j<3; j++) B[i] += R[i][j] * A[j] } Application Model  Data Flow Graph  Vertices or Actors  functions, computations  Edges  data dependency, communication between actors  Execution
more » ... l  any actor can perform its computation whenever all necessary input data are available on incoming edges. Application Model  An example Data Flow Graph: Vocoder Duplicate splitter DFT Round robin joiner DFT DFT DFT DFT DFT Round robin splitter Duplicate splitter FIR Smoothing Identity Round robin joiner Deconvolve Round robin splitter Liner Interpolator Round robin joiner Multiplier Decimator Liner Interpolator Decimator Round robin joiner Phase unwrapper Const Multiplier Linear Interpolator Decimator
doi:10.1145/1755951.1755894 fatcat:2jtxbiluzverpepwm7oxnwqjlm

ParaLiNGAM: Parallel Causal Structure Learning for Linear non-Gaussian Acyclic Models [article]

Amirhossein Shahbazinia, Saber Salehkaleybar, Matin Hashemi
2021 arXiv   pre-print
E-mails:, (Corresponding author),  ... 
arXiv:2109.13993v1 fatcat:7rdxdlrtqvczvd6ombvzzstuse

High-Throughput and Memory-Efficient Parallel Viterbi Decoder for Convolutional Codes on GPU [article]

Alireza Mohammadidoost, Matin Hashemi
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Hashemi are with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. E-mails:, (corresponding author).  ... 
arXiv:2011.09337v1 fatcat:kycpevflbzemlme5vv4fawtfkm

gIM: GPU Accelerated RIS-based Influence Maximization Algorithm [article]

Soheil Shahrouz, Saber Salehkaleybar, Matin Hashemi
2021 arXiv   pre-print
E-mails:,,  ... 
arXiv:2009.07325v2 fatcat:fjvj7mszpjgs7beuer2ownjkwu

Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and liquid chromatographic determination of pentachlorophenol in water

Khalil Farhadi, Mir Farajzadeh, Amir Matin, Paria Hashemi
2009 Open Chemistry  
AbstractA simple and sensitive dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction method for extraction and preconcentration of pentachlorophenol (PCP) in water samples is presented. After adjusting the sample pH to 3, extraction was performed in the presence of 1% W/V sodium chloride by injecting 1 mL acetone as disperser solvent containing 15 μL tetrachloroethylene as extraction solvent. The proposed DLLME method was followed by HPLC-DAD for determination of PCP. It has good linearity (0.994) with wide
more » ... linear dynamic range (0.1–1000 μg L−1) and low detection limit (0.03 μg L−1), which makes it suitable for determination of PCP in water samples.
doi:10.2478/s11532-009-0013-3 fatcat:xazmg3b3ffhntfmeyo7xseqs2m

Exact and Approximate Task Assignment Algorithms for Pipelined Software Synthesis

Matin Hashemi, Soheil Ghiasi
2008 2008 Design, Automation and Test in Europe  
Pipelined execution of streaming applications enable processing of high-throughput data under performance constraint. We present an integrated approach to synthesizing pipelined software for dual-core architectures. We target streaming applications modeled as task graphs that are amenable to static analysis. We develop a versatile task assignment algorithm that considers the combined effect of workload imbalance between processors and inter-processor communication. Our technique, which runs in
more » ... seudo-linear time, provably maximizes application throughput. Furthermore, we develop an approximation algorithm for task assignment whose complexity is strictly polynomial. It provides the designer with an adjustable knob to controllably trade solution quality with algorithm runtime and memory requirement. Empirical throughput measurements using an FPGA-based dual-core system validate our theoretical results. Our exact algorithm consistently outperforms a recent competitor. Compared to exact task assignment, the approximate method runs about 3 times faster, requires about 20 times less memory, and results in only 1% to 5% throughput loss.
doi:10.1109/date.2008.4484768 dblp:conf/date/HashemiG08 fatcat:23qaqwqqtjcpnkugdgm5wp2tzi

System-Level Performance Estimation for Application-Specific MPSoC Interconnect Synthesis

Po-Kuan Huang, Matin Hashemi, Soheil Ghiasi
2008 2008 Symposium on Application Specific Processors  
We present a framework for development of streaming applications as concurrent software modules running on multi-processors system-on-chips (MPSoC). We propose an iterative design space exploration mechanism to customize MPSoC architecture for given applications. Central to the exploration engine is our system-level performance estimation methodology, that both quickly and accurately determine quality of candidate architectures. We implemented a number of streaming applications on candidate
more » ... itectures that were emulated on an FPGA. Hardware measurements show that our systemlevel performance estimation method incurs only 15% error in predicting application throughput. More importantly, it always correctly guides design space exploration by acheiving 100% fidelity in quality-ranking candidate architectures. Compared to behavioral simulation of compiled code, our system-level estimator runs more than 12 times faster, and requires 7 times less memory.
doi:10.1109/sasp.2008.4570792 dblp:conf/sasp/HuangHG08 fatcat:gh2mwdfghjgp7je4n6l42tvgge

Puzzle solver accelerators make excellent capstone design projects

Soheil Ghiasi, Matin Hashemi, Volodymyr Khibin, Faisal Khan
2011 2011 IEEE International Conference on Microelectronic Systems Education  
We present a computer engineering capstone design project course focused on accelerating intensive computations via integration of application-specific co-processors with digital processor systems. We propose utilization of puzzle solvers as attractive, scalable and simple-to-understand applications to engage students with practicing a number of fundamental concepts in algorithm design, HW-SW co-design, computer architecture, and beyond. While advocating a contest setup for the course, we
more » ... s several well-specified milestones that enable balancing students' creativity and freedom in design choices with ensuring timely progress towards the end goal of the class. We report our observations with the only offering of the class so far, which resulted in successful project completion by all students, and their supportive feedback.
doi:10.1109/mse.2011.5937082 dblp:conf/mse/GhiasiHKK11 fatcat:vxf3c6r625gynkvkdiq6rz4dbe

Molecular docking based screening of Listeriolysin-O for improved inhibitors

Sara Ghafari, Matin Komeilian, Mohaddese sadat Hashemi, Sareh Oushani, Garshasb Rigi, Behnam Rashidieh, Kamran Yarahmadi, Fatemeh Khoddam
2017 Bioinformation  
Listeriolysine-O (LLO) is a 50KDa protein responsible for Listeria monocytogenes pathogenicity. The structure of LLO (PDB ID: 4CDB) with domains D1 to D4 is known. Therefore, it is of interest to identify conserved regions among LLO variants for destabilizing oligomerization (50 mer complex) of its monomers using appropriate inhibitors. Therefore, it is of interest to identify suitable inhibitors for inhibiting LLO. Previous reports suggest the use of flavanoids like compounds for inhibiting
more » ... . Our interest is to identify improved compounds to destabilize LLO oligomerization. We used a library (Zinc database) containing 200,000 drug-like compounds against LLO using molecular docking based screening. This resulted in five hits that were further analyzed for pharmacological properties. The hit #1 (2-methyloctadecane-1, 3, 4-triol) was further refined using appropriate modifications for creating a suitable pharmacophore model LLO inhibition. The modified compound (1-(4-Cyclopent-3-enyl-6, 7-dihydroxy-8-hydroxymethyl-nona-2, 8-dienylideneamino)-penta-1,4-dien-3-one) shows fitting binding properties with LLO with no undesirable pharmacological properties such as toxicity.
doi:10.6026/97320630013160 pmid:28690383 pmcid:PMC5498783 fatcat:mwxr6r67f5akzj2zqv2jzl72ye

Removal of malachite green from aqueous solutions using molecularly imprinted polymer

Khalil Farhadi, Amir Abbas Matin, Paria Hashemi
2010 Desalination and Water Treatment  
Efficiency of malachite green molecularly imprinted polymer (MGIP) as a selective adsorbent in removal of malachite green (MG) from aqueous solutions was evaluated by using the batch adsorption experiments. Adsorption kinetics and effects of various parameters such as solution pH, adsorbent dose and initial MG concentration were investigated. Under optimized conditions (adsorbent dose 20 mg, solution pH 7, contact time 5 min), equilibrium experimental data at 293, 303, and 313 K were
more » ... by Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms and the thermodynamic parameters such as ÁG , ÁH , and ÁS were also calculated. Results briefly show that adsorption of MG by MGIP obeys pseudo-second order lagergren kinetic model and Langmuir-1 isotherm. The capacity of proposed sorbent was determined as 303.03, 285.71 and 416.66 mg g À1 at 293, 303 and 313 K, respectively.
doi:10.5004/dwt.2010.1125 fatcat:m27atvl6irh7bgz3il374nqjrq

Towards scalable utilization of embedded manycores in throughput-sensitive applications

Matin Hashemi, Soheil Ghiasi
2011 2011 IEEE International High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop  
Variants of dataflow specification models are widely used to synthesize streaming applications for distributed-memory parallel processors. We argue that current practice of specifying streaming applications using rigid dataflow models, implicitly prohibits a number of platform oriented optimizations and hence, has limited portability and scalability with respect to number of processors. We motivate Functionally-cOnsistent stRucturally-MalLEabe Streaming Specification, dubbed FORMLESS, which
more » ... rs to raising the abstraction level beyond fixed-structure dataflow to address its portability and scalability limitations. To demonstrate the potential of the idea, we develop a design space exploration scheme to customize the application model for the target platform. Experiments with several common streaming case studies demonstrate improved portability and scalability over conventional dataflow specification models, and confirm the effectiveness of our approach.
doi:10.1109/hldvt.2011.6113985 dblp:conf/hldvt/HashemiG11 fatcat:oh6mk7askrg5jfeabfxjqbpyt4


Matin Hashemi, Mohammad H. Foroozannejad, Soheil Ghiasi, Christoph Etzel
2012 Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED International Conference on Languages, Compilers, Tools and Theory for Embedded Systems - LCTES '12  
doi:10.1145/2248418.2248429 dblp:conf/lctrts/HashemiFGE12 fatcat:7ogchwk4rbfehcaz36m5ia4y24

Throughput-driven synthesis of embedded software for pipelined execution on multicore architectures

Matin Hashemi, Soheil Ghiasi
2009 ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems  
ACM Reference Format: Hashemi, M. and Ghiasi, S. 2009. Throughput-driven synthesis of embedded software for pipelined execution on multi-core architectures.  ...  Hashemi and S. Ghiasi, University of California, Davis; email: hashemi@  ...  Hashemi and S. Ghiasi and high-confidence development of embedded systems [Sztipanovits et al. 2005; Meeting 2006 ].  ... 
doi:10.1145/1457255.1457258 fatcat:w67jzgxhvjhm7pfx7wbgqnjlym
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