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Routing and Network Coding over a Cyclic Network for Online Video Gaming [article]

Marwa Dammak, Iryna Andriyanova, Yassine Boujelben, Noura Sellami
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Online video games are getting more popular, attracting a continuously growing number of players. The main performance metrics of this application on the network level are packet ordering, communication throughput and transmission latency. Nowadays there is an interest in cyclic logical network topologies for online gaming, due to the easiness to preserve the packet order over cycles.Unfortunately, this approach increases the end-to-end transmission delays. In our paper, two main contributions
more » ... re therefore presented. Firstly, it is shown that one can improve the latency of a gaming protocol over a single-cycle topology by the network coding (NC) approach. The corresponding NC-based routing protocol has been designed and analysed; it outperforms the best routing protocol without NC. Secondly, from the NC viewpoint, the example of online gaming is not a trivial one, given that the corresponding communication protocol is not multicast. Therefore, it is shown that there exists a NC gain (namely, up to 14% in transmission latency) even in case of a mixed communication protocol with broadcast and unicast transmission flows.
arXiv:1803.11102v1 fatcat:33beg4kdtrbt7eqotwybe2hlhu

Anisotropic Visco-Elastoplastic Modeling of Quasi-Unidirectional Flax Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Behavior: An Investigation on Low-Velocity Impact Response

Marwa Abida, Jamel Mars, Florian Gehring, Alexandre Vivet and Fakhreddine Dammak
2018 Journal of Renewable Materials  
Based on experimental test results, flax fiber reinforced polymer composites are characterized by nonlinear visco-elastoplastic behavior. The aim of this work is to model the quasi-unidirectional flax fiber reinforced composite behavior through a three dimensional formulation with orthotropic elasticity and orthotropic plasticity using Hill criterion. The isotropic hardening and Johnson Cook parameters are identified from unidirectional tensile tests at different strain rates. The adjustment of
more » ... Hill's yield criterion is developed based on yield stresses obtained in tensile tests at different directions. The numerical integration of the constitutive equations is implemented in a user-defined material, UMAT subroutines for the commercial finite element code ABAQUS. Once model parameters are identified using tensile tests, the model needs to be validated by confronting it with other experimental results. That is why experimental and numerical three-point bending tests are carried out in order to validate the proposed model with tests that have not served for the identification. Finally, a numerical parametric study on low velocity impact of a flax/epoxy composite circular plate is investigated.
doi:10.32604/jrm.2018.01897 fatcat:nlzqbusaijga3cwtvctdedtchi

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2020 2020 5th International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Signal and Image Processing (ATSIP)  
processing Taissir Fekih Romdhane, Ridha Ouni and Mohamed Atri MAD-84 Automatic Recognition of Epileptiform EEG Abnormalities Using Machine Learning Olfa Ben Sassi, Ahmed Ben Hamida, Chokri Mhiri and Mariem Dammak  ...  Amina Serir IVP-4 A Comparative Study of Fingerprint Enhancement Algorithms Sarra Hajri and Fathi Kallel And Ahmed Ben Hamida IVP-40 AI-based pilgrim detection using convolutional neural networks Marwa  ... 
doi:10.1109/atsip49331.2020.9231628 fatcat:gusm6b6qhbg6tpnrx3yrfzfrba

Clustering Arabic Tweets for Sentiment Analysis

Diab Abuaiadah, Dileep Rajendran, Mustafa Jarrar
2017 2017 IEEE/ACS 14th International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA)  
Visiting Mobile Node Authentication Protocol for Proxy MIPv6-Based NEtwork Mobility.  Salma Dammak, Faiza Ghozzi and Faiez Gargouri.  ...  An overview on loop tiling techniques for code generation.  Manel Takrouni, Marwa Gdhaifi, Azer Hasnaoui, Ikbel Mejri and Salem Hasnaoui.  ... 
doi:10.1109/aiccsa.2017.162 dblp:conf/aiccsa/AbuaiadahRJ17 fatcat:t63au2drvrbo3fulnxkunb7kvy

Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Membranes in 2021

Membranes Editorial Office
2022 Membranes  
Elkady, Marwa Raasakka, Arne Elma, Muthia Raceanu, Mircea El-Newehy, Mohamed Rafiq,  ...  Dadashi Firouzjaei, Mostafa Park, Seong-Jik D’Agostino, Carmine Parkinson, Bruce Dammak  ... 
doi:10.3390/membranes12020155 fatcat:eir3l7dtqjc4dldprmg3fs3a74

Optimization of Exopolysaccharides Production by Porphyridium sordidum and their Potential to Induce Defense Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana against Fusarium oxysporum

Marwa Drira, Jihen Elleuch, Hajer Ben Hlima, Faiez Hentati, Christine Gardarin, Christophe Rihouey, Didier Le Cerf, Philippe Michaud, Slim Abdelkafi, Imen Fendri
2021 Biomolecules  
[12] and Dammak et al. [13] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/biom11020282 pmid:33672873 pmcid:PMC7918794 fatcat:qusjq665ubc67hnfnqawtwvbfi

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Applied Sciences in 2019

Applied Sciences Editorial Office
2020 Applied Sciences  
Damljanovic, Danica Damma, Devaiah Dammak, Lasaad Danan, Yossef Danese, Alberto Daneshgar, Saba Danesh-Sani, Seyed Amir Daneshvar, Hossein Dang, Thanh Duc Dang, Vinh Dang, Zhiya Dang  ...  Emad Hasan, Md Mehedi Hasan, Mehedi Hasanian, Mostafa Hasegawa, Hiromasa Hasegawa, Morifumi Haselbach, Philipp Ulrich Hashemian, Leila Hashim, Hairulazwan Hashizume, Yoichiro Hassan, Ibrahim Hassan, Marwa  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10020725 fatcat:j7pcmb6esbafpa6vqkqs5apsye

Unit commitment considering multiple charging and discharging scenarios of plug-in electric vehicles

Zhile Yang, Kang Li, Qun Niu, Aoife Foley
2015 2015 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)  
Mackay and Paul Fergus P212 Real-Time Video Object Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network [#15632] Byungik Ahn P213 A novel dictionary learning algorithm for image representation [#15793] Mouna Dammak  ...  Learning Process in Multi-Layer Feed-Forward Neural Networks [#15238] Sean Shensheng Xu and Chi-Chung Cheung P104 Negotiation process for bi-objective multi-agent flexible neural tree model [#15670] Marwa  ... 
doi:10.1109/ijcnn.2015.7280446 dblp:conf/ijcnn/YangLNF15 fatcat:6xlakikcfzfyhhm2spooe2j7ra

Les signataires du Livre blanc « Une science ouverte dans une République numérique » : Les membres du Comité exécutif du projet d'Investissement d'Avenir ISTEX : Grégory COLCANAP, Coordonnateur du Consortium Couperin Livre blanc-Une Science ouverte dans une République numérique-Guide stratégique d'applications

Renaud Fabre, Directeur De La, Jean-Marie Pierrel, Les Grands
Chalgham, Abderrahmane Fadil, Abdelaziz Dammak. « Le Data Mining pour l'aide à la décision en géomarketing ». exploitable par un système de traitement automatisé ». 135.  ...  standard ouvert, aisément réutilisable et Les zones à régime restrictif peuvent inclure, dans leur périmètre, des locaux dont la protection renforcée est justifiée par 49 53 Marwa  ... 

Creation of a national agency for Open Science [chapter]

Scientific and Technical Information
White Paper — Open Science in a Digital Republic — Strategic Guide  
NOTES 11 . 11 Marwa Chalgham, Abderrahmane Fadil and Abdelaziz Dammak, Le Data Mining pour l'aide à la décision en géomarketing (Datamining as a decision support tool in geomarketing), ROADEF -15 e congrès  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.oep.1753 fatcat:wrlfwxvyifco7fcofsrhd4vj2u


Wordsworth Harold Zaminhlanhla Ndlela
Within this, is a cooperatives incentive scheme (CIS) that gives grants to cooperatives provided they can prove that they are able to grow, and be sustainable (Mushonga, Arun, and Marwa, 2019) .  ...  A crucial epistemological assumption of the interpretivism paradigm is that knowledge is socially constructed (Dammak, 2015) , and as such rather than testing assumptions, the researcher acts as a spectator  ... 
doi:10.17638/03161103 fatcat:6fkf4v4xy5ewbpqmkv4skc3gpe