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Notes on New Caledonian Pandanaceae: Identity and Typifications of Pandanus Decumbens (Brongn.) Solms and Pandanus Reticulatus Vieill., with the New Species Pandanus Letocartiorum Callm. & Buerki

Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki
2013 Candollea  
. & Buerki.  ...  BUERKI (2013). Notes on New Caledonian Pandanaceae: identity and typifications of Pandanus decumbens (Brongn.)  ...  Une nouvelle espèce est décrite, Pandanus letocartiorum Callm. & Buerki caractérisée par son port, sa drupe et ses stigmates.  ... 
doi:10.15553/c2013v681a4 fatcat:j7jdcsocfjh47cvxfikvdk3fke

Benstonea Callm. & Buerki (Pandanaceae): Characterization, Circumscription, and Distribution of a New Genus of Screw-Pines, with a Synopsis of Accepted Species

Martin W. Callmander, Porter P. Lowry, Félix Forest, Dion S. Devey, Henk Beentje, Sven Buerki
2012 Candollea  
. & Buerki, making the necessary new combinations for the 50 recognized species, accompanied by six lectotypifications, one epitytification and two neotypifications, and placing seventeen names in synonymy  ...  BUERKI (2012). Benstonea Callm. & Buerki: caractérisation, délimitation, distribution et taxonomie d'un nouveau genre de Pandanaceae, avec un synopsis des espèces acceptées. Candollea 67: 323-345.  ...  . & Buerki. Les nouvelles combinaisons nécessaires aux 50 espèces reconnues de ce nouveau genre sont accompagnées de six lectotypifications, une épitypification et deux néotypifications.  ... 
doi:10.15553/c2012v672a12 fatcat:jpy3adxlorharbd4xps5mhelu4

Révision de Pandanus sect. Foullioya Warb. (Pandanaceae) à Madagascar

Michel O. Laivao, Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki
2007 Zenodo  
., Callmander, Martin W., Buerki, Sven (2007): Révision de Pandanus sect. Foullioya Warb. (Pandanaceae) à Madagascar. Adansonia (3) 29 (1): 39-57  ...  . & Buerki. Une synonymie est établie entre P. bilamellatus et P. malgassicus alors que deux espèces ne trouvent pas leur place dans la section : P. barbellatus et P. boivinii.  ...  Pandanus humbertii Laivao, Callm. & Buerki, sp. nov. (Figs 2-4) Arbuscula gracilis, 1,5 m alta, trunco spinoso, 1-2 cm dia- metro, radicibus fulturosis paucis 0,3-1,2 m longis.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5370762 fatcat:j3zxnkptzvbvpfrigisrz7wshm

Révision du genre Bathiorhamnus Capuron (Rhamnaceae) endémique de Madagascar

Martin W Callmander, Peter B Phillipson, Sven Buerki
2008 Adansonia  
., Phillipson & Buerki, B. macrocarpus (Capuron) Callm., Phillipson & Buerki, B. reticulatus (Capuron) Callm., Phillipson & Buerki.  ...  ., Phillipson & Buerki, des forêts sèches de l'ouest et du nord et B. vohemarensis Callm., Phillipson & Buerki des forêts littorales situées autour de Vohémar au nord-est.  ...  Callm., Phillipson & Buerki (✚).  ... 
pmid:21866216 pmcid:PMC3159060 fatcat:qucisfwxrrgopjuifs455dkwju

A New Threatened Species of Pandanaceae From Northwestern Madagascar, Pandanus Sermolliana

Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki, Sébastien Wohlhauser
2008 Novon  
Pandanus sermolliana Callmander & Buerki (Pandanaceae) is described from humid forests in the Galoka mountain chain in northwestern Madagascar.  ...  Callmander & Buerki, sp. nov. TYPE: Madagascar. Prov.  ...  Buerki & S. Wohlhauser 367 (holotype, MO; isotypes, G, P, PH, TAN). Figure 1.  ... 
doi:10.3417/2007101 pmid:21750602 pmcid:PMC3132438 fatcat:bbhucs7ou5d2neigtiv4obilna

Nomenclatural Changes in the Malagasy Endemic Genus Tina Schult. (Sapindaceae)

Martin W. Callmander, Sven Buerki, Peter B. Phillipson
2011 Candollea  
(present in Madagascar and the Mascarene Islands), form a wellsupported clade within the widespread "Cupania Group" (BUERKI & al., 2009) .  ...  Tina antongiliensis (Capuron) Callm. & Buerki, comb. nova ϵ Tinopsis antongiliensis Capuron in Mém. Mus. Nat. Hist. Nat., sér. B, 19: 138. 1969.  ... 
doi:10.15553/c2011v661a13 fatcat:cazhnx3b2fh47ld4twgud46hse

A synoptic revision of the genusLepisanthesBlume (Sapindaceae) in Madagascar

Sven Buerki, Martin W. Callmander, Porter P. Lowry, Peter B. Phillipson
2009 Adansonia  
Lepisanthes chrysotricha (Capuron) Buerki, Callm. & Lowry, comb. et stat. nov. Choux) Buerki, Callm. & Lowry, comb. et stat. nov.  ...  Lepisanthes sambiranensis Buerki, Callm. & Lowry, sp. nov.  ... 
doi:10.5252/a2009n2a6 fatcat:cqnol5fl4vev3i37wpvky6x37a

Rediscovery of the Genus Tsingya Capuron (Sapindaceae) and Its Phylogenetic Position

Sven Buerki, Rebecca Doherty, Laurent Gautier, Martin W. Callmander
2014 Candollea  
BUERKI, S., D. R. DOHERTY, L. GAUTIER & M. W. CALLMANDER (2014). Rediscovery of the genus Tsingya Capuron (Sapindaceae) and its phylogenetic position. Candollea 69 : 195-200.  ...  Key-words SAPINDACEAE -Tsingya -Macphersonia group -Molecular Phylogeny Résumé BUERKI, S., D. R. DOHERTY, L. GAUTIER & M. W. CALLMANDER (2014).  ... 
doi:10.15553/c2014v692a12 fatcat:jwmen4qirreqboboavgdxfxfcy

Otto Warburg and his contributions to the screw pine family (Pandanaceae)

Martin W. Callmander, Robert Vogt, Anna Donatelli, Sven Buerki, Chiara Nepi
2021 Willdenowia  
= Benstonea korthalsii (Solms) Callm. & Buerki. Balf. f. ex Warb. in Engler, Pflanzenreich IV. 9 (Heft 3): 79. 1900.  ...  Pandanus rumphii Pandanus schlechteri Pandanus schlechteri is a synonym of P. decumbens (see Callmander & Buerki 2013) .  ...  . & Buerki, against the ignored and virtually unknown earlier homonym P. ornatus W.  ... 
doi:10.3372/wi.51.51101 fatcat:dq6una5t3rdqva5yythywul2za

Alectryon vitiensis: A New Species of Sapindaceae Endemic to Fiji

Sven Buerki, Porter P. Lowry, Jérôme Munzinger, Marika Tuiwawa, Alivereti Naikatini, Martin W. Callmander
2017 Novon  
Buerki et al. Alectryon (Sapindaceae) Endemic to Fiji  ...  As part of a collaborative research program being conducted on the systematics, evolution, and biogeography of Sapindaceae in Southeast Asia (Buerki et al. 2013a (Buerki et al. , 2013b and the Pacific  ... 
doi:10.3417/d-16-00006 fatcat:2uaa46cp7rbprc33mmvkuxspba

Spatio-temporal history of the endemic genera of Madagascar

Sven Buerki, Dion S. Devey, Martin W. Callmander, Peter B. Phillipson, Félix Forest
2013 Botanical journal of the Linnean Society  
(Sapindaceae; Buerki et al., 2011b) with the Mascarenes and Martellidendron (Pic. Serm.) Callm.& Chassot (Pandanaceae; Callmander et al., 2003; Buerki et al., 2012a) with the granitic Seychelles.  ...  For instance, results from the species-rich genera Pandanus Parkinson (Pandanaceae; Buerki et al., 2012a) and Impatiens L.  ... 
doi:10.1111/boj.12008 fatcat:nsmfhbelxvcmzob7pnqocnlsku

Novitates Neocaledonicae. II.Acropogon moratianusCallm., Munzinger & Lowry, sp. nov. (Malvaceae, Sterculieae): a rare and threatened new species from New Caledonia

Martin W. Callmander, Jérôme Munzinger, Sven Buerki, Porter P. Lowry
2015 Adansonia  
., Callmander, Buerki, Munzinger & Lowry 854 (holo-, P[P00722597]!; iso-, MO!, NOU!). PARATYPES. -New Caledonia.  ... 
doi:10.5252/a2015n1a8 fatcat:pgf2hqq3p5dtdb7y47iqltneoe

The phylogeography of an alpine leaf beetle: Divergence within Oreina elongata spans several ice ages

Matthias Borer, Nadir Alvarez, Sven Buerki, Nicolas Margraf, Martine Rahier, Russell E. Naisbit
2010 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution  
Kimura-2P distances were calculated among specimens based on the COI dataset using the R package APE following Wiemers and Fiedler (2007) and Buerki et al. (2009) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2010.08.017 pmid:20807580 fatcat:hhrxnqj6h5bmfllr3c6dwqjcx4

Molecular Phylogenetic and Morphological Evidence Supports Recognition of Gereaua, a New Endemic Genus of Sapindaceae from Madagascar

Sven Buerki, Porter P. Lowry II, Peter B. Phillipson, Martin W. Callmander
2010 Systematic Botany  
-TYPE: Gereaua perrieri (Capuron) Buerki & Callm. [= Haplocoelum perrieri Capuron].  ...  The infrafamilial classification follows Buerki et al. (2009) . See text for additional details.  ... 
doi:10.1600/036364410790862669 pmid:21857766 pmcid:PMC3157030 fatcat:hcjdo643cra7dgtegg6rpdlyy4

An updated infra‐familial classification of Sapindaceae based on targeted enrichment data

Sven Buerki, Martin W. Callmander, Pedro Acevedo‐Rodriguez, Porter P. Lowry, Jérôme Munzinger, Paul Bailey, Olivier Maurin, Grace E. Brewer, Niroshini Epitawalage, William J. Baker, Félix Forest
2021 American Journal of Botany  
.; Haplocoeleae Buerki & Callm.; Stadmanieae Buerki & Callm.; Tristiropsideae Buerki & Callm.; and Ungnadieae Buerki & Callm.  ...  Within Sapindoideae, six new tribes are described: Blomieae Buerki & Callm.; Guindilieae Buerki, Callm. & Acev.  ...  et al. (2009 Buerki et al. ( , 2010a Buerki et al. ( , 2010b Buerki et al. ( , 2011b)) .  ... 
doi:10.1002/ajb2.1693 fatcat:pkscb3mkx5fqzbd4hrwwcdt4ze
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