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Fabrication of carbon black- and graphene-supported PtSn electrocatalyst for glucose oxidation: electrochemical and surface studies

Mark Kenneth Gonzales, Hao Yuhn Hsu, Harris Fulo, Bernard John Tongol
2014 Acta Manilana  
The study aimed to prepare and characterize carbon black-and graphene-supported PtSn catalysts as possible electrocatalysts alternative for glucose oxidation. Carbon-based PtSn catalysts were successfully synthesized by the borohydride-facilitated reduction method as confirmed by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses. The XRD pattern also revealed the formation of PtSn nanoparticles of less than 5 nm size. The electro-oxidation of glucose on PtSn/C was
more » ... tudied by cyclic voltammetry at a potential range from -1.0 V to 0.6 V (vs. Ag/AgCl). Three oxidation peaks at -0.8 V, -0.3 V, and 0.05 V, which correspond to the oxidation processes of glucose, were observed. The addition of a secondary metal, Sn, showed an enhanced catalytic activity of Pt towards glucose electro-oxidation. The optimization of metal loading and metal ratio using carbon black (XC-72) as support was studied and the results revealed that the optimum metal loading is 40% while the optimum PtSn ratio is 1:0.01 using the 40% metal loading. The lower amount of Sn added can lower the poisoning effect of Pt and thus only act as a promoter. The optimized parameters for carbon black were used for graphene as support. The data revealed that graphene as a support has an enhanced electrocatalytic activity compared to carbon black with a peak current of 12.82 mA/cm 2 and 6.97 mA/cm 2 , respectively. The XRD data indicates that graphene is a promising support material that could modify the catalytic properties of PtSn bimetallic electrocatalyst for fuel cell catalysis.
doi:10.53603/actamanil.62.2014.xgpv7375 fatcat:zgmgckkm4feyfcgom3t46myrba

Page 46826 of Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association Vol. 71, Issue 3 [page]

1978 Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association  

Page 47730 of Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association Vol. 69, Issue Supplement [page]

1976 Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association  
John C. .......... 56880 Mark Manor Stubbins, Mrs. William ....1703 Rainbow Bend Bivd. Swihart, Mrs. D. D. .......... 2334 Brookwood Dr. Yoder, Mrs. C. Richard ....1600 Rainbow Bend Blvd. Yuhn, Mrs.  ...  Mark, Mrs. George A. .......... 29222 Frailey Dr. Diostin, Mire. POE Be. oc cc ccccssc. 1519 Strong Ave. Miller, Mrs. Donald G. ........ 24847 C.R. 20 East Miller, Mrs.  ... 

Page 487 of Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association Vol. 76, Issue 7 [page]

1983 Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association  
Dro and Mark R. Stevens, In- dianapolis, have been named fellows of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Dr. James P.  ...  Edward M., Fort Wayne Smith, Robert D., Lafayette Thurston, John B., Indianapolis Trammell, Terry R., Indianapolis Trusler, Harold M., Indianapolis Villarin, Adrien, Richmond Watkins, Larry f Angola Yuhn  ... 

Page 28 of Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association Vol. 65, Issue 6 [page]

1972 Indiana Medicine : The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association  
(GS) Mark, George A 814 W. Marion St. (IM) Martin, Paul H.................3818 N. Second St. (PH) Middleton, Ramona J 1400 Hudson St. (OBG) Miller, Galen R 403 S. Ninth St.  ...  (PD) Yuhn, Robert B 2600 Oaklawn (P) Zeitler, Philip S Arlook, Theodore D Atwood, William H Bender, Robert L. Benson, James Billings, Elmer R Bloom, George R Boling, Richard C Bowdoin, George E.  ... 

Trace: Tennessee Research and Creative Exchange A Proposed Data Mining Methodology and its Application to Industrial Engineering A Proposed Data Mining Methodology and its Application to Industrial Engineering

Masters Theses, Jose Solarte, Robert Ford, Tyler Kress, Robert Ford, Tyler Kress, Jose Solarte, Gary Spek, Sheila Miner, Rob Ferguson, Mark Van Der Veer, Barry Yuhn (+19 others)
2002 unpublished
DEDICATION This thesis is dedicated to my parents, Jose Solarte and Maria Rueda, great role models and friends, who have always assisted me and helped me any way they could; and to the rest of my family, for always believing in me, inspiring me, and encouraging me to reach higher goals. To all of them I want to say "Thank you", for being the best family that I could ever have. Covington, François Halfen, and specially thanks to Bob Muenchen for all the time and assistance that they have given
more » ... me. Finally, I would like to thank my good friends Cristina Zaharia, Archana Niranjan, and Fernando Parrado, for all their encouragement and their invaluable friendship. iii ABSTRACT Data mining is the process of discovering correlations, patterns, trends or relationships by searching through a large amount of data stored in repositories, corporate databases, and data warehouses. Industrial engineering is a broad field and has many tools and techniques in its problem-solving arsenal. The purpose of this study is to improve the effectiveness of industrial engineering solutions through the application of data mining. To achieve this objective, an adaptation of the engineering design process is used to develop a methodology for effective application of data mining to databases and data repositories specifically designed for industrial engineering operations. This paper concludes by describing some of the advantages and disadvantages of the application of data mining techniques and tools to industrial engineering; it mentions some possible problems or issues in its implementation; and finally, it provides recommendations for future research in the application of data mining to facilitate decisions relevant to industrial engineering. iv

Page 291 of None Vol. 33, Issue 393 [page]

1902 None  
By Mark | ee Luther. 12mo, gilt top, uncut, pp 376. Macmillan Co. $1 50, Out of Gloucester. By James B. Connolly, Ilus., 12mo, gilt top, pp. 276. Charles Scribner's Sons. = 50.  ...  Yuhn. i2mo, pp. 334. J. B pincott Co. $1.50. Biography of a Prairie Girl. By Eleanor Gates. 12mo, pp 320. Century Co. $1.50. The Splendid Idle Forties: Stories of Old California.  ... 

A Comparative Analysis of Dynamic Interactions between European and Indonesian Cocoa Markets during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and the 2011 European Debt Crisis

Mukhlis Mukhlis, M. Shabri Abd. Majid, Sofyan Syahnur, Musrizal Musrizal, Nova Nova
2021 Comparative Economic Research  
This adverse impact was marked by an increase in the fragility of the Indonesian cocoa market.  ...  Finally, an increase in price instability weakens the exchange rate (Volkov and Yuhn 2016; Nakatani 2018) . Global crude oil prices failed to reach equilibrium level from short-to long-run.  ... 
doi:10.18778/1508-2008.24.26 fatcat:3d6ievjftzfw3iy2tiy5vrwwpe

Page 41 of Walt Whitman Quarterly Review Vol. 4, Issue 1 [page]

Walt Whitman Quarterly Review  
Edmundson, Mark Wright. “Towards Reading Freud: Moments of Self- Represen- tation in Milton, Wordsworth, Keats, Emerson, Whitman and Sigmund Freud.”  ...  O’Brien, Fritz Hamilton, Claire Nicolas White, Daniel Daly, John Ditsky, Yuhn-Bok Kim, and David Ig- natow; 6 Whitman portraits, 1 of the birthplace, 1 facsimile of a letter; 6 Whitman articles and 1 review  ... 

Estimation of a German money demand system - a long-run analysis

Kirstin Hubrich
1999 Empirical Economics  
Yuhn (1996) also carries out tests using short-and long-term interest rates.  ...  according to the highest signi®cant number of lags of a maximum of 5 lags); ** and * denote signi®cance at a 1% and a 5% level respectively; critical values are from MacKinnon (1991) , except for the values marked  ... 
doi:10.1007/s001810050045 fatcat:fbyt2rupmre43jzcazohnvvhre

How to Explain when the ES is Lower than One? A Bayesian Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Approach

2020 Journal of Risk and Financial Management  
Two studies relying on La Grandville conducted by Yuhn (1991) and Cronin et al. (1997) attempted to test the relationship between the ES and economic growth.  ...  First, our data set used in this study indicates that there is a marked difference between the growth rates of capital and labor. Hence, with the ES lower than one, the sign of (12) is negative.  ... 
doi:10.3390/jrfm13020021 fatcat:j7mglwqoivapzcngir725nlnoe

Aspects of cultural intelligence in idiomatic Asian cultural scripts

Jyh Wee Sew
2015 WORD: Journal of the International Linguistic Association  
Acknowledgment The current version has benefitted greatly from Mark Nicodemus Tan's stylistic suggestions; and the constructive comments from the anonymous reviewers.  ...  for the accurate phonetic marking).  ...  Some of the examples listed include 'chi-lahplahp' (sticky), 'dung-bing-bing' (freezing cold), 'waaht-tyut-tyut' (smooth as a baby's bottom) and 'yuhn-luk-luk' (rounded) (see Matthews & Yip 1994 : 165  ... 
doi:10.1080/00437956.2015.1006854 fatcat:a26n42yacjeftcyjspf3arxoty

Measuring uncertainty in the stock market

Helena Chuliá, Montserrat Guillén, Jorge M. Uribe
2017 International Review of Economics and Finance  
Examples of such studies include Zhou and Sornette (2003) , Sornette and Zhou (2004) (2014) and Yuhn et al. (2015) .  ...  In marked contrast (albeit under a different notion of uncertainty), Fendo lu (2014) recommends a non-negligible response to uncertainty shocks.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.iref.2016.11.003 fatcat:sicjsk7tmbbrdpfxouofqqmypy

Employing language typology for teaching Biblical Hebrew: A test case in Cantonese-Chinese

Kevin Chau
2017 Old Testament Essays  
Ngóh gam faai góng yùhn haih yānwaih gón sìhgaan. I so fast speak finish is because short time.  ...  Language typologists have classified how languages designate subjects and objects according to five major strategies: word order, verbal agreement, grammatical case (dependent marking), head marking, and  ... 
doi:10.17159/2312-3621/2017/v30n1a5 fatcat:cxayd6jgf5bcdlvjwqt3y5mo74


Raymond Osi Alenoghena
2020 Facta Universitatis. Series: Economics and Organization  
The dependence on oil for industrial performance has been marked with uncertainty as a result of several global events that have affected the selling price of oil in the world market.  ...  Volkov & Yuhn (2016) investigated the relationship between oil price shocks and the volatility of exchange rate comparing the emerging markets with the developed and advanced markets.  ... 
doi:10.22190/fueo200801022a fatcat:hgt6evwisvgmnku6k6hyguk2e4
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