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Page 17 of The Art-Journal Vol. 7, Issue 73 [page]

1861 The Art-Journal  
Shlick ! shlick!  ...  His wiry black brows, and his thin slight mous- tachio and imperial, conduce also to a certain elastic and versatile acuteness that specially mark his good-natured, gentle, and yet spirited face.  ... 

Page 42 of Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine Vol. 81, Issue 1 [page]

1923 Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine  
The Chinee in charge was a fat, shlick old body, an’ Tim was afther askin’ him what in under the heavins he wanted to be a-prayin’ to an onnatural image o’ wood or whativer ’twas made of, all shtuck up  ...  It’s where thim heathens do be a-prayin’ to a wooden figger like it was God Himself—the Lord save the mark! So that’s where Tim riled the feelin’s o’ the pious Chinees.” “Shure, yes.  ... 

Page 970 of The Athenaeum Vol. , Issue 887 [page]

1844 The Athenaeum  
It was him told me the story; and when he wound it up, he sais, ‘ It tante always sho shafe, Mishter Shlick, to be your own drumpeter ;’ and I’ll tell you what, Minister, I am of the same opinion with  ...  Though known only as a Yemoot and a Toorkoman, such is his general appear- ance, that the sharp-sighted see the marks about him of a nobler ancestry. In the sequel of the story this is proved.  ... 

Page 224 of Niles' National Register Vol. 62, Issue 1601 [page]

1842 Niles' National Register  
It has been stated in the’ odin. hha stmege sad peal. hnlive shlicks i. ‘ bet si de pea) Tapio that it will resume | eoctern papers, and copied into this, that the forty- main in the same neglected state  ...  6 brigs Swedish; 1 briz and 1 schooner | of the last war, had been deprived of its facings, asa_| It 1s stated that orders have since been forwarded Danish; 1 brig Russian; 1 brig Duteh (galliot)—in mark  ... 

Enhanced Cortical Extracellular Levels of Cholecystokinin-Like Material in a Model of Anticipation of Social Defeat in the Rat

Chrystel Becker, Marie-Hélène Thiébot, Yvan Touitou, Michel Hamon, François Cesselin, Jean-Jacques Benoliel
2001 Journal of Neuroscience  
These data indicate that anticipation of social defeat induces a marked activation of cortical CCKergic neurons associated with anxiety-related behaviors in rats.  ...  These behaviors were associated with a marked increase in extracellular CCKLM levels in the frontal cortex.  ...  Conversely, selective CCK-B receptor antagonists produced anxiolytic-like effects in various animal paradigms (such as plus-maze and social interaction) (van Megen et al., 1996; Shlick et al., 1997; Daugé  ... 
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.21-01-00262.2001 pmid:11150343 fatcat:looulxu2hfchrjf6n4qarifubi

The Tamchinskiy deer stone: documenting megalithic objects
Тамчинский оленный камень: опыт документирования мегалитических объектов

Vladislav V. Kazakov, Aleksandr I. Simukhin, Vasiliy S. Kovalev, Pavel E. Marnuev, Dashinima V. Namsaraev, Lyudmila V. Lbova
2019 Sibirskie Istoričeskie Issledovaniâ  
Vergne R., Pacanowski R., Barla P., Granier X., Shlick C.  ...  accurate and non-invasive and allows creation of digital models that help solve subsequent research tasks, such as object dating, creating images, as well as measuring distances, depth, and shape of any marks  ... 
doi:10.17223/2312461x/25/8 fatcat:gnoju3lfjvhvhgcpfanduvvtuu

Molecular mobility of nitroxide spin probes in glassy polymers. Quasi-libration model

Daria A. Chernova, Andrey KH. Vorobiev
2009 Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics  
These limits are marked by dotted lines in Figure 5. CHERNOVA AND KH.  ...  Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research; Shlick, S., Ed.; Wiley: New Jersey, 2006. . Freed, J. H. Annu Rev Phys Chem 2000, 51, 655- 689. . Dzuba, S. A.; Kirilina, E. P.; Salnikov, E. S.; Kulik, L.  ... 
doi:10.1002/polb.21619 fatcat:eyezb44bhfagrbdtnsbfiocmti

Section 5. The worksheets [chapter]

Tony Laing
2017 Dickens's Working Notes for 'Dombey and Son'  
Accidental marks There are occasional marks throughout the worksheets that are moving reminders of a writer at work.  ...  For information on 'money values' and 'readership', see Shlicke, pp.381-83 and pp.487-89; for economic data, see 25 The three wafered additions were probably attached to their worksheets  ...  Marking the passage of time by a chapter break was probably another reason for dividing the chapter.  ... 
doi:10.11647/obp.0092.07 fatcat:nkeptktutvegbpojj4jrqokj3a

The targum (1899:Oct. 5 - 1899:Oct. 26)

No Name Supplied
Shlick gave the college quite a scare when it was reported his strength total was 909. It was a mistake in Mr. Dodge's figuring, how ever.  ...  the opponents shall be allowed to line up five yards nearer the kicker's mark, and the kick shall then be made from the same point back of the first mark, and at the same distance from the side lines.  ...  S P A L D I N G 'S TRADE-MARK . Foot Ban " " S f ™ The Spalding Official Intercollegiate  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3-91w7-q438 fatcat:evuy4deyrncs3g2phuco5rpkue

Particle segregation and mixing in a dry free surface granular flow

Silvia D'Agostino
[23] and Shlick at al.  ...  The concentration profiles show a marked (as already mentioned) tendency to stratification, with the larger particles concentrated in an upper layer and well mixed with the small ones, while the lower  ... 
doi:10.15168/11572_317018 fatcat:rwef6vt5eva7tp6o4y6zdmgxo4