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Searching for Photos - Journalists' Practices in Pictorial IR

Marjo Markkula, Eero Sormunen
1998 unpublished
This paper reports the results of a field study on journalists' practices in requesting, searching for and selecting photos in the course of their daily work. The study addresses different types of search topics common in journalistic illustration tasks, journalists' searching behaviour and the criteria they apply in selecting photos. Data were collected by observing journalists in their work and interviewing them. A sample of requests received by the archive was also analysed. The results
more » ... ate that specific needs dominate the use of newspaper photo archives. Photos of objects, themes, or abstract topics expressed in general terms were also needed, but finding them and formulating queries in these cases especially was considered problematic. The results suggest that browsing is an essential strategy in accessing digital photo archives. Journalists tend to browse but the present archive systems support browsing poorly. The paper concludes with suggestions for the improvement of end-user access to photo archives. The possible applications of current feature-based indexing and retrieval methods in the newspaper photo archive are discussed in the light of the results.
doi:10.14236/ewic/cir1998.8 fatcat:z47en7d5uzda5i3hctnlt33mvi

The Perceived Similarity of Photos - A Test-Collection Based Evaluation Framework for the Content-Based Image Retrieval Algorithms 1

Eero Sormunen, Marjo Markkula, Kalervo Järvelin
1999 unpublished
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) algorithms have been seen as a promising access method for digital photo collections, sooner or later replacing the traditional text-based methods. Unfortunately, we have very little evidence of the usefulness of these algorithms in real user needs and contexts. One problem is that appropriately designed test collections are not available even for the basic performance testing of the CBIR algorithms. This paper proposes a task-oriented evaluation framework
more » ... d an efficient procedure for constructing test collections for CBIR algorithms. First, the paper defines a plausible function for these algorithms in general purpose photo retrieval systems. We believe that the CBIR algorithms could be applied effectively in conjunction with text-based photo retrieval. Text-based methods are powerful in retrieving topically related items but do not support browsing. The CBIR algorithms could help in identifying visually similar photos within (often large) result sets of textual queries. The proposed evaluation framework is based on the concept of perceived similarity and emphasises the role of expertise and realistic illustration tasks as a premise of similarity assessments. A major innovation of the proposed test collection is that it consists of an array of small test sets each built up of a tiny database, a query photo, and respective similarity assessments. The approach supports testing of prototype CBIR algorithms in short development cycles. The empirical part of the paper reports how journalists were judging the similarity of photos while searching in the course of simulated, but realistic illustration tasks. The goal of the study was to exercise the construction process of the test collection. The results show that the task-oriented evaluation framework and the proposed procedures for constructing the test collection can be successfully applied. The lessons learned from the simulated illustration tasks, collection of similarity assessments and construction of the test collection are discussed.
doi:10.14236/ewic/mira1999.8 fatcat:aecqnf5etbe2lb664r3zs4j7i4

Tiedonhaun tutkimusta Tampereen yliopistossa - osa 2

Kalervo Järvelin
2008 Informaatiotutkimus  
Kuva-ja videotiedonhaku Marjo Markkula ( ja Eero Sormunen ( Digitaalisen median osahankkeessa on yhdistetty teknisen kehittämisen ja käyttäjäyhteisön tutkimuksen näkökulmat  ...  Markkula, Ari Pirkola ja Eero Sormunen sekä Pertti Vakkari.  ... 
doaj:8b020f9a715f467da9235ba82cea4a89 fatcat:uashbbrq6zgnbemfegrku5365y

Sustained High Effectiveness of RotaTeq on Hospitalizations Attributable to Rotavirus-Associated Gastroenteritis During 4 Years in Finland

Maria Hemming-Harlo, Timo Vesikari, Matti Uhari, Marjo Renko, Marjo Salminen, Laurence Torcel-Pagnon, Susanne Hartwig, Francois Simondon, Hélène Bricout
2016 Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society  
Among these strains, genotype G1 was detected in 81%, which is in accordance with the results from a study by Markkula et al [30] , who looked for rotavirus shedding in children who were <2 years of age  ... 
doi:10.1093/jpids/piw061 pmid:27760800 pmcid:PMC7107484 fatcat:j4he7ikqwnchrhnmy2bmrmoyi4

Tiedonhaun tutkimusta Tampereen yliopistossa - osa 1

Kalervo Järvelin
2008 Informaatiotutkimus  
Markkula, Ari Pirkola ja Eero Sormunen sekä Pertti Vakkari.  ...  seuraavista, pääasiassa tiedonhaun tutkimuslaboratorion yhteydessä toimivista tutkijoista: Riitta Alkula, Hannele Fabritius, Kai Halttunen, Turid Hedlund, Kalervo Järvelin, Jaana Kekäläinen, Heikki Keskustalo, Marjo  ... 
doaj:381a98976d064006bbcc94228ab7aed0 fatcat:y7of27vfirckzkff46yuyfsbbq

The Cultural-historical Value of and Problems with Digitized Advertisements. Historical Newspapers and the Portable Radio, 1950-1969

Jesper Verhoef
2015 TS.> Tijdschrift voor Tijdschrift­studies  
., Marjo Markkula and Eero Sormunen, 'End-user Searching Challenges Indexing Practices in the Digital Newspaper Photo Archive.'  ... 
doi:10.18352/ts.344 fatcat:3bzeiykmszbfjmiham73i2qwfe

Muikun salat selville-8 Auringosta energiaa-18

Jyväskylän Yliopiston, Tiedotuslehti Tiedonjyvä
2007 unpublished
JONNA MARKKULA Mitä on olla romani? -Mielestäni olen melko tavallinen tyttö, kirjoittaa Jemina, 10 vuotta.  ...  Miehen ja naisen vammaisuuteen suhtaudutaan eri tavalla YTM Marjo-Riitta Reinikaisen naistutkimuksen väitöskirja Vammaisuuden sukupuolittuneet ja sortavat diskurssit: Yhteiskunnallis-diskursiivinen näkökulma  ... 


Linnéa Lindfors
2018 Techne Series: Research in Sloyd Education and Craft Science A  
Råkärrs torp blev självständig lantbrukslägenhet först på 1920-talet med namnet Markkula. Den förre torparen Anton Markola blev husbonde på gården.  ...  Han är gift med arkitekt Johanna Marjo Tuulia Kangas, f. 1982. Deras äldsta dotter Juuli Elna-Maria är född 2008 och tvillingarna Jyri Eemeli Johannes och Aada Ester Annikki är födda 2010.  ... 
doaj:9b29dce2714f42fa9305fb7d1a434c44 fatcat:wmtpawtglvf4xmvlu7bld4r4um

Historians' Experiences Using Digitized Archival Photographs as Evidence

Alexandra M. Chassanoff
2018 The American Archivist  
of the few empirical examples from the archival literature which seeks to investigate the experiences of individuals interacting with archival documents. 128 Importantly, the authors focus 126 Marjo  ...  It is important to note that the researchers concluded that Markkula and Sormunen examined the practices of journalists working in a digital photo newspaper archive in Finland. 126 They were able to  ... 
doi:10.17723/0360-9081-81.1.135 fatcat:7ajwgg546rc2revv6ucmrhc2jy

International Evaluation of Research and Doctoral Training at the University of Helsinki

Seppo Saari, Antti Moilanen, Seppo Saari, Antti Moilanen
2005 unpublished
Doctoral candidate General Microbiology, UH 110 Haiko Johanna Doctoral candidate General Microbiology, UH 111 Kainulainen Veera Doctoral candidate General Microbiology, UH 112 Suomalainen Marjo  ...  medicine, Haartman Institute 61 Hyvärinen Satu Doctoral candidate Faculty of medicine, Haartman Institute 62 Puolakkainen Mirja x Clinical Instructor Faculty of medicine, Haartman Institute 63 Markkula  ... 


Tapio Lindholm, Raimo Heikkilä, Marjo Heikkilä
Tapio Lindholm, Raimo Heikkilä and Marjo Heikkilä (eds.)  ...  Tapio Lindholm, Raimo Heikldlä& Marjo Heilddla (eds.)  ...