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XORBoost: Tree Boosting in the Multiparty Computation Setting [article]

Kevin Deforth, Marc Desgroseilliers, Nicolas Gama, Mariya Georgieva, Dimitar Jetchev, Marius Vuille
2021 IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive  
We present a novel protocol XORBoost for both training gradient boosted tree models and for using these models for inference in the multiparty computation (MPC) setting. Similarly to [2], our protocol is the first one supporting training for generically split datasets (vertical and horizontal splitting, or combination of those) while keeping all the information about the features and thresholds associated with the nodes private, thus, having only the depths and the number of the binary trees as
more » ... public parameters of the model. By using optimization techniques reducing the number of oblivious permutation evaluations as well as the quicksort and real number arithmetic algorithms from the recent Manticore MPC framework [5], we obtain a scalable implementation operating under information-theoretic security model in the honest-butcurious setting with a trusted dealer. On a training dataset of 25,000 samples and 300 features in the 2-player setting, we are able to train 10 regression trees of depth 4 in less than 5 minutes per tree (using histograms of 128 bins).
dblp:journals/iacr/DeforthDGGJV21 fatcat:g4xzktlbhngkpnissezbn366ga

Cyclic Isogenies for Abelian Varieties with Real Multiplication [article]

Alina Dudeanu, Dimitar Jetchev, Damien Robert, Marius Vuille
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We study quotients of principally polarized abelian varieties with real multiplication by Galois-stable finite subgroups and describe when these quotients are principally polarizable. We use this characterization to provide an algorithm to compute explicit cyclic isogenies from kernel for abelian varieties with real multiplication over finite fields. Our algorithm is polynomial in the size of the finite field as well as the degree of the isogeny and is based on Mumford's theory of theta
more » ... s and theta embeddings. Recently, the algorithm has been successfully applied to obtain new results on the discrete logarithm problem in genus 2 as well as to study the discrete logarithm problem in genus 3.
arXiv:1710.05147v3 fatcat:c4zt72ayovbjracsw2lf3gvbtm

Manticore: Efficient Framework for Scalable Secure Multiparty Computation Protocols [article]

Sergiu Carpov, Kevin Deforth, Nicolas Gama, Mariya Georgieva, Dimitar Jetchev, Jonathan Katz, Iraklis Leontiadis, M. Mohammadi, Abson Sae-Tang, Marius Vuille
2021 IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive  
We propose a novel MPC framework, Manticore, in the multiparty setting, with full threshold and semi-honest security model, supporting a combination of real number arithmetic (arithmetic shares), Boolean arithmetic (Boolean shares) and garbled circuits (Yao shares). In contrast to prior work [34, 32] , Manticore never overflows, an important feature for machine learning applications. It achieves this without compromising efficiency or security. Compared to other overflow-free recent techniques
more » ... uch as MP-SPDZ [17] that convert arithmetic to Boolean shares, we introduce a novel highly efficient modular lifting/truncation method that stays in the arithmetic domain. We revisit some of the basic MPC operations such as real-valued polynomial evaluation, division, logarithms, exponentials and comparisons by employing our modular lift in combination with existing efficient conversions between arithmetic, Boolean and Yao shares. Furthermore, we provide a highly efficient and scalable implementation supporting logistic regression models with realworld training data sizes and high numerical precision through PCA and blockwise variants (for memory and runtime optimizations). On a dataset of 50 million rows and 50 columns distributed among two players, it completes in one day with at least 10 decimal digits of precision. Our logistic regression solution placed first at Track 3 of the annual iDASH'2020 Competition. Finally, we mention a novel oblivious sorting algorithm built using Manticore.
dblp:journals/iacr/CarpovDGGJKLMSV21 fatcat:mjx6bpo5obbzbjmxzf3bkaotra

Page 652 of National Union Catalog Vol. 21, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
Cities and towns—Planning—Neuchitel DQ5L9.9.« 8 54-52964 rev Guye Vuill@me, Jean Frédéric, 1936- Zur Kenntnis der Vinylanthracene, Vinylanthrachinone und Epoxyithylanthra- chinone, Winterthur, P,G, Keller  ...  Geries) NjR CoU CtY NjP NUC64-20241 Guyard, Marius Frangois, 1921- ed, see Hugo, Victor Marie, comte, 1802- -1885. Les misérables...  ... 

Habitat differentiation in the threatened aquatic plant genus Baldellia (L.) Parl. (Alismataceae): Implications for conservation

Gregor Kozlowski, Diethart Matthies
2009 Aquatic Botany  
Acknowledgements We would like to thank Benoît Clement and Susanne Bollinger from the Botanical Garden of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) as well as Marius Achermann and Francesca Cheda from the  ...  , 1988; Triest and Vuille, 1991; Preston and Croft, 2001; Jacobson, 2003) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.aquabot.2008.07.001 fatcat:xowjm7ve2fe55bnwl73uq6g6le

Page 530 of National Union Catalog Vol. 9, Issue [page]

1942 National Union Catalog  
Marius Mercator, f. 418-449. 2. Collectio palatina. & Vatican. Biblioteca vaticana. Mes.  ...  L’aviation militaire francaise; préface du général Vuille- min. Paris, J. de Gigord ,1936, 2p L, vii-vill, 245 p. illus. 219™. (Collection “La France vivante”) Printed in Beigium 1.  ... 

Phylogenetics and phylogeography of the monocot genus Baldellia (Alismataceae): Mediterranean refugia, suture zones and implications for conservation

Nils Arrigo, Sven Buerki, Anouk Sarr, Roberto Guadagnuolo, Gregor Kozlowski
2011 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution  
Acknowledgments We would like to thank Benoît Clement, Françoise Cudré-Mauroux and Susanne Bollinger from the Botanical Garden of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) as well as Marius Achermann and  ...  For more details on the genus Baldellia see Casper and Krausch (1980) , Vuille (1988) , Triest and Vuille (1991) , as well as our previous studies (Kozlowski et al., , 2009b Kozlowski and Matthies,  ...  All Baldellia taxa are stoloniferous, mostly perennial, rooted water plants and grow in lakes, ponds and slow streams (Vuille, 1988; Kozlowski et al., 2008) .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2010.11.009 pmid:21095232 fatcat:462tsj2ikvdbjeatbt7o5iptze

« Teste David cum sibylla » : quelques autorités prophétiques citées pour annoncer la fin du monde

Julien Abed
2006 Questes  
Il en va ainsi dans les processions des prophètes, telles que nous les ont conservées quatre manuscrits médiévaux qui reposent, comme l'a montré Marius Sepet 7 , sur un sermon attribué à saint Augustin  ...  Eglise depuis le VIII e siècle, se donnent la main pour cautionner les apparitions des quinze signes : « Saint Gregoire avec saint Jheroime, Saint Ambrose avec saint Augustin Tesmoignent, avant que il vuille  ... 
doi:10.4000/questes.1594 fatcat:sjpcmztugbhcjdla24cgon2h5y

Glacier protection laws: Potential conflicts in managing glacial hazards and adapting to climate change

Pablo Iribarren Anacona, Josie Kinney, Marius Schaefer, Stephan Harrison, Ryan Wilson, Alexis Segovia, Bruno Mazzorana, Felipe Guerra, David Farías, John M. Reynolds, Neil F. Glasser
2018 Ambio  
Vicuña et al. 2011; Vuille et al. 2015) it may be in the best interest of local communities to use glacial lakes, for example, as reservoirs for drinking water or for subsistence agriculture since demand  ... 
doi:10.1007/s13280-018-1043-x pmid:29536432 fatcat:5ezximrh3fb2fbk2u6tlfeplgu

Les origines de l'industrie de la montre dans le Jura bernois actuel

Marius Fallet
Les Calame, les Droz, les Humhert-Droz apparaissent tôt après, de même les Robert, les Gourvoisier, les Perret, les Pétremand, les Wille (Vuille). En 1710, à la demande de leur fils Jean-Pierre,Droz.  ...  des Brandt dit Gruerin, des Calame, Droz, Ducommun, Dubois, Dumont, Houriet, Huguenin, Humbert-Droz, Jacot, Jeanricliard, Matthey, Nicolet, Perret, Pétremand, Racine, Robert, Sagne, Sandoz, Tissot et Vuille  ... 
doi:10.5169/seals-684477 fatcat:4oghfkuaxzbcrfmzgomzyo3jyq

La Chaux-de-Fonds et les Jurassiens

Marius Fallet
Autor(en): Fallet, Marius Objekttyp: Article Zeitschrift: Actes de la Société jurassienne d'émulation Band (Jahr): 36 (1931) Persistenter Link: PDF erstellt am: 12.09.2021  ...  David Vuille, de Tramelan, tailleur, «étranger» s'établit à La Chaux-de-Fonds en 1726. fait résulte à l'évidence des documents privés et des documents officiels.  ...  prie tous maîtres et compagnons dudit métier auquel ledit Jacob s'adressera de l'Dans le village de Renen le 7"® aoust 1713: Présents les Honbles Abraham Robert dudit Renen, Pierre fils de Pierre Vuille  ... 
doi:10.5169/seals-549898 fatcat:w4pcbfhqordhtbsobandviy3uy

Pine Pitch Canker and Insects: Regional Risks, Environmental Regulation, and Practical Management Options

Mercedes Fernández-Fernández, Pedro Naves, Dmitry L. Musolin, Andrey V. Selikhovkin, Michelle Cleary, Danut Chira, Marius Paraschiv, Tom Gordon, Alejandro Solla, Irena Papazova-Anakieva, Tiia Drenkhan, Margarita Georgieva (+11 others)
2019 Forests  
Vuill. was isolated from naturally infected M. galloprovincialis and the numbers of egg-laying wounds, eggs laid, live larvae after five days, and larvae entering the xylem after six months were significantly  ... 
doi:10.3390/f10080649 fatcat:3snbsbr3tnerhpjcax2cmlkuny

Comptes rendus

2018 Revue française de science politique  
Marius Gaches - Université de Montréal Hardy-Fanta (Carol), Lien (Pei-te), Pinderhughes (Dianne), Sierra (Christine Marie) -Contested Transformation.  ...  C'est l'un des apports majeurs de cet ouvrage collectif dirigé par Delphine Gardey et Marilène Vuille, Les sciences du désir.  ... 
doi:10.3917/rfsp.686.1123 fatcat:wmef2xunmjdynl7ujvyydqfqq4

Diaghilev's Ballets Russes: A New Kind of Company

Lynn Garafola
Emile Vuill erm oz, "Strawinsky, " La Revue musicale S. I.  ...  122 women and 92 men,7 not counting the students who took part in productions, the musicians who played for them, the artistic and administrative personnel -beginning with the venerable ballet master Marius  ... 
doi:10.7916/d84m9h1j fatcat:x2y7m4kfdje75kvv5ksxden23i

Médecine, femmes et politique : histoire de doctrines et de pratiques transnationales (XXe siècle)

Marilene Vuille, Delphine Gardey
Inventaire détaillé réalisé par Marilène Vuille entre avril et septembre 2000.  ...  Marius NORDMANN, Alfred et Liselotte SPRENG, L'Accouchement sans douleur par la méthode psychoprophylactique, Neuchâtel et Paris, Delachaux & Niestlé, 1958. 106.  ... 
doi:10.13097/archive-ouverte/unige:97656 fatcat:dfoovkjyz5gixey2ey2mxcolh4
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