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Energy Consumption Model of Aerial Urban Logistic Infrastructures

Giuseppe Aiello, Rosalinda Inguanta, Giusj D'Angelo, Mario Venticinque
2021 Energies  
In the last decade, logistic systems based on small aerial vehicles (drones) have become attractive for urban delivery operations as a sustainable alternative to ground vehicles because they are not affected by the congestion of the road network, thus allowing for faster and more reliable services. Aerial logistic systems, however, require a substantially different approach to operations management and need specifically designed supportive infrastructures. While the research on urban aerial
more » ... very mostly focuses on the optimization vehicle operations, the appropriate design of supportive infrastructures is seldom considered. This paper focuses on the energy efficiency of aerial logistic systems, and proposes a new original methodology to obtain a realistic estimate of the overall energy consumed by a swarm of drones employed for urban delivery, taking into account the extension of the area served and its specific features. The methodology proposed offers relevant information for the decision problems related to the appropriate sizing of the infrastructures, the dimensioning of the swarm of drones and the capacity of the energy storage system. The paper also reports a comparison with ground vehicles in the same scenarios, showing the relevant tradeoffs. The results obtained demonstrate how an appropriate design of the supportive infrastructures for urban aerial logistics may significantly impact the overall efficiency of the delivery system.
doi:10.3390/en14185998 fatcat:ouuyjjhqojeofe5ggm7w5bkyj4

Edge Devices Internetworking to Pervasive Monitor and Control People in the Covid Age

Alberto Faro, Daniela Giordano, Mario Venticinque
2020 2020 IEEE Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems (RAICS)  
Aim of the paper is to illustrate a platform able to support internetworking of edge devices for health monitoring and control where the data sensed by the sensors in a network may be used to activate actions of actuators located in a network with a different administrator. This platform give rises to a wide real time system to monitor and control health parameters at distance, everywhere the people and the control processes are located and at every time. The paper discusses how this platform
more » ... y be used to pervasive monitor and control people in the age of Covid. Some hints on how to forecast Covid diffusion and timely discover Covid incipience are given. Also the paper demonstrates how this platform may be built by means of micro gateways that support the networking of the main sensors and actuators available on the healthcare market and by web services that support their internetworking. This allows patients at home, doctors at hospitals and technicians at clinical analysis laboratories to be part of a distributed system to better control global events such as the Covid epidemy satisfying privacy conditions.
doi:10.1109/raics51191.2020.9332487 fatcat:v3hl73hqazcsjgk5yxj6ydqgdq

Real time assessment of hand–arm vibration system based on capacitive MEMS accelerometers

Giuseppe Aiello, Giada La Scalia, Mariangela Vallone, Pietro Catania, Mario Venticinque
2012 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture  
Vibrations are a well known potential cause of health diseases and therefore constitute a main concern for the safety of workers in a large number of activities. In order to prevent health hazards, national and international institutions have issued laws and directives which establish recommended limits to the workers' exposure to vibrations during operations. Consequently, if the amount of adsorbed vibration exceeds the allowable daily limits the worker has to stop his job. Recent wireless
more » ... ing and communicating technologies can effectively be employed for such purpose, allowing to develop monitoring customized devices at affordable cost which could be easily employed during the workers' activity. In such context, the present research proposes an innovative system aimed at estimating the hand-arm exposure to vibration according to the Standard EN ISO 5349-1:2004. In particular the proposed system is based on Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology and involves the design of a compact wearable unit to be attached to the waist of the operator and a fixed station for data storage and analysis. The paper reports the design of such a system and an experimental test performed on hand held shakers commonly employed for olive harvesting. The results highlight the opportunities offered by these emerging technologies in developing intelligent devices to be included in the worker's equipment which might significantly modify the current approach to safety management in the next future.
doi:10.1016/j.compag.2012.02.022 fatcat:wxi64hulzzdjpkotyjtifz4524

The Last Mile of M-Connected-Healthcare in the Covid Age: Data Sharing at Large Scale

Alberto Faro, Daniela Giordano, Mario Venticinque
2021 2020 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence System (IoTaIS)  
Aim of the paper is to illustrate a platform for that supports the link between the patient and doctors, family members, clinical laboratories and hospitals, that is a platform that supports the last mile between patients and the entire healthcare network so that the personal data collected by edge devices don't remain confined locally at the patient side but are shared at large scale to aid the patients anywhere and anytime. In particular the paper illustrates from the engineering point of
more » ... how implementing the last mile for Covid monitoring and control in practice by means of available Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs), i.e., edge IoT devices provided with communication and computational functions, freeware home control systems and low cost relevant web services available on the market. The key element of our proposal is the one of using a portable BLE/MQTT gateway or to develop DIY MQTT sensors to allow health measurements taken by edge devices to be sent to a remote automated control system supervised by a doctor. A detailed analysis is carried out on the contact and contactless sensors that can be integrated in our platform from the more and more diffused smart bands and ibeacons until the IR thermal cameras. For each considered sensor, the paper discusses its integration it in the platform and the global scenario in which it may be used effectively
doi:10.1109/iotais50849.2021.9359706 fatcat:iwdtf2bwkbfddln23hqwu7oxqq

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2020 2020 IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Industry 4.0 & IoT  
, Mario, 605 Vento, Mario, 309 Verdini, Carlo, 167 Vignoli, Valerio, 1, 6, 11, 137 Viksnin, Ilya, 617 Violini, Luca, 648 Vitti, Valeria, 565 Vivaldi, Federico, 177, 187 Vollero, Luca, 596  ...  ., 116 Tolio, Tullio, 364 Tosi, Daniele, 260 Touré, Amara, 537 Traversi, Gianluca, 724 Turcato, Afonso Celso, 235 Uffreduzzi, Alessio, 521 Ulisse, Iolanda, 218 Urekar, Marjan, 636 Usova, Maria, 617 Venticinque  ... 
doi:10.1109/metroind4.0iot48571.2020.9138233 fatcat:6si6iptahvejraxj2jpehm5ot4

Page 676 of Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti Vol. 8, Issue [page]

1868 Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti  
esitanza che vi è ritenuto costituire la Chiesa chiunque è in comunione di fede con essa, o ch’ egli vi occupi qualche dignità e grado, o che non ve n’abbia altro che quello che v’ è sentito come pri- mario  ...  di questo capo, dal quarto al ventesimonono, e non v'è stata al mondo creatura peggio vessata e tormentata di quello che questi venticinque capoversi sono stati e sono.  ... 

Guillaume Apollinaire, Poèmes de Stavelot

Mario Richter
2018 Studi francesi  
I venticinque testi raccolti sono stati ordinati, per un verso, secondo un criterio formale (gli acrostici) e, per altro verso, tematico (Marie Dubois, la società di Stavelot, il paesaggio vallone).  ... 
doi:10.4000/studifrancesi.15735 fatcat:unrlnazwwbaydhyraggpk62zde

Page 334 of The American Ecclesiastical Review Vol. 89, Issue 3 [page]

1933 The American Ecclesiastical Review  
Prezzo, lire venticinque. La BENEDIZIONE E L’INAUGURAZIONE DELLA Nuova SEDE DELL’ UNIVERSITA CATTOLICA DEL SACRO CuorE. Discorsi di S. Em. il Sig. Card.  ...  Mario Zanatta. (J Quaderni del Cattolicismo Contemporaneo, 2.) “Vita e Pen- siero”, Milano. 1931. Pp. vi—149. Prezzo, 3 L. 50.  ... 

Page 706 of Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti Vol. 146, Issue [page]

1896 Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti  
Strana delicatezza e che ci pare stia a provare bellissimi sentimenti in lui. (1) MarIO ProTH, Revue Internationale.  ...  A venticinque anni aveva già meravigliato il mondo per le molte sue bricconate ed era stato già condannato più volte per furto.  ... 

Page 450 of Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti Vol. 120, Issue [page]

1891 Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti  
Invece si ebbe un governo provvisorio, di venticinque, nominati e mutati dal generale o dai commissarii della Francia.  ...  A Napoli la costituzione di Mario Pagano non fu che un progetto, e non essendo stata mai neppure promulgata, niuna parte ha nella storia di quella repubblica.  ... 

Page 674 of Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti Vol. 179, Issue [page]

1901 Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti  
Il Doria ha descritta la giustizia durante il vicereame, regolata dagli scrivani criminali, « gente corrotta che per danaro salva il reo e fa condannare l’innocente » : Giuseppe Galanti e Mario Pagano  ...  E cosi non tutti i venticinque del Governo provvisorio, isti- tuito per decreto del 14 gennaio e diviso il 14 aprile in Commis- sione legislativa e Commissione esecutiva, andarono a morte; ma soltanto  ... 

Page 711 of Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti Vol. 88, Issue [page]

1886 Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti  
No- minava suo erede universale il giovinetto Celio che era « in pro- tezione di Messer Pietro Chiocca scalco del Cardinale Cornaro, » con patto e condizione che, finchè l’erede non avesse venticinque  ...  Com- pagnia del Crocifisso della quale sono, e sia sepolta a ventiquattr'ore senza cerimonie, semplicemente. » Nominava esecutori testamentari monsignore Antonio Trivulzio, vescovo di Tolone, e messer Mario  ... 

Page 86 of National Union Catalog Vol. 2, Issue [page]

1963 National Union Catalog  
Alfaro, Mario Arriazola Arriasta Alfaro, Mario. Alfaro, Mario Francisco Mendoza Mendoza Alfaro, Mario Francisco. Alfaro, Oscar. Cuentos chapacos.  ...  Osservatorio Ximeniano, Firenze, Venticinque anni di valori pentadict. 1 2- Alfano di Salerno nee Alphanus I, Ap, of Salerno, d. 1085.  ... 

Page 100 of Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti Vol. 191, Issue [page]

1903 Nuova Antologia, Revista Di Lettere, Scienze Ed Arti  
Infatti, durante i venticinque anni di amore, di amicizia, di convivenza con l’Alfieri, assai poco si parlò dell’ Albany, illuminata appena di luce riflessa.  ...  A Firenze: Lorenzo Pi- gnotti, medico, storico, e poeta, Angelo Mario Bandini, bibliotecario della Laurenziana, Giovanni degli Alessandri, presidente dell’ Accade- mia di belle arti, Tommaso Puccini, direttore  ... 

Claude Debon, "Calligrammes" dans tous ses états, édition critique du recueil de Guillaume Apollinaire

Mario Richter
2009 Studi francesi  
Grazie a questa edizione, delle venticinque copie di Case d'armons conosciamo ora la lista di buona parte dei destinatari, a cominciare dalla prima, inviata con dedica a Soffici.  ... 
doi:10.4000/studifrancesi.8047 fatcat:mmv2a4ef6zeijhepobziwt72im
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