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On the continuity of probabilistic distance [article]

Dragoljub J. Kečkić, Marina Milovanović-Aranelović
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The famous result of B. Schweizer and A. Sklar [Pacific J Math 10(1960) 313--334 - Theorem 8.2] asserts that, given a probabilistic metric space (X, F,t), F={F_p,q:p,q∈ X}, we have F_p_n,q_n(x)→ F_p,q(x) provided that F_p,q is continuous at x and t is continuous and stronger then Łukasiwicz's t-norm. We extend this result to arbitrary continuous triangular norms, i.e. we omit the condition "t is stronger then Łukasiewicz's".
arXiv:1810.00971v1 fatcat:pwv5zvzxwjahffyxr4yifpc3ke

The use of ICT in learning language for specific purposes

Marina Milovanovic, Marina Branisavljevic-Radic, Jasna Petrovic
2015 Inovacije u Nastavi  
this method of work they cited the inability to get answers and explanations the moment they make a mistake and absence of teachers who would point to the error straight away (Radić Branisavljević, Milovanović  ...  of above 3.55 (graph 2) leads to a conclusion that students of today, who belong to the modern digital age, expect higher ICT implementation in teaching from their professors (Radić Branisavljević, Milovanović  ... 
doi:10.5937/inovacije1501130m fatcat:krcme246nrdt5jopvhtun2bzq4

Proclivity for open innovation in the case of agricultural and food companies in Serbia

Nebojsa Zakic, Marina Bugarcic, Marina Milovanovic
2017 International Review  
The approach to open innovation presents one of the major trends in terms of constant change and accelerating technological innovation. The given construct proclivity for open innovation involves measuring technology exploration and technology exploitation involving different inside-out and outside-in open innovation activities. In this paper, we are researching the tendency for open innovation on a sample of 102 companies in the agriculture and food sectors in Serbia. The research has shown
more » ... t companies in the agro-food sector are inclined to open innovation, not just those in high-tech industries that are often the subject of innovation literature. The food sector shows greater proclivity for open innovation in comparison with agriculture in all elements apart from the question of willingness to sell intellectual property. The study was limited to Serbia and cross-countries research would allow establishing the specificities and differences of the proclivity for open innovation in the agro-food sector by regions.
doi:10.5937/intrev1704064z fatcat:qaogics3dvgp7cy5jllqf42ype

Genetically modified trees: State and perspectives

Marina Nonic, Cristina Vettori, Fabio Boscaleri, Jelena Milovanovic, Mirjana Sijacic-Nikolic
2012 Genetika  
GENETSKI MODIFIKOVANO DRVEĆE -STANJE I PERSPEKTIVE Marina NONIĆ 1 , Cristina VETTORI 2 , Fabio BOSCALERI 3 , Jelena MILOVANOVIĆ 4 i Mirjana ŠIJAČIĆ-NIKOLIĆ 1 Figure 1 . 1 Comparison -Forest cover (Source  ...  Tree improvement, control of pests, propagation and conservation are some of broad areas of application for biotechnology in forestry (GASTON et al., 1995, ŠIJAČIĆ-NIKOLIĆ and MILOVANOVIĆ, 2007; MILOVANOVIĆ  ... 
doi:10.2298/gensr1202429n fatcat:c376ndxnobal5az7domkavvraq

Quantitative analysis of AMPA receptor subunit composition in addiction-related brain regions

Jeremy M. Reimers, Michael Milovanovic, Marina E. Wolf
2011 Brain Research  
The subunit composition of α-amino-3-hydroxyl-5-methyl-4-isoxazole-propionate receptors (AMPARs) is an important determinant of AMPAR biophysical properties and trafficking. To date, AMPAR subunit composition has been quantitatively evaluated only for the hippocampus, where different experimental approaches have yielded different results. Here, we used quantitative co-immunoprecipitation to characterize GluA1-3 associations in the adult rat nucleus accumbens, dorsal striatum, prefrontal cortex,
more » ... and hippocampus, and blue native electrophoresis (BNE) to study GluA1-3 assembly state. In all brain regions, co-immunoprecipitation experiments showed that ~90% of GluA1 was associated with GluA2 or GluA3 (most was GluA1A2). All regions contained a small number of GluA1A3 receptors. Homomeric GluA1 receptors may also exist. More than half of the GluA2 (53%-65% depending on the region) was not associated with GluA1. However, this represents an over-estimate of the percent of GluA2 present in GluA2A3 receptors, based on BNE results demonstrating that the majority of GluA2 exists as dimers, rather than functional tetrameric receptors. Relatively more GluA1 was present in tetramers. Together with other findings, our results suggest a dominant role for GluA1A2 receptors in all brain regions examined. They also help explain why different results for hippocampal AMPAR subunit composition were obtained using co-immunoprecipitation, which assesses the total cellular pool of AMPARs including partially assembled AMPARs in intracellular compartments, and electrophysiological approaches, which can selectively assess tetrameric (functional) AMPARs on the cell surface.
doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2010.10.016 pmid:20946890 pmcid:PMC3005033 fatcat:ukawh3bvobdjfntcwg3lkm4bjq

The Pt(S-pr-thiosal)2 and BCL1 Leukemia Lymphoma: Antitumor Activity In Vitro and In Vivo

Zana Besser Silconi, Vesna Rosic, Sasa Benazic, Gordana Radosavljevic, Marina Mijajlovic, Jelena Pantic, Zoran R. Ratkovic, Gordana Radic, Aleksandar Arsenijevic, Marija Milovanovic, Nebojsa Arsenijevic, Jelena Milovanovic
2022 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
B cell malignancies are, despite the development of targeted therapy in a certain percentage of the patients still a chronic disease with relapses, requiring multiple lines of therapy. Regimens that include platinum-based drugs provide high response rates in different B cell lymphomas, high-risk chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), and devastating complication of CLL, Richter's syndrome. The aim of this study was to explore the potential antitumor activity of previously synthetized platinum(IV)
more » ... omplex with alkyl derivatives of thyosalicilc acid, PtCl2(S-pr-thiosal)2, toward murine BCL1 cells and to delineate possible mechanisms of action. The PtCl2(S-pr-thiosal)2 reduced the viability of BCL1 cells in vitro but also reduced the growth of metastases in the leukemia lymphoma model in BALB/c mice. PtCl2(S-pr-thiosal)2 induced apoptosis, inhibited proliferation of BCL1 cells, and induced cell cycle disturbance. Treatment of BCL1 cells with PtCl2(S-pr-thiosal)2 inhibited expression of cyclin D3 and cyclin E and enhanced expression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors p16, p21, and p27 resulting in cell cycle arrest in the G1 phase, reduced the percentage of BCL1 cells in the S phase, and decreased expression of Ki-67. PtCl2(S-pr-thiosal)2 treatment reduced expression of phosphorylated STAT3 and downstream-regulated molecules associated with cancer stemness and proliferation, NANOG, cyclin D3, and c-Myc, and expression of phosphorylated NFκB in vitro and in vivo. In conclusion, PtCl2(S-pr-thiosal)2 reduces STAT3 and NFκB phosphorylation resulting in inhibition of BCL1 cell proliferation and the triggering of apoptotic cell death.
doi:10.3390/ijms23158161 pmid:35897737 pmcid:PMC9332548 fatcat:bb2ppclbbvdxnhbum766wk5cxm

Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease and After Kidney Allotransplantation (Systematic Review) [chapter]

Yuriy S. Milovanov, Lidia V. Lysenko (Kozlovskaya), Ludmila Y. Milovanova, Victor Fomin, Nikolay A. Mukhin, Elena I. Kozevnikova, Marina V. Taranova, Marina V. Lebedeva, Svetlana Y. Milovanova, Vasiliy V. Kozlov, Aigul Zh. Usubalieva
2018 Current Topics in Anemia  
Anemia in chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been recognized as a separate independent risk factor of cardiovascular (CV) events. The aim of the review is to provide a literature summary concerning early diagnosis and treatment of anemia in CKD that may be useful for clinicians and contribute to decrease CV mortality. Literature searches were made in such major databases as: PubMed, Medline, Embase, Cochrane Library, CINAHL, Wiley Online Library, Scopus, Web of Science, e-library, and website of
more » ... HO. This search encompassed original articles, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses relevant to CKD and anemia over recent 15 years. A total of 54 references from 562 reviewed articles were selected as they met to the search criteria (anemia and CKD, including diabetes mellitus, systemic diseases and post-transplant anemia). The publications included 27 randomized controlled trials, 20 experimental studies representing new data on the links of CKD anemia and cardiovascular risk markers (cytokines, Klotho, fibroblast growth factor (FGF-23), hyperglycemia, hypoalbuminemia and some others), 4 systematic reviews and 3 clinical practice guidelines. The main attention was devoted to the analysis of the studies provided an early diagnosis of anemia, an ability to minimize the factors contributing to its severity that have allowed to improve CV and total outcomes and to reduce costs of hospital treatment of CKD patients with anemia.
doi:10.5772/intechopen.69746 fatcat:mmlphkiy3ngj3gw7xohti4t6qq

Analysis of the factors influencing consumer behavior in choosing of OTC medicines

2022 Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research  
The COVID-19 pandemic, the burden on the health system, and reduced access to health services have led to an increase in the purchase of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. The research was conducted in the Benu pharmacy in Belgrade, with 200 users of pharmacy services. The questionnaire for patients through 25 questions grouped into 5 dimensions provided an overview of the influence of various factors on the decision to purchase OTC medicines: the price of a medical examination, pharmacist
more » ... endations, the influence of family and friends, previous experiences, and advertising. The analysis revealed a statistically significant difference between the scores in the claims of the respondents before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in the domains: the price of a medical examination (t = 2.592; df = 198; p < 0.05) and information on OTC medicines (t = 2.549; df=198; p < 0.05). The Questionnaire for patients defines the factors that influence the choice of OTC medicines for the self-medication process and is a good guideline for considering the shortcomings in the trade of OTC medicines.
doi:10.32383/appdr/147389 fatcat:kx3igmtjsfen5i4ce23kkvunha

Leaf morphometric characteristics variability of different beech provenances in juvenile development stage

Mirjana Sijacic-Nikolic, Jelena Milovanovic, Marina Nonic, Radmila Knezevic, Dragica Stankovic
2013 Genetika  
doi:10.2298/gensr1302369s fatcat:336ed33fwbcm5aahd7qg54cgba


Ivana Banjad Pečur, Borka Bobovec, Bojan Milovanovic, Marina Alagušic
2016 Applications of Structural Fire Engineering  
European policy is reflected in a 10-year strategy called 2020 proposed to revive European economy and it is deeply interconnected with Energy Performance of Building Directive and its Recast. Republic of Croatia, as an EU member state, is aligning its national energy policy with European policy. By boosting energy retrofitting of existing and constructing energy efficient new buildings, thermally enhanced building envelope represents significantly increased fire load on building, thus fire
more » ... ty becomes inevitable segment of energy efficiency of buildings. Croatia has no national test method for determining fire performance of building façade, while harmonized EN test method is currently being developed. In this paper an overview and comparison of BS 8414-1:2002 and DIN Entwurf 4102-20 standards will be presented, since they are proposed as a basis for future harmonized EN test method. For similar configuration of test specimens, BS 8414-1:2002 defines significantly more severe heat exposure compared to DIN Entwurf 4102-20.
doi:10.14311/asfe.2015.068 fatcat:pzdmxvhulvcupnmc3uy77r7cvy

Bioethical challenges and contraversis of the interdisciplinary treatment of gender dysphoric persons

Dragana Duišin, Jasmina Barišić, Borjanka Batinić, Srđan Milovanović, Marina Mihaljević
2014 Engrami  
1,3 Marina Mihaljević 1 1 Clinic for Psychiatry Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serba 2 Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Psychology,University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia 3 School  ...  jul-decembar 2014. z br. 3-4 BIOETHICAL CHALLENGES AND CONTRAVERSIS OF THE INTERDISCIPLINARY TREATMENT OF GENDER DYSPHORIC PERSONS Dragana Duišin 1 Jasmina Barišić 1 Borjanka Batinić 1,2 Srđan Milovanović  ... 
doi:10.5937/engrami1404039d fatcat:2bowbytaqvedvmkkehn7ukc7hq

Cardio-renal syndrome type 2: Etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy

Petrovic Dejan, Milovanovic Dragan, Miloradovic Vladimir, Nikolic Aleksandra, Petrovic Marina, Djurdjevic Predrag, Poskurica Mileta
2012 Medicinski casopis  
Uvod Kardiorenalni sindrom se definiše kao patofiziološki poremećaj funkcije srca i bubrega, u kome akutni ili hronični poremećaj funkcije jednog organa podstiče akutni ili hronični poremećaj drugog organa (1-5). Razlikujemo pet tipova kardio-renalnog sindroma, a u kardio-renalnom sindromu tip 2 hrončni poremećaj funkcije srca za posledicu ima hronični poremećaj funkcije bubrega (1-5). Zbog smanjenog srčanog rada i smanjene zapremine arterijske krvi koja obezbeđuje perfuziju bubrega, hronična
more » ... stojna srčana slabost dovodi do stalnog i progresivnog opadanja funkcije bubrega (1-5). PREGLED SAŽETAK Zastojna srčana slabost za posledicu ima smanjen srčani rad, smanjenu zapreminu arterijske krvi koja obezbeđuje perfuziju organa, hipoperfuziju tkiva i aktivaciju neurohormonalnih sistema. Rad je imao za cilj da analizira faktore rizika, patogenetske mehanizme razvoja kardiorenalnog sindroma i da ukaže na klinički značaj ranog otkrivanja i pravovremenog lečenja kardiorenalnog sindroma kod bolesnika sa akutnim popuštanjem hronične zastojne srčane slabosti. Analizirani su stručni radovi i kliničke studije koje se bave etiopatogenezom, dijagnostikovanjem i lečenjem kardiorenalnog sindroma. Zbog prepunjenosti kapilara pluća bolesnik oseća gušenje, javljaju se pleuralni izliv, ascites, periferni i generalizovani otoci. Smanjena efektivna zapremina arterijske krvi smanjuje perfuziju bubrega, usled čega dolazi do razvoja akutnog oštećenja bubrega. Pojačana aktivnost neurohormonalnih sistema, rezistencija na diuretike, zadržavanje natrijuma i vode u organizmu povećavaju opterećenje volumenom i pogoršavaju srčanu slabost. Kontrolisano odstranjivanje tečnosti vantelesnom ultrafiltracijom popravlja kliničko stanje bolesnika kod kojih postoji preopterećenje volumenom i prepunjenost kapilara pluća. Održavanje ravnoteže između zapremine ekstracelularne tečnosti koja se odstranjuje i zapremine arterijske krvi koja obezbeđuje perfuziju bubrega, ima ključnu ulogu u sprečavanju razvoja akutnog oštećenja bubrega i značajno doprinosi smanjenju morbiditeta i mortaliteta, i poboljšanju kvaliteta života ovih bolesnika. Ključne reči: zastojna srčana slabost, akutno oštećenje bubrega, ultrafiltracija, rezistencija na diuretike ABSTRACT Congestive heart failure, as a consequence, has decreased cardiac work, decreased effective arterial volume, tissue hypoperfusion and neurohormonal system activation. The study aimed at finding risk factors, pathogenetic mechanisms for progression of cardiorenal syndrome and highlighting clinical importance of early findings, prevention and timely treatment of cardiorenal syndrome in patients with acute decompensation of chronic congestive heart failure. Expert papers and clinical studies that deal with etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of cardiorenal syndrome were analyzed. Due to overfilling of pulmonary cappilaries patients is dispnoic, pleural effusion, ascites, periferal and generalized swellings are present. Decreased effective arterial volume decreases kidney perfusion which causes acute kidney damage. Increased neurohormonal systems activity, reistency to diuretics, retention of sodium and water in the organism overload volume and worsen heart failure. Controlled liquid disposal by ultrafiltration improves clinical status in patients with increased preload and cappilaries overfilling. Equillibrium maintenance between extracellular volume disposal and effective arterial extracellular volume, which enables kidney perfusion, plays key role in prevention of acute kidney damage contributing importantly in morbidity and mortality decrease as well as better quality of life for these patients.
doi:10.5937/mckg46-1986 fatcat:cj3g6rtmorhtrjhmnqh23xvzy4

Reslizumab versus placebo for poorly controlled, severe eosinophilic asthma: Meta-analysis

Milos Milosavljevic, Slobodan Jankovic, Ana Pejcic, Jasmina Milovanovic, Valentina Opancina, Marina Kostic
2017 Vojnosanitetski Pregled  
Background/Aim. Reslizumab is humanized monoclonal antibody produced by recombinant DNA technology which binds to circulating interleukin-5 (IL-5) and down-regulates the IL-5 signaling pathway. Reslizumab is indicated for the add-on maintenance treatment of patients 18 years and older with severe eosinophilic asthma phenotype whose symptoms were inadequately controlled with inhaled corticosteroids. The aim of this meta-analysis was to assess the efficacy and safety of reslizumab compared to
more » ... ebo in patients suffering from inadequately controlled, moderateto-severe asthma with elevated blood eosinophil counts. Methods. Our meta-analysis was based on systematic search of literature and selection of high-quality evidence according to pre-set inclusion and exclusion criteria. The effects of reslizumab and placebo were summarized using Review Manager (RevMan) 5.3.5 and heterogeneity was assessed by the Cochrane Q test and I² values. Several types of bias were assessed and publication bias shown by Funnel plot and Egger's regression. Results. The meta-analysis in-cluded 5 randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Reslizumab 3.0 mg/kg produced substantial improvements in forced expiratory volume in 1. second (FEV 1) (mean difference 0.15 [0.10, 0.21]) and in forced vital capacity (FVC) (mean difference 0.21 [0.09, 0.32]) over the 15 or 16-week treatment period, substantial decrease versus placebo in Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ) score (mean difference -0.28 [-0.41, -0.16]), and substantial increase vs. placebo from baseline in Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (AQLQ) total score (mean difference 0.24 [0.06, 0.43]). Also, reslizumab 3.0 mg/kg caused less adverse events versus placebo (OR 0.67 [0.51, 0.88]), especially asthma worsening (OR 0.53 [0.36, 0.77]) or bronchitis (OR 0.42 [0.24, 0.74]). Conclusion. On the basis of published clinical trials reslizumab could be considered as an effective and safe therapeutic option for severe, poorly controlled eosinophilic asthma for the time being. Apstrakt Milosavljević NM, et al. Vojnosanit Pregl 2018; 75(9): 884-896. odnosu na placebo (OR 0,67 [0,51, 0,88]), posebno kada je u pitanju pogoršanje astme (OR 0,53 [0,36, 0,77]) ili bronhitis (OR 0,42 [0, 24, 0,74]). Zaključak. Na osnovu publikovanih kliničkih studija reslizumab se može smatrati efikasnom i bezbednom terapijskom opcijom kod bolesnika sa teškom, neade-kvatno kontrolisanom eozinofilnom astmom.
doi:10.2298/vsp161124013m fatcat:cmuj7qa22zhflfmabq3spglzlm

Videolaryngostroboscopy in early vocal fold carcinoma diagnosis

Jasmina Stojanovic, Dragan Milovanovic, Slobodanka Mitrovic, Andra Jevtovic, Natalija Bozovic, Marina Jovanovic, Suncica Sreckovic, Branislav Belic
2021 Srpski Arhiv za Celokupno Lekarstvo  
Introduction/Objective. Vocal folds are the most common primary site of laryngeal carcinoma. Advancement in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities have provided better prognosis for patients with early glottic carcinoma. We aimed to report the role of videolaryngostroboscopy (VLS) in early diagnosis of vocal fold carcinoma. Methods. Prospective controlled study included 300 dysphonic patients admitted to the tertiary medical center for microlaryngoscopy with biopsy. All patients underwent
more » ... copic examination prior to biopsy. VLS findings were classified according to Hirano into 4 stages, with a adynamic vocal fold segment and absence of vocal fold vibration, suspected for vocal fold carcinoma as a stage IV. Histopathological findings have been graded according to Ljubljana classification into simple hyperplasia, abnormal hyperplasia, atypical hyperplasia and carcinoma in situ. Results. Analysis of VLS findings showed that 41.67% of patients (n = 125/300) had asymmetrical and irregular vocal fold vibration with a mucosal wave reduction (VLS stage III) while adynamic vocal fold segment and absence of vocal fold vibration (VLS stage IV), suspected for vocal fold carcinoma, was noticed in 17.33% of patients (n = 52/300). HP report showed that vocal fold carcinoma was verified in 5.6% of patients in VLS stage III (n = 7/125), while in VLS stage IV carcinoma was detected in 26.92% of patients (n = 14/52). Adynamic segment or entire nonvibrating vocal fold finding predicts early glottic carcinoma with a sensitivity of 66.77%, specificity of 86.4%, and moderate diagnostic accuracy (AUC = 0.844). Conclusion. VLS plays an important role as a timely indicator for microlaryngoscopy with biopsy in diagnosis of vocal fold carcinoma.
doi:10.2298/sarh200529077s fatcat:jjfjm6u5zjg2pin5o6tzahgbae

Cardiac autonomic dysfunction in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease

Branislav Milovanovic, Branka Filipovic, Slavica Mutavdzin, Marija Zdravkovic, Tatjana Gligorijevic, Jovana Paunovic, Marina Arsic
2015 World Journal of Gastroenterology  
Autonomic dysfunction in patients with GERD Milovanovic B et al . Autonomic dysfunction in patients with GERD Milovanovic B et al .  ...  Peer-review In this article, Milovanovic et al present the assessment of autonomic nervous function in patients with diagnosis of GERD.  ... 
doi:10.3748/wjg.v21.i22.6982 pmid:26078576 pmcid:PMC4462740 fatcat:dtmirlyforhxdpdje55u6bsfja
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