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Modelo Centinela: punta de lanza para la construccion de un marco informativo sobre el Covid-19

María Claudia Benassini Félix
2020 Revista del Centro de Investigación de la Universidad la Salle  
Lleva a cabo un análisis del discurso para ver determinar el proceso de construcción del marco "Modelo Centinela".  ...  Las conclusiones se orientan a explicar las razones de su apego en la prensa y los consecuentes problemas en la construcción de un marco alternativo para explicar el avance del Covid-19 en Mexico.  ...  ¿Cómo funcionan los marcos informativos?  ... 
doi:10.26457/recein.v14i53.2677 fatcat:np6ksg4nsfawlpuma3pr2oeno4

Geology of the Monte Banchetta – Punta Rognosa area (Troncea valley, Western Alps)

Alberto Corno, Pietro Mosca, Alessandro Borghi, Marco Gattiglio
The mapped Monte Banchetta – Punta Rognosa unit (BRU), tectonically juxtaposed to different metaophiolitic units, comprises the Punta Rognosa succession, made of serpentinized mantle overlain by Middle-Upper  ...  The map 'Geology of the Monte Banchetta – Punta Rognosa area (Troncea valley, Western Alps)' details the lithostratigraphy and structural setting of a key sector in the Alpine chain, characterized by close  ...  The Geological Map of the Monte Banchetta -Punta Rognosa Massif was compiled from geological surveys, lithological and structural observations by the Authors (2016-2020).  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14256327.v1 fatcat:gej43fg5xfh35l6i4ttb2624ce

Tecnicidad y territorio : Las puntas de base cóncava del Solutrense Cantábrico

David Santamaría Alvarez, Marco de la Rasilla Vives
2005 Munibe Antropologia-Arkeologia  
Las cualidades de algunos útiles solutrenses (hoja de laurel, punta de base cóncava, punta de muesca, punta de pedúnculo y aletas, punta escotada) han sido primordiales para promocionar las hipótesis relacionadas  ...  Peso medio -en gramos-de las hojas de laurel (entre las que se computan las puntas de base cóncava en el Cantábrico), puntas de muesca, puntas escotadas y puntas de pedúnculo y aletas de los niveles solutrenses  ... 
doaj:978e150b3f4d4b2596114100a0049955 fatcat:33pz3p32mjcb3angnzeboaus44

El rompecabezas de los nuevos agentes etiológicos en las Américas: ¿Virus Punta del Toro, otra pieza?

Salim Mattar V, Marco González Tous
2017 Revista MVZ Cordoba  
Marco González T. M.Sc. The puzzle of new etiological agents in the Americas: Punta del Toro virus another piece?Sandflies are reportedly implicated in the transmission of PTV in Panama.  ...  El gen L, detecta los virus Toscana, Naples, Sicilian, Aguacate, Punta del Toro y Valle del Rift.  ... 
doi:10.21897/rmvz.920 fatcat:p6enfpolerb5hkkydcobyc3o7a

Biometria de una población de Homalaspis plana (Milne Edwards, 1834) en Punta Maule (Coronel, Chile)

Marco A Retamal, Rodolfo Quintana
1980 Brazilian Journal of Oceanography  
Materiales y Metodos Los ejemplares de Homalaspis plana fueron obtenidos de la zona sub litoral en Punta Roca Maule, Coronel, Golfo de Arauco (370 OI' 45"5; 730 lO' 55"W) (Fig. 2 ) .  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1679-87591980000200068 fatcat:xx3r2ktxnjf6zp3blxzlta5oye

Biometria de una poblacion de Homalaspis plana (Milne Edwards, 1834) en Punta Maule (Coronel, Chile)

Marco A. Retamal, Rodolfo Quintana
1980 Boletim do Instituto Oceanográfico  
Materiales y Metodos Los ejemplares de Homalaspis plana fueron obtenidos de la zona sub litoral en Punta Roca Maule, Coronel, Golfo de Arauco (370 OI' 45"5; 730 lO' 55"W) (Fig. 2 ) .  ... 
doi:10.1590/s0373-55241980000200068 fatcat:ejrtig7rszdyjkzhmkkmbomc4a

Geomorphology of marine and transitional terraces and raised shorelines between Punta Paulo and Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego, Straits of Magellan – Chile

Sandro DeMuro, Antonio Brambati, Sira Tecchiato, Marco Porta, Angelo Ibba
2017 Figshare  
RAISED SHORELINES BETWEEN PUNTA PAULO E PORVENIR, TIERRA DEL FUEGO STRAITS OF MAGELLAN -CHILE *Department of Chemical and Geological Sciences, University of Cagliari, Italy°N ational Museum of Antarctica  ...  The map was subsequently improved with new geomorphological observations derived from aerial photographs and remote sensing interpretation by Angelo Ibba, Marco Porta and Sira Tecchiato.  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4765606.v1 fatcat:enr5o6s6mbfqpc7zqkw7dbjg4e

DPCfam: a new method for unsupervised protein family classification [article]

Elena Tea Russo, Alessandro Laio, Marco Punta
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
As the UniProt database approaches the 200 million entries' mark, the vast majority of proteins it contains lack any experimental validation of their functions. In this context, the identification of homologous relationships between proteins remains the single most widely applicable tool for generating functional and structural hypotheses in silico. Although many databases exist that classify proteins and protein domains into homologous families, large sections of the sequence space remain
more » ... igned. We introduce DPCfam, a new unsupervised procedure that uses sequence alignments and Density Peak Clustering to automatically classify homologous protein regions. Here, we present a proof-of-principle experiment based on the analysis of two clans from the Pfam protein family database. Our tests indicate that DPCfam automatically-generated clusters are generally evolutionary accurate corresponding to one or more Pfam families and that they cover a significant fraction of known homologs. Overall, DPCfam shows potential both for assisting manual annotation efforts (domain discovery, detection of classification inconsistencies, improvement of family coverage and boosting of clan membership) and as a stand-alone tool for unsupervised classification of sparsely annotated protein datasets such as those from environmental metagenomics studies (domain discovery, analysis of domain diversity). Algorithm implementation used in this paper is available at (Requires Python 3, C++ compiler and runs on Linux systems.); data are available at
doi:10.1101/2020.07.30.224592 fatcat:jghy7pmndfc4tf32eojgmykpia

Membrane protein prediction methods

Marco Punta, Lucy R. Forrest, Henry Bigelow, Andrew Kernytsky, Jinfeng Liu, Burkhard Rost
2007 Methods  
We survey computational approaches that tackle membrane protein structure and function prediction. While describing the main ideas that have led to the development of the most relevant and novel methods, we also discuss pitfalls, provide practical hints and highlight the challenges that remain. The methods covered include: sequence alignment, motif search, functional residue identiWcation, transmembrane segment and protein topology predictions, homology and ab initio modeling. In general,
more » ... tions of functional and structural features of membrane proteins are improving, although progress is hampered by the limited amount of high-resolution experimental information available. While predictions of transmembrane segments and protein topology rank among the most accurate methods in computational biology, more attention and eVort will be required in the future to ameliorate database search, homology and ab initio modeling.
doi:10.1016/j.ymeth.2006.07.026 pmid:17367718 pmcid:PMC1934899 fatcat:aoi7277vh5dhzpx7sjguyiaapq

Working on systems of linear equation with six points stars

2018 Revista Ingeniería, Matemáticas y Ciencias de la Información  
Construir la estrella mágica de seis puntas si a = 5 y b = -10.  ...  Construir una estrella mágica de seis puntas que contenga los números 75, 12, 21.  ... 
doi:10.21017/rimci.2018.v5.n9.a44 fatcat:i7hrutbwjrarvmbkcam6xtxr4u

Risk investigation on sediment-related disasters in Punta Arenas, Magellan Region, Chile

Sumio MATSUURA, Marcelo Ernesto Alvarez Olavarria, Shingi KOTO, Hugo Bahamonde Villarroel, Marco Cordero Valenzuela
2004 Journal of the Japan Landslide Society  
sulting in serious damage to infrastructure and prop erty in Punta Arenas city.  ...  By substituting the maximum dis charges that can pass under bridges in Punta Arenas for Qmax, we determined HV.  ... 
doi:10.3313/jls.40.5_424 fatcat:zmphnildqjcfbllrcz3cosxbni

Metal Binding in Proteins: Machine Learning Complements X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy [chapter]

Marco Lippi, Andrea Passerini, Marco Punta, Paolo Frasconi
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present an application of machine learning algorithms for the identification of metalloproteins and metal binding sites on a genome scale. An extensive evaluation conducted in combination with Xray absorption spectroscopy shows the great potentiality of the approach.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33486-3_63 fatcat:v4aztoo2ajdqxhjobwupi6itpy

Bioinformatics in Africa: The Rise of Ghana?

Thomas K. Karikari, Marco Punta
2015 PLoS Computational Biology  
Until recently, bioinformatics, an important discipline in the biological sciences, was largely limited to countries with advanced scientific resources. Nonetheless, several developing countries have lately been making progress in bioinformatics training and applications. In Africa, leading countries in the discipline include South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. However, one country that is less known when it comes to bioinformatics is Ghana. Here, I provide a first description of the development
more » ... f bioinformatics activities in Ghana and how these activities contribute to the overall development of the discipline in Africa. Over the past decade, scientists in Ghana have been involved in publications incorporating bioinformatics analyses, aimed at addressing research questions in biomedical science and agriculture. Scarce research funding and inadequate training opportunities are some of the challenges that need to be addressed for Ghanaian scientists to continue developing their expertise in bioinformatics. PLOS Computational Biology |
doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004308 pmid:26378921 pmcid:PMC4574930 fatcat:otmjmoh2nfbrpb45gtt5wlzpu4


Félix Ayala, Marco Cardeña, Susana Cárdenas-Alayza
2021 Revista Internacional de Contaminación Ambiental  
Nacional Sistema de Islas, Islotes y Puntas Guaneras (RNSIIPG).  ...  Asimiso, agradecemos al consorcio de zoológicos que apoyan las operaciones del Programa Punta San Juan (Saint Louis Zoo, Chicago Zoological Society, Kansas City Zoo y Woodland Park Zoo).  ... 
doi:10.20937/rica.53745 fatcat:gov2zjp4jjcurlgpeqeaynil4i

Protein Folding Rates Estimated from Contact Predictions

Marco Punta, Burkhard Rost
2005 Journal of Molecular Biology  
E-mail addresses of the corresponding authors:; implies that regular secondary structure might be a key player in determining the rate of folding.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2005.02.068 pmid:15826649 fatcat:3nxocf2iencqbaajxl4366vmry
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