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Plasticity in human sound localization induced by compressed spatial vision

Marcel P. Zwiers, A. John Van Opstal, Gary D. Paige
2003 Nature Neuroscience  
Error bars depict one s.d. of the mean; * indicates statistically significant (P < 0.05) deviations from baseline.  ...  (ideal a = −0.5), (iii) the width of the adapted area is within that of the lens' available visual field (parameter b), but is larger for the target-fixation task than for the central-fixation task (P  ... 
doi:10.1038/nn999 pmid:12524547 fatcat:chesapzajfh7rjcwqaskwbdw4m

Human Brain Volume: What's in the Genes# [chapter]

Jiska S. Peper, Marcel P. Zwiers, Dorret I. Boomsma, Reneacute S. Kahn, Hilleke E. Hulshoff Pol
2009 Handbook of Behavior Genetics  
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-76727-7_10 fatcat:itgzh6kqe5bfdlwaqazwno3onm

Do we measure gray matter activation with functional diffusion tensor imaging?

René C. W. Mandl, Hugo G. Schnack, Marcel P. Zwiers, René S. Kahn, Hilleke E. Hulshoff Pol
2014 Frontiers in Neuroscience  
doi:10.3389/fnins.2014.00126 pmid:24904267 pmcid:PMC4034410 fatcat:c63jbowzorcdjjn2ceqjf3hbom

Differences in cerebral cortical anatomy of left- and right-handers

Tulio Guadalupe, Roel M. Willems, Marcel P. Zwiers, Alejandro Arias Vasquez, Martine Hoogman, Peter Hagoort, Guillen Fernandez, Jan Buitelaar, Barbara Franke, Simon E. Fisher, Clyde Francks
2014 Frontiers in Psychology  
Of the 942 males, 59 were left-handed (6.3%), and of the 1077 females, 47 were left-handed (4.4%); χ 2 (1) = 4.56, p = 0.02, phi = 0.047.  ...  The only regions showing main effects of handedness with p < 0.05 before correction for multiple testing were the superior precentral sulcus and the inferior temporal gyrus.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2014.00261 pmid:24734025 pmcid:PMC3975119 fatcat:jb6meswhh5ffnde6siwfebcvje

Assessing the effects of common variation in the FOXP2 gene on human brain structure

Martine Hoogman, Tulio Guadalupe, Marcel P. Zwiers, Patricia Klarenbeek, Clyde Francks, Simon E. Fisher
2014 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience  
The SNP rs144807019 had the lowest p-value (p uncorrected = 0.002, p corrected = 0.16).  ...  frontal volume (p empirical = 0.84).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnhum.2014.00473 pmid:25013396 pmcid:PMC4076884 fatcat:kicqgqhxhbgxbb5ojuq3mickhm

Exploration of scanning effects in multi-site structural MRI studies

Jiayu Chen, Jingyu Liu, Vince D. Calhoun, Alejandro Arias-Vasquez, Marcel P. Zwiers, Cota Navin Gupta, Barbara Franke, Jessica A. Turner
2014 Journal of Neuroscience Methods  
The p-value corresponding to O2 is then selected as the threshold for significance (p th ).  ...  ≤ p th ) are highlighted in bold.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jneumeth.2014.04.023 pmid:24785589 pmcid:PMC4114231 fatcat:5hmyzh775zfsrlz46warsocebu

Brain alterations in adult ADHD: Effects of gender, treatment and comorbid depression

A. Marten H. Onnink, Marcel P. Zwiers, Martine Hoogman, Jeanette C. Mostert, Cornelis C. Kan, Jan Buitelaar, Barbara Franke
2014 European Neuropsychopharmacology  
Contributors Onnink, Zwiers, Hoogman, Kan, Buitelaar and Franke participated in the design of the study. Onnink, Zwiers, Buitelaar and Franke wrote the manuscript.  ...  0.024, p adj =0.096, partial eta squared=0.037), left and right caudate (left: F(2, 197)=3.28, p=0.040, p adj =0.128, partial eta squared=0.031; right: F(2, 197) =3.13, p=0.046, p adj =0.122, partial eta  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.euroneuro.2013.11.011 pmid:24345721 fatcat:fqhi5laoyngzvpnjz42x5xnqqi

Structural network connectivity and cognition in cerebral small vessel disease

Anil M. Tuladhar, Ewoud van Dijk, Marcel P. Zwiers, Anouk G.W. van Norden, Karlijn F. de Laat, Elena Shumskaya, David G. Norris, Frank-Erik de Leeuw
2015 Human Brain Mapping  
Network Edges (White Matter Connections) The inhouse developed algorithm named "PATCH" was used on the raw diffusion data to correct for cardiac and head motion artifacts and eddy currents [Zwiers, 2010  ...  indirect effects: b 5 20.12, P < 0.001; b 5 20.16, P < 0.001; b 5 0.11, P < 0.001; b 5 20.11, P < 0.001, respectively) via global efficiency.  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.23032 pmid:26466741 fatcat:5nufk737ivaolildnckcjsouhm

White matter integrity in small vessel disease is related to cognition

Anil M. Tuladhar, Anouk G.W. van Norden, Karlijn F. de Laat, Marcel P. Zwiers, Ewoud J. van Dijk, David G. Norris, Frank-Erik de Leeuw
2015 NeuroImage: Clinical  
showed that loss of microstructural integrity of the white matter at specific locations was related to specific cognitive disturbances, which was mainly located in the normal-appearing white matter (p  ...  RD: radial diffusivity. * p b .05 (Bonferroni corrected).  ...  Diffusion data were first preprocessed to detect and correct head and cardiac motion artifacts, using an in-house developed iteratively re-weighted-least-squares algorithm named 'PATCH' (Zwiers, 2010)  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2015.02.003 pmid:25737960 pmcid:PMC4338206 fatcat:asxn3eizhzf4bb3uhy57dmtjii

Anatomical connection strength predicts dopaminergic drug effects on fronto-striatal function

Martine R. van Schouwenburg, Marcel P. Zwiers, Marieke E. van der Schaaf, Dirk E. M. Geurts, Arnt F. A. Schellekens, Jan K. Buitelaar, Robbert J. Verkes, Roshan Cools
2013 Psychopharmacology  
Raw DTI data were preprocessed using an in-house software (Zwiers 2010) .  ...  Diffusion tensors were then robustly estimated using our artefact-insensitive compute algorithm (Zwiers 2010) .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00213-013-3000-5 pmid:23404064 pmcid:PMC3655213 fatcat:gpzmrbl5wjg6dhws7e5jeao7km

Visual Scanning in Very Young Children with Autism and Their Unaffected Parents

Wouter B. Groen, Nanda Rommelse, Tessa de Wit, Marcel P. Zwiers, Desley van Meerendonck, Rutger Jan van der Gaag, Jan K. Buitelaar
2012 Autism Research and Treatment  
2 = 6.45, P = 0.01, resp.).  ...  (absolute time watching ROIs: play r 2 = −0.47, P = 0.05; relative time watching ROIs: play r 2 = −0.49, P = 0.04; social r 2 = −0.52, P = 0.02; time watching the movie: play r 2 = −0.44, P = 0.05), indicating  ... 
doi:10.1155/2012/748467 pmid:22937259 pmcid:PMC3420630 fatcat:7ruez44hdnawlkhf42pevsk5by

White Matter Microstructural Alterations in Children with ADHD: Categorical and Dimensional Perspectives

Zhao-Min Wu, Janita Bralten, Qing-Jiu Cao, Martine Hoogman, Marcel P Zwiers, Li An, Li Sun, Li Yang, Yu-Feng Zang, Barbara Franke, Yu-Feng Wang
2016 Neuropsychopharmacology  
Preprocessing and Skeletonization of Diffusion-Weighted Images The diffusion-weighted data were preprocessed using the PATCH algorithm (Zwiers, 2010) (details in Supplementary Methods).  ...  The IB_P1 score was marginally correlated with FA values extracted from right posterior corona radiata (r = 0.34, P fdr = 0.07) in the children with ADHD.  ... 
doi:10.1038/npp.2016.223 pmid:27681441 pmcid:PMC5399244 fatcat:oicixziouzghjia5t4e464ijr4

Diffusion tensor imaging in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Hanneke van Ewijk, Dirk J. Heslenfeld, Marcel P. Zwiers, Jan K. Buitelaar, Jaap Oosterlaan
2012 Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews  
The resulting ALE map was thresholded at p < .05 using a false discovery rate (FDR) correction for multiple comparisons and a minimum cluster size of 100 mm 3 .  ...  Fig. 1 . 1 Results of the ALE meta-analysis showing clusters with significant ALE maxima (Z > 3; p corrected < 0.05) superimposed on a structural scan in Talairach space.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2012.01.003 pmid:22305957 fatcat:u76e7gqlkngudguvsnnnxcbsbq

Gut microbiome in ADHD and its relation to neural reward anticipation

Esther Aarts, Thomas H. A. Ederveen, Jilly Naaijen, Marcel P. Zwiers, Jos Boekhorst, Harro M. Timmerman, Sanne P. Smeekens, Mihai G. Netea, Jan K. Buitelaar, Barbara Franke, Sacha A. F. T. van Hijum, Alejandro Arias Vasquez (+1 others)
2017 PLoS ONE  
OPEN ACCESS Citation: Aarts E, Ederveen THA, Naaijen J, Zwiers MP, Boekhorst J, Timmerman HM, et al. (2017) Gut microbiome in ADHD and its relation to neural reward anticipation.  ...  T. van Hijum, Alejandro Arias Vasquez. curation: Jilly Naaijen, Marcel P. Zwiers. analysis: Esther Aarts, Thomas H. A. Ederveen, Jilly Naaijen, Marcel P. Zwiers, Jos Boekhorst, Harro M.  ...  Ederveen, Marcel P. Zwiers, Jos Boekhorst, Harro M. Timmerman. Supervision: Mihai G. Netea, Jan K. Buitelaar, Barbara Franke, Sacha A. F. T. van Hijum, Alejandro Arias Vasquez.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0183509 pmid:28863139 pmcid:PMC5581161 fatcat:uhysg2eobvdvtnfzhhbvupc4oi

Fronto-striatal glutamate in children with Tourette's disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Jilly Naaijen, Natalie J. Forde, David J. Lythgoe, Sophie E.A. Akkermans, Thaira J.C. Openneer, Andrea Dietrich, Marcel P. Zwiers, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Jan K. Buitelaar
2017 NeuroImage: Clinical  
Results: We did not find any group differences in glutamate concentrations in either the ACC (F (3132) = 0.97, p = 0.41) or striatum (F (3121) = 0.59, p = 0.62).  ...  Obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms were positively correlated with ACC glutamate concentration within the participants with TD (rho = 0.35, p uncorrected = 0.02).  ...  0.37), RBS compulsivity score (p = 0.25) or current medication use (any p = 0.73, stimulant p = 0.80 or antipsychotic p = 0.06).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.nicl.2016.11.013 pmid:27909683 pmcid:PMC5124361 fatcat:a43ry5zdk5c2tcugwttsv74bgm
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