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Mapping Ventricular Changes Related to Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment in a Large Community-Based Cohort

O.T. Carmichael, P.M. Thompson, R.A. Dutton, A. Lu, S.E. Lee, J.Y. Lee, L.H. Kuller, O.L. Lopez, H.J. Aizenstein, C. CidisMeltzer, Yanxi Liu, A.W. Toga (+1 others)
3rd IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: Macro to Nano, 2006.  
The technique is used to analyze localized ventricular expansion in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in a large cohort of communitydwelling elderly individuals (N=339).  ...  The resulting maps are the first to chart localized ventricular dilation in a cohort of this size.  ...  DISCUSSION Since MCI is often a transitional state between normal cognitive function and AD, a spatial progression of ventricular changes from normal cognitive function through MCI to AD can be inferred  ... 
doi:10.1109/isbi.2006.1624916 dblp:conf/isbi/CarmichaelTDLLLKLAMLTB06 fatcat:rdzjzw5yrnhyxoz4allgerzsfm

Decreased Physical Activity Associated with Executive Dysfunction Correlates with Cognitive Impairment among Older Adults in the Community: A Retrospective Analysis from the Kurihara Project

Yoritoshi Kobayashi, Yumi Takahashi, Takashi Seki, Tomohiro Kaneta, Kenichi Amarume, Mari Kasai, Kenichi Meguro
2016 Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra  
Conclusion: PA was related to the burden of executive function in patients with mild cognitive impairment; however, in patients with dementia, PA was related to both the burden of executive function and  ...  Methods: We retrospectively evaluated the PA for 590 older participants in the Kurihara Project; 221 participants had a Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) of 0 (healthy), 295 CDR 0.5 (very mild dementia),  ...  Acknowledgements The authors are grateful to the staff at Kurihara City government, especially to the public health nurses, and the staff at the Division of Geriatric Behavioral Neurology, CYRIC, Tohoku  ... 
doi:10.1159/000448027 pmid:27703468 pmcid:PMC5040897 fatcat:57zvz5cofnbjdmm776nmjxa66e

Ventricular maps in 804 ADNI subjects: correlations with CSF biomarkers and clinical decline

Yi-Yu Chou, Natasha Leporé, Priyanka Saharan, Sarah K. Madsen, Xue Hua, Clifford R. Jack, Leslie M. Shaw, John Q. Trojanowski, Michael W. Weiner, Arthur W. Toga, Paul M. Thompson
2010 Neurobiology of Aging  
We used our multi-atlas fluid image alignment (MAFIA) method, to compute ventricular models automatically, without user intervention, from 804 brain MRI scans with 184 AD, 391 mild cognitive impairment  ...  These statistical maps are highly automated, and offer a promising biomarker of AD for large-scale studies.  ...  Private sector contributions to ADNI are facilitated by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2010.05.001 pmid:20620663 pmcid:PMC2904619 fatcat:qycwz7ixnnf2la4xufv3emgizq

Cognitive Correlates of Hippocampal Atrophy and Ventricular Enlargement in Adults with or without Mild Cognitive Impairment

Naira Goukasian, Shai Porat, Anna Blanken, David Avila, Dimitar Zlatev, Sona Hurtz, Kristy S. Hwang, Jonathan Pierce, Shantanu H. Joshi, Ellen Woo, Liana G. Apostolova
2019 Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra  
We analyzed structural magnetic resonance imaging data from 58 cognitively normal and 101 mild cognitive impairment subjects.  ...  We used a general linear regression model to study the association between cognitive performance with hippocampal atrophy and ventricular enlargement using the radial distance method.  ...  Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank all of the research participants who were willing to participate in this study, as well as the clinicians and staff members for their dedicated time and  ... 
doi:10.1159/000490044 pmid:31572424 pmcid:PMC6751474 fatcat:nugzstncuveq7npn5izitgopm4

Obesity is linked with lower brain volume in 700 AD and MCI patients

April J. Ho, Cyrus A. Raji, James T. Becker, Oscar L. Lopez, Lewis H. Kuller, Xue Hua, Suh Lee, Derrek Hibar, Ivo D. Dinov, Jason L. Stein, Clifford R. Jack, Michael W. Weiner (+2 others)
2010 Neurobiology of Aging  
Tensor-based morphometry (TBM) was used to create 3-dimensional maps of regional tissue excess or deficits in subjects with MCI (ADNI, n ϭ 399; CHS-CS, n ϭ 77) and AD (ADNI, n ϭ 188; CHS, n ϭ 36).  ...  Cardiovascular risk factors, especially obesity, should be considered as influencing brain structure in those already afflicted by cognitive impairment and dementia.  ...  The study reported in this article was supported, in part, by funds from the National Institute of Aging (to OLL; AG20098, AG05133) (and to LK; AG15928), and by contract numbers N01-HC-85079 through N01  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2010.04.006 pmid:20570405 pmcid:PMC3197833 fatcat:5mmgc4hzvfbqlf2wdjk4wcjdmu

Mapping progressive brain structural changes in early Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment

Liana G. Apostolova, Paul M. Thompson
2008 Neuropsychologia  
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a transitional state between normal aging and dementia, carries a four-to sixfold increased risk of future diagnosis of dementia.  ...  We describe extensively validated cortical and hippocampal mapping techniques that are sensitive to clinically relevant changes even in the single individual, and can identify group differences in epidemiological  ...  , NIH/NCRR P41 RR013642 and NIH U54 RR021813 (to PMT).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2007.10.026 pmid:18395760 pmcid:PMC2713100 fatcat:lx6o7s5rfjcgxnqkj6edklzcoa

Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI): Progress towards knowledge and treatment

Silvia Di Legge, Vladimir Hachinski
2010 Dementia & Neuropsychologia  
The term vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) encompasses all levels of cognitive decline associated with CVD from mild deficits in one or more cognitive domains to crude dementia syndrome.  ...  For this reason, in 2006 the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and the Canadian Stroke Network (CSN) defined a set of data elements to be collected in future studies aimed  ...  Recent data have been provided by two large community-based studies.  ... 
doi:10.1590/s1980-57642010dn40100002 pmid:29213654 pmcid:PMC5619524 fatcat:77uut66v6zbohkrg4gck3cqxdq

Ventricular expansion, white matter hyperintensities, and global cognition in Alzheimer's disease and normal aging [article]

Sabrina Adamo, Joel Ramirez, Melissa F Holmes, Fuqiang Gao, Ljubica Zotovic, Mario Masellis, Sandra E Black
2020 medRxiv   pre-print
Purpose: This study will examine ventricular expansion and its associations between periventricular/deep WMH and cognition in AD and normal aging.  ...  Conclusions: The findings from this study suggest that in just under 1.5 years, the significantly rapid ventricular expansion observed in AD may be closely related to periventricular small vessel disease  ...  Acknowledgements We would like to thank the participants who have graciously donated their time, consent, and participation in the Sunnybrook Dementia Study. Thank you to the Linda C.  ... 
doi:10.1101/2020.11.30.20240879 fatcat:wu2g44zyjzahpg6fvl7p4k2jli

Lower cardiac index levels relate to lower cerebral blood flow in older adults

Angela L. Jefferson, Dandan Liu, Deepak K. Gupta, Kimberly R. Pechman, Jennifer M. Watchmaker, Elizabeth A. Gordon, Swati Rane, Susan P. Bell, Lisa A. Mendes, L. Taylor Davis, Katherine A. Gifford, Timothy J. Hohman (+2 others)
2017 Neurology  
Methods: Vanderbilt Memory & Aging Project participants free of stroke, dementia, and heart failure were studied (n 5 314, age 73 6 7 years, 59% male, 39% with mild cognitive impairment).  ...  In secondary cardiac index 3 cognitive diagnosis interaction models, cardiac index and CBF associations were present only in cognitively normal participants and affected a majority of regions assessed  ...  The Vanderbilt Memory & Aging Project is a longitudinal study investigating vascular health and brain aging, enriched for mild cognitive impairment (MCI). 11 Inclusion required that participants be $60  ... 
doi:10.1212/wnl.0000000000004707 pmid:29117962 pmcid:PMC5719926 fatcat:lcppahyfirdivo73litv4usjky

Mild cognitive impairment: an update in Parkinson's disease and lessons learned from Alzheimer's disease

Jennifer G Goldman, Neelum T Aggarwal, Cynthia D Schroeder
2015 Neurodegenerative Disease Management  
for clinicians to inquire about cognitive changes or problems, even early in the course of PD and even when symptoms are at mild stages. • Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) has gained recognition as a construct  ...  While the concept of amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) as a prodrome to AD has been recognized for many years, the construct of MCI in PD is a relative newcomer with recent development of diagnostic  ...  In a community-based incident PD cohort in Sweden, 37/134 (27%) of PD patients developed dementia over 5 years of follow-up [43] .  ... 
doi:10.2217/nmt.15.34 pmid:26517759 pmcid:PMC4968199 fatcat:5bvvvufa25extf3csau3h3rxf4

Plasma proteins predict conversion to dementia from prodromal disease

Abdul Hye, Joanna Riddoch-Contreras, Alison L. Baird, Nicholas J. Ashton, Chantal Bazenet, Rufina Leung, Eric Westman, Andrew Simmons, Richard Dobson, Martina Sattlecker, Michelle Lupton, Katie Lunnon (+15 others)
2014 Alzheimer's & Dementia  
Methods: Three multicenter cohorts of cognitively healthy elderly, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and AD participants with standardized clinical assessments and structural neuroimaging measures were  ...  The study aimed to validate previously discovered plasma biomarkers associated with AD, using a design based on imaging measures as surrogate for disease severity and assess their prognostic value in predicting  ...  on MRI and of clinical severity and (2) to determine the accuracy of a multiplexed panel of disease relevant biomarkers in predicting conversion of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to dementia in a defined  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jalz.2014.05.1749 pmid:25012867 pmcid:PMC4240530 fatcat:6cu6lzarnza33i2xhidu7kkgtu

Plasma multianalyte profiling in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease

W. T. Hu, D. M. Holtzman, A. M. Fagan, L. M. Shaw, R. Perrin, S. E. Arnold, M. Grossman, C. Xiong, R. Craig-Schapiro, C. M. Clark, E. Pickering, M. Kuhn (+13 others)
2012 Neurology  
Louis, MO), and identified 17 analytes associated with the diagnosis of very mild dementia/mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or AD.  ...  Conclusion: Four plasma analytes were consistently associated with the diagnosis of very mild dementia/MCI/AD in 3 independent clinical cohorts.  ...  In each cohort, mild impairment likely due to AD (mild cognitive and AD, or CDR of 0.5 and 1) were grouped and compared with subjects with normal cognition or CDR of 0.  ... 
doi:10.1212/wnl.0b013e318266fa70 pmid:22855860 pmcid:PMC3425844 fatcat:ic4aj6x7ancx5cemtspojyzhdy

Mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease

J G Goldman, I Litvan
2011 Minerva Medica  
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is common in non-demented PD patients, occurring in about 20-50%.  ...  Frequency estimates and clinical features of mild cognitive impairment in PD (PD-MCI), however, vary across studies due to methodological differences and lack of uniform diagnostic criteria for PD-MCI.  ...  Although the cohorts differed in their setting (4 community-based, 4 clinic-based), type of cohort (3 cross-sectional, 3 prevalent, 1 incident, and 1 de novo), dementia criteria used (3 DSM-II-R or DSM-IV  ... 
pmid:22193376 pmcid:PMC3370887 fatcat:dvuyoscyavbx3hdwci5oqoo5li

Study design and baseline characteristics of a population-based prospective cohort study of dementia in Japan: the Japan Prospective Studies Collaboration for Aging and Dementia (JPSC-AD)

Toshiharu Ninomiya, on behalf of the JPSFC-AD Study Group, Shigeyuki Nakaji, Tetsuya Maeda, Masahito Yamada, Masaru Mimura, Kenji Nakashima, Takaaki Mori, Minoru Takebayashi, Tomoyuki Ohara, Jun Hata, Yoshihiro Kokubo (+12 others)
2020 Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine  
We aimed to perform a large-scale dementia cohort study to elucidate environmental and genetic risk factors for dementia, as well as their interaction.  ...  Methods The Japan Prospective Studies Collaboration for Aging and Dementia (JPSC-AD) is a multisite, population-based prospective cohort study of dementia, which was designed to enroll approximately 10,000  ...  The baseline characteristics of these subjects are shown in Supplementary Discussion JPSC-AD is a large-scale population-based prospective cohort study for dementia that includes more than 10, 000 older  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12199-020-00903-3 pmid:33129280 fatcat:kltkmgh5gncvhfpkoy5ruj3hcm

Midlife obesity and trajectories of brain volume changes in older adults

Ira Driscoll, May A. Beydoun, Yang An, Christos Davatzikos, Luigi Ferrucci, Alan B. Zonderman, Susan M. Resnick
2011 Human Brain Mapping  
Overall, our results suggest that midlife obesity may be an important modifier of brain atrophy in individuals who are developing cognitive impairment and dementia, while it has little effect on structural  ...  We report no associations (P's > 0.05) between either global or central midlife obesity and subsequent rates of regional brain volume changes against a background of age-related atrophy in older individuals  ...  Acknowledgments This study was supported in part by National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding sources N01-AG-3-2124 and R01-AG14971 and by the Intramural Research Program of the NIH, National Institute  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.21353 pmid:22887828 pmcid:PMC3419372 fatcat:rpq2qawylzacrdtjj3a2gyr2hq
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