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Wetland Fire Scar Monitoring and Its Response to Changes of the Pantanal Wetland

Xiaodong Li, Kaishan Song, Ge Liu
2020 Sensors  
Fire is an important disturbance factor which results in the irreversible change of land surface ecosystems and leads to a new ecological status after the fire is extinguished.  ...  Based on the observation data of wildfire and two Sentinel-2A images separated by a 35-day interval, the objectives of this study are to use the Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) to map the spatiotemporal change  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare they have no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s20154268 pmid:32751781 fatcat:7wpzdylopnfalaoiju4fcqilca

The Potential of Earth Observation for the Analysis of Cold Region Land Surface Dynamics in Europe—A Review

Zhongyang Hu, Claudia Kuenzer, Andreas J. Dietz, Stefan Dech
2017 Remote Sensing  
In the context of ongoing climate change, monitoring and understanding cold region land surface dynamics is essential for environmental scientists, stakeholders and decision makers.  ...  For example, Europe has densely populated cold regions, but hardly an article exists that provides a solid overview of Earth Observation (EO) based applications assessing cold region land surface dynamics  ...  Acknowledgments: The authors would like to thank the China Scholarship Council for the financial support of  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs9101067 fatcat:irinzpju25hhjjmxcxhjui22xq

Canopy mortality has doubled in Europe's temperate forests over the last three decades

Cornelius Senf, Dirk Pflugmacher, Yang Zhiqiang, Julius Sebald, Jan Knorn, Mathias Neumann, Patrick Hostert, Rupert Seidl
2018 Nature Communications  
Our findings reveal profound changes in recent forest dynamics with important implications for carbon storage and biodiversity conservation, highlighting the importance of improved monitoring of forest  ...  Changes in climate and land-use are likely causes of large-scale forest mortality increase.  ...  This analysis is partly based on data collected by partners of the official UNECE ICP Forests Network ( Part of the data was financed by the European Commission.  ... 
doi:10.1038/s41467-018-07539-6 pmid:30478255 pmcid:PMC6255806 fatcat:b5mncppbmvddzhasxzymx6fybi

Earth Observation for Urban Climate Monitoring: Surface Cover and Land Surface Temperature [chapter]

Zina Mitraka, Nektarios Chrysoulakis
2018 Multi-purposeful Application of Geospatial Data  
Two example applications are analyzed: the mapping of the urban surface and its characteristics, using EO data and the estimation of urban temperatures.  ...  This chapter examines the exploitation of EO data for monitoring the urban climate, with particular focus on the urban surface cover and temperature.  ...  and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.71986 fatcat:tkfofapgpnhrvd5i7j7wejr6ba

Assessment of soil organic carbon stocks under future climate and land cover changes in Europe

Yusuf Yigini, Panos Panagos
2016 Science of the Total Environment  
The overall model produced soil organic carbon maps which reflect the present and the future predictions (2050) based on climate and land cover projections.  ...  The results suggest an overall increase in SOC stocks by 2050 in Europe (EU26) under all climate and land cover scenarios, but the extent of the increase varies between the climate model and emissions  ...  Acknowledgments Funding for this work was provided in part by the European Commission FP 7 Collaborative Project "Soil Transformations in European Catchments" (SoilTrEC) (Grant Agreement no. 244118).  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.03.085 pmid:27082446 fatcat:e4mbkyllkvhrbphii5thxjvmtq

Uncertainty analysis of terrestrial net primary productivity and net biome productivity in China during 1901-2005

Junjiong Shao, Xuhui Zhou, Yiqi Luo, Guodong Zhang, Wei Yan, Jiaxuan Li, Bo Li, Li Dan, Joshua B. Fisher, Zhiqiang Gao, Yong He, Deborah Huntzinger (+16 others)
2016 Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences  
Spatiotemporal scales, land cover conditions, inclusion of the N cycle, and effects of N addition also contributed to the overall uncertainty.  ...  Classification and regression tree analysis based on literature data showed that model type was the primary source of the uncertainty, explaining 36% and 64% of the variance in NPP and NBP, respectively  ...  of Higher Learning, and the national "Thousand Young Talents  ... 
doi:10.1002/2015jg003062 fatcat:wb2s2aj65vhkjc76exztcbtak4

Cross-Comparison between Sun-Synchronized and Geostationary Satellite-Derived Land Surface Temperature: A Case Study in Hong Kong

Ibrahim Ademola Adeniran, Rui Zhu, Jinxin Yang, Xiaolin Zhu, Man Sing Wong
2022 Remote Sensing  
Harmonization of satellite imagery provides a good opportunity for studying land surface temperature (LST) as well as the urban heat island effect.  ...  The findings also suggest that retrieval algorithms and the dominant land use class in the study area would affect the accuracy of image-fusion techniques.  ...  Furthermore, the authors would like to thank the reviewers and editors for their time and valuable input to this manuscript. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs14184444 fatcat:llhoq3r3cffnveau4e3jmevjde

Coverage and Rainfall Response of Biological Soil Crusts Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Data in a Central European Temperate Dry Acid Grassland

Jakob Rieser, Maik Veste, Michael Thiel, Sarah Schönbrodt-Stitt
2021 Remote Sensing  
We applied a Random Forest (RF) classification model incorporating multispectral Sentinel-2 (S2) data, indices derived from them, and topographic information to spatiotemporally map the BSC cover for the  ...  ., low precipitation rates and high temperatures) in global drylands. They consist of poikilohydric organisms capable of adjusting their metabolic activities depending on the water availability.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13163093 fatcat:hpzuj7p26zdo5oqabb6r7pzo3u

Coupled regional Earth system modeling in the Baltic Sea region

Matthias Gröger, Christian Dieterich, Jari Haapala, Ha Thi Minh Ho-Hagemann, Stefan Hagemann, Jaromir Jakacki, Wilhelm May, H. E. Markus Meier, Paul A. Miller, Anna Rutgersson, Lichuan Wu
2021 Earth System Dynamics  
Over land, important climate feedbacks arise from dynamical terrestrial vegetation changes as well as the implementation of land-use scenarios and afforestation/deforestation that further alter surface  ...  Furthermore, a good representation of surface temperatures and roughness length over open sea and land areas is critical for the representation of climatic extremes such as heavy precipitation, storms,  ...  atmosphere as well as the spatiotemporal dynamics of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), including the wind speed, surface and air tempera-ture, humidity and precipitation, and the atmospheric radiative  ... 
doi:10.5194/esd-12-939-2021 fatcat:32thqmcc6rc4vjegbnkag6bzqa

Storm and fire disturbances in Europe: distribution and trends

Cornelius Senf, Rupert Seidl
2021 Global Change Biology  
Abiotic forest disturbances are an important driver of ecosystem dynamics. In Europe, storms and fires have been identified as the most important abiotic disturbances in the recent past.  ...  Our analysis further suggests that increasing storm-related disturbances are an important driver of Europe's changing forest disturbance regimes.  ...  importance of abiotic disturbances for Europe's forest dynamics.  ... 
doi:10.1111/gcb.15679 pmid:33969582 fatcat:xyg3vmqoyjcxpb2ketncu2g43m

Atmospheric Variability and Infrasound Monitoring [chapter]

Catherine D. de Groot-Hedlin, Michael A. H. Hedlin, Douglas P. Drob
2009 Infrasound Monitoring for Atmospheric Studies  
The selection of infrasound as one component of the IMS was guided by the fact that low frequency acoustic energy can be detected at distances of hundreds to thousands of kilometers because attenuation  ...  The modern era of infrasound studies was ushered in by the nuclear age, and the attendant needs to monitor the Earth and its atmosphere for clandestine nuclear tests.  ...  Spatiotemporal Variability of the Atmosphere In order to understand the spatiotemporal variability of infrasound, it is useful to describe the temperature structure of the atmosphere, followed by its general  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4020-9508-5_15 fatcat:tfofq7eqpbf4vpejoqkrnh2x54

Potential and limitations of multidecadal satellite soil moisture observations for selected climate model evaluation studies

A. Loew, T. Stacke, W. Dorigo, R. de Jeu, S. Hagemann
2013 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences  
We compare soil moisture data from satellite observations, reanalysis and simulations from a state-of-the-art land surface model and analyze relationships between soil moisture and precipitation anomalies  ...  An appropriate representation of soil moisture dynamics in global climate models is therefore important.  ...  This implies that the soil moisture statistics represented in ECVSM depends on the soil moisture dynamics of the Noah land surface model.  ... 
doi:10.5194/hess-17-3523-2013 fatcat:3tiaybvem5bb5h2dk25spir6um

An integrated open-coastal biogeochemistry, ecosystem and biodiversity observatory of the eastern Mediterranean – the Cretan Sea component of the POSEIDON system

George Petihakis, Leonidas Perivoliotis, Gerasimos Korres, Dionysios Ballas, Constantin Frangoulis, Paris Pagonis, Manolis Ntoumas, Manos Pettas, Antonis Chalkiopoulos, Maria Sotiropoulou, Margarita Bekiari, Alkiviadis Kalampokis (+11 others)
2018 Ocean Science (OS)  
The spatiotemporal coverage of biogeochemical (BGC) observations in the Cretan Sea has progressively increased over the last decades, especially since the creation of the POSEIDON observing system, which  ...  Land-based facilities, such as data centres, technical support infrastructure, calibration laboratory and mesocosms, support and give added value to the observatory.  ...  Special thanks are due to the three referees and the topical editor, whose comments helped us to improve the manuscript. Part of the work has been funded by JERICO-NEXT project.  ... 
doi:10.5194/os-14-1223-2018 fatcat:ityilh3s75hzjecmyiytdsmsue

Pronounced increase in slope instability linked to global warming: a case study from the Eastern European Alps

Sara Savi, Francesco Comiti, Manfred R. Strecker
2021 Earth Surface Processes and Landforms  
In this context we analyzed the spatiotemporal evolution and potential controlling mechanisms of small-to mediumsized mass movements in a high-elevation catchment of the Italian Alps (Sulden/ Solda basin  ...  In recent decades, slope instability in high-mountain regions has often been linked to increase in temperature and the associated permafrost degradation and/or the increase in frequency/intensity of rainstorm  ...  | INTRODUCTION Since Europe's hot summer of 2003, the awareness and interest of the scientific community regarding the dynamic coupling between global warming and mountain-slope instability has increased  ... 
doi:10.1002/esp.5100 fatcat:32xeo2hgofe6lno47btrqfogqa

Alteration of the Ecohydrological Status of the Intermittent Flow Rivers and Ephemeral Streams due to the Climate Change Impact (Case Study: Tsiknias River)

Soumaya Nabih, Ourania Tzoraki, Prodromos Zanis, Thanos Tsikerdekis, Dimitris Akritidis, Ioannis Kontogeorgos, Lahcen Benaabidate
2021 Hydrology  
Intermittent flow Rivers and Ephemeral Streams (IRES) are particularly vulnerable to spatiotemporal variation of climate variables, land use changes and other anthropogenic factors.  ...  A significant decrease of 20–40% of the annual flow of the examined river (Tsiknias River, Greece) is predicted during the next 100 years with an increase in the frequency of extreme flood events as captured  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/hydrology8010043 fatcat:4nx5uvdoffgztbpdhoainnndai
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