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Optical techniques for the characterization of surface-subsurface defects in painted layers

C. Daffara, R. Fontana, M. Melchiorre Di Crescenzo, S. Scrascia, E. Zendri
2011 O3A: Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology III  
In particular, thermography in the Mid-IR band 3-5 micron allows the detection and spatial mapping at a suitable resolution of the delamination of painted layers.  ...  Moreover, artwork surfaces can be examined with suitable 2D optical techniques in the IR range to investigate defects at a subsurface level.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Authors wish to thank Paola Ilaria Mariotti, restorer of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, and the restorer Ottaviano Caruso for their precious assistance during the measurements.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.889959 fatcat:mlzhr6x2cfcvrpolijujx3riqq

On the Surface and Beyond. Degradation Morphologies Affecting Plant Ash-Based Archaeological Glass from Kafir Kala (Samarkand, Uzbekistan)

Sara Fiorentino, Tania Chinni, Dagmar Galusková, Simone Mantellini, Alberta Silvestri, Amriddin E. Berdimuradov, Mariangela Vandini
2021 Minerals  
Framed in a broad scenario, the paper aims to set the basis for the development of a study approach dedicated to the degradation morphologies affecting archaeological glasses, a topic still lacking systematisation  ...  of the stratigraphy of the alteration products were then carried out, to evaluate micro-textural, morphological and compositional features.  ...  Acknowledgments: Stefano Poli and Andrea Risplendente (University of Milan "La Statale", Italy), and Sarah Maltoni (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) are warmly thanked for their cooperation in the  ... 
doi:10.3390/min11121364 fatcat:mdrt5j3ygbhfxe6eaf34uw2hi4

Drosophila crinkled, Mutations of Which Disrupt Morphogenesis and Cause Lethality, Encodes Fly Myosin VIIA

D. P. Kiehart
2004 Genetics  
Scanning electron microscopy shows that escapers have defects in bristles and hairs, indicating that this motor protein plays a role in the structure of the actin cytoskeleton.  ...  In addition, we establish that the two myosin VIIA FERM repeats share high sequence similarity with only the first two subdomains of the three-lobed structure that is typical of canonical FERM domains.  ...  Figure 3 . 3 -Mutations in ck/myoVIIA alter the morphology of setae, micro-and macrochaetae, and the number of and distribution of setae on the thorax.  ... 
doi:10.1534/genetics.104.026369 pmid:15579689 pmcid:PMC1448781 fatcat:pg7bla6qt5cc5bbgtj6i6ouitm


A. Versaci, A. Cardaci
2017 The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences  
for the knowledge of this architectural work, in view of the establishment of the project for its conservation.  ...  In recent years, the fate of contemporary buildings in reinforced concrete is becoming a growing concern due to the fast ageing of structures, however, often of great architectural and social interest.  ...  Mario Avagnina (Ministry of Superior Council of Public Works, designer of the maintenance programme) and the arch.  ... 
doi:10.5194/isprs-archives-xlii-5-w1-187-2017 fatcat:zzjsnuhnqjcapk47lqm5s2dhku

Optical micro-profilometry for archaeology

Pierluigi Carcagni, Claudia Daffara, Raffaella Fontana, Maria Chiara Gambino, Maria Mastroianni, Cinazia Mazzotta, Enrico Pampaloni, Luca Pezzati, Renzo Salimbeni, Luca Pezzati
2005 Optical Methods for Arts and Archaeology  
At present, a variety of contact instruments for high-resolution surface survey is available on the market, but because of their invasivity they are not well received in the field of artwork conservation  ...  A quantitative morphological analysis of archaeological objects represents an important element for historical evaluations, artistic studies and conservation projects.  ...  The quantitative morphological characterization of coin surface and the subsequent possibility of image processing is, thus, a new approach that could completely change the way to document archaeological  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.612527 fatcat:k4se6hajh5gizc3bwvb4cbeoau

Comparative mapping of the 22q11.2 deletion region and the potential of simple model organisms

Alina Guna, Nancy J. Butcher, Anne S. Bassett
2015 Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders  
Spatial locations of conserved homologues were mapped to examine syntenic relationships.  ...  Identified homologues in the zebrafish (n = 37, 80.4 %) were comparable to those in the mouse (n = 40, 86.9 %) and included some conserved gene cluster structures.  ...  Discussion Here, we defined a comprehensive gene map of the most common human micro-deletion syndrome, 22q11.2DS, and conducted the first systematic examination of 22q11.2 deletion region gene conservation  ... 
doi:10.1186/s11689-015-9113-x pmid:26137170 pmcid:PMC4487986 fatcat:trnbftl6nraghj7z6zfctfhrf4

Holographic Interferometry (HI), Infrared Vision and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy for the assessment of painted wooden statues: a new integrated approach

Stefano Sfarra, Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo, Stefano Ridolfi, Giorgio Cerichelli, Dario Ambrosini, Domenica Paoletti, Xavier Maldague
2013 Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing  
Marchetti -Assistant Chief of Civil Defense with special responsibility for the cultural heritage after the 2009 earthquake (L'Aquila, Italy) -for granting permission to carry out experiments on the  ...  Acknowledgements The authors wish to thank Eng. L.  ...  The practice of apply the plaster layer above the incamottatura layer is well documented in [19] .  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00339-013-7939-1 fatcat:3qxpsbj6xrew5phg3x5i4bgyaq

System for the analysis and visualization of large 3D anatomical trees

Kun-Chang Yu, Erik L. Ritman, William E. Higgins
2007 Computers in Biology and Medicine  
Automatic approaches have been proposed for a few specific problems, but none of these approaches guarantee extracting geometrically accurate multi-generational tree structures.  ...  Modern micro-CT and multi-detector helical CT scanners can produce high-resolution 3D digital images of various anatomical trees.  ...  We also thank Mike Graham for generating the matching results for Figure 15 and Diane Eaker for providing assistance with some of the micro-CT data.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.compbiomed.2007.06.005 pmid:17669390 pmcid:PMC2131762 fatcat:hgqjpwx4tnbtfdphry3s62x4o4

Golden pompano genome and embryo transcriptome shed light on regulation of minor ZGA gene on heart and vascular development [article]

Honglin LUo, Yongde Zhang, Changmian Ji, Yongzhen Zhao, Jinxia Peng, Yin Huang, Qingyun Liu, Pingping He, Pengfei Feng, Chunlin Yang, Xiuli Chen, Haiyan Yu (+3 others)
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
), and disruption of the honeycomb structure in the caudal vein plexus (CVPs) in zebrafish.  ...  Although minor zygotic genome activation (ZGA) contributes to further activation of the genome in the mouse4, the cardio- and vascular-linked functions of the genes in the WGD shaping minor ZGA in marine  ...  of basic research and public service special operations (GXIF-2016-03, GXIF-2016-09, GXIF-2016-18, GXIF-2016-19).  ... 
doi:10.1101/804609 fatcat:dizp5m23ang2lgsl77onhv5adi

Micro-strain Evolution and Toughening Mechanisms in a Trimodal Al-Based Metal Matrix Composite

Yuzheng Zhang, Troy D. Topping, Hanry Yang, Enrique J. Lavernia, Julie M. Schoenung, Steven R. Nutt
2015 Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. A  
The deformation behavior of the heterogeneous structure and the effects of CG regions on crack propagation were investigated using in situ scanning electron microscopy (SEM) micro-tensile tests.  ...  Further optimization of the CG distribution (spacing and morphology) is required to achieve toughness levels required for structural applications.  ...  The images and data used in this article were generated at the Center for Electron Microscopy and  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11661-014-2729-8 fatcat:oefoc63jg5fcbcch7c7f23uwwq

Categorisation of building data in the digital documentation of heritage buildings

Ahmed Khalil, Spyridon Stravoravdis, Dietmar Backes
2020 Applied Geomatics  
This paper aims to review the multitude of data types that could be included in the documentation and investigation process of the built heritage, in order to assess the breadth and depth by which heritage  ...  The procedure of documentation requires a very diverse range of data (quantitative and qualitative) to be obtained and investigated in order to produce an accurate digital representation of the building  ...  Fig. 12 Using thermal imagery to identify the structure system, different materials and thermal bridges (Stober et al. 2018) The second approach is the "micro-model" which describes the units and the  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12518-020-00322-7 fatcat:vyajq25vobdyhob5li4bj43hc4

Mitochondrial nucleoid in cardiac homeostasis: bidirectional signaling of mitochondria and nucleus in cardiac diseases

Yuliang Feng, Wei Huang, Christian Paul, Xingguo Liu, Sakthivel Sadayappan, Yigang Wang, Siim Pauklin
2021 Basic Research in Cardiology  
In addition, we highlight many of the presently unsolved questions regarding cardiac metabolism in terms of bidirectional signaling of mitochondrial nucleoid and 3D chromatin structure in the nucleus.  ...  In particular, we explore novel techniques to dissect the 3D structure of mitochondrial nucleoid and propose new insights into the mitochondrial retrograde signaling, and how it regulates the nuclear (  ...  A Modified micro-C approach to map TFAMcentric 3D genome structure of mitochondria (pAG-MNase: protein A/G beads conjugated with MNase); B Genome architecture mapping (GAM) approach to map global 3D genome  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00395-021-00889-1 pmid:34392401 pmcid:PMC8364536 fatcat:22hbnot3g5d3fj47zidznd4ghy

A Combined Non-Invasive Approach to the Study of A Mosaic Model: First Laboratory Experimental Results

Chaban, Tornari, Deiana, Andrianakis, Giovannacci, Detalle
2019 Journal of Imaging  
of an efficient non-invasive approach to the in-situ subsurface analysis of ancient wall mosaics.  ...  The model reproduces a series of defects (e.g., cracks, voids, detachments), simulating common deteriorated, restored or reshuffled areas in wall mosaics.  ...  These techniques can be applied in-situ on real mosaic case studies and, subsequently, depending on the available documentation, conservation issues and the first full-field results, the selection of methods  ... 
doi:10.3390/jimaging5060058 pmid:34460496 pmcid:PMC8320949 fatcat:z3cpczso2zcwdcbpn43lp64zaq

Integrating evolutionarily novel horns within the deeply conserved insect head

David M. Linz, Armin P. Moczek
2020 BMC Biology  
of secondary sexual weapons in the animal kingdom.  ...  The insect head represents an ancient body region patterned by a deeply conserved developmental genetic network, yet at the same time constitutes a hot spot for morphological innovation.  ...  Acknowledgements We thank the members of the Moczek laboratory for help with beetle care and comments on earlier versions of this manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12915-020-00773-9 pmid:32312271 fatcat:2d5rvlztsjbebmunlnwrewqomi

Chromatin organization and global regulation of Hox gene clusters

T. Montavon, D. Duboule
2013 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences  
We acknowledge financial support from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Geneva, the Swiss National Research Council (SNF), the European Research Council (ERC) and the  ...  We thank Natalia Soshnikova and colleagues from the Duboule laboratories for discussions.  ...  (a) Map of the HoxD locus and its flanking centromeric (cen) and telomeric (tel) conserved gene deserts.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rstb.2012.0367 pmid:23650639 pmcid:PMC3682730 fatcat:m5wbigkd6rfghneidxikd2zyli
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