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O professor Manuel Rodrigues Lapa e a língua da Galiza

Maria do Carmo Henríquez
2020 Confluência  
memoriam dos filólogos e lingüistas brasileiros, portugueses, galegos e europeus que estão no Além e assumiram um compromisso com a língua da Galiza RESUMO: Apresentam-se propostas e ideias do livro de Rodrigues  ...  Acaso tem sido o destino que, em poucos anos, entre março de 1989 e março de 1990 tenham falecido três personalidades emblemáticas da nossa língua comum: Manuel RODRIGUES LAPA, Celso FERREIRA DA CUNHA  ...  RODRIGUES LAPA (Portugal), Óscar LOPES (Portugal), Leodegário A. de AZEVEDO FILHO (Brasil) e Celso CUNHA (Brasil).  ... 
doi:10.18364/rc.v1i58.373 fatcat:lgtd5pswrzbe3ko5ck3acg6lme

"Tragédias brasileiras": o diálogo de Dalton Trevisan com Manuel Bandeira e Nelson Rodrigues

Cleusa Rios Pinheiro Passos
1999 Revista da Anpoll  
RESUMO: O conto "O senhor meu marido" de Dalton Trevisan recupera interlexlualtnenle elementos provenientes deum poema deManuel Bandeira ("Tra gédia Brasileira") e de uma peça de Nelson Rodrigues (Doroléia  ...  Assim, somente a familiaridade com Manuel Bandeira permite en trever o poema-prosa "Tragédia Brasileira" em "O senhor meu marido", revivendo-se mudanças de bairro, efetuadas pelo casal-protagonista, em  ...  Os vínculos dialógicos não se esgotamcom Bandeira, ampliando-se na discreta, mas vigorosa, presença de Nelson Rodrigues.  ... 
doi:10.18309/anp.v1i6.321 fatcat:52g5xsjhxvf6bflb6uigj5pkoa


Vítor Aguiar e Silva
2016 Revista de Estudos Literários  
Recensão crítica a RUI MANUEL AFONSO MATEUS. A RECEPÇÃO DE CAMÕES NO BARROCO PORTUGUÊS: O CASO DE ESTÊVÃO RODRIGUES DE CASTRO. Lisboa, Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda, 2011. 226 páginas.  ...  deve ser creditado à Editorial Caminho (cujos ativos eram já assinaláveis neste tipo de obras); e que deve ser acrescentado à já larga parcela de devoção, operosa e invulgarmente qualifi cada, que Vítor Manuel  ...  Não afi rmei que o soneto devia ser excluído da obra de Rodrigues de Castro, mas coloquei implicitamente em dúvida a sua atribuição ao poeta-médico.  ... 
doi:10.14195/2183-847x_3_22 fatcat:dewgi43h6rekfgfceudovbyrpa

Effect of Reynolds Number on a Plunging Airfoil

Diana Carvalho Rodrigues, Emanuel António Rodrigues Camacho, Fernando Manuel da Silva Pereira Neves, André Resende Rodrigues Silva, Jorge Manuel Martins Barata
2020 KnE Engineering  
Biomimetics is an area of science that studies the development of new technologies, whose source of inspiration is Nature. Unlike traditional aircraft, animals only have one structure to create both lift and thrust, and for Humans, although in the recent years the studies in this area increased, a long way must be made to achieve their capability. The present paper focuses on the effect of the Reynolds number on the wake configuration produced by a plunging airfoil. The experimental work was
more » ... formed using an airstream, that was marked with smoke, with an oscillating airfoil NACA0012, whose dimensions are 44cm and 10cm of span and aerodynamic chord, respectively. The motion prescribed for the wing is harmonic, since it very well represents the type of motion seen in Nature. Frequency and amplitude were maintained, respectively, at 1.2Hz and 2.8cm, and the wind speed range from 0.25m/s to 1.00m/s, which represents a nondimensional amplitude of 0.28, a reduced frequencies of 3.02, 1.51 and 0.75, and a Strouhal number and a Reynolds number range of, 0.07 – 0.27 and 1,500 – 6,300, respectively. Results indicate that, with the increase of the Reynolds number, the convection effects become more predominant than diffusion effects, the curvature of the wakes and the maximum effective angle of attack decrease, and time and configuration of vortex shedding change. For Re = 1,500, St = 0.27, another relevant conclusion appears; the interaction of the leading-edge vortex with the trailing-edge vortex indicates an improvement of the aerodynamic performance of this system. Keywords: Biomimetics, Plunging, Airfoil, Vortices, Wakes
doi:10.18502/keg.v5i6.7090 fatcat:uu3po7jbargifcj7gkgmmvulfm

Parametric Study of a Plunging NACA0012 Airfoil

Emanuel António Rodrigues Camacho, Fernando Manuel Da Silva Pereira das Neves, André Resende Rodrigues Silva, Jorge Manuel Martins Barata
2020 KnE Engineering  
Natural flight has always been the source of imagination for the Human being, but reproducing the propulsive systems used by animals is indeed complex. New challenges in today's society have made biomimetics gain a lot of momentum because of the high performance and versatility these systems possess when subjected to the low Reynolds numbers effects. The main objective of the present work is the computational study of the influence of the Reynolds number, frequency and amplitude of the
more » ... ry movement of a NACA0012 airfoil in the aerodynamic performance for a constant angle of attack over time. The thrust and power coefficients are obtained which together are used to calculate the propulsive efficiency. The simulations were performed using ANSYS Fluent with a RANS approach for Reynolds numbers between 8,500 and 34,000, reduced frequencies between 1 and 5, and Strouhal numbers from 0.1 to 0.4. The aerodynamic parameters were widely explored as well as their interaction, obtaining optimal operational condition zones for the different Reynolds numbers studied. Keywords: Plunging, Airfoil, CFD, Aerodynamic coefficients, Biomimicry
doi:10.18502/keg.v5i6.7059 fatcat:fzckedaparhz5labksj67x26ry

Cláudio Manuel da Costa e o caráter da história

Henrique Estrada Rodrigues
2012 Revista Maracanan  
Fundada em Salvador em 1759, tal Academia tivera em Cláudio Manuel um de seus principais membros não residente em sua sede.  ...  Mas, além dessas questões de ordem poética, Cláudio Manuel também antepôs ao poema um texto em prosa conhecido como Fundamento Histórico.  ...  A épica de Cláudio Manuel da Costa: uma leitura do poema Vila Rica.  ... 
doi:10.12957/revmar.2012.12774 fatcat:3oz2dxxl2bbylfggpm44xndkea

Viral marketing as epidemiological model [article]

Helena Sofia Rodrigues, Manuel José Fonseca
2015 arXiv   pre-print
In epidemiology, an epidemic is defined as the spread of an infectious disease to a large number of people in a given population within a short period of time. In the marketing context, a message is viral when it is broadly sent and received by the target market through person-to-person transmission. This specific marketing communication strategy is commonly referred as viral marketing. Due to this similarity between an epidemic and the viral marketing process and because the understanding of
more » ... e critical factors to this communications strategy effectiveness remain largely unknown, the mathematical models in epidemiology are presented in this marketing specific field. In this paper, an epidemiological model SIR (Susceptible- Infected-Recovered) to study the effects of a viral marketing strategy is presented. It is made a comparison between the disease parameters and the marketing application, and simulations using the Matlab software are performed. Finally, some conclusions are given and their marketing implications are exposed: interactions across the parameters are found that appear to suggest some recommendations to marketers, as the profitability of the investment or the need to improve the targeting criteria of the communications campaigns.
arXiv:1507.06986v1 fatcat:uxzegicygnhw5fcth33ozc2zdu

Let's Use Haptics!

Manuel Rodrigues Quintas, Maria Teresa Restivo, José Rodrigues, Pedro Ubaldo
2013 International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)  
The concept and the use of haptic devices need to be disseminated and they should become familiar among young people. At present haptics are used in many everyday tasks in different fields. Additionally, their use in interaction with virtual reality applications simulating real systems sense of touch will increase the users' realism and immersion and, consequently, they will contribute to improve the intrinsic knowledge to the simulations' goals. However, haptics are associated with expensive
more » ... uipment and usually they offer several degrees of freedom. The objective of this work is to make their cost not much more expensive than a "special" mouse by offering a low cost solution with just one degree of freedom (1DOF) useful in many simple cases. Additionally, it is also an objective of this work the development of simple virtual reality systems requiring interactions only requiring one degree of freedom. A low cost, single-axis force-feedback haptic device of 1 degree of freedom has been developed. For evaluating the interest of this prototype a "Spring Constant" application was built and used as a demonstrator. The complete system -the haptic interacting with the "Spring Constant" -will be described in the present work.
doi:10.3991/ijoe.v9is8.3392 fatcat:uxzkxwafrzchlfp6lbguskwquu

A construção da paratopia em crônicas de Manuel Bandeira (The construction of paratopia in Manuel Bandeira's chronicles)

Jauranice Rodrigues Cavalcanti
2020 Estudos da língua(gem)  
Nosso objetivo neste artigo é refletir sobre o conceito de paratopia e, a partir dele, analisar crônicas de Manuel Bandeira (MB).  ...  Introdução No projeto Análise do Discurso literário: as crônicas de Manuel Bandeira, desenvolvido no período de 2018-2019, procuramos analisar parte da obra em prosa de Manuel Bandeira tomando por fundamentação  ...  Sobre o corpus As crônicas de Manuel Bandeira foram publicadas em jornais de todo o país e boa parte delas está reunida em livros.  ... 
doi:10.22481/el.v18i3.7949 fatcat:p75qkiuy2vbybfcyvp6ezeky5e

Idoso e os cuidados perioperatórios

Meives Aparecida Rodrigues de Almeida, José Manuel Mayán Santos, Manuel Gangoy-Crego, Montserrat Fernández Prieto
2009 Enfermagem Brasil  
Este estudo descritivo, transversal, objectivou realizar uma análise e apresentar uma caracterização do idoso no período perioperatório, quanto ao diagnóstico de internação; patologias associadas; conhecimento e compreensão dos problemas de saúde; estado sensorial; estado emocional; cirurgia realizada, tipo de anestesia e intercorrências. A colheita dos dados foi realizada no período de junho de 2007 a janeiro de 2008.
doi:10.33233/eb.v8i6.4690 fatcat:et3ekopblbahjewj5dqzkhfejy

A construção do ethos em crônicas de Manuel Bandeira

Jauranice Rodrigues Cavalcanti
2019 Cadernos de Estudos Linguísticos  
Baseados nessa teoria, analisamos um conjunto de dados encontrados em crônicas de Manuel Bandeira.  ...  Trata-se de parte de uma pesquisa mais ampla que investiga as crônicas de Manuel Bandeira levando em conta as reflexões da Análise do Discurso francesa (AD) sobre o campo literário, em especial o quadro  ...  INTRODUÇÃO Neste artigo, procuramos fazer um estudo sobre o ethos tomando por objeto de análise crônicas de Manuel Bandeira.  ... 
doi:10.20396/cel.v61i0.8655017 fatcat:h2zi7txkhjfcbh373by7m7thqq

Black-Bounce in f(T) Gravity [article]

Ednaldo L. B. Junior, Manuel E. Rodrigues
2022 arXiv   pre-print
We study new solutions of black bounce spacetimes formulated in f(T) gravity in four dimensions. First, we present the case of a diagonal tetrad, where a constraint arises in the equations of motion, which is divided into the cases of null torsion, constant torsion, and Teleparallel. The Null Energy Condition (NEC) is still always violated, which implies that the other energy conditions are violated. The solutions are regular in all spacetime and the solution with null torsion exhibits
more » ... uity between the energy conditions outside and inside the event horizon. Second, we present the case of non-diagonal tetrads. This case is divided into a Simpson-Visser type model and a quadratic model. The NEC continues to be violated, implying a violation of the other energy conditions. The solutions are regular in all spacetimes. An interesting result is that due to the possibility that the area associated with the metric is different from 4π r^2, the no-go theorem established in the usual f(T) is violated, appearing the new possibility g_00=-g^11, for the components of the metric.
arXiv:2203.03629v1 fatcat:siibwkqugnaurkyo5vt3rppvee

Fundamental rights in the reasoning of Judge Cunha Rodrigues

José Manuel Cabrita Vieira e Cunha
2014 Unio - EU Law Journal  
Based on the writings of Judge Cunha Rodrigues, the author finds that due to the current prevalence of the case law of the Court of Justice on fundamental rights, the primordial establishment of the principles  ...  To Judge Cunha Rodrigues and to those present here, many thanks for your generous attention. 2 José Narciso Cunha Rodrigues, "The incorporation of fundamental legal rights in the Community legal order"  ...  Narciso Cunha Rodrigues,"The incorporation of fundamental legal rights in the Community legal order", 97.  ... 
doi:10.21814/unio.0.6 fatcat:5ls5awfw55fcrpa2gz5kacjxq4

Lendo Manuel António Pina: "É o infalável que fala"

Alexandre Da Silva Rodrigues, Maria Cristina Firmino Santos
2019 Revista Texto Poético  
<p class="Default"><span>Este trabalho se dedica a observar a poética de Manuel António Pina no confronto bifronte dos contextos modernista e pós-modernista.  ...  RODRIGUES, A. DA S.; SANTOS, M. C. F. LENDO MANUEL ANTÓNIO PINA...  ...  Isso, fortemente, nota-se nos escritos RODRIGUES, A. DA S.; SANTOS, M. C. F. LENDO MANUEL ANTÓNIO PINA...  ... 
doi:10.25094/rtp.2019n27a591 fatcat:sucm4gfutzgodnz75lcaizyyma

A morte na poética de Manuel Bandeira

Ana Augusta Wanderley Rodrigues de Miranda
2002 Revista do Centro de Estudos Portugueses  
Fiel a seu ofício, Manuel Bandeira transpõe para a escrita a vertente da morte que escapa à compreensão.  ...  Fidèle a son travail, Manuel Bandeira déplace pour l'écriture le versant de la mort qui échappe à la compréhension.</p>  ...  Arrigucci evoca uma lembrança de infância de Manuel Bandeira, narrada pelo poeta em uma crônica.  ... 
doi:10.17851/2359-0076.22.31.199-210 fatcat:ao5biqeigfcdhaxtb2ofx56a7e
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