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Postoperative radiotherapy improves local control and survival in patients with uterine leiomyosarcoma

Philip Wong, Kathy Han, Jenna Sykes, Charles Catton, Stephane Laframboise, Anthony Fyles, Lee Manchul, Wilfred Levin, Michael Milosevic
2013 Radiation Oncology  
interests Philip Wong and Kathy Han are both recipients of the CARO-Elekta research fellowships. There are no other conflicts of interests from the other authors.  ... 
doi:10.1186/1748-717x-8-128 pmid:23705661 pmcid:PMC3679953 fatcat:xqlb54db2va43llggywuqmwoe4

Context-aware communication support system with pictographic cards

Gunhee Kim, Jukyung Park, Manchul Han, Sehyung Park, Sungdo Ha
2009 Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services - MobileHCI '09  
Han et al. [6] introduced a context-aware system that can recognize the context of the user and provide relevant information for guidance.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1613858.1613958 dblp:conf/mhci/KimPHPH09 fatcat:fp27oxdsnbdz3fup3chevrvrne

Page 283 of D M, Disease-A-Month Vol. 33, Issue 5 [page]

1987 D M, Disease-A-Month  
Manchul et al."*’ reported 8 of their 17 patients with concurrent malignancy.  ...  han and Peter,’ they state that the examining physician's diagnosis was considered, even in the absence of the criteria. Also, they did not reconfirm the pathological diagnosis of cancer.  ... 

Educational and scientific potential: humanitarian challenges of the XX

Oksana Bohomaz, Nataliia Morska, Karolina Kasianenko, Iryna Romanova, Nadiia Bortnyk
2022 Revista Tempos e Espaços em Educação  
Mediante el método de análisis se han conseguido los principales criterios de las actitudes propuestas.  ...  In particular, as Manchul (2021) notes, the current integration of knowledge focuses on the use of a common methodology of scientific cognition, the unification of scientific terminology, and the development  ... 
doi:10.20952/revtee.v15i34.16950 fatcat:pp3hxiwinncnvktlsrjwrtsydy


Jeffrey P. Callen
1987 Disease-a-month  
Manchul et al.'”’ studied 71 patients, 31 with DM and 40 with PM.  ...  Manchul et al."*’ reported 8 of their 17 patients with concurrent malignancy.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0011-5029(87)90022-8 pmid:3556110 fatcat:2z47zc6qqbh3fput2pfd3traoy

Interdisciplinary Screening, Diagnosis, Therapy and Follow-up of Breast Cancer. Guideline of the DGGG and the DKG (S3-Level, AWMF Registry Number 032/045OL, December 2017) – Part 2 with Recommendations for the Therapy of Primary, Recurrent and Advanced Breast Cancer

Achim Wöckel, Jasmin Festl, Tanja Stüber, Katharina Brust, Mathias Krockenberger, Peter Heuschmann, Steffi Jírů-Hillmann, Ute-Susann Albert, Wilfried Budach, Markus Follmann, Wolfgang Janni, Ina Kopp (+85 others)
2018 Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde  
Eur J Cancer 2013; 49: 2294-2302 [46] Fyles AW, McCready DR, Manchul LA et al. Tamoxifen with or without breast irradiation in women 50 years of age or older with early breast cancer.  ... 
doi:10.1055/a-0646-4630 fatcat:2jnjftpy5rhvdkrqp6zwnemzuq

Recent developments in breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer patients

F. Fitzal, O. Riedl, R. Jakesz
2008 Langenbeck's archives of surgery (Print)  
Fyles AW, McCready DR, Manchul LA, Trudeau ME, Merante P, Pintilie M et al (2004) Tamoxifen with or without breast irradiation in women 50 years of age or older with early breast cancer.  ...  Kurtz JM, Jacquemier J, Amalric R, Brandone H, Ayme Y, Hans D et al (1991) Is breast conservation after local recurrence feasible? Eur J Cancer 27:240-244 19.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00423-008-0412-5 pmid:18781322 fatcat:na2ivy4gl5g5npgykpzkwjndsa

Polymyositis and dermatomyositis

1988 The Mount Sinai journal of medicine  
Tsung SH, Huang TY, Han D, Loh WP. Total creatine kinase and isoenzyme MB activity in serum and skel- etal muscles of a patient with dermatomyositis. Clin Chem 1980; 26:1912—1913. .  ...  Its definition of “concurrent” malignant neoplasms allowed only a two-month “window,” whereas the “window” was a one-year interval in the study of Manchul et al (27).  ... 
pmid:3265986 fatcat:4uxfcw6nffd4hifxjcaiob5xuu

Paraneoplastic Dermatomyositis: A 12-year Retrospective Review in the Department of Dermatology Hospital Kuala Lumpur

M Tang, Admderm Thevarajah, Min Tang
2010 Med J Malaysia   unpublished
In Guangzhou China, Singapore and Taiwan where the main population is Han Chinese, nasopharyngeal carcinoma was the commonest associated malignancy giving a rate between 22-51.3% 3,10,16-17 .  ...  Study No of cases Frequency of Risk Factors cancer % Manchull et al 1985 (Toronto) 5 71 21 Age > 40 years old Cox et al 1990 (UK) 9 53 43 Increasing age Basset-Seguin N et al 1990 (France  ... 

An Expedition Through Manchuria from Pekin to Blagovestchensk in 1870

Archimandrite Palladius, E. Delmar Morgan
1872 Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London  
'The buildings here are peculiar in their architecttLle; the nvalls are mostly made of rouglz, red stones, cemellted together WitIL PALLADIUS'S Ewyedition through Manchul ia. 15I clay and lime, the roofs  ...  han, by the celebr?lted Pakbalama, for the temple of the hill, Wu-tai-shan, avhellce it was removed to the north of Mongolia; Ehutulihta Sialba brought it to the Iihan of Chakhar Lin-dal.  ...  The Chinese gave this name to all the huntillg and fisllillg tribes of Manchul;a, and applied the same terlll to tlle l\longols +vith the addition of the prefises Sell, wild, Ylli-pi, fish-skins (on the  ... 
doi:10.2307/1798594 fatcat:cu3gfom6ynavnbft64mxpj5hni

Constant Revolution: The Communist Party Of China'S Reactionary Approach To Political Legitimization [article]

Ann Cai, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Austin, The University Of Texas At, J. David Miller, James Galbraith
Though the Manchuled Qing dynasty had successfully unified China, the early 20 th century saw uprisings born of increasing Han Chinese nationalism and disgust for the political impotence and glaring corruption  ... 
doi:10.26153/tsw/2336 fatcat:kc3scawr5vdndk2tulpxyzgska

Universität Bayreuth-aktuell : ubt aktuell, Nr. 2 – 2019

"Die Alexander Todd -Hans Krebs Lectureship empfinde ich als eine große Ehrung.  ...  In Erinnerung bleiben jedoch nicht nur die hervorragenden Vorträge und intensiven Diskussionen -die große Gastfreundlichkeit und das persönliche Bemühen von Bohdana Manchul, Olga Ruptash und Andrii Verstiak  ... 
doi:10.15495/epub_ubt_00005885 fatcat:igi2e4wqcfbxrkjmixg3b4sj5u

Aplicabilidade de ferramentas da qualidade no processo de gestão das hortifrútis orgânicas no Gramorezinho

Houtran Lima da Silva, Gerda Lúcia Pinheiro Camelo
2020 Revista em Agronegócio e Meio Ambiente  
. • Hans-Peter Egler, formerly SECO, and Dr. Alex Kasterine of ITC, who facilitated the initial SECO/ITC funding. • Dr.  ...  Korea MANCHUL JUNG 1 AND DONG-GEUN CHOI 2 The year 2018 saw the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the "Sustainable Agriculture Promotion Act" (later renamed "Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture  ... 
doi:10.17765/2176-9168.2020v13n1p149-171 fatcat:oqafkfdgrvakpclhxb6eisdhvm


Yuri Makar, Academician Pavliuk, Alexander Fediv, Podguretski
2015 unpublished
Manchul Bohdana. CONCEPTUALIZATION OF THE LINGUISTIC WORLDVIEW IN TERMS OF THE VERBALIZATION OF CЇІCEPT "GЇЇD." Manchul Bohdana.  ...  However, recent scholarship by Hans Platzer reviews the traditional theory, revealing that the issue is much more complex.  ...