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3D Stacked Cache Data Management for Energy Minimization of 3D Chip Multiprocessor

K. Suresh Kumar, S. Anitha, M. Gayathri
2015 International Journal of Students Research in Technology & Management  
New tendencies envisage 3D Multi-Processor System-On-Chip (MPSoC) design as a promising solution to keep increasing the performance of the next-generation high performance computing (HPC) systems.  ...  However, as the power density of HPC systems increases with the arrival of 3D MPSoCs with energy reduction achieving up to 19.55% by supplying electrical power to the computing equipment and constantly  ...  There are prior works on the temperature aware management for 3D CMP.  ... 
doi:10.18510/ijsrtm.2015.325 fatcat:wxb36ypu2zfizmltie2xjqvxe4

Parametric yield management for 3D ICs

Cesare Ferri, Sherief Reda, R. Iris Bahar
2008 ACM Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems  
Parametric yield management for 3D ICs: Models and strategies for improvement. ACM J. Emerg. Technol. .  ...  Comparing our proposed strategies to current yield-oblivious methods, it is demonstrated that it is possible to increase the number of 3D ICs in the fastest speed bins by almost 2×, while simultaneously  ...  Here again we see that our optimal-assignment strategy wins out over the other matching schemes. Half as many 3D ICs end up being marked as failing compared to the next-best strategy (FF).  ... 
doi:10.1145/1412587.1412592 fatcat:olscsswmfbablc5v6liiqijysi

Dynamic thermal management in 3D multicore architectures

A.K. Coskun, J.L. Ayala, D. Atienza, T.S. Rosing, Y. Leblebici
2009 2009 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition  
Our approach can also be integrated with power management policies to reduce energy consumption while avoiding the thermal hot spots and large temperature variations.  ...  In this work, we first investigate how the existing thermal management, power management and job scheduling policies affect the thermal behavior in 3D chips.  ...  However, 3D integration increases power density and accelerates the temperature related problems.  ... 
doi:10.1109/date.2009.5090885 dblp:conf/date/CoskunAARL09 fatcat:zgjy6b6glnbhdgayxjkbkkzaim

3D web environment for knowledge management

Ryo Yoshida, Takaaki Murao, Tatsuo Miyazawa
2000 Future generations computer systems  
In this report, we discuss the direction of our work and the concept underlying the 3D web environment system design.  ...  Our module for establishing the shared-state of 3D objects, which supports the LivingWorlds specification, is integrated with a VRML browser plugged into a web browser and a web server, as a 3D web environment  ...  For the next step in our project, we are developing a 3D object search module as a part of the 3D web environment system.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0167-739x(99)00099-0 fatcat:g5b7k4hs4jcbzai2r2tsczmfdu

A 3D particle visualization system for temperature management

B. Lange, N. Rodriguez, W. Puech, H. Rey, X. Vasques
2011 Visualization and Data Analysis 2011  
This paper deals with a 3D visualization technique proposed to analyze and manage energy efficiency from a data center.  ...  In this paper we introduce a particle method used for this work and subsequently we explain different simplification methods applied to improve our solution.  ...  It allows to solve rendering problems or performance problems. This method consists by producing several resolution of a 3D object.  ... 
doi:10.1117/12.872484 dblp:conf/vda/Lange0PRV11 fatcat:kmfxkik3kbaurkma64viukjwva

Thermal Management for 3D Processors via Task Scheduling

Xiuyi Zhou, Yi Xu, Yu Du, Youtao Zhang, Jun Yang
2008 2008 37th International Conference on Parallel Processing  
To alleviate this problem, we propose in this paper an OSlevel scheduling algorithm that performs thermal-aware task scheduling on a 3D chip.  ...  A rising horizon in chip fabrication is the 3D integration technology.  ...  Such a thermal management strategy solves the two above problems effectively.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icpp.2008.51 dblp:conf/icpp/ZhouXDZY08 fatcat:5ujhuh3wdbeo5o7nvvdeiyhzf4

Production planning in 3D printing factories

J. De Antón, J. Senovilla, J.M. González, F. Acebes
2020 International Journal of Production Management and Engineering  
This problem is part of the LONJA3D model, a managed 3D printing market where the parts ordered by the customers are reorganized into new batches so that suppliers can optimize their production capacity  ...  In this paper, we propose a method derived from the design of combinatorial auctions to solve the nesting problem in 3D printing.  ...  Acknowledgements This research has been partially financed by the project: "Lonja de Impresión 3D para la Industria 4.0 y la Empresa Digital (LONJA3D)" funded by the Regional Government of Castile and  ... 
doi:10.4995/ijpme.2020.12944 fatcat:kxc6rbivlzfs5ooc4gdd3ps55e

Tensor Decomposition for 3D Bars Problem

Jan Platos, Jana Kocibova, Pavel Kromer, Pavel Moravec, Vaclav Snasel
2008 2008 7th Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications  
This paper gives an overview of XML formal models, summarizes database engineering practices, problems and their evolution. We focus on categorical aspects of XML formal models.  ...  These properties are rather crucial to comparison of different XML formal models and to consequent decision which formal system should be used to solve a concrete problem.  ...  Next section reveals our future plans.  ... 
doi:10.1109/cisim.2008.15 dblp:conf/cisim/PlatosKKMS08 fatcat:udv74wg6zndmxj42qohdmfjtgi

Fast truck-packing of 3D boxes

Joanna Józefowska, Grzegorz Pawlak, Erwin Pesch, Michał Morze, Dawid Kowalski
2018 Engineering Management in Production and Services  
We present formulation and heuristic solution of a container packing problem observed in a household equipment factory's sales and logistics department.  ...  Conclusions In this paper, we propose a MIP model and the solution of a 3D packing problem.  ...  Also, in Terno et al. (2000) the multi-palleting 3D loading problem with the minimal number of pallets is considered.  ... 
doi:10.2478/emj-2018-0009 fatcat:w6ittqjctrbozg3byzdyysh6jy

Managed Learning in 3D Multi User Virtual Environments

I. Perera, C. Allison, J. Ross Nicoll, T. Sturgeon, A. Miller
2010 International Journal for Digital Society (IJDS)  
Through developing an awareness of the challenges that are encountered in MUVEs for managed learning, and describing how to address them, this paper contributes towards their significance as an educational  ...  Once work had been submitted, further problems arose.  ...  Accordingly, used the OpenSim environment for the next cohort of students.  ... 
doi:10.20533/ijds.2040.2570.2010.0031 fatcat:xsxbkzzjuvd2nk4quhrkinuhum

3D Scene Management Method Combined with Scene Graphs

Xiang Wang, Tao Shen, Liang Huo, Congnan Guo, Su Gao
2021 Sensors and materials  
We propose a 3D scene management method based on an adaptive quadtree and scene graph (AQT-SG) that can solve the above problems.  ...  The node generates level of detail, builds a flexible multiscale 3D tile model, and uses scene graphs for the microscale organization and management of 3D scenes.  ...  Figure 4 illustrates the organization and management of a 3D scene adopting a hierarchical management method.  ... 
doi:10.18494/sam.2022.3563 fatcat:wsbfy5ffpbfjhcdxgo4aikyzvq

3D Solids and Their Management In DBMS [chapter]

Chen Tet Khuan, Alias Abdul-Rahman, Sisi Zlatanova
2008 Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography  
This paper provides some review of the problems, challenges and issues pertaining to the 3D GIS problems, especially in the handling and managing of 3D solids in DBMS.  ...  3D spatial modeling is one of the most important issues in 3D GIS research.  ...  The aim of this paper is to review recent research on 3D spatial data modeling and describe our recent work on the management of 3D solids in geo DBMS.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-72135-2_16 fatcat:r7pasmkvgffdpoz6uls2ekucbe

Thermomechanical Stress-Aware Management for 3D IC Designs

Qiaosha Zou, Tao Zhang, Eren Kursun, Yuan Xie
2013 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE), 2013  
The thermomechanical stress has been considered as one of the most challenging problems in three-dimensional integration circuits (3D ICs), due to the thermal expansion coefficient mismatch between the  ...  In addition, the run-time thermal management scheme effectively eliminates large thermal gradients between layers.  ...  Thermal Cycling-aware Run-time Management Run-time thermal cycling management scheme is devised as the second stage of our thermal management methodology to achieve 3D architecture mechanical equilibrium  ... 
doi:10.7873/date.2013.260 dblp:conf/date/ZouZKX13 fatcat:yubjew7v35h73mpl2lvhvcqwkm

Evolutionary Air Traffic Flow Management for large 3D-problems [chapter]

C. H. M. van Kemenade, J. M. van den Akker, J. N. Kok
1996 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We p resent an evolutionary tool to solve free-route Air Tra c Flow Management problems within a threedimensional air space 5].  ...  We s h o w a theoretical analysis of the problem, and present the results of experiments.  ...  Air Traffic Flow Management Problem Air Tra c Flow Management ( A TFM) is involved in planning the movements of aircraft. A complete plan describes the trajectories of all involved aircraft.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-61723-x_1054 fatcat:whhl6564tfekjhxzhnieuswcpy

Crisis Management Exercises in Virtual Reality

Aurelie CONGES, Alexis Evain, Frederick Benaben, Olivier Chabiron, Sebastien REBIERE
2020 2020 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW)  
In crisis management, critical sites are required to carry out regular exercises to be prepared for a potential crisis.  ...  In this article, we present this project through a simple use case of a crisis in a subway station, involving three actors of crisis management.  ...  In the next steps of the project, we want to expand our proposal along with three steps.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vrw50115.2020.00022 dblp:conf/vr/CongesEBCR20 fatcat:hugrw5qmwvezxhkodxurjrde5e
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