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Structured machine learning: the next ten years

Thomas G. Dietterich, Pedro Domingos, Lise Getoor, Stephen Muggleton, Prasad Tadepalli
2008 Machine Learning  
More recently there has been an increased emphasis on Probabilistic ILP and the related fields of Statistical Relational Learning (SRL) and Structured Prediction.  ...  The goal of the current paper is to consider these emerging trends and chart out the strategic directions and open problems for the broader area of structured machine learning for the next 10 years.  ...  Acknowledgements The authors thank the reviewers for their helpful comments. Thanks are also due to Ronald Bjarnason, Janardhan Rao Doppa, and Sriraam Natarajan for proof-reading the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10994-008-5079-1 fatcat:arzjk4d7wrgffnzt4znrsfrb5q

Who Should Read This Book [chapter]

2016 Securing the Outdoor Construction Site  
This organization is very typical for Unix databases -so much so that it is often possible to  ...  In 1995, Linux found its killer app; Apache, the open-source webserver. Like Linux, Apache proved remarkably stable and efficient.  ...  The Web was the "killer app" of the Internet, the graphical user interface technology that made it irresistible to a huge population of non-technical end users.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-802383-9.00019-8 fatcat:5cxlhe2k4fbjzfwouwq6qa7iqe

Features for Killer Apps from a Semantic Web Perspective [chapter]

Kieron O'Hara, Harith Alani, Yannis Kalfoglou, Nigel Shadbolt
Agent Systems in Electronic Business  
The Semantic Web community on the other hand is still awaiting a killer app that proves the superiority of its technologies.  ...  This chapter examines those features in the context of the Semantic Web, in the hope that a better understanding of the characteristics of killer apps might encourage their consideration when developing  ...  This creates a number of aspects for the potential for killer apps.  ... 
doi:10.4018/9781599045887.ch014 fatcat:sgxkkwnhibeavi3fwp7x3d3a4q

A Pendulum Swung Too Far

Kenneth Church
2011 Linguistic Issues in Language Technology  
In the particular case of Machine Translation, the revival of statistical approaches (e.g., Brown et al. (1993)) started out with finite-state methods for pragmatic reasons, but gradually over time, researchers  ...  So too, there will soon be a day when stress will become important for speech recognition.  ...  For a reasonable return on investment, by now the speech recognition and machine trans- lation community should have produced a killer app, something that A Pendulum  ... 
doi:10.33011/lilt.v6i.1245 fatcat:orv2q3qtufgitlc7aba4zgw4my

Evolution and Impact of Wi-Fi Technology and Applications: A Historical Perspective

Kaveh Pahlavan, Prashant Krishnamurthy
2020 International Journal of Wireless Information Networks  
The IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless local area networking (WLAN), commercially known as Wi-Fi, has become a necessity in our day-to-day life.  ...  Today, researchers are investigating opportunistic applications of Wi-Fi signals for gesture and motion detection as well as authentication and security.  ...  However, the Wi-Fi Positioning engine was perhaps the most innovative "Killer App" related to Wi-Fi technology that was introduced by the iPhone.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10776-020-00501-8 fatcat:xn5rv2tglfhozhojfcxep35s2y

Artificial intelligence is aiding the search for energy materials

Prachi Patel, Shyue Ping Ong
2019 MRS bulletin  
Identifying and developing a material for a technological application usually takes more than a decade. AI could slash that to one or two years.  ...  Researchers have already used the AI subfield of machine learning to find new battery electrode materials and phosphors for solar cells.  ...  The researchers have also developed graph-based models Yet, for all the excitement about machine learning in materials science, "nobody has shown the 'killer app' yet," said Ceder.  ... 
doi:10.1557/mrs.2019.51 fatcat:uc23rztkezaxhmgh66belr2rzm

Big data: the end of the scientific method?

Sauro Succi, Peter V. Coveney
2019 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences  
We point out that, once the most extravagant claims of Big Data are properly discarded, a synergistic merging of BD with big theory offers considerable potential to spawn a new scientific paradigm capable  ...  We argue that the boldest claims of Big Data are in need of revision and toning-down, in view of a few basic lessons learned from the science of complex systems.  ...  And remarkably, one of the applications they say would be a "killer app" is in quantum chemistry, for the discovery of future drugs, at the same time as they promote BD methods to do the same thing.  ... 
doi:10.1098/rsta.2018.0145 fatcat:idws2hfiqbckxjsk2iovob2m5i

Paying Their Way

Innes A. Ferguson, Michael J. Wooldridge
1997 D-Lib Magazine  
By most accounts, knowledge management will be the "killer app" of the coming decade.  ...  Within AI, machine learning techniques are increasingly being applied to Internet problems.  ... 
doi:10.1045/june97-ferguson fatcat:to3twwkxqjd77lgoicvyxmzzn4

Creating a Platform for Knowledge-based Machine Intelligence-09-21-2015 Creating a Platform for Knowledge-based Machine Intelligence Practical and Reusable Designs to Make Knowledge Bases Computable

Mike Bergman, Mike Bergman -Monday
2015 unpublished
Could this gap somehow be related to also why the semantic technology community continues to bemoan the lack of "killer apps" in the space?  ...  And it is not only Wikipedia that is neglected as a general resource for AI and semantic technology applications.  ... 

The semantic web: a brain for humankind

D. Fensel, M.A. Musen
2001 IEEE Intelligent Systems  
B O A R D O F G O V E R N O R S Acknowledgments We thank Richard Fikes and Deborah McGuinness for useful discussions related to this work; Ron Fadel and Jessica Jenkins for their help with service ontology  ...  construction; and the reviewers, Adam Cheyer and Karl Pfleger for helpful comments on a draft of this article.  ...  But without some killer apps showing the great power of Web semantics, it will still be a long row to hoe.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mis.2001.920595 fatcat:kdzifoh5gfbxrfticltuih3asq

Book Reviews

2021 Parameters  
Reading Killer Apps alongside other related perspectives, however, such as Philip Mirowski's Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science (Cambridge University Press, 2002), Bruno Latour's Pandora's  ...  For the national security, intelligence, and defense communities, Killer Apps presents both a valuable scholarly resource and a deeply ambiguous set of questions.  ...  Notwithstanding the occasional overuse of a single source, the bibliography is a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners.  ... 
doi:10.55540/0031-1723.3073 fatcat:deut3kxavzartkkm62btbil3ri

Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Automation: Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities

Gourav Bathla, Kishor Bhadane, Rahul Kumar Singh, Rajneesh Kumar, Rajanikanth Aluvalu, Rajalakshmi Krishnamurthi, Adarsh Kumar, R. N Thakur, Shakila Basheer, M. Praveen Kumar Reddy
2022 Mobile Information Systems  
In this survey, in-depth analysis of design techniques of intelligent tools and frameworks for AI and IoT-based autonomous vehicles was conducted.  ...  The advancements in autonomous vehicles technology using machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistical techniques, and IoT are presented with comparative analysis.  ...  Studies examine AVs' potential to become a "killer app" with dramatic consequences.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/7632892 fatcat:7ffu7l77pngirijr2blvtefhym

Who should Read this Book? [chapter]

Child Protection  
This organization is very typical for Unix databases -so much so that it is often possible to  ...  In 1995, Linux found its killer app; Apache, the open-source webserver. Like Linux, Apache proved remarkably stable and efficient.  ...  The Web was the "killer app" of the Internet, the graphical user interface technology that made it irresistible to a huge population of non-technical end users.  ... 
doi:10.4135/9781446212677.n4 fatcat:2fda5et7nfd45ms5nihte4wyea

When Intelligent Transportation Systems Sensing Meets Edge Computing: Vision and Challenges

Xuan Zhou, Ruimin Ke, Hao Yang, Chenxi Liu
2021 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, we focus on a critical part of ITS, i.e., sensing, and conducting a review on the recent advances in ITS sensing and EC applications in this field.  ...  Despite the growing trend in ITS and EC research, a big gap in the existing literature is identified: the intersection between these two promising directions has been far from well explored.  ...  Real-time video analytics, as the killer app for edge computing, has generated challenges and thereby huge interests for research [5, 231] .  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11209680 fatcat:li4mubzsbncjbcqfewgr5wemeq


Yasir Mahmood Qureshi, William Andrew Simon, Marina Zapater, Katzalin Olcoz, David Atienza
2021 ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)  
Then, using a two-step exploration methodology, we develop a new optimized clustered-heterogeneous architecture with HBM2 in gem5-X for video analytics application.  ...  In this article, we present gem5-X, a system-level simulation framework, based on gem-5, for architectural exploration of heterogeneous many-core systems.  ...  As previously mentioned, real-time video analytics dubbed as the next-generation "killer-app" [2] , is used in a wide range of domains, from video surveillance, for security and monitoring, safety on  ... 
doi:10.1145/3461662 fatcat:kqxefeb3zja33kzxye3yzvdiou
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