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Multi-UAV Conflict Resolution with Graph Convolutional Reinforcement Learning

Ralvi Isufaj, Marsel Omeri, Miquel Angel Piera
2022 Applied Sciences  
In this paper, we model multi-UAV conflict resolution as a multiagent reinforcement learning problem.  ...  Safety is the primary concern when it comes to air traffic.  ...  In Machine Learning Proceedings 1994, Pro- ceedings of the Eleventh International Conference, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, 1013 July 1994; Elsevier: Amsterdam, The Netherlands  ... 
doi:10.3390/app12020610 fatcat:zv74eywngfh53h2chyxk4y4vke

On the Complexity of Inductively Learning Guarded Rules [article]

Andrei Draghici, Georg Gottlob, Matthias Lanzinger
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We show that learning guarded clauses is NP-complete and thus one step below the σ^P_2-complete task of learning Horn clauses on the polynomial hierarchy.  ...  We investigate the computational complexity of mining guarded clauses from clausal datasets through the framework of inductive logic programming (ILP).  ...  In Machine Learning, Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, July 10-13, 1994 (1994), W. W. Cohen and H.  ... 
arXiv:2110.03624v1 fatcat:qhjretsmqzhvpb2emrh4nxrb6u

Volume 2,no. 1 Fall 2014

Havilliah Malsbury
2014 The Undergraduate Historical Journal at UC Merced  
We are extremely proud to present the first issue to the second volume of the Undergraduate Historical Journal at the University of California, Merced.  ...  From novice students to veterans of academia, our contributors showcase a true passion for history in areas including: international politics, war, ancient civilizations, and the arts to name a few.  ...  Feingold, The Politics of Rescue: The Roosevelt Administration and theHolocaust, 1938-1945 (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1970), 33-35.28 Feingold, The Politics ofRescue, 6, 9, [17] [18  ... 
doi:10.5070/h321025686 fatcat:djrlm2hzz5huvkhpkcisqfinle

God's forever family: the Jesus People movement in America

2014 ChoiceReviews  
signalled a new relaxed relationship between evangelicalism and youth culture.  ...  Not only did burgeoning new groups such as the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard movements originate in the movement, but the Jesus People paved the way for the huge 'Contemporary Christian Music industry' and  ...  For the growth of the Hare Krishna movement among the hippies see E. Burke Rochford, Jr., Hare Krishna In America (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1991), pp. 153-159. 36.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.51-3185 fatcat:rn52nuefwbhorirbd2thuwzhyu

Building Bridges of Understanding: The Activism of Wednesdays in Mississippi

Rebecca Tuuri
Teams returned in the summer of 1965 to work with Head Start initiatives.  ...  the hearts and minds of white southern moderates resistant to integration.  ...  Papers of Marguerite Cassell, 1965 University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi The Papers of Fannie Lou Hamer. Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi Schutt, Jane.  ... 

Global Game of Chance: The U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery, Transnational Migration, and Cultural Diplomacy in Africa, 1990-2016 [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, University, My, Richard H. Immerman
The lottery was the subject of the world's first internet spam in 1994, and its operation coincided with the global spread of internet cafés, which became, by the early 2000s, key sites of DV lottery participation  ...  of the Cold War.  ...  Higham, Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism, 1860 -1925 (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1955 . 6 As Mae Ngai has observed, the national origins quotas disaggregated and  ... 
doi:10.34944/dspace/1304 fatcat:5tdxvcwornewnme2cpoencfspu


Kevin Walters
Kurt Piehler, transcript, July 7, 1994, 23, Rutgers Oral History Archives, New Brunswick, NJ. 74 Edward S. Grymski, "U.S.S. Guam Diary of Guy Grimm," unpublished manuscript, 2002, 99, Edward S.  ...  , Rutgers Oral History Archives, New Brunswick, NJ. 33 William B Rocker, "Prisoner of War Diaries of William B.  ... 

The manipulation of time and the legitimacy of power during the American and French Revolutions, 1774-1815

Rhys Peter Jones, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, William O'Reilly
Following the onset of the American and French Revolutions, time became more than a constitutive element in the lived experience of history – it also became the chief assassin of political legitimacy.  ...  The four decades that span the collapse of British imperial authority in the American colonies in 1774, to the disintegration of the Napoleonic Empire in 1815 witnessed unfathomable social and political  ...  a Revolutionary: The Deputies of the French National Assembly and the Emergence of a Revolutionary Culture (1789-1790) (Philadelphia, PA., Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996); the surrounding  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.11212 fatcat:niunqhtgpzcdjeide5mjudvxzu

From risky business to common sense : sustainability, hegemony, and urban policy in Calgary

Tom Howard
field of 'policy mobilities' with the work of Antonio Gramsci, particularly related to his conception of hegemony.  ...  Rather than evaluating the technical merits of individual policies against 'best practice'-type standards, this thesis argues that the meanings and implications of particular policy paradigms – such as  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First, and most formally, the support of the Government of Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0135712 fatcat:exoccg3c2nc4philkaxt3yjrzu

The effects of American scientific communities and industry on US chemical & biological weapons policy

Karen Jane Winzoski
Consistent with Matthew Evangelista's analysis of the effects of international epistemic communities on Soviet nuclear policy, this study demonstrates that scientists are most influential when they develop  ...  Several of this study's findings have implications for International Relations theories that examine how and why arms control regimes emerge, in particular the epistemic communities and Military-Industrial  ...  Society, and Military Spending Since the Cuban Missile Crisis, (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1994), 6. Baumgartner & Jones, 27. Baumgartner & Jones, 17.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0100819 fatcat:sbml7jlvozfebajwubjoxtdfay

Recipe For Citizenship: Professionalization And Power In World War I Dietetics

Kathleen Scott
These tributaries professor of home economics at Teacher's College, Columbia University) to conduct a survey for the Department of the Interior.  ...  This dissertation is an analysis of the professionalization tactics of white, native-born, Protestant, middle-class women who served with the U.S. armed forces as dietitians during World War I.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I want to thank Professor Leisa Meyer, my Writing from the Sheffield Laboratory of Physiological Chemistry at Yale University in 1923, Dr.  ... 
doi:10.21220/s2-xw8d-en82 fatcat:bhyr24aajfb3jdkonszk2nmcce

'If We Govern Ourselves, Whose Son is to Govern Us?': Youth, Independence and the 1960s in Lesotho

John Aerni-Flessner
., Gender and the Civil Rights Movement (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2004).economy of the townships, neither of which held much appeal to educated Basotho women. lxxii Within Lesotho,  ...  (Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press, 1994). xxxiiMahmood Mamdani, Citizen and Subject: Contemporary Africa and the Legacy of Late Colonialism (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press,  ... 
doi:10.7936/k72n50bs fatcat:6mn5zgnz7jgrnfwuzb372jsqqy

Making The Bronx Move: Hip-Hop Culture And History From The Bronx River Houses To The Parisian Suburbs, 1951-1984

Kevin Waide Kosanovich
This dissertation investigates Bronx individuals and their communities tracing the tensions between the built environment, cultural creations, and how local iterations of these dynamics provided the basis  ...  Mohl (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 1993), 65-99. 52 For a detailed discussion o f economic practices enacted to maintain and expand spaces o f privilege and power, see Naomi Klein's No  ...  Instead of pathologizing Bronx housing, the New York Amsterdam News proceeded to report and advocate for better, and more housing, in the Bronx.  ... 
doi:10.21220/m2-zpfn-gq56 fatcat:a5v5spkvgfd5njf4wuifpvf7ua

Internal economies : airs, bodies, and building technologies, 1832-1932

Betsy Frederick-Rothwell, 0000-0002-0051-4314, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Austin, The University Of Texas At, Michael Holleran
environments, when new and old forms of aerial contamination exceeded the economic will for its removal.  ...  Within this investigation I challenge existing narratives that purport a decisive switch from the "failed" project of nineteenth-century ventilation to the triumphant ascent of twentieth-century refrigerated  ...  Meckel, Classrooms and Clinics: Urban Schools and the Protection and Promotion of Child Health, 1870-1930 (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2013), 26. immediately on the road-side, and…without  ... 
doi:10.26153/tsw/3151 fatcat:whps6rtcbneathyjw2zqovqsti

Thinking Beyond Identity, Nationalism, and Empire [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, University, My, Laura Levitt
I argue likewise that a critical juncture in this process occurred in the early twentieth century, as the United States emerged as an international power.  ...  To understand the roots and implications of this stance, I explore the genealogy of the idea of sovereignty, as well as the binary opposition of "Arabs" and "Jews" in Euro-American thought.  ...  New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2008. consensus in the mainstream American Jewish world. 29 At first, Kolsky's book stood virtually alone in the scholarly world.  ... 
doi:10.34944/dspace/1549 fatcat:7ocijpeybbhohhd4s6ua7375mi