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Organization and features of the Michigan terminal system

Michael T. Alexander
1971 Proceedings of the November 16-18, 1971, fall joint computer conference on - AFIPS '71 (Fall)  
INTRODUCTION This paper will explore some aspects of the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) developed at the University of Michigan.  ...  MTS is the operating system used on the IBM 360/67 at the University of Michigan Computing Center, as well as at several other installations.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1478873.1478951 dblp:conf/afips/Alexander72 fatcat:zrdg4gyrhvcnrlqhvxsf3w5cue

Program and job-stream characteristics in the michigan terminal system

Kenneth Haydn Bowler
It also contains a reasonably detailed description of the Michigan Terminal System.  ...  The Michigan Terminal System is a time-sharing operating system for the IBM 360/67 computer, and supports batch and terminal users simultaneously.  ...  Alexander's paper "Time-sharing supervisor programs." [2] 1.2.1 The Michigan Terminal System jMTS)_ MTS is a general purpose time-sharing system designed for the IBM 360/67 computer, and will support  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0051195 fatcat:q5r5vpg6mjf2jpdav4ivgahnse

Cambrian/Early Ordovician Sequence Stratigraphy and Mt. Simon Sandstone Petrology--Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey T. Cottingham
1990 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin  
Western Michigan University, 1990 Michigan subsurface correlation is complicated in the Cambrian-Early Ordovician section due to limited availability of rock data.  ...  CAMBRIAN-EARLY ORDOVICIAN SEQUENCE STRATIGRAPHY AND MOUNT SIMON SANDSTONE PETROLOGY-MICHIGAN BASIN leffrey T. Cottingham, M.S.  ...  Late Keeweenawan (1.1 Ba) -Extension begins to terminate, and the shallow asthenosphere now migrates downward.  ... 
doi:10.1306/44b4af19-170a-11d7-8645000102c1865d fatcat:2drs4k6o2nf6fp4hecxorhx7gm

Subsurface Facies Analysis of the Late Cambrian Mt. Simon Sandstone in Western Ohio (Midcontinent North America)

Aram Saeed, James E. Evans
2012 Open Journal of Geology  
The Cambrian Mt. Simon Sandstone (MSS) is a possible unconventional gas reservoir in the Illinois, Michigan, and Appalachian Basins, but comparatively little is known about the unit.  ...  Geophysical log units X, Y, Z are informal designators for geophysical log response packages in the Mt. Simon Sandstone.  ...  Second, the MSS is considered part of the Precambrian-Cambrian total petroleum system in the Appalachian [20] , Michigan [21] and Illinois basins [22] .  ... 
doi:10.4236/ojg.2012.22004 fatcat:6rn55f4vz5adxiwmpho27zq2pi

MT-Feeding-Induced Impermanent Sex Reversal in the Orange-Spotted Grouper during Sex Differentiation

Qing Wang, Minwei Huang, Cheng Peng, Xiang Wang, Ling Xiao, Dengdong Wang, Jiaxing Chen, Huihong Zhao, Haifa Zhang, Shuisheng Li, Huirong Yang, Yun Liu (+2 others)
2018 International Journal of Molecular Sciences  
Finally, by tracing doublesex-expressing and Mab-3-related transcription factor 1 (dmrt1)-expressing cells and TUNEL (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase 2-deoxyuridine, 5-triphosphate nick end labeling  ...  In both the MT feeding and MT-feeding withdrawal phases, cytochrome P450 family 11 subfamily B (cyp11b) gene expression and serum 11-KT levels were not significantly changed, suggesting that the MT-treated  ...  Gonadal Histology after MT-Feeding Withdrawal To investigate whether the MT-feeding-induced male fate could be maintained, MT treatment was terminated at MT feeding for 36 or 96 days, and gonad samples  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijms19092828 pmid:30235790 pmcid:PMC6163612 fatcat:zzwb33bonrhqnderqidntjamti

A new species of Music frog (Anura, Ranidae, Nidirana) from Mt Daming, Guangxi, China

Zhi-Tong Lyu, Zhong Huang, Xiao-Wen Liao, Li Lin, Yong Huang, Ying-Yong Wang, Yun-Ming Mo
2021 ZooKeys  
., a new music frog species, is proposed, based on a series of specimens collected from Mt Daming, Guangxi, southern China.  ...  We thank Yinpeng Zhang and Robin Moser from Michigan State University for polishing the language.  ...  Number at the terminal of the branches corresponds to the ID number in Table1. Figure 3 . 3 Figure 3.  ... 
doi:10.3897/zookeys.1059.68140 pmid:34566446 pmcid:PMC8426313 fatcat:ycuvulhwlreplca2qcq76guljq

Identification of amino acid residues in the MT-loop of MT1-MMP critical for its ability to cleave low-density lipoprotein receptor

Maggie Wang, Adekunle Alabi, Hong-mei Gu, Govind Gill, Ziyang Zhang, Suha Jarad, Xiao-dan Xia, Yishi Shen, Gui-qing Wang, Da-wei Zhang
2022 Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine  
Removal of the hemopexin domain or the C-terminal cytoplasmic tail of MT1-MMP also did not impair its ability to cleave LDLR.  ...  On the other hand, mutant MT1-MMP, in which the catalytic domain or the MT-loop was deleted, could not cleave LDLR.  ...  Weiss, University of Michigan) was used as the template to generate the mutant form of MT1-MMP.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fcvm.2022.917238 pmid:36093157 pmcid:PMC9452735 fatcat:bkjdlnsp6fepnpeqyttcpaebci

Page 96 of Behavior Research Methods Vol. 9, Issue 2 [page]

1977 Behavior Research Methods  
The application is offered on the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) through' the MERIT Computer Network in the State of Michigan, and through TELENET data services nationally.  ...  The academic timesharing system is based on an Amdahl 470V/6 operating under the Michigan Terminal System (MTS). Administrative computing is handled with an IBM 370/158 operated separately.  ... 

HIN-1, an inhibitor of cell growth, invasion, and AKT1 activation

IE Krop, MT Parker, N Qimron, D Porter, K Polyak
2005 Breast Cancer Research  
Our data do not support the hypothesis that TGF-β signaling in mammary carcinoma cells is important for invasion and metastasis, at least in this model system.  ...  S.21 Stem cells in human breast development and cancer M Wicha, G Dontu, S Liu, I Mantle University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Breast Cancer Research 2005, 7(Suppl  ...  HIN-1 was delivered via multiple expression systems, including a tetracyclineregulated expression system, recombinant adenovirus, and recombinant HIN-1 fusion protein.  ... 
doi:10.1186/bcr1134 fatcat:gskjt6gcfnguzf2d6d7jltuini

Page 18 of Educause Quarterly : EQ Vol. 10, Issue 1 [page]

1987 Educause Quarterly : EQ  
The largest of the hosts on the network are the University’s Aca- demic Computing Center’s mainframes which primarily run the interactive Michigan Terminal System (MTS).  ...  Configuration For The University Of Michigan Broadband Systems The University has installed four University-wide coaxial cables.  ... 

Page 19 of Educause Quarterly : EQ Vol. 8, Issue 4 [page]

1985 Educause Quarterly : EQ  
Terminal System (a distant relative of a system developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  ...  MTS, developed through extensive cooperation between IBM and the Computing Center, has been enhanced by the active participation of several other universities that employ MTS as their primary operating  ... 

083 Transforming Growth Factor?Beta Ligand, Receptor, and SMAD Expression Patterns in Fetal and Adult Keratinocytes

HP Lorenz, R Faudoa, MT Longaker, TM Krummel
2004 Wound Repair and Regeneration  
A synthetic peptide consisting of ten amino acids, from the N-terminal -was named Oxynor. Oxynor mimics the biological properties of natural b taipoxin when tested in vitro and in vivo systems.  ...  TNF-alpha initiates three major signal pathways including NF-11B, JUN N-terminal kinase (JNK), and p38 MAPK.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1067-1927.2004.0abstractcb.x fatcat:2h5ot42zgfdopcu2qclbrjstse

140 Microarray Expression Analysis of Fetal Mouse Skin Development: Implications for Scarless Healing

R Yun, W Kong, R Faudoa, W Xia, TM Krummel, MT Longaker, HP Lorenz
2004 Wound Repair and Regeneration  
A synthetic peptide consisting of ten amino acids, from the N-terminal -was named Oxynor. Oxynor mimics the biological properties of natural b taipoxin when tested in vitro and in vivo systems.  ...  TNF-alpha initiates three major signal pathways including NF-11B, JUN N-terminal kinase (JNK), and p38 MAPK.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1067-1927.2004.0abstractei.x fatcat:ss4iwjzthfetdihu4ggmki76vy

Page 24 of Educause Quarterly : EQ Vol. 3, Issue 1 [page]

1980 Educause Quarterly : EQ  
The first is the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) or Computing Center located on the North Campus which, according to policy, is limited to teaching and research related computing.  ...  MTS, however, provides a very “open” and versatile environment for its users. The other source of competition is FIGURE 2 OAS Organization June, 1979 DIRECTOR SYSTEMS PLANNING (MARKETING) ASST.  ... 

Computer facilitation of communication within professional communities

Karl L. Zinn
1977 Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation  
The paper describes hardware and software for information systems at the University of Michigan, the development of CONFER, and a rationale for computer-aided communication within professional communities  ...  This report is based on several projects at the University of Michigan. The software used is CONFER. a computer-augmented conferencing program.  ...  The primary computer system was the Michigan Terminal System (MTS) with CONFER software.  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03214481 fatcat:p7bdzsipojdzrlwbme7fkzbwba
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