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Diego Sempreboni, Luca Viganò
2018 Companion of the The Web Conference 2018 on The Web Conference 2018 - WWW '18  
cryptocurrency (or to carry out some other mining activity).  ...  Part of our brain will be committed to cryptographic calculations (mining), leaving the remaining part untouched for everyday operations, i.e., for our brain's normal daily activity.  ...  Why not silently fade out of a boring business meeting to instead make some money by having your mind mined?  ... 
doi:10.1145/3184558.3191613 dblp:conf/www/SempreboniV18 fatcat:dsitwco2kfbjli4dbdipl3szti

Page 463 of Walker's Hibernian Magazine, Or, Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge Vol. , Issue [page]

1974 Walker's Hibernian Magazine, Or, Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge  
n vain your eyes reprove ; - : Why are thofe fmiles to me denied, + That gladden every heart befide ? Defpairing, yet I love.  ...  I then to books my mind apply’d, ‘And ev'ry means and art I try’d, My languid foe! t* improve; - Hib. Mag.  ... 

Rare as a Five-Legged Jackrabbit

B. C. Oliva
2019 Dialogue : A Journal of Mormon Thought  
., Elder) Roger Terry and his companion bicycled into the German countryside, seeking a farmer who may or may not have given them an actual, real address.  ...  Hans may have been a "typically German agnostic" and as "spiritual as a log," but Juliet was spiritually alive, fascinated by these Mormon missionaries, and eager to learn more about their message.  ...  I already said this wasn't your typical MMM, which is why you need to read it. B. C. OLIVA {} grew up a half-Mexican half-Mormon mutt in Podunk, north Utah.  ... 
doi:10.5406/dialjmormthou.52.4.0177 fatcat:s3hoxb5rkrh5dn2rawvfu4ex2i

Page 642 of Western Farmer and Gardener Vol. 1, Issue 41 [page]

1825 Western Farmer and Gardener  
sen. there timents of perfect respect with which /MMM aud Lave the honour to be, the C Dear Sir, your very faithful and to sp Obedient servant, | CH: CALDWELL. | P.  ...  Foi other that inadvertency I owe you the apology MMM pleas which I thus frankly entreat you to acceptaim ke. t | The first virtue is not to commit a fal In the second promptly and liberally to atone ply  ... 

Page 761 of Fraser's Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 18 [page]

1831 Fraser's Magazine  
It may be they will hear even such a feeble voice as mine, and take measures to strike at the root of the corruption. ‘ Wiser heads’ (p. 9) may be puzzled about this question, but com- mon sense sees clearly  ...  Some of their vices prob- ably may not. But what shall we say to those which take place within the college walls? What means this bleating of sheep in mine cars?)  ... 

Page 461 of The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved Vol. 39, Issue [page]

1770 The London Magazine Enlarged and Improved  
But I will play an opeh game---unintereft- mg though you may conceive the common life to be, the par- teulars of mine fhall never have a ~ in the London Magazine, un- . i conjunction with more fpirited  ...  I patiently reflect upon the check"my vanity has received) have J for weeks paft (I-mean weeks previ- sus t0 your decline) been drefling up al the‘common incidents of my days, fr the pleafure of feeing  ... 

Encompass mmm\ jdss-jdss i ^ An annual anthology of student writing sponsored and published by the Canterbury Club of Eastern Kentucky State College

Kentucky Richmond, Wanda Staff Editor, Associate Smyth, Burt Marjorie, Roger Business, Roy Stephens, Clark, Nineteen Volume, Number
I may be a fool, or it's wise I may be, Then perhaps only human and blind; But I yearn to be free on life's wide open sea, Sprayed with waves of the foamy brine.  ...  We may have company anytime and we will be here quite a while, so if you want to stay with us keep your butts down."  ... 

Page 134 of None Vol. 55, Issue 379 [page]

1823 None  
I am not sure if you have it in your Magazine ; though, even if it should be there, I request its repetition, for the sake of introducing afew remarks, should you think them’ worth the insertion.  ...  For these reasons, I wish to be informed, what I am to ul derstand by the term “nutrition! matte!;  ... 

Page 42 of American Educationist and Western School Journal 1852 Vol. 1, Issue 2-3 [page]

1852 American Educationist and Western School Journal 1852  
[And if I may venture a sug- gestion, you were a very different woman. | What do you say? Jwas a very different woman. Not at all—just the same. [Poh!]  ...  Well, ne- ver mind ; we won’t talk of it ; I won’t scold » younow. We’lltalk of next Sunday, love. [If I recollect rightly, when we were first ( married you were a modest, retiring girl, { bath?]  ... 

Page 40 of Sentimental and Literary Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 109 [page]

1797 Sentimental and Literary Magazine  
Then. may Roligieg’s rysihts * Sime, The tear that trembles in thine Gheq te ng A mind its mildeR gay 3 Ah | flows it from the fount of care? And bid rare vr grog?  ...  Yet shall not all thy beauties fade 3 Ye weeping friends let-meadvife, Beneath row vee Mb auftere controul 5 Abate your griefs and dry your eyete His keeneft frofts thall ne’er invade For what avails a  ... 

An Unforgettable Case

Robin O. Winter
2018 Family Medicine  
Mine happened almost 40 years ago. I was an intern in a rural New Jersey hospital.  ...  Had I been sensitive to this issue at that time, I would have kept the patient in the hospital, where his care and treatment may have led to a different outcome.  ... 
doi:10.22454/fammed.2018.101101 pmid:29933449 fatcat:jg7a2y5ckndczmpxbinbpaf3yu

Page 1101 of Engineering and Mining Journal Vol. 104, Issue 25 [page]

1917 Engineering and Mining Journal  
Manager, after you and your company have sub- scribed to the Comfort Fund, keep the ball rolling. In- terest your men in it. Keep it fresh in their minds. The Fund has no limit.  ...  WOE i i toad eb ccd la Jeeta $4605.00 The mining regiment and the Comfort Club are both new to the mining industry.  ... 

Learning and Remembering Gaelic Stories: Brian Stewart

Carol Zall
2013 Scottish Studies  
.: 'I just would go over it in my own mind, you know.' C.Z.: 'Right. Do you ever go over stories in your own mind now?' B.S.: 'Yes, I do.' [Tone of voice is very emphatic.]  ...  C.Z.: 'Mmm hmm. Right. And -' B.S.: 'That's the way I learned.' 12 C.Z.: 'Say when your grandmother would tell you a story, afterwards, would you go over it in your head to, to get it straight?'  ... 
doi:10.2218/ss.v36.2708 fatcat:azn66nadqjbpjhnrqro7pfwbji

Page 1831 of None Vol. 47, Issue 2447 [page]

1903 None  
DICKSON SCHOOLOF MEMORY. 941 Auditorium,Chicago Contains reliable in- formation about Mining, of interest to those who may be interested in Mining, or want to learn about the — of Oregon, Washington, or  ...  I GAN SELL YOUR Real Estate No matter where it is or what it is worth. Send description, state price and learn my wonderfully successful ~~ W. M. OSTRANDER 252 NORTH AMERICAN BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA  ... 

Page 24 of Town and Country Magazine, or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction, and Entertainment Vol. 14, Issue [page]

1782 Town and Country Magazine, or Universal Repository of Knowledge, Instruction, and Entertainment  
your man; I caa v fuit you toa hair: or, asa friend of mine | M more happily exprefles it, to a criticifm; ti tor Lam, pehaps, the moti iuregular fel- I low | I  ...  , ac- compiithed, made to engage ail hearts, and to charm all eyes," may not be a good wife, and pay a Jaudab'e attention to her domeftic duties, I will not abfolute y deny ; but I am very fure that fuch  ... 
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