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Achieving algorithmic resilience for temporal integration through spectral deferred corrections

Ray Grout, Hemanth Kolla, Michael Minion, John Bell
2017 Communications in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science  
We demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy for both canonical test problems and a comprehen- sive situation involving a mature scientific application code that solves the reacting Navier-Stokes  ...  applied to a correction equation to improve the solution at these nodes.  ...  The test code solves a transport equation for total energy and computes temperature by using a Newton search to solve Equation 2.17. hence, a bounds check on the temperature is likely to pick up out-of-bounds  ... 
doi:10.2140/camcos.2017.12.25 fatcat:b5bumusshvgknchzlygob67euy

Using Constraints for Equivalent Mutant Detection

Simona Nica, Franz Wotawa
2012 Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science  
In this paper we introduce a method for solving the equivalent mutant problem using a constraint representation of the program and its mutant.  ...  In mutation testing the question whether a mutant is equivalent to its program is important in order to compute the correct mutation score.  ...  The equivalent mutant problem can be solved as a byproduct of computing distinguishing tests.  ... 
doi:10.4204/eptcs.86.1 fatcat:dbsx6n4hdnb7dj3j6qzwwnux3y

(Re-)configuration of Communication Networks in the Context of M2M

Iulia Nica, Franz Wotawa
2013 International Configuration Workshop  
These applications provoke new requirements for mobile phone networks, which have to be adapted in order to meet these future requirements.  ...  Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is of increasing importance in industry due to novel applications, i.e., smart metering or tracking devices in the logistics domain.  ...  Every SIMOL program comprises 3 sections: (1) a knowledge based declaration section (Line 1) for organizing the files similarly to Java packages, (2) an import declaration section where knowledge bases  ... 
dblp:conf/confws/NicaW13 fatcat:v5qlmf2lrzhczbyzlbllcck3ta

Using constraints to diagnose faulty spreadsheets

Rui Abreu, Birgit Hofer, Alexandre Perez, Franz Wotawa
2014 Software quality journal  
Therefore, we convert the spreadsheet and a test case to a constraint satisfaction problem.  ...  We perform an empirical evaluation with 78 spreadsheets from different sources, where we demonstrate that our approach is light-weight and efficient.  ...  Therefore, debugging is reduced to solving the corresponding constraint satisfaction problem (CSP).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11219-014-9236-4 fatcat:i7zs7ydrhnfvfceu5qgnttixli

Applying Gamification in Learning the Basics of Algorithmization and Programming to Improve the Quality of Students' Educational Results

2021 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
The problem that the research is aimed at is caused by the need to use gamification methods and tools when studying the basics of algorithmization and programming for students to get the experience of  ...  The paper clarifies the essence of the concept "educational results" and uses programming language tools to design a learning environment based on the principles of gamification, as much as possible focused  ...  The research materials can be used to develop the idea of gamification in the digital school, while justifying the need to study algorithmization and programming at all levels of education and training  ... 
doi:10.13187/ejced.2021.4.987 fatcat:hznfffnc2bgcvhgvxqcjuvufqi

Understanding Primary Curriculum from Philosophical Perspectives

Kiran Ram Ranjitkar
2021 Interdisciplinary Research in Education  
This paper is an attempt to understand philosophy / ideology hidden behind the present primary education curriculum of Nepal.  ...  I found negligible importance is given to critical components of learning therefore this component should be given more importance.  ...  , activities and evaluation process suggested seem lead the students toward making the students use knowledge and skills to solve the mathematical problems.  ... 
doi:10.3126/ire.v5i1-2.34734 fatcat:muvhrkx5tjhhlevf5xeje3odwm

Using Computational and Mechanical Models to Study Animal Locomotion

L. A. Miller, D. I. Goldman, T. L. Hedrick, E. D. Tytell, Z. J. Wang, J. Yen, S. Alben
2012 Integrative and Comparative Biology  
Acknowledgments D.I.G. would like to thank his students and collaborators that have contributed to studies of locomotion in granular media: Ryan Maladen, Yang Ding, Chen Li, Sarah Sharpe, Nick Gravish  ...  Mathematical and physical models allow dissection of the problem Locomotion can be described as an exchange of momentum between a body and its environment (Dickinson et al. 2000) .  ...  Common themes The unifying theme of the research problems outlined below is that each provides a concrete example of the process of translating biological questions into mathematical models, solving the  ... 
doi:10.1093/icb/ics115 pmid:22988026 pmcid:PMC3475976 fatcat:6vjprsb2abhptlrd4rnkr22gqy

Fog Computing Based on Machine Learning: A Review

Fady Esmat Fathel Samann, Adnan Mohsin Abdulazeez, Shavan Askar
2021 International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies  
Due to the ML vital role in the FC paradigm, this work will shed light on recent studies utilized ML in a FC environment. Background knowledge about ML and FC also presented.  ...  Fog computing's (FC) promising technology can solve the issue of computing and networking bottlenecks in large-scale IoT applications.  ...  The proposed scheme used an ML tool to extract a highly reliable PUF mathematical model during registration.  ... 
doi:10.3991/ijim.v15i12.21313 fatcat:ztfuzrshq5eavduujcrhp3unhu

Deep Learning-Based Autoscaling Using Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory for Kubernetes

Nhat-Minh Dang-Quang, Myungsik Yoo
2021 Applied Sciences  
In the planning phase, a cooling-down time period is implemented to mitigate the oscillation problem.  ...  Presently, the cloud computing environment attracts many application developers to deploy their web applications on cloud data centers.  ...  Moreover, the paper only focuses on predicting the future load and does not apply it to solve to autoscaling problems. Ming Yan et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app11093835 doaj:49c18189a30942c6bcafa77966cabdde fatcat:qkf4lwpfh5ez7c25q5r42tidvq

Children's Negotiations of Visualization Skills During a Design-Based Learning Experience Using Nondigital and Digital Techniques

Shaunna Smith
2018 Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning  
This research was guided by Vossoughi, Hooper, and Escudé's (2016) call for explicit attention to pedagogical practices during the integration of "making" activities.  ...  In the context of a 10-day summer camp makerspace experience that employed design-based learning (DBL) strategies, the purpose of this descriptive case study was to better understand the ways in which  ...  Participants verbally expressed the use of visualization skills to describe (a) problem-solving and intentionality within their design process and (b) mathematical concepts contributing to transformations  ... 
doi:10.7771/1541-5015.1747 fatcat:qqwsoxnfhvbtjmtg32t4ukewr4

Towards a Formalism of Configuration Properties Propagation

David Fabian, Radek Marík, Tomás Oberhuber
2012 International Configuration Workshop  
Software configuration often studies two issues: firstly, how to merge various software components together to create a program with a fixed structure that fits the requirements, and secondly, how to effectively  ...  these categories in response to the user's actions.  ...  Constraint programming is an alternative approach to programming in which a model of a problem is declarative, and then it is solved by general or domain-specific methods.  ... 
dblp:conf/confws/FabianMO12 fatcat:4xmuz5k6s5dtvgoktqtwlp5rhe

Emerging Advanced Technologies to Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change in Africa

Priscilla Francisco Ribeiro, Anyela Valentina Camargo Rodriguez
2020 Plants  
The authors show how these technologies can be utilised to enhance knowledge discovery for increased production in a climate change-impacted environment.  ...  Advanced technologies have been developed across the globe to facilitate adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector.  ...  The assembly of these smaller parts and devices into larger integrated systems can be used to solve specific problems such as the optimisation of nitrogen fixation or CO 2 sequestration by plants and microorganisms  ... 
doi:10.3390/plants9030381 pmid:32204576 fatcat:75tiqv33djc6tdtkcnou5h3ray

Book Review

John R. Keller
1953 Journal of Economic Entomology  
Nature is an immense mechanism, created by God and designed to operate according to the mathematical laws of physics.  ...  I fail to see the benefit of appealing to a neo-animistic "collective spirituality" (p. 105) in a book intended to contribute to public discourse on environmental problems and posit solutions.  ...  the House Interior Committee, February 1981); and "My responsibility is to follow the Scriptures which call upon us to occupy the land until Jesus returns" (The Washington Post, May 24, 1981).  ... 
doi:10.1093/jee/46.4.741a fatcat:fc6s4tbkgzgctasrdlfhyxr3ku

Customer loyalty and employee engagement: an alignment for value

Matthew P. Gonring
2008 Journal of Business Strategy  
Recent initiatives at Philips Electronics aimed to solve a complex problem: In January 2006, results of an internal survey revealed that the North America division had the worst management communications  ...  The knowledge that this internal problem would have external and bottom-line implications, the communications department approached senior management with an outside-the-box strategy to boost employee  ... 
doi:10.1108/02756660810887060 fatcat:mbr5stfpuva7rf5g5znvfj7dtu

MOBA: a New Arena for Game AI [article]

Victor do Nascimento Silva, Luiz Chaimowicz
2017 arXiv   pre-print
With this, we aim to encourage the use of MOBA as a novel research platform for Game AI.  ...  In this paper we present and discuss the main features and opportunities offered by MOBA games to Game AI Research.  ...  Some of these problems have also been studied in the MOBA environment. One example is the Kiting, a mechanic to hit an run, largely used in the MOBA gameplay.  ... 
arXiv:1705.10443v1 fatcat:lxorqsstyvcy5k4oneso7ngwje
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