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O. Blanchard, M. Kremer
1997 Quarterly Journal of Economics  
& asbestos 0.88 Casting M&E 0.88 Transportation 0.88 Construction M&E 0.87 Peat 0.87 Pumps & chem. equip. 0.87 Nonferrous ores 0.87 Communal M&E 0.87 Tractors & agri.  ...  "M&E" in the Appendix stands for machinery and equipment. 19 .  ... 
doi:10.1162/003355300555439 fatcat:euam5hjhvbbnxi2ixjrryyg57m

Quantum Random Walks and Piecewise Deterministic Evolutions

Ph. Blanchard, M.-O. Hongler
2004 Physical Review Letters  
In the following the calculations will be performed with p 1 = p 2 which corresponds to a symmetric initial condition P (n, 0) = δ n,o .  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.92.120601 pmid:15089658 fatcat:75wvd3oscbgydm6ps75b24ihle

Job submission to grid computing environments

R. P. Bruin, T. O. H. White, A. M. Walker, K. F. Austen, M. T. Dove, R. P. Tyer, P. A. Couch, I. T. Todorov, M. O. Blanchard
2008 Concurrency and Computation  
The problem of enabling scientist users to submit jobs to grid computing environments will eventually limit the usability of grids. The eMinerals project has tackled this problem by developing the "my_condor_submit" (MCS) tool, which provides a simple scriptable interface to Globus, a flexible interaction with the Storage Resource Broker, metascheduling with load balancing within a grid environment, and automatic metadata harvesting. This paper provides an overview of MCS together with some use
more » ... cases. We also describe the use of MCS within parameter-sweep studies.
doi:10.1002/cpe.1290 fatcat:tapljsfxmzdyletxsiqnqngsba

Variability of Storm-Relative Helicity during VORTEX

Paul M. Markowski, Jerry M. Straka, Erik N. Rasmussen, David O. Blanchard
1998 Monthly Weather Review  
Second, it was also found that the shear between the lowest mean 500-m wind and the 6-km wind was fairly uniform over vast regions in all of the four cases studied; thus, this parameter provided little  ...  Letters identify stations (H ϭ Chickasha, B ϭ Blanchard, N ϭ Noble, M ϭ Minco, W ϭ Wheatland, T ϭ Tinker Air Force Base, R ϭ El Reno, P ϭ Piedmont, and E ϭ Edmond; all are in Oklahoma).  ...  O N T H L Y W E A T H E R R E V I E W FIG. 6.  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0493(1998)126<2959:vosrhd>;2 fatcat:idshiux4izdtlcdfnpzepdled4

Patient cumulative radiation exposure in interventional cardiology

M.-O. Bernier, S. Jacob, C. Maccia, O. Bar, O. Catelinois, D. Blanchard, D. Laurier
2012 Radioprotection - Revue de la Societé Francaise de Radioprotection  
Interventional cardiology procedures can involve potentially high doses of radiation to the patients. Stochastic effects of ionising radiation -radiation-induced cancers in the long term -may occur. We analysed clinical characteristics and dosimetric data in a population of patients undergoing interventional cardiology. In all, 1 591 patients who had undergone coronarography and/or angioplasty in the course of a year at the Saint-Gatien Clinic in Tours (France) were included. Information on
more » ... ents' individual clinical characteristics and Dose-Area Product values were collected. Organ doses to the lung, oesophagus, bone marrow and breast were mathematically evaluated. The median age of patients was 70 years. Their median cumulative dosearea product value was 48.4 2 for the whole year and the median effective dose was 9.7 mSv. The median organ doses were 41 mGy for the lung, 31 mGy for the oesophagus, 10 mGy for the bone marrow and 4 mGy for the breast. Levels of doses close to the heart appear to be rather high in the case of repeated interventional cardiology procedures. Clinical characteristics should be taken into account when planning epidemiological studies on potential radiation-induced cancers. Keywords: Interventional cardiology / exposure to ionising radiation / patients / epidemiology / dosimetry RÉSUMÉ Exposition cumulée aux rayonnements ionisants des patients en cardiologie interventionnelle : caractéristiques cliniques et dosimétriques.
doi:10.1051/radiopro/2011157 fatcat:cfv3x7uwerbblnqjjzcfg7m3aq

Interventional cardiology irradiation: clinical and dosimetric aspects of treated population

M.-O. Bernier, S. Jacob, C. Maccia, O. Bar, O. Catelinois, D. Blanchard, D. Laurier
2008 Radioprotection - Revue de la Societé Francaise de Radioprotection  
Context: Minimally invasive interventional cardiology procedures (ICP) have been widely used over the last 10 years, but can involve potentially high radiation doses to the patients. Although deterministic effects of ionising radiation are likely to occur in that field, stochastic effects, in particular radiation-induced cancers, have never been investigated in a population of adult patients. As a first step toward such investigation, a study was conducted with the view of characterizing
more » ... l features and analysing variation factors of dosimetric data, based on a population undergoing ICP. Material and methods: A total of 1,591 patients who underwent 1 to 5 ICP, either coronarography and/or angioplasty, during the year 2005, at the Saint-Gatien Clinic in Tours (France), were included. Individual clinical characteristics were registered, dose-area product (DAP) values were recorded and patients' organ doses to lung, oesophagus, bone marrow and breast were assessed by a mathematical modelling. A logistic regression to test associations between high doses and clinical and technical factors was used. Results: Mean age of patients was 68 years. More than 60% of them had hypertension, 60% hypercholesterolemia and 25% diabetes. One patient out of three was smoker or ex-smoker, with higher percentage of patients aged less than 60 years. As for dosimetry, patient mean cumulative DAP value was 78.9 2 and the mean effective dose was 15.8 mSv. The corresponding estimated mean organ doses were: 62.3 mGy for lung, 54.9 mGy for oesophagus, 17.0 mGy for bone marrow and 5.6 mGy for breast. Based on univariate analysis, high DAP values (> 200 2 ) were significantly associated with gender, high body mass index, diabetes, hypertension, previous heart bypass, previous myocardial infarction, number of ICP, type of ICP (coronarography and/or angioplasty) and operator. In multivariate analysis, some of these factors remained significant: body mass index (OR=1.16, 95%CI=[1.10-1.21]), previous heart bypass (OR=3.13 [2.14-6.32]) and increased number of ). Odds ratios were even higher when comparing coronary angioplasties to coronarographies (OR=20.72 [7.77-55.27]). Operator effect was also observed with an increased risk for one operator among the three others (OR=1.91 [1.15-3.18]). Conclusion: Radiation doses received by patients undergoing ICP can widely vary according to clinical characteristics but also technical characteristics of procedures. 66
doi:10.1051/radiopro:2008630 fatcat:7ub2dxy4lndefcaucthizbex5i

Manure management for greenhouse gas mitigation

S. O. Petersen, M. Blanchard, D. Chadwick, A. Del Prado, N. Edouard, J. Mosquera, S. G. Sommer
2013 Animal  
Nutrient cycling and losses associated with the management of manure have been estimated for farms with 10 to 75 TLU in South Mali (Blanchard, 2010) .  ...  Petersen, Blanchard, Chadwick, Del Prado, Edouard, Mosquera and Sommer 274 Downloaded from http:/  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1751731113000736 pmid:23739469 fatcat:wbmtfo3fk5hjpbqq5fqdkf7ypa

Huber, J., Camp M.-A., Blanchard, O., Chatelain, S., Joliat F., Steiner, R. & Zurmühle, J. (Hrsg.) (2021). Kulturen der Schulmusik in der Schweiz. Les cultures de l'enseignement musical à l'école en Suisse. Chronos Verlag. 200 S

Barbara Schweizer
2021 Revue suisse des sciences de l'éducation / Schweizerische Zeitschrift fu?r Bildungswissenschafte  
., Camp M.-A., Blanchard, O., Chatelain, S., Joliat F., Steiner, R. & Zurmühle, J. (Hrsg.) (2021) . Kulturen der Schulmusik in der Schweiz. Les cultures de l'enseignement musical à l'école en Suisse.  ...  Olivier Blanchard ergänzt dieses Thema um eine kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektive. Er untersucht nach einer ethnografischen Vorgehensweise den Musikunterricht an Deutschschweizer Sekundarschulen.  ... 
doi:10.24452/sjer.43.3.15 fatcat:vbkcj4kytzdjhgmq5jsislfvji

Origin of particulate matter pollution episodes in wintertime over the Paris Basin

2005 Atmospheric Environment  
The authors thank the Max-Planck Institute (Hamburg, Germany), M. Schultz, C. Granier, G. Brasseur and D. Niehl for graciously providing us with MOZART data.  ...  Fig. 4 . 4 Daily mean predicted concentrations for NO y -NO and H 2 O 2 at Gennevilliers. Observations are reported for only NO y -NO.  ...  The H 2 O 2 concentration levels showed in Fig. 4 are of the same order of magnitude as the ones reported by Sakugawa et al. (1990) for urban areas in winter.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.atmosenv.2005.06.053 fatcat:kolq3bez6jhz7knihm5byjtncq

Mesoscale Circulation Growth under Conditions of Weak Inertial Instability

David O. Blanchard, William R. Cotton, John M. Brown
1998 Monthly Weather Review  
The ge-VOLUME 126 M O N T H L Y W E A T H E R R E V I E WTABLE 1. Values for fixed parameters used in RAMS.  ...  Additional PRE-STORM and MAPS case studies were discussed by Blanchard (1995) . a.  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0493(1998)126<0118:mcguco>;2 fatcat:g7rve2qmr5c4nluvhvbijjf7ku

Self-organization of critical behavior in controlled general queueing models

Ph. Blanchard, M.-O. Hongler
2004 Physics Letters A  
, m = 2, 3, . . . is the m-th moment of B(x), (remember that b 1 := 1 µ ).  ...  Using the asymptotic expansion: I 1 (z) e z √ 2πz + O( 1 z ) for z → ∞, Eq.(7) takes the form: g(x) const e −µ(1− √ ρ) 2 x x 3 2 .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.physleta.2004.01.015 fatcat:raqz6nrwsjfaddfhsgg4agvdpi


M. Reibaud, O. Piot, J. Rataud, J. M. Stutzmann, J. C. Blanchard
1992 Clinical neuropharmacology  
Four doses of the plant extract 10; 25; 50 and I00 m/kg were equally used. The value of SIH was 2.27°C in the negative control group and 1.30°C with mice treated by Phenobarbital 20 mg/kg.  ... 
doi:10.1097/00002826-199202001-01063 fatcat:mk2epzq625burozhh6ce3jdlzu

Membrane imaging by simultaneous second-harmonic generation and two-photon microscopy

L. Moreaux, O. Sandre, M. Blanchard-Desce, J. Mertz
2000 Optics Letters  
In our case N s 1.5 3 10 16 m 22 , and this ratio approaches 0.1.  ...  obtaining Q Z 3 8p ͑u, w͒dV ഠ 3pj 2 4k v 2 w x w z p 1 2 j 2 . (2) To compare SHG and TPEF powers we use Eq. (1) to def ine a SHG cross section for a single molecule: s SHG 4hv 5 3p 2 ne 0 3 c 5 b 2 ͓m  ... 
doi:10.1364/ol.25.000320 pmid:18059867 fatcat:7tybfk66drcgphogpjhsg732ki

Efficacy of Biopesticides against White Grub Leucopholis lepidophora (Blanchard) Infesting Sugarcane

S. B. Birajdar P. B. Mohite, U. B. Hole M. D. Thamidela, O. A. Kavitake S. S. Kadavkar, S. R. Mande P. S. Jadhav
2021 International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences  
K e y w o r d s The entomopathogenic fungi have been reported and among these, Metarhizium anisopliae can be effectively utilized one of the components in the management of white grub.  ...  species of insects are known to infest the sugarcane as major pest in various part of world (Rathour et The experiment entitled "Efficacy of biopesticides against white grub, Leucopholis lepidophora (Blanchard  ... 
doi:10.20546/ijcmas.2021.1005.027 fatcat:6j3qp3apvnhyjg4tfwzdzhy3t4

Hyperbolic angular statistics for globally coupled phase oscillators

M.-O. Hongler, R. Filliger, Ph. Blanchard
2009 Europhysics letters  
ÓÒÚ Ö × ÓÖ C → 0 ØÓ Ø Ö Û Ø Ø ×Ø Ø ÓÒ ÖÝ ×ØÖ ÙØ ÓÒ´ µ Ò Ø Ö Ø Ð ÓÙÔÐ Ò ρ(θ) = 1 2π + 1 π ∞ m=1 Γ(1 − α) Γ(m + 1 − α) P (m) −α (cosh(r)) P (0) −α (cosh(r)) cos(m(ψ − θ) ÀÝÔ Ö ÓÐ Ò ÙÐ Ö ×Ø Ø ×Ø × ÓÖ ÐÓ ÐÐÝ  ...  ×Ô Ø Ú ÖÝ Ð Ö Ó Ý Ó Ú Ð Ð Ð Ø Ö ØÙÖ ÓÒ ÓÙÔÐ Ô × Ó×¹ ÐÐ ØÓÖ×¸Û Ð Ø Ø ÒØ Ñ Ø ÓÒÒ Ø ÓÒ× Û Ø Ö Ø ÓÒ Ð ×Ø Ø ×Ø ×Ø ÝÔ ÐÐÝ ×Ö Ò ×ØÖ ÙØ ÓÒ× ÓÒ Ø ÖÐ ¸Ý Ø Ö Ñ Ò Ö Ð Ø Ú ÐÝ Ò Ð Ø º Ì Ñ Ò ÔÙÖÔÓ× Ó Ø × ÒÓØ × ÔÖ × ÐÝ  ... 
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/89/10001 fatcat:cdc4sedm4rdkzflxaiqtidiypm
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