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Crystal structure of diabis(N1-acetylacetamidrazone)cobalt(II) dichloride, C8H22Cl2CoN6O4

S. lanelli, G. Pelosi, M. T. Cocco, G. Ponticelli
1998 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
Fig. 1. Molecule plot. Fig. 2. Molecule plot. Source of material: The ligand was prepared by adding to an ethanolic solution (25 ml) of ethyl acetimidate hydrochloride (0.1 mol), kept in ice bath, an absolute ethanolic solution (25 ml) of sodium hydroxide (0.1 mol). The solid sodium chloride obtained was filtered and the remaining solution has added to acetohydrazine (0.1 mol). The title compound was prepared by mixing an hot aqueous solution of C0CI2 · 6H2O (0.01 mol) with an hot solution of
more » ... e ligand. The complex obtained was recristallized by water and essicated to open air. The amidrazones RC(=NH)NHNHR' (R, R'= H, alkyl, aryl) have been studied very little as ligand of transition metals. It is remembered for this fact the structure and catalitic activity of Ni(II) and Cu(II) complex with amidrazones (see ref. 1), the antibacteric activity of first transition metals complexes with picolinic and picolinamidrazone derivatives (see ref. 2), the antibacteric and antitumoral activities of Ρΐ(Π) comlexes with hydrazinepyrimidine and amidrazones (see ref. 3). This report is a part of a work on metal coordination of n' acethylacetamidrazone derivatives. Until now suitable crystals for X-ray analysis were obtained only for a cobalt complex. Despite the poor quality of crystals, the results are reliable and the tide structure consists of discrete complex cations, inorganic anions and solvating water molecules. The molecular structure is illustrated in the figure where the unlabelled atoms are related to the labelled ones by the symmetry operation -x, -y, -z. The structure is built of monomeric units in which the cobalt atom is surrounded by two N and two О atoms from two ligand molecules and waters. The metal lies on the origin and its coordination geometry is octahedral with two ligand molecules chelating the metal ion through 01 and N2, and two trans-apical water molecules. The chlorine ion does not participate to the metal coordination, but exerts its role of counter-ion through hydrogen bonds which are the determining factors of packing in the crystal. The structure is stabilized by the hydrogen bonds involving the chlorine and the N1 and N3 atoms. The distance Co-Ol 2.052(6) Â is smaller than Co-02 (water) 2.104(9) Â and this behaviour is comparable with the complex with the same coordination type (see refs. 4-5). The largest angular deformation of the octhaedron is observed for the N2-Co-Ol angle [78.7(3)]° which is probably determined by the rigidity of the chelating moiety, the other angles do not deviate from 90°. The pentaatomic chelation ring presents a small puckering (total puckering amplitude QT = 0.143(9) Â) with an envelope conformation. There is in addition a contact between 02 and 01 (-X, -y, -z) at 2.94(1) Â.
doi:10.1524/ncrs.1998.213.14.547 fatcat:wvucxh2g3vg2lke2xe7o5uwe74

Positive Genetic Correlation between Forage Yield and Fiber of Smooth Bromegrass

M. D. Casler, M. Diaby
2008 Crop science  
One cycle of divergent selection for NDF in four diverse Positive Genetic Correlation between Forage Yield and Fiber of Smooth Bromegrass M. D. Casler* and M.  ...  All 28 populations were planted in 0.9 by 3.0 m plots at three locations in April 2003.  ... 
doi:10.2135/cropsci2008.03.0132 fatcat:dld63otzwvgvjcl7kuxuh3fujm

Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression for Forage Yield and Fiber Concentration in Smooth Bromegrass

M. D. Casler, M. Diaby, C. Stendal
2005 Crop science  
NDF ϫ low-NDF crosses may be a viable mechanism 91:480-483. to combine low fiber and medium-to-high forage yield Diaby, M., and M.D. Casler. 2005.  ...  Plants were spaced 0.3 m apart within plots and 0.9 m apart between plots. Plants were computed from the 7 ϫ 7 genetic distance matrix.  ... 
doi:10.2135/cropsci2005.0044 fatcat:ijipo6g54jbtvnynchfpfzbfva

An Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm for a PMSM: Experimental Results

O. Asseu, P. Yoboue, A. Konate, M. Diaby
2016 Asian Journal of Applied Sciences  
doi:10.3923/ajaps.2017.32.38 fatcat:7hytxnjtazfbtarcn7pln6w72i

Zona planto-pédieux révélateur de l'infection à VIH

Keita L, Fofana Y, Sissoko M, Traore B, Diaby MG, Cisse L,
2018 Revue Malienne d'Infectiologie et de Microbiologie  
M., Brook, G., Cameron, C., Chadwick, D., French, N., Heyderman, R. ... & Mac Mahon, E. (2016).  ... 
doaj:f32b6a2262504988b8ccfd708a5e39d1 fatcat:nncfujadfvhkjgw47bsj6twmsu

Effects of High Soil Temperature and Water Stresses on Malian Pearl Millet and Sorghum during Seedling Stage

M. K. O'Neill, M. Diaby
1987 Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science  
Pan evaporation ranged from 8.2 to 19.6 mm day-' with a mcan of 14.0 m m day-', rather high due to advection.  ...  Millet and sorghum of the same varieties used in the LS test were planted in I-m rows, 3 cm deep in four replications of a randomized block design at a rate of 50 seeds per meter on April 2, 1984.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1439-037x.1987.tb00085.x fatcat:3gtftermovg3tiz5wgnsksvgi4

Large-scale capacitated part-routing in the presence of process and routing flexibilities and setup costs

M Diaby, A L Nsakanda
2006 Journal of the Operational Research Society  
To the best of our knowledge, none of the existing part-routing models consider setup costs or times for the M Diaby and AL Nsakanda—Large-scale capacitated part-routing operations.  ...  M Diaby’ and AL Nsakanda~™* ‘University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, USA; and °Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada We develop a Lagrangean relaxation-based heuristic procedure to generate a near-optimal  ... 
doi:10.1057/palgrave.jors.2602072 fatcat:rwy5slwhk5hcfgzsbw2noy3im4

Distribution spatio-temporelle des poissons Mugilidae dans la lagune de Grand-lahou (Côte d'ivoire)

M Diaby, K N'da, CM Akadje
2012 International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences  
L du: Liza dumerili ; L fa: Liza falcipinnis ; M c: Mugil curema ; M ce: Mugil cephalus ; M ba: Mugil bananensis ; L gr: Liza grandisquamis.  ...  L du: Liza dumerili ; L fa: Liza falcipinnis ; M c: Mugil curema ; M ce: Mugil cephalus ; M ba: Mugil bananensis ; L gr: Liza grandisquamis.  ... 
doi:10.4314/ijbcs.v6i4.20 fatcat:cjcqmexlfvgs5e6tluaajcok5i

Heart Failure in Children: Epidemiological, Etiological and Diagnostic Aspects in Diamniadio Children's Hospital (Senegal)

M. Leye, I. Basse, R. Godonou, D. A. Affangla, D. M. Ba, N. N. Diawara, A. B. Sibabi Sibabi, A. Phiri, M. Dioum, F. Diaby, S. Akani, K. Gueye (+2 others)
2020 World Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases  
The HF concerned 38 boys and 28 girls, a sex ratio (M/F) of 1.36. The majority of our patients came from the semi-urban area (42.4%).  ...  The HF involved 38 boys and 28 girls, a sex ratio (M/F) of 1.36.  ...  This socio-economic profile of our patients could be explained by the regional location of our study site, the children's hospital of M. Leye et al.  ... 
doi:10.4236/wjcd.2020.101002 fatcat:nbzwfz7rq5bwpasvewfny7idfe

Utilisation d'une méthode multicritère d'aide à la décision pour le choix des clones d'hévéa à planter en Afrique

Diaby, M., Valognes, F., Clément-Demange, A.
2010 Biotechnologie, Agronomie, Société et Environnement  
Environ. 2010 14(2), 299-309 Diaby M., Valognes F. & Clément-Demange A..  ...  -La mise en saignée est réalisée lorsque les arbres atteignent une circonférence du tronc de 50 cm à 1 m de hauteur au-dessus du sol.  ... 
doaj:b483693364824051bc82b66feb34205f fatcat:suht32pqtvajdlxuxfupu2dky4

Prédiction de la gravité de la COVID-19 à l'admission à l'aide du Score NEWS2 : étude transversale au Maroc

A. Touré, M. Diakité, K. Condé, A. Camara, K. Srougbo, M. Diaby, A. Kantri, A. Haoudar
2021 Revue d'épidémiologie et de santé publique  
doi:10.1016/j.respe.2021.04.111 fatcat:akgkc4dmqjf3hiugdjyentyuya

Claudius Amyand's Hernia a Rare Cause of Acute Scrotum a Case Report

Coulibaly MB Diouf C, Coulibaly Y Diaby S, Coulibaly OM Amadou I, Kamate B Malle K, Kone J Coulibaly Y, Kone I Traore M, Kone D Dembele B, Dao M Keita M
2020 Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences  
doi:10.36347/sajb.2020.v08i01.003 fatcat:7dr46ifnmjaarlrhiilnf5gjke

Physicochemical and antioxidant characteristics of gingerbread plum (Neocarya macrophylla) kernel oils

Q. Z. Jin, M. Diaby, T. Amza, G. Onivogui, X. Q. Zou
2016 Grasas y Aceites  
Citation/Cómo citar este artículo: Diaby M, Amza T, Onivogui G, Zou X-Q, Jin Q-Z. 2016. Physicochemical and antioxidant characteristics of gingerbread plum (Neocarya macrophylla) kernel oils.  ...  ISSN-L: 0017-3495 doi: • M. Diaby, T. Amza, G. Onivogui, X.Q. Zou and Q.Z. Jin Grasas Aceites 67 (1), January-March 2016, e117.  ...  ISSN-L: 0017-3495 doi: • M. Diaby, T. Amza, G. Onivogui, X.Q. Zou and Q.Z. Jin Grasas Aceites 67 (1), January-March 2016, e117.  ... 
doi:10.3989/gya.0362151 fatcat:dqoeewuzmrbnbjm4vfoy5s25pa

Limits to the scope of applicability of extended formulations for LP models of combinatorial optimization problems: A summary [article]

Moustapha Diaby, M. H. Karwan
2014 arXiv   pre-print
p , H ∈ R m×q , and g ∈ R m ).  ...  p , H ∈ R m×q , and g ∈ R m ).  ... 
arXiv:1403.0529v2 fatcat:6hfbtgegfjfbfaqrexmrmsf47i

La pêche des poissons Mugilidae dans la lagune de Grand-lahou (Côte d'ivoire): analyse de l'organisation de la pêche, des captures et de l'effort de pêche

Diaby, M., N'Da, K., Konan, KS.
2012 Tropicultura  
The Fishing of Mugilidae in Grand-lahou Lagoon (Ivory Coast): Analysis of Fishing Organisation, Captures and Fishing Effort. Sixteen sites, around the lagoon, have been investigated from April 2009 to March 2011. At the pass, fishing with sparrow hawks is mainly done by Ghanaians. On the other sites of lagoon, indigenous fishers are dominant and use gill-nets. Ocean area, with more than 50% of activities and 60% of captures, is the place where the highest production is realized. The site around
more » ... the pass provides 25% of activities and 20% of capture. At the pass and in the continental area of the lagoon, captures remain inferior to 10%. There, the peak of captures is registered in July and the lowest ones from February to April. On the others sites of the lagoon, two peaks can be observed in December, May and July. From the end of July to the end September, captures from ocean and the pass remain very low. During this period, fishing is interrupted on the others sites for Mugilidae are rare and water is desalinated because of continental waterways pouring out in the lagoon. Fishing efforts peaks don't always coincide with capture peaks even if during high captures period, fishing effort values are very high.
doaj:791ad6a8e0f94f3291bc37fdb56fc883 fatcat:gmgbr2bwdff35aj6el2tvzln3i
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