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Buildings 360º: un nuevo enfoque para la enseñanza en construcción

Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Maria del Carmen Sánchez-Guevara Sánchez, Jorge Gallego Sánchez-Torija, Francesca Olivieri
2020 JIDA  
el trabajo de investigación efectuado por Sánchez-Aparicio et al. (2019) .  ...  Se obtuvieron cinco respuestas relativas a la incorporación de más información, que serán tenidas en cuenta para mejorar futuras versiones de la plataforma. [171/1097] Sánchez-Aparicio, L.J.; Sánchez-Guevara  ... 
doi:10.5821/jida.2020.9333 fatcat:r2gnrq5rnnadpaibdrahjcxdve

Nuevas perspectivas de las fuentes de información para la Geografía Industrial

José Luis Alonso Santos, Javier Aparicio Amador, José Luis Sánchez Hernández
2016 Geographicalia  
Podemos asimilar investigación con captura (figura l), captura de información sobre algo que no se puede resolver o responder con los datos disponibles en ese momento, como nos indica Luis Miguel Barral  ...  El «Tercer Entorno» como nuevo ecosistema para la Geografía Industrial Una perspectiva teórica El filósofo Javier Echeverría ha propuesto la metáfora del .Tercer Entorno)) (E3) para denominar al nuevo  ... 
doi:10.26754/ojs_geoph/geoph.2001401368 fatcat:zkltxzeefbaizegza5spxwwgam

Experimental and numerical approaches for structural assessment in new footbridge designs (SFRSCC–GFPR hybrid structure)

Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Luís F. Ramos, José Sena-Cruz, Joaquim O. Barros, Belén Riveiro
2015 Composite structures  
Within the civil engineering field, the use of the Finite Element Method has acquired a significant importance, since numerical simulations have been employed in a broad field, which encloses the design, analysis and prediction of the structural behaviour of constructions and infrastructures. Nevertheless, these mathematical simulations can only be useful if all the mechanical properties of the materials, boundary conditions and damages are properly modelled. Therefore, it is required not only
more » ... xperimental data (static and/or dynamic tests) to provide references parameters, but also robust calibration methods able to model damage or other special structural conditions. The present paper addresses the model calibration of a footbridge bridge tested with static loads and ambient vibrations. Damage assessment was also carried out based on a hybrid numerical procedure, which combines discrete damage functions with sets of piecewise linear damage functions. Results from the model calibration shows that the model reproduces with good accuracy the experimental behaviour of the bridge.
doi:10.1016/j.compstruct.2015.07.041 fatcat:b6ozphrtnnhrjnm4z6k7jespqq

A comparative study of 2D and 3D Digital Image Correlation approaches for the characterization and numerical analysis of composite materials

Javier Pisonero, Jorge Lopez-Rebollo, Roberto Garcia-Martin, Manuel Rodriguez-Martin, Luis Javier Sanchez-Aparicio, Angel Luis-Munoz, Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera
2021 IEEE Access  
This article makes a comparison between different Digital Image Correlation methods to determinate the main mechanical characteristics of composite materials. More specifically Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers. For this purpose, several tensile tests were carried out using the same camera and lens model. Different statistical methods as well as probabilistic numerical simulations were performed with the aim of evaluating the discrepancies between methods, and between different mechanical
more » ... ers. We want to highlight the consistency of the results, enabling the possibility of using 3D methods with non-planar specimen for determining the mechanical properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers. In this case, the novelty is focused on the use of different configurations (2D and 3D) to study the differences in terms of results. the objective is not the specific characterization of CFRP, but to analyze the way in which the use of a dataset from DIC3D or, on the contrary, from DIC2D affects the final results. According to this, it is possible to concluded that significative differences arise in the evaluation of the elastic properties that could be assigned to the uncertainties of the methods. However, this significance does not appear in the results of the probabilistic simulation.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3132393 fatcat:yepft5a65nbdppqqwonxrp5d7e

Integrated structural safety analysis of San Francisco Master Gate in the Fortress of Almeida

Andrés Arce, Luís F. Ramos, Francisco M. Fernandes, Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Paulo B. Lourenço
2018 International Journal of Architectural Heritage  
Considering this, the coarse to fine approach defined by Sánchez-Aparicio et al. [10] was used.  ... 
doi:10.1080/15583058.2017.1370507 fatcat:x4ylvuzf5jbuhdysxm2rro6ryi

Integration of a Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution and Advance Numerical Simulations for the Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: A Case of Study in San Pedro Church (Palencia, Spain)

Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Rocío Mora, Borja Conde, Miguel Ángel Maté-González, María Sánchez-Aparicio, Diego González-Aguilera
2021 Remote Sensing  
The TLS point cloud used was the point cloud captured during the experimental works carried out by Sánchez-Aparicio et al. [21] .  ...  In a first stage, the procedure defined by Sánchez-Aparicio et al. [40] for extracting and evaluating the deformation of vertical walls was applied.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs13071252 fatcat:jk5sbrralzfdnkdo6ahj3h64cy

Waterhouse Friderichsen Syndrome Report of Two Cases

Carpio-Orantes Luis Del, Sánchez-Díaz Jesús Salvador, Moguel Karla Gabriela-Peniche, Aparicio-Sánchez Elisa Estefania, Segura-Rodríguez Orlando Israel, Aguilar-Silva Andrés, García-Hernández Omar, Escobar-Huerta Alejandro, Velasco-Caicero Andrés Realino, Segovia Olga González, Pacheco-Perez Ernesto Javier
2020 Dermatology Archives  
doi:10.36959/661/312 fatcat:q3gg5ucp5zcchpbrkhygadkjau

Compression and Strain Predictive Models in Non-Structural Recycled Concretes Made from Construction and Demolition Wastes

Evelio Teijón-López-Zuazo, Jorge López-Rebollo, Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Roberto Garcia-Martín, Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera
2021 Materials  
This work aims to investigate different predictive models for estimating the unconfined compressive strength and the maximum peak strain of non-structural recycled concretes made up by ceramic and concrete wastes. The extensive experimental campaign carried out during this research includes granulometric analysis, physical and chemical analysis, and compression tests along with the use of the 3D digital image correlation as a method to estimate the maximum peak strain. The results obtained show
more » ... that it is possible to accurately estimate the unconfined compressive strength for both types of concretes, as well as the maximum peak strain of concretes made up by ceramic waste. The peak strain for mixtures with concrete waste shows lower correlation values.
doi:10.3390/ma14123177 fatcat:ukiwitdz7fb53jqffxm5swztky

Photogrammetric Solution for Analysis of Out-Of-Plane Movements of a Masonry Structure in a Large-Scale Laboratory Experiment

Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Mónica Herrero-Huerta, Rita Esposito, Hugo Roel Schipper, Diego González-Aguilera
2019 Remote Sensing  
This paper proposes a photogrammetric procedure able to determine out-of-plane movements experienced by a masonry structure subjected to a quasi-static cyclic test. The method tracks the movement of circular targets by means of a coarse-to-fine strategy. These targets were captured by means of a photogrammetric network, made up of four cameras optimized following the precepts of a zero-, first-, and second-order design. The centroid of each circular target was accurately detected for each image
more » ... using the Hough transform, a sub-pixel edge detector based on the partial area effect, and a non-linear square optimization strategy. The three-dimensional (3D) coordinates of these targets were then computed through a photogrammetric bundle adjustment considering a self-calibration model of the camera. To validate the photogrammetric method, measurements were carried out in parallel to an ongoing test on a full-scale two-story unreinforced masonry structure (5.4 × 5.2 × 5.4-m) monitored with more than 200 contact sensors. The results provided by the contact sensors during one of the load phases were compared with those obtained by the proposed approach. According to this accuracy assessment, the method was able to determine the out-of-plane displacement during the quasi-static cyclic test with a sub-pixel accuracy of 0.58.
doi:10.3390/rs11161871 fatcat:q4iuukwjangp3hnej5rfwwxs7a

The combination of geomatic approaches and operational modal analysis to improve calibration of finite element models: A case of study in Saint Torcato Church (Guimarães, Portugal)

Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio, Belén Riveiro, Diego González-Aguilera, Luís F. Ramos
2014 Construction and Building Materials  
This paper present a set of procedures based on laser scanning, photogrammetry (Structure from Motion) and operational modal analysis in order to obtain accurate numeric models which allows identigying architectural complications that arise in historical buildings. In addition, the method includes tools that facilitate building-damage monitoring tasks. All of these aimed to obtain robust basis for numerical analysis of the actual behavior and monitoring task. This case study seeks to validate
more » ... id methodologies, using as an example the case of Saint Torcato Church, located in Guimãres, Portugal.
doi:10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2014.07.106 fatcat:wrvmr357vrgy7ayu27vwy4vrku

Preservation of Villages in Central Italy: Geomatic Techniques'Integration and GIS Strategies for the Post-Earthquake Assessment

Fabio Piccinini, Alban Gorreja, Francesco Di Stefano, Roberto Pierdicca, Luis Javier Sanchez Aparicio, Eva Savina Malinverni
2022 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information  
Example of this interoperability, within the field of heritage conservation, could be found in the work carried out by Sánchez-Aparicio et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/ijgi11050291 fatcat:syrp7eyadncnrn5dfsup66sjva

On the Use of Historical Flights for the Urban Growth Analysis of Cities Through Time: The Case Study of Avila (Spain)

Inmaculada Picon-Cabrera, Jesus Maria Garcia-Gago, Luis Javier Sanchez-Aparicio, Pablo Rodriguez-Gonzalvez, Diego Gonzalez-Aguilera
2020 Sustainability  
Historical aerial images are a unique and relatively unexplored means of deriving spatio-temporal information for scenes and landscapes. Such historical imagery can be combined with photointerpretation and image-based 3D modelling techniques, providing the fourth dimension of time to 3D geometrical representations. This allows urban planners, historians, and other specialists to identify, describe, and analyse changes in scenes and landscapes. Urban growth has an important impact on the
more » ... ble development of cities. An important step for the analysis of urban growth is the identification of different urban sectors. To this end, this paper proposes a methodology for the 4D urban growth analysis of cities through time using a free and open source software developed by the authors. This approach uses the latest advances in photogrammetry, including the so-called incremental Structure from Motion, to evaluate the urbanistic changes of a city by means of confronting two-point clouds from different eras. The objectives of this paper are twofold: (i) first, the processing of historical aerial images using modern photogrammetric techniques; (ii) second, deriving spatio-temporal information for urban cities, offering a method for researchers to identify changes over time. In order to validate this method, the urban growth of the city of Avila between 1956 and 2017 was assessed taking the historical American flight of 1956 and the digital aerial flight of 2017. The results were statistically assessed according to georeferencing quality, confirming that the approach developed can be used to support urban growth analysis through time and providing relevant data in 2D and 3D.
doi:10.3390/su12114673 fatcat:roy7kkzw5vdlfn7s7bwvzf4wae

Dermatological Manifestations in Patients with COVID-19 Pneumonia in Veracruz, Mexico

Carpio-Orantes Luis Del, GarcÍa-Mendez Sergio, Sánchez-DÍaz Jesús Salvador, Peniche-Moguel Karla Gabriela, Aparicio-Sánchez Elisa EstefanÍa, Segura-RodrÍguez Orlando Israel, Aguilar-Silva Andrés, GarcÍa-Hernández Omar, Escobar-Huerta Alejandro, Ahumada-Zamudio Azael, Velasco-Caicero Andrés Realino, González-Segovia Olga (+1 others)
2020 Dermatology Archives  
doi:10.36959/661/314 fatcat:cot7mivnzratzdcfzyt7t7pbc4

MERS-CoV 4b protein interferes with the NF-κB-dependent innate immune response during infection

Javier Canton, Anthony R. Fehr, Raúl Fernandez-Delgado, Francisco J. Gutierrez-Alvarez, Maria T. Sanchez-Aparicio, Adolfo García-Sastre, Stanley Perlman, Luis Enjuanes, Isabel Sola, Christopher F. Basler
2018 PLoS Pathogens  
(TIF) Funding acquisition: Adolfo García-Sastre, Stanley Perlman, Luis Enjuanes. Investigation: Javier Canton, Anthony R. Fehr, Raúl Fernandez-Delgado, Francisco J.  ...  Author Contributions Conceptualization: Javier Canton, Anthony R. Fehr, Francisco J. Gutierrez-Alvarez, Maria T. Sanchez-Aparicio, Adolfo García-Sastre, Stanley Perlman, Luis Enjuanes, Isabel Sola.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1006838 pmid:29370303 pmcid:PMC5800688 fatcat:j6kfozy4xraqtpdj56rcopjqma

Oral anticoagulation with rivaroxaban as thromboprophylaxis in patients recovered from COVID-19 pneumonia in Veracruz, Mexico

Luis Del Carpio Orantes, Jesús Salvador Sánchez- Díaz, Karla Gabriela Peniche- Moguel, Elisa Estefanía Aparicio- Sánchez, Orlando Israel Segura- Rodríguez, Orlando Israel Segura- Rodríguez, Omar García- Hernández, Alejandro Escobar- Huerta, Azael Ahumada- Zamudio, Andrés Realino Velasco- Caicero, Olga González- Segovia, Ernesto Javier PachecoPérez (+5 others)
2021 Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care Open Access  
Citation: Carpio-Orantes LD, García-Mendez S, Sánchez-Díaz JS, et al. Oral anticoagulation with rivaroxaban as thromboprophylaxis in patients recovered from COVID-19 pneumonia in Veracruz, Mexico.  ...  Citation: Carpio-Orantes LD, García-Mendez S, Sánchez-Díaz JS, et al. Oral anticoagulation with rivaroxaban as thromboprophylaxis in patients recovered from COVID-19 pneumonia in Veracruz, Mexico.  ... 
doi:10.15406/jaccoa.2021.13.00463 fatcat:g2djsybzfzbi5gsvfwrirayhjm
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