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Vanessa Dantas Barbosa, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Fernando Moreira Da Silva
1970 Revista ErgodesignHCI  
A embalagem frequentemente apresenta deficiências que dificultam a comunicação entre produto e consumidor. O objectivo desta pesquisa é estudar a interacção entre um grupo de idosos com cinco embalagens de consumo de produtos alimentares que sendo mal interpretadas, podem trazer-lhes problemas de saúde. Os resultados deste estudo evidenciam a importância da ergonomia no design gráfico de embalagens de produtos alimentares.
doi:10.22570/ergodesignhci.v1i1.45 fatcat:7jphoiinnjh2bae5t6qbba5hb4

O uso da fotografia no livro infantil

Patricia Kiss SPINELLI, Marizilda Dos Santos MENEZES, Luis Carlos PASCHOARELLI
2012 Projetica  
Spineli, Patricia Kiss; Menezes, Marizilda dos Santos; Paschoarelli,Luis Carlos O uso da fotografia no livro infantil  ... 
doi:10.5433/1981-8920.2012v3n1p231 fatcat:xmtqnfqlbjhf3pqiz5hb432ucm

O uso da fotografia no livro infantil

Patricia Kiss SPINELLI, Marizilda Dos Santos Menezes, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2012 Projetica  
Spineli, Patricia Kiss; Menezes, Marizilda dos Santos; Paschoarelli,Luis Carlos O uso da fotografia no livro infantil  ... 
doi:10.5433/2236-2207.2012v3n1p231 fatcat:e3d2uile55f5dexkhtwg6ehtwu

PPGDESIGN-UNESP – projeto curricular e sua influência na produção acadêmica

Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2014 Projetica  
, Luis Carlos Projética, Londrina, V.5 N.1 Especial -Ensino de Design, p. 159-170, Julho/2014 Fonte: Paschoarelli (2013, p. 186).  ...  Projética, Londrina, V.5 N.1 Especial -Ensino de Design, p. 159-170, Julho/2014 PASCHOARELLI, Luis Carlos Ppgdesign-Unesp -Projeto curricular e sua influência na produção acadêmica PASCHOARELLI  ... 
doi:10.5433/2236-2207.2014v5n1p171 fatcat:beuntgqlsvelreoyeg2a2246uy

Diseño y artesanado: una mirada contemporánea

Pedro Arturo Martínez-Osorio, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Paula Da-Cruz-Landim
2019 Revista de Arquitectura  
Martínez-Osorio, P., Paschoarelli, L., & Da-Cruz-Landim, P. (2020). Diseño y artesanado: una mirada contemporánea.  ...  , 2017; Martínez, Paschoarelli & Da Cruz Landim, 2018; Martínez, Da Cruz Landim 1 Agradecemos al Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (Colciencias) y al Departamento de Sucre  ... 
doi:10.14718/revarq.2020.1975 fatcat:ot5ljuakdbe77fbewfzq2ayi24

Affective Perception of Disposable Razors: A Kansei Engineering Approach

Bruno Razza, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2015 Procedia Manufacturing  
In recent decades, the market of consumer products has changed from the production-oriented point of view to a more marketfocused, i.e. aiming to attend consumers' expectations. Today, consumers turn their attention not only to the logical and rational aspects of the product, but increasingly symbolic and emotional factors have gained an important role in buying decision. Some methods have already been used to design emotional meaning in the products, such as the Kansei Engineering with
more » ... results in literature. This study had as a goal to investigate affective aspects of disposable razors perceived by the users and how they relate to product features using Kansei Engineering. Thus, 40 disposable razors commonly found in the international market were evaluated in a virtual system through a variety of pictures (photographic representation) of the products. In order to identify the most relevant product features Morphological Analysis was performed. To evaluate the disposable razors, 321 male adults volunteered in this study. Semantic differential with 17 pairs of bipolar adjectives were employed to construct the semantic space in Kansei Engineering. The results showed no high correlation in the sample. Moderate correlations, however were found in 12 pairs of bipolar adjectives with 13 product features. Thus, it can be assumed that affective responses can be mildly related to product feature, considering limitation of statistic treatment.
doi:10.1016/j.promfg.2015.07.750 fatcat:ehne4x3a3vcbtjbh3czohij354

Evaluation of Usability Aspects of Consumer Products in Online Sales

Bruno Razza, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2015 Procedia Manufacturing  
An increasing number of sales are currently being made over the telephone or Internet. In this kind of shopping, consumers cannot touch, hear, smell, feel the weight or handle the products before buying them, and as a result, the buying decision is made based exclusively on the visual sense. In this context, consumers come to rely on other aspects of the product, such as brand, price, vendor reliability and feedback from other consumers rather than intrinsic qualities of the product, such as
more » ... our, shape, weight, smell or texture. Despite the sight being predominant in humans, it is unclear to what extent users can estimate quality of use only from looking at the product. This study aimed to investigate which product features led users to make judgments about aspects of usability using disposable razors as a case study. Thus, a system simulating a virtual store was developed in which the user evaluated usability aspects of disposable razors through the observation pictures. Forty disposable razors commonly found in the international market were employed. The study recruited 321 adult men non-paid volunteer; their mean age was 30.5 years [± 10.81], ranging from 18 to 66; All subjects were users of disposable razors.Thirteen dimensions of usability of razors were evaluated with a 7 points Likert scale. The data evaluation consisted of identifying correlation between the product features obtained from Morphological Analysis and the evaluation of usability. For this, Multiple Linear Regression was used in StatSoft Statistics R7 software; values above 0.7 were considered as high correlation and values above 0.4 as moderate correlation. The results showed no high correlation in the sample. Moderate correlations, however were found in only 6 usability criteria. However, there seems to be a cross-influence of razors' intrinsic characteristics, making it difficult to isolate one specific feature. Future studies should investigate the perception of usability when the product is effectively used, i.e. with all sensory modalities integrated.
doi:10.1016/j.promfg.2015.07.760 fatcat:hzyjvzc5mvd23iaoza7j5wyeqq

Inovação e pesquisa em design nas universidades brasileiras

Danilo Corrêa Silva, Galdenoro Botura Júnior, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2013 Design e Tecnologia  
Em 2012 houve a primeira edição do P&D Design na região Nordeste do Brasil, realizada em São Luís -MA.  ...  Muitos institutos de pesquisa brasileiros se dedicam a área da saúde, como a Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, o Instituto Butantã, o Carlos Chagas e o Adolfo Lutz.  ... 
doi:10.23972/det2013iss06pp1-12 fatcat:u6o7mb3ntncyzb7pbvzxefp4iu

Openability of soft drinks PET packagings

Danilo CorrêA Silva, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, José Carlos Plácido da Silva
2012 Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation  
Studies on packaging accessibility are still incipient in Brazil. Many of these packagings can represent a challenge to users, whether due to non-informative labels, tricky tabs or seals, or even those that need strength to open. This paper brings a simple test to determine the necessary torque force to open PET bottles, and to predict the amount of users that could not open it. The findings suggest that a considerable amount of users could not open it or would have some difficulties to exert the necessary force.
doi:10.3233/wor-2012-0322-1346 fatcat:wqunbossovd37dfw4ywuz7fndu

Design e desenvolvimento: uma estreita relação - possibilidades e realidades no Brasil

Claudia Marcela Sanz, Denise Guimarães, Viviane Frascareli Lelis, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Jose Carlos Placido Silva
2014 Projetica  
199 Projética, Londrina, V.5 N.2, p. 199-210/Dezembro/2014 Design e desenvolvimento: uma estreita relação -possibilidades e realidades no brasil O design em uma nação está fortemente relacionado ao seu desenvolvimento e tem muito a contribuir com o aumento nos níveis de qualidade de vida da população. Assim, desafia uma nova visão às questões tecnológicas e de desenvolvimento, a fim de melhor discutir questões sociais, culturais e econômicas e, com isso, valorizar o profissional do design. Com
more » ... ase nisto, este artigo pretende, por intermédio da análise das raízes históricas do desenvolvimento no Brasil, traçar um paralelo com o surgimento e a consolidação do design no país. Palavras-chave: Design; Desenvolvimento; Design brasileiro. The design in a nation is strongly related to its development and has much to contribute to the increase in quality of living standards of the population. Thus, challenges a new vision to technological and development issues in order to better discuss social, cultural and economic and, thus, enhance the professional design. On this basis, this article intends, through the analysis of historical development roots in Brazil, drawing a parallel with the emergence and consolidation of design in the country.
doi:10.5433/2236-2207.2014v5n2p199 fatcat:ui2hzmkxrbbm7jbs37wpklqltm

Usability of car stereo

Bruno Montanari Razza, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2012 Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation  
Automotive sound systems vary widely in terms of functions and way of use between different brands and models what can bring difficulties and lack of consistency to the user. This study aimed to analyze the usability of car stereo commonly found in the market. Four products were analyzed by task analysis and after use reports and the results indicate serious usability issues with respect to the form of operation, organization, clarity and quality of information, visibility and readability, among others.
doi:10.3233/wor-2012-0885-5570 fatcat:3zf6dabf3zbepop2rgvrhp74yy

O papel do designer contemporâneo a partir das contribuições europeias na formação do profissional

Edna Martins, Carolina Vaitiekunas Pizarro, José Carlos Plácido Da Silva, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli
2014 Arcos Design  
. ; PASCHOARELLI, L. C. O papel do designer contemporâneo a partir das contribuições europeias na formação profissional. Arcos Design.  ...  (braga, 2005, p. 5). ) . ) Diante das novas necessidades que surgiram oriundas de transformações sociais e econômicas, segundo Cardoso (2004) foi implantada na França, em 1667, sob o reinado de Luís  ... 
doi:10.12957/arcosdesign.2013.10000 fatcat:k3h2xidrincslibjmkcrzqfupm

Percepção da usabilidade de sutiã: uma Revisão Bibliográfica Sistematizada (RBS)

Ana Caroline Marques Miranda, Luís Carlos Paschoarelli
2022 Research, Society and Development  
O desenvolvimento, produção e comercialização de sutiãs adequados às diferentes tipologias morfológicas das mulheres, têm sido um desafio não apenas do setor produtivo (o qual deveria oferecer sutiãs com usabilidade), mas também (e principalmente) do setor de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (P&D) da indústria da moda, no Brasil e no Mundo. Esta situação tem refletido em frustração e desconforto por parte das usuárias deste importante componente da moda atual. O objetivo deste estudo foi explorar,
more » ... lisar e discutir os artigos científicos acerca da percepção do uso de sutiã, por mulheres adultas, a partir de uma revisão bibliográfica sistematizada. O método para a elaboração da questão foi o PICO e para o checklist do processo foi o PRISMA. Foram coletados dados nas plataformas Capes, Scielo e Scopus; e identificados 136 artigos que, ao aplicar os critérios de inclusão/exclusão e de elegibilidade, resultaram em 13 artigos elegidos. Estes artigos foram analisados de forma quantitativa, com a compreensão numérica e de forma qualitativa, na qual se analisou criticamente os conteúdos abordados. Neste sentido, o presente estudo aponta que foram identificados e discutidos diferentes estudos que reforçam a hipótese relacionada aos problemas de interação produto (sutiã) e usuária (mulheres); e que ainda faltam abordagens aplicadas visando a busca de conhecimentos que demonstrem a solução destes problemas relacionados ao sutiã.
doi:10.33448/rsd-v11i1.25067 fatcat:il2plh6x6vdzbaz5rd66ov4itu

Design e tecnologia: uma abordagem bibliométrica no periódico Design Studies

Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Fabrício Mira, Lílian Lago, Juliana Cristina de Angelo
2017 e-Revista LOGO  
Production and information technologies are increasingly present in the daily lives of billions of users worldwide, generating a demand by the intervention of designers on user-technology relationship. In this context, the purpose of this study was to analyze the evolution of technology in research in design, considering as object of analysis articles published in the international journal Design Studies. The methodological procedures were performed in the Scopus database and bibliometric
more » ... is software VOSviewer, resulting in the identification of articles that related technology and design in their subject. The results indicate a progressive growth of scientific literature on the topic, emphasizing the approach of technology as a tool for designers in project phase, particularly in the generation of ideas, problem solving and teamwork. However, it was noticed a lack of articles about the use of technology by general public, revealing a need of research on user-technology interaction considering an expansion scenario for virtual technologies in production and information systems.
doi:10.26771/e-revista.logo/2017.1.06 fatcat:goxqpfu2ondcpe4bdcgxv45ewq

A Importância das Cores no Desenvolvimento e Aplicação nas Identidades Visuais Presentes no Mercado – uma Revisão

Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Ana Laura Alves, João Carlos Riccó Plácido da Silva
2015 e-Revista LOGO  
doi:10.26771/e-revista.logo/2015.2.02 fatcat:5ow42jpgc5fwvehexnk6hnknta
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