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Flavonoid diversity and biosynthesis in seed of Arabidopsis thaliana

Jean-Marc Routaboul, Lucien Kerhoas, Isabelle Debeaujon, Lucille Pourcel, Michel Caboche, Jacques Einhorn, Loïc Lepiniec
2006 Planta  
TT10 encodes a laccase-like protein and functions as a flavonoid oxidase (Pourcel et al. 2005) .  ...  Oxidation of quercetinrhamnoside would yield an ortho-quinone (o-quinone) (Pourcel et al. 2005 ) that can further undergo nucleophilic attack by different carbon of an additional quercetin-rhamnoside  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00425-005-0197-5 pmid:16395586 fatcat:he3txoia4ngu7d45kxvfie4oze

Examining strategies to facilitate vitamin B1 biofortification of plants by genetic engineering

Lucille Pourcel, Michael Moulin, Teresa B. Fitzpatrick
2013 Frontiers in Plant Science  
Thiamin (vitamin B1) is made by plants and microorganisms but is an essential micronutrient in the human diet. All organisms require it as a cofactor in its form as thiamin pyrophosphate (TPP) for the activity of key enzymes of central metabolism. In humans, deficiency is widespread particularly in populations where polished rice is a major component of the diet. Considerable progress has been made on the elucidation of the biosynthesis pathway within the last few years enabling concrete
more » ... ies for biofortification purposes to be devised, with a particular focus here on genetic engineering. Furthermore, the vitamin has been shown to play a role in both abiotic and biotic stress responses. The precursors for de novo biosynthesis of thiamin differ between microorganisms and plants. Bacteria use intermediates derived from purine and isoprenoid biosynthesis, whereas the pathway in yeast involves the use of compounds from the vitamin B3 and B6 groups. Plants on the other hand use a combination of the bacterial and yeast pathways and there is subcellular partitioning of the biosynthesis steps. Specifically, thiamin biosynthesis occurs in the chloroplast of plants through the separate formation of the pyrimidine and thiazole moieties, which are then coupled to form thiamin monophosphate (TMP). Phosphorylation of thiamin to form TPP occurs in the cytosol. Therefore, thiamin (or TMP) must be exported from the chloroplast to the cytosol for the latter step to be executed. The regulation of biosynthesis is mediated through riboswitches, where binding of the product TPP to the pre-mRNA of a biosynthetic gene modulates expression. Here we examine and hypothesize on genetic engineering approaches attempting to increase the thiamin content employing knowledge gained with the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. We will discuss the regulatory steps that need to be taken into consideration and can be used a prerequisite for devising such strategies in crop plants.
doi:10.3389/fpls.2013.00160 pmid:23755056 pmcid:PMC3665906 fatcat:7rbyw7zenrezzaxqhg3rv5vowa

Transient vitamin B5 starving improves mammalian cell homeostasis and protein production

Lucille Pourcel, Flavien Buron, Fanny Garcia, Margaux-Sarah Delaloix, Valérie Le Fourn, Pierre-Alain Girod, Nicolas Mermod
2020 Metabolic Engineering  
activated by the PPAR and by the fasting process will be required to decipher the mechanisms behind those metabolic alterations and what their relative contributions may be to increasing cell fitness (Pourcel  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ymben.2020.03.008 pmid:32247827 fatcat:rtn54cwxovfi5asoa4nbydpxbi

Influence of cytoskeleton organization on recombinant protein expression by CHO cells

Lucille Pourcel, Flavien Buron, Ghislaine Arib, Valérie Le Fourn, Alexandre Regamey, Iris Bodenmann, Pierre‐Alain Girod, Nicolas Mermod
2020 Biotechnology and Bioengineering  
RNA-seq analysis of the B5-and puromycin-selected CHO cell was as previously described (Pourcel et al., 2020) .  ...  IgG, immunoglobulin gamma; SEM, standard error of mean [Color figure can be viewed at] POURCEL ET AL.  ... 
doi:10.1002/bit.27277 pmid:31956990 fatcat:hbdzoi47znhvzf6el66slm6ls4

The coenzyme thiamine diphosphate displays a daily rhythm in the Arabidopsis nucleus

Zeenat B. Noordally, Celso Trichtinger, Ivan Dalvit, Manuel Hofmann, Céline Roux, Nicola Zamboni, Lucille Pourcel, Elisabet Gas-Pascual, Alexandra Gisler, Teresa B. Fitzpatrick
2020 Communications Biology  
In plants, metabolic homeostasis-the driving force of growth and development-is achieved through the dynamic behavior of a network of enzymes, many of which depend on coenzymes for activity. The circadian clock is established to influence coordination of supply and demand of metabolites. Metabolic oscillations independent of the circadian clock, particularly at the subcellular level is unexplored. Here, we reveal a metabolic rhythm of the essential coenzyme thiamine diphosphate (TDP) in the
more » ... idopsis nucleus. We show there is temporal separation of the clock control of cellular biosynthesis and transport of TDP at the transcriptional level. Taking advantage of the sole reported riboswitch metabolite sensor in plants, we show that TDP oscillates in the nucleus. This oscillation is a function of a light-dark cycle and is independent of circadian clock control. The findings are important to understand plant fitness in terms of metabolite rhythms.
doi:10.1038/s42003-020-0927-z pmid:32372067 fatcat:whu3bxtqbvaqlmcxcyzvyxzpg4

The Formation of Anthocyanic Vacuolar Inclusions in Arabidopsis thaliana and Implications for the Sequestration of Anthocyanin Pigments

Lucille Pourcel, Niloufer G. Irani, Yuhua Lu, Ken Riedl, Steve Schwartz, Erich Grotewold
2010 Molecular Plant  
Flavonoids play multiple signaling functions in cells (Peer and Murphy, 2006; Pourcel and Grotewold, 2009; Taylor and Grotewold, 2005) , and perhaps the excess accumulation of particular flavonoids triggers  ... 
doi:10.1093/mp/ssp071 pmid:20085894 pmcid:PMC2807924 fatcat:rr64makjlvfkjpkk2eifytv7nm

The Arabidopsis MATE Transporter TT12 Acts as a Vacuolar Flavonoid/H + -Antiporter Active in Proanthocyanidin-Accumulating Cells of the Seed Coat

Krasimira Marinova, Lucille Pourcel, Barbara Weder, Michael Schwarz, Denis Barron, Jean-Marc Routaboul, Isabelle Debeaujon, Markus Klein
2007 The Plant Cell  
Another gene, TT10, which encodes a laccase involved in oxidative flavonoid polymerization in late stages of seed development, is expressed mainly in PAproducing cells and the outer integument (Pourcel  ...  Apart from PAs, other flavonoid compounds, including flavonols, are synthesized during seed development in a cell type-specific manner (Pourcel et al., 2005; Kerhoas et al., 2006; Routaboul et al., 2006  ... 
doi:10.1105/tpc.106.046029 pmid:17601828 pmcid:PMC1955721 fatcat:dri5zii5rbbm5o6eqhulte44ii

Sortin1-Hypersensitive Mutants Link Vacuolar-Trafficking Defects and Flavonoid Metabolism in Arabidopsis Vegetative Tissues

Abel Rosado, Glenn R. Hicks, Lorena Norambuena, Ilana Rogachev, Sagit Meir, Lucille Pourcel, Jan Zouhar, Michelle Q. Brown, Marietta P. Boirsdore, Rachel S. Puckrin, Sean R. Cutler, Enrique Rojo (+2 others)
2011 Chemistry and Biology  
Although the biosynthetic elements of the flavonoid pathway have been thoroughly described (Winkel-Shirley, 2001; Pourcel et al., 2007; Martens et al., 2010) , their mechanisms of transport and vacuolar  ...  been previously described as a result of physiological responses to light and oxidative stress, and also appear in mutants with enhanced autophagy (Irani and Grotewold, 2005 , Poustka et al., 2007 , Pourcel  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.chembiol.2010.11.015 pmid:21338917 fatcat:j7q2jxyoungdjid4whqknznkxy

UniProt: the universal protein knowledgebase in 2021

The UniProt Consortium, Alex Bateman, Maria-Jesus Martin, Sandra Orchard, Michele Magrane, Rahat Agivetova, Shadab Ahmad, Emanuele Alpi, Emily H Bowler-Barnett, Ramona Britto, Borisas Bursteinas, Hema Bye-A-Jee (+122 others)
2020 Nucleic Acids Research  
The aim of the UniProt Knowledgebase is to provide users with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible set of protein sequences annotated with functional information. In this article, we describe significant updates that we have made over the last two years to the resource. The number of sequences in UniProtKB has risen to approximately 190 million, despite continued work to reduce sequence redundancy at the proteome level. We have adopted new methods of assessing proteome
more » ... s and quality. We continue to extract detailed annotations from the literature to add to reviewed entries and supplement these in unreviewed entries with annotations provided by automated systems such as the newly implemented Association-Rule-Based Annotator (ARBA). We have developed a credit-based publication submission interface to allow the community to contribute publications and annotations to UniProt entries. We describe how UniProtKB responded to the COVID-19 pandemic through expert curation of relevant entries that were rapidly made available to the research community through a dedicated portal. UniProt resources are available under a CC-BY (4.0) license via the web at
doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa1100 pmid:33237286 pmcid:PMC7778908 fatcat:6rwvp6l5uzb3li4lygf2gny6qq

A crowdsourcing open platform for literature curation in UniProt

Yuqi Wang, Qinghua Wang, Hongzhan Huang, Wei Huang, Yongxing Chen, Peter B. McGarvey, Cathy H. Wu, Cecilia N. Arighi, on behalf of the UniProt Consortium
2021 PLoS Biology  
Arnaud Kerhornou, Vicente Lara, Philippe Le Mercier, Damien Lieberherr, Thierry Lombardot, Xavier Martin, Patrick Masson, Anne Morgat, Teresa Batista Neto, Salvo Paesano, Ivo Pedruzzi, Sandrine Pilbout, Lucille  ...  Pourcel, Monica Pozzato, Manuela Pruess, Catherine Rivoire, Christian Sigrist, Karin Sonesson, Andre Stutz, Shyamala Sundaram, Michael Tognolli, and Laure Verbregue at the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.3001464 pmid:34871295 pmcid:PMC8675915 fatcat:6tsqu5evlre45ocilvfp4ad2ca

Page 87 of Era Almanack and Annual; The Dramatic and Musical Vol. , Issue [page]

Era Almanack and Annual; The Dramatic and Musical  
Lucile Desmoulins, historical drama, in five acts, in verse, by M. Jules Barbier, November 6. VARIETES. ‘Une Semaine a Paris, review, in twelve scenes, by MM. Monréal and Blondeau, Jan uary 29.  ...  Edgard Pourcelle, February 16. Le Masseur, one-act comedy, by M. Christian de Trogoff, April 10. Double Gaffe, one-act comedy, by M. André Lénéka, te 5. PORTE-SAINT-MARTIN.  ... 

Metagenomic analysis with strain-level resolution reveals fine-scale variation in the human pregnancy microbiome

Daniela S. Aliaga Goltsman, Christine L. Sun, Diana M. Proctor, Daniel B. DiGiulio, Anna Robaczewska, Brian C. Thomas, Gary M. Shaw, David K. Stevenson, Susan P. Holmes, Jillian F. Banfield, David A. Relman
2018 Genome Research  
Horvath and Barrangou 2010; Karginov and Hannon 2010; Marraffini and Sontheimer 2010) , the CRISPR- 10 Cas system can be used to identify these sequences (Bolotin et al. 2005; Mojica et al. 2005; Pourcel  ...  as well as Cele Quaintance, Nick Scalfone, Ana Laborde, March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center study coordinators, and nursing staff in the obstetrical clinics and the labor and delivery unit of Lucille  ... 
doi:10.1101/gr.236000.118 pmid:30232199 pmcid:PMC6169887 fatcat:7zhbsekkajdt3ipbbc7dhi4zo4