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Answering Portuguese Questions [chapter]

Luís Fernando Costa, Luís Miguel Cabral
2008 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Esfinge is a general domain Portuguese question answering system that participated in the last four editions of CLEF. This system uses the Web as a fundamental resource in its architecture, using information redundancy rather than sophisticated annotations of the document collections to retrieve answers. In this paper we describe experiments that took as starting point the version of Esfinge that participated at the evaluation contest CLEF 2007. These experiments consisted in using different
more » ... es of search patterns to retrieve relevant documents for questions, as this issue (document retrieval) was responsible for most of the errors occurred at CLEF 2007.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-85980-2_26 fatcat:rnecz2scbjcobpxalgdgko2g3i

Bertrand Supertraps

Luís M. B. Cabral, Miguel Villas-Boas
2005 Management science  
Cabral and Riordan (1994) present a similar result in a model with two firms, infinite horizon, and discrete demand.  ...  The case where the network effects also apply to the first-period consumers generates similar results, as in the switching costs example solved in Cabral and Villas-Boas (2001) .  ... 
doi:10.1287/mnsc.1040.0313 fatcat:pmspqfth6zepfjwnt3eugz5z6m

GikiCLEF: Expectations and Lessons Learned [chapter]

Diana Santos, Luís Miguel Cabral
2010 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We also thank the larger set of further assessors -including the organizers, but also Anabela Barreiro, Leda Casanova, Luís Costa, Ana Engh, Laska Laskova, Cristina Mota, Rosário Silva and Kiril Simov  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-15754-7_23 fatcat:wx4ssm547bh25bnkwj363bxvje

Formation of Metallic Ag on AgBr by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation

Luís Cabral, Juan Andrés, Elson Longo, Miguel A. San-Miguel, Edison Z. da Silva
2022 Physchem  
Laser irradiation of materials induces changes in their structure and functional properties. In this work, lattice heating and electronic excitation on silver bromide (AgBr), provoked by femtosecond laser irradiation, have been investigated by finite-temperature density functional theory and ab initio molecular dynamics calculations by using the two-temperature model. According to our results, the electronic temperature of 0.25 eV is enough to excite the electrons from the valence to the
more » ... ion band, whereas 1.00 eV changes the structural properties of the irradiated AgBr material. Charge density simulations also show that an Ag clustering process and the formation of Br3− complexes take place when the electronic temperature reaches 2.00 eV and 5.00 eV, respectively. The present results can be used to obtain coherent control of the extreme nonequilibrium conditions due to femtosecond laser irradiation for designing new functional materials.
doi:10.3390/physchem2020013 fatcat:ad4njrebl5cxjdj3q52r3rjd6u

How geographic was GikiCLEF?

Diana Santos, Nuno Cardoso, Luís Miguel Cabral
2010 Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval - GIR '10  
In this paper we draw a balance of GikiCLEF as far as its appropriateness for the evaluation of GIR systems is concerned. We measure its degree of dealing with geographic matter, and offer GIRA, the final resource, for GIR evaluation purposes.
doi:10.1145/1722080.1722110 dblp:conf/gir/SantosCC10 fatcat:vndlfpp7pnaxvdylv2m25logt4

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections in a Burn Unit: Epidemiological Study

Luis Sepúlveda, Miguel Vaz, Íris Brito, Catarina Chaves, Luís Cabral, Jorge Lima, Filipe Rodrigues
2017 Acta Urológica Portuguesa  
Autor Correspondente/Corresponding Author Luís Sepúlveda Serviço de Urologia Centro Hospitalar de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro Av.  ... 
doi:10.24915/aup.34.1-2.4 fatcat:rpiqj23mxvewjokh6xxx5tvs3q

Checking procalcitonin suitability for prognosis and antimicrobial therapy monitoring in burn patients

Luís Cabral, Vera Afreixo, Rita Meireles, Miguel Vaz, Catarina Chaves, Marisa Caetano, Luís Almeida, José Artur Paiva
2018 Burns & Trauma  
Due to greater infection susceptibility, sepsis is the main cause of death in burn patients. Quick diagnosis and patient stratification, early and appropriated antimicrobial therapy, and focus control are crucial for patients' survival. On the other hand, superfluous extension of therapy is associated with adverse events and arousal of microbial resistance. The use of biomarkers, necessarily coupled with close clinical examination, may predict outcomes, stratifying patients who need more
more » ... ve care, and monitor the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy, allowing faster de-escalation or stop, reducing the development of resistance and possibly the financial burden, without increasing mortality. The aim of this work is to check the suitability of procalcitonin (PCT) to fulfill these goals in a large sample of septic burn patients. Methods: One hundred and one patients, with 15% or more of total body surface area (TBSA) burned, admitted from January 2011 to December 2014 at Coimbra Burns Unit (CBU), in Portugal were included in the sample. All patients had a diagnosis of sepsis, according to the American Burn Association (ABA) criteria. The sample was factored by survival (68 survivors and 33 non-survivors). The maximum value of PCT in each day was used for statistical analysis. Data were summarized by location measures (mean, median, minimum, maximum, quartiles) and dispersion measures (standard error and range measures). Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS© 23.0 IBM© for Windows©. Results: There were statistically significant differences between PCT levels of patients from the survivor and nonsurvivor groups during the first and the last weeks of hospitalization as well as during the first week after sepsis suspicion, being slightly higher during this period. During the first 7 days of antimicrobial therapy, PCT was always higher in the non-survivor, still without reaching statistical significance, but when the analysis was extended till the 15th day, PCT increased significantly, rapidly, and steadily, denouncing therapy failure. Conclusion: Despite being not an ideal biomarker, PCT proved to have good prognostic power in septic burn patients, paralleling the evolution of the infectious process and reflecting the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy, and the inclusion of its serial dosing may be advised to reinforce antimicrobial stewardship programs at burn units; meanwhile, more accurate approaches are not available.
doi:10.1186/s41038-018-0112-5 pmid:29610766 pmcid:PMC5878422 fatcat:awbaeawghvhl3izjypybc4llni

Unveiling the Ag-Bi miscibility at the atomic level: A theoretical insight

Rafael Añez, Luis Cabral, Edison Z. da Silva, Elson Longo, Juan Andrés, Miguel A. San-Miguel
2021 Computational materials science  
Alloying metals which are not miscible at the bulk solid phase is an efficient way to diversify the function of materials attracted great interest due to their distinctive electronic, optical, catalytic, and magnetic properties compared to pure metal. But in depth understanding of the diffusion process inside the alloying materials is rather limited, especially at the atomic level. A typical example is the Ag-Bi nanoalloy. Then, periodic DFT calculations, at the GGA level, have been performed
more » ... understand the formation of Ag-Bi nanoalloys. The calculated values of segregation energy indicate that the interface between Ag and Bi plays a crucial role in the stabilization of the Ag doped with Bi atom. The strong interaction at the interface between the Bi and Ag atoms tends to produce structural changes in both surfaces, situation more accentuated in the Bi surface due to its less compact structure. The interface helps to the migration of the Bi atoms from the Ag surface to the Ag bulk, a segregation process which is very difficult to occur on a clean surface due to the high density of the Ag cubic phase. However, on clean surfaces of Bi the insertion of Ag atoms is more thermodynamically favorable with concomitant changes on the cell parameters to be capable to form a chemical bond between Ag and Bi.
doi:10.1016/j.commatsci.2021.110612 fatcat:7nzgq2h7svf57ic5gbwmuedwqm

SUPeRB - gerindo referências de autores de língua portuguesa

Luís Miguel Cabral, Diana Santos, Luís Fernando Costa
2008 Companion Proceedings of the XIV Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web - WebMedia '08  
In this paper we describe SUPeRB, a digital librarian helper, which has two specific goals: update and maintain specific publication repositories; and assist in the publishing of publication records, for institutions and individual actors. It does this by gathering bibliographic data from web pages and documents in order to build a local repository of bibliographic data on a specific subject. Also, by collecting information from these resources, SUPeRB assists in building a bibliographic
more » ... e with specific domain intervenients such as authors, conferences and scientific journals. Resumo Este artigo descreve o SUPeRB, um sistema para procurar e tratar referências bibliográficas na Web, que possui dois objectivos: actualizar e manter repositórios de publicações numaárea específica; e assistir na publicação de dados bibliográficos de instituições ou de investigadores individuais. Para tal, o SUPeRB recolhe informação de páginas e documentos electrónicos, construindo um repositório local de referências bibliográficas daárea. Ao construir estes recursos, o SUPeRB cria ainda uma base de conhecimento num determinado domínio, contendo autores, conferências e revistas científicas.
doi:10.1145/1809980.1810060 fatcat:unvwk4ikbzbp7dfowmfvmjqxoe

Esfinge at CLEF 2007: First Steps in a Multiple Question and Multiple Answer Approach

Luís Miguel Cabral, Luís Fernando Costa, Diana Santos
2007 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum  
dblp:conf/clef/CabralCS07a fatcat:uwgkchgq7vcr5bo4o6ldpzwuc4

Fournier's Gangrene: 10-Year Experience of a Plastic Surgery and Burns Department at a Tertiary Hospital

João Mendes Louro, Miguel Albano, João Baltazar, Miguel Vaz, Carla Diogo, Sara Ramos, Luís Cabral
2019 Acta Médica Portuguesa  
Fournier gangrene is a polymicrobial life threatening infection of perineal subcutaneous soft tissues with its point of origin in urologic, colorectal or skin diseases. Although more frequent in elderly and men, it can affect all genders and age groups. Perianal abscess, diabetes mellitus and Escherichia coli are the most frequent cause, predisposing comorbidity, and microorganism found in tissue culture analysis respectively. The objective of this study was to describe the experience of a
more » ... ic Surgery Department of a tertiary Hospital in reconstructing Fournier's gangrene perineal defects and its detailed demography.Material and Methods: The sample is composed of all patients with Fournier gangrene admitted in the Plastic Surgery and Burns Department. The authors retrospectively collected and analyzed demographic and clinical data during a period of 10 years including gender, age, length of stay, cause, number of debridements, predisposing factors, microbial culture results, surgical reconstructive techniques and its associated complications, additional surgical procedures and outcomes.Results: Fifteen patients were identified: 14 males (93%) and one female (7%); mean age was 66.9 years (range: 46 - 86); mean, length of stay was 46.8 days (range: 20 - 71 days) and mean number of debridements was 3.3 (range: 1 - 4). The most frequent predisposing factor was diabetes mellitus, the major cause was perianal (n = 2) and skin abscess (n = 2). Eight (53.3%) patients had no identifiable source of Fournier gangrene. Various types of reconstructive techniques were employed; and 5 additional surgical interventions (33.3%) were undertaken (one cystostomy, two orchidectomy, two ileostomy); six patients (40%) presented reconstructive technique complications with adequate final outcome.Discussion: In contrast with the literature, where Escherichia coli was the most frequently isolated agent, Staphylococcus aureus was the most frequent microorganism found in tissue biopsy/pus collection analysis. A higher than expected number of patients (n = 8) had no identifiable source of Fournier gangrene. This findings can be explained by the retrospective non-multicentre study limitation, with a potencial source of bias patients that were transferred from other hospitals in advanced stage, without point of origin of Fournier's gangrene identified.Conclusion: Early recognition and extensive necrotic tissue debridement, along with prompt and adequate antimicrobial treatment, are the mainstay of Fournier gangrene management, thus reducing morbidity and mortality in these patients. Surgical reconstruction challenges derived from this condition should be addressed by specialized teams due to the risk of dysfunctional sequelae and conspicuous deformities. Taking in account the single-center and retrospective observational character of the present study, these premises require proper validation from a multicenter prospective study.
doi:10.20344/amp.11003 pmid:31166897 fatcat:bubzwewsnffq5hfcizkyoxwayq


Luis Miguel Sousa Marques, Clara Romero, José Gabriel Monteiro de Barros Cabral
2016 Coluna/Columna  
Surgical treatment of craniocervical junction pathology has evolved considerably in recent years with the implementation of short fixation techniques rather than long occipito-cervical fixation (sub-axial). It is often difficult and sometimes misleading to determine the particular bone and vascular features (high riding vertebral artery, for instance) using only the conventional images in three orthogonal planes (axial, sagittal and coronal). The authors describe a rare clinical case of
more » ... al malformation of the craniovertebral junction consisting of hypoplasia/agenesis of the odontoid process and bipartite atlas associated with atlantoaxial instability which was diagnosed late in life in a patient with a previous history of rheumatologic disease. The authors refer to the diagnostic process, including new imaging techniques, and three-dimensional multiplanar reconstruction. The authors also discuss the surgical technique and possible alternatives.
doi:10.1590/s1808-185120161504157899 fatcat:abmhbi3wkve5fd55av6mjjrj5y

Nitrogen Fertilization of Marandu Palisadegrass under Different Periods of Deferment

Renato Di Loreto, Joadil Gonçalves De Abreu, Luciano da Silva Cabral, Arthur Behling Neto, Luis Miguel Mendes Ferreira, Carlos Eduardo Avelino Cabral, Livia Vieira De Barros, Henrique Guimarães De Favare, Dayenne Mariane Herrera, Larah Drielly Santos Herrera
2019 Journal of Experimental Agriculture International  
The goal with this study was to evaluate the morphological characteristics, nutritive value and the forage dry matter (DM) accumulation of Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu in different stages of deferment under nitrogen fertilization levels. The experimental design was a randomized block in split-plot, with three replicates. Plot treatments corresponded to two levels of fertilization (with and without). Split-plot treatments corresponded to four deferment periods (March, April, May, June).
more » ... height and forage DM accumulation increased (P = .05), while the leaves percentage decreased according to the deferral months. Regarding the fertilization, the percentage of leaves was lower (P= .05) with nitrogen use. The DM content was higher (P = .05) in pastures deferred for a longer time. The neutral detergent fibre (NDF) content increased due to fertilization and greater deferral period. The crude protein (CP) level decreased as the deferral periods. Nitrogen fertilization proved to be viable for the production of good quality forage. The reduction in the deferment period produces forage with better morphological composition and nutritive value.
doi:10.9734/jeai/2019/v34i230172 fatcat:ichbtz3hjrebrjon5wyqogwi7i

Procalcitonin kinetics after burn injury and burn surgery in septic and non-septic patients – a retrospective observational study

Luís Cabral, Vera Afreixo, Rita Meireles, Miguel Vaz, Margarida Marques, Isabel Tourais, Catarina Chaves, Luís Almeida, José Artur Paiva
2018 BMC Anesthesiology  
Early sepsis diagnosis is crucial for the correct management of burn patients, and it clearly influences outcomes. The systemic inflammatory response triggered by burns mimics sepsis presentation and complicates early sepsis diagnosis. Biomarkers were advocated to aid the diagnosis of early sepsis. Serum procalcitonin (PCT) exhibits fair accuracy and good correlation with sepsis severity, being used in diverse clinical settings. However, few studies have evaluated perioperative changes in PCT
more » ... vels in burn patients. The present study evaluated PCT kinetics during the first days after burn injury and subsequent surgical interventions to assess PCT utility in distinguishing septic from nonseptic inflammatory responses. Methods: This study was a retrospective observational study of all burn patients admitted to the Coimbra Burns Unit (Portugal) between January 2011 and December 2014 who presented with a total burn surface area ≥ 15% and who underwent subsequent surgery. PCT kinetics were investigated a) during the first five days after burn injury and b) preoperatively during the five days after surgery in three subsets of patients, including those with no preoperative and no postoperative sepsis (NN), no preoperative but postoperative sepsis (NS), and preoperative and postoperative sepsis (SS). A total of 145 patients met the selection criteria and were included in the analysis. Results: PCT levels in the first five days after burn injury were significantly higher in patients who developed at least one sepsis episode (n = 85) compared with patients who did not develop sepsis (n = 60). PCT values > 1.00 ng/mL were clearly associated with sepsis. Study participants (n = 145) underwent a total of 283 surgical interventions. Their distribution by preoperative/postoperative sepsis status was 142 (50.2%) in NN; 62 (21.9%) in NS; and 79 (27.9%) in SS. PCT values exhibited a parallel course in the three groups that peaked on the second postoperative day and returned to preoperative levels on the third day or later. The lowest PCT values were found in NN, and the highest values were observed in SS; the NS values were intermediate. Conclusions: PCT kinetics coupled with a clinical examination may be helpful for sepsis diagnosis during the first days after burn injury and burn surgery.
doi:10.1186/s12871-018-0585-6 pmid:30185148 pmcid:PMC6123981 fatcat:j7az2ypzo5ceza4txzreuoctve

Conceptualization of Rice with Low Glycaemic Index: Perspectives from the Major European Consumers

Diva Cabral, Susana Caldas Fonseca, Ana Pinto Moura, Jorge C. Oliveira, Luís Miguel Cunha
2022 Foods  
Rice and cereal consumption has become a concern for consumers due to usually high glycaemic indexes (GI), which is a critical issue for a balanced and healthy diet. Therefore, the development of new products with low GI is an important target of the industry, particularly in countries with high consumption. This study assesses consumers' perceptions about "rice" and "rice with low GI" and evaluates the effect of consumers' rice consumption profiles through the application of a free word
more » ... tion technique in a structured self-administered electronic questionnaire with 256 Portuguese consumers (the European market with the highest per capita consumption of rice by far). The frequency of rice consumption was evaluated, and the consumption profile was determined through a hierarchical cluster analysis, with 9% identified as daily consumers. The response words were categorized by the triangulation technique, and the association between the word categories and dimensions, sociodemographic characteristics, and consumption profile were determined. Respondents most frequently associated "rice" with rice dishes, its sensory attributes, and nutrition, highlighting the satisfaction of nutritional and hedonic needs. Consumers revealed positive expectations in relation to the functionality of "rice with low GI". The consumers' rice consumption profiles, sex, age, and educational levels influenced their perception towards "rice" and "rice with low GI". This study provides important insights for the industry to develop a consumer-oriented, low GI rice product.
doi:10.3390/foods11142172 pmid:35885415 pmcid:PMC9319176 fatcat:sgte4t42qjdvrlbrxlbswfv6gi
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